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Gasoline Brushcutters – Buying Guide and Comparison

In the event that you need to prune the lawn and the bushes that decorate the garden of your house, but with your tools you cannot achieve the finishes you want, the ideal solution is to acquire a practical gasoline brushcutter. These tools are very popular with hobbyists and garden professionals alike, as they are very useful for keeping grass and small bushes well-groomed. Among the most prominent models is the Greencut GGT650. This gasoline brushcutter has a 2-stroke engine, which stands out for its high performance at high revolutions and has a special double-element air filter, which manages to reduce engine wear. Another interesting product is the McCulloch 00096-72.562.01 TRIMMAC, equipped with a 25 cubic centimeter gasoline engine equivalent to 0.6 kilowatts of power. Power with which the process of removing brush and any plant remains is more comfortable.

The 5 Best Gasoline Brushcutters – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for the best gasoline brush cutter, we recommend you to take into account mainly what use you are going to give to that tool, so that you can have an idea if the tool will be useful to you. For this reason, knowing which is the best gasoline brushcutter today is something that will be achieved by making a comparison between the most outstanding characteristics of each model.

1. Greencut GGT650X-2 Petrol Brushcutter

This product is considered by many users as the best price-quality gasoline brushcutter as it is one of the cheapest models in this selection. It integrates a powerful 65 cubic centimeter 2-stroke gasoline engine, which provides great work efficiency.

It includes a practical air filter that significantly reduces wear on your engine and thanks to the Easy-Start manual start system with electronic ignition, it reduces start-up time, even when cold. In addition, with the Tap’n Go system you can quickly exchange cutting accessories for more efficient work.

It has an ergonomic double handlebar grip that allows you to handle the brushcutter comfortably on difficult terrain and thanks to its large fuel tank of up to 1 liter, you can do more intensive work. This model, weighing approximately 11 kilograms, includes a head for nylon and a disc with three interchangeable points as needed.

If you want to buy the best gasoline brushcutter of the moment, it is important to make a comparison between its price and its value, especially if your budget is tight, so it is completely justified to search among the cheapest models.


Engine : Integrates a powerful 2-stroke gasoline engine with a displacement of 65 cc and power of 4.9 hp.

Starting : It incorporates a manual starting system called Easy-Start that allows the tool to be started quickly and with a minimum of effort.

Handlebar : This model includes a double handlebar with a completely ergonomic grip, which facilitates handling on difficult terrain.

Versatility : Thanks to the Tap’n Go you can easily change the type of head, choosing between nylon thread or the three-point disc.


Goggles : It is advisable to purchase a separate protective goggle, since the ones included in this product are of low quality.

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2. McCulloch 00096-72.562.01 TRIMMAC Brushcutter

The McCulloch 00096-72.562.01 TRIMMAC brushcutter is a quality product from a top-level brand when it comes to taking care of your garden. A model designed for small-scale work and for treating vegetable remains that are not particularly thick, compared to other more complex and expensive versions, which do have such capacity. 

To finish with this light brush we have a 25 cubic centimeter motor and 0.6 kilowatts of power, as well as a cutting width of 40 centimeters, which saves time in the process. We also found a format that makes our task more comfortable, along with a weight of just 3.9 kilos. 

Its double handle and an ergonomic strap contribute to this comfort, so that the distribution of weight on the back is more comfortable. So if you want to remove small masses of grass or brush, you will not need anything else to do it comfortably.

If you don’t want to overspend on a more powerful machine than necessary, this McCulloch model is a very interesting proposition.


Power: The equipment has a 25 cubic centimeter gasoline engine and a power equivalent to 0.6 kilowatts.

Faster: Its working width of 40 centimeters saves you time when working.

Maintenance: The air filter cover can be removed without tools, simplifying maintenance.

Comfort: Includes double handle and ergonomic strap, to work more comfortably.

Versatile: It can be used with spools of thread or with traditional blades, as needed.


Cutting capacity: It is not the most suitable option for cutting grass and brush of a certain thickness or with a lot of density.

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3. Avalon Xtreme Pro GB508-A Petrol Brushcutter

We continue in the world of gasoline brushcutters with the Avalon Xtreme Pro model. A product equipped with a 2.64 horsepower engine, which increases the strength of the machine and, therefore, makes it easy to remove even larger debris. to the usual. 

The result is a machine that saves work when cleaning massive land of all kinds, including those areas where the presence of weeds is denser. In this cutting process, we have different aids, such as a Bosch spark plug starting system or a padded professional harness design with multipoint support, with which it is more comfortable to work during prolonged sessions without having to sacrifice our back in the process. process. 

A complete solution with which there will be no ground that you cannot clean comfortably.

For those looking for a high-level machine, this product combines high power with good comfort of use.


Power : The 50.8 cubic centimeter engine generates an efficient 2.64 horsepower.

Capacity : The machine has a wide cutting margin and a high capacity to remove very thick or resistant undergrowth.

Accessories : The equipment includes everything necessary both to cut and to properly maintain the machine.


Noise : The noise level in operation is about 117 decibels, it is essential to wear hearing protection when using the machine.

Weight : The product has a weight of 10 kilos, although this extra load is compensated by the design of the fastening strap.

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4. GF German Force Brushcutter Grass Cutter 

The GF German Force 43CC gasoline brushcutter is a practical tool for removing excess grass and all kinds of plant debris from any area of ​​your garden. To do this, the machine is equipped with a two-stroke engine, 43 cubic centimeters and 1200 watts of power.

This generates an efficient turn when cutting what you need, its system being suitable for using both nylon threads of all kinds and conventional metal discs. Of the latter, a 3-point model is included, suitable for starting work.

Another advantage of this brushcutter is its ease of use. The design includes a handy handlebar and strap hanger, making it easy to carry the machine and move it around your garden when working. The activation trigger is located on this handlebar, to cut only when necessary.

Removing any plant debris or mowing the lawn is easy if you buy quality tools, like the one we are going to analyze below.


Power: The 2.4-horsepower motor is ideal for removing all kinds of plant debris with ease.

Versatile : The model cuts with wire, shredding, multi-tooth and chain discs, as long as they fit in the cutting area.

Vibrations : The silentblock system included in the machine reduces vibrations and discomfort during work.


Accessories: The quality of some accessories, such as the included cutting disc, can be improved.

Tightening : It is necessary to tighten the product’s bolts from time to time, to avoid problems.

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5. Einhell GC-BC 52 I AS Petrol brushcutter

One of the cheapest gasoline brush cutters and, nevertheless, one of the most efficient on the market and on this list is, without a doubt, the Einhell 3436540. This model incorporates a robust 1,500 watt and 7,000 rpm motor with a displacement of 52 cc, generating plenty of power for heavy gardening work.

With this tool you can finish the job efficiently thanks to its cutting width of up to 45 centimeters. It is a versatile model, since it allows you to exchange between a head with a 2-millimeter diameter double wire spool or a 25.5-centimeter diameter cutting disc, depending on the requirement of the work you are going to do.

This product comes in a package with approximate dimensions of 98 x 31 x 31 centimeters and can weigh about 8.9 kilograms, making it an easy and comfortable model to handle.

Finally, we cannot fail to take into consideration the relationship between quality and price offered by the model you are going to choose, in a way that guarantees good functionality at a good price. For this reason, you should know that this purchase option offers one of the best prices on the current market.


Engine: It integrates a powerful 1,500 watt engine with a speed of 7,000 rpm and a displacement of 52 cc that offers low working vibration.

Cut : This model has a cutting width of up to 45 centimeters that will allow you to carry out work with professional finishes.

Versatility : It allows you to choose between a head with a double wire spool or a cutting disc, depending on the type of work you need to do.

Boot : Includes a handy quick boot system that will help you get to work quickly.


Carabiner: The harness and carabiner set that integrates this model is very flimsy, so it is recommended to purchase another harness.

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Todeco Herramienta de Jardín Multifunción de Gasolina

Todeco es considerada por muchos usuarios como la mejor marca de desbrozadoras a gasolina de la actualidad, por lo que hemos elegido este modelo como una de las opciones más recomendadas, ya que ofrece un completo kit con cuchilla de recorte, 4 cortadores de malezas, 1 carrete de nylon, barra guía, línea de reemplazo cuadrado, recipiente de combustible, equipo de protección, arnés de hombro, casco y guantes a un excelente precio.

El completo juego de hojas de corte, permiten realizar la mayoría de las tareas de jardinería utilizando una sola herramienta. Integra un poderoso motor de 2.200 vatios y 7.500 revoluciones por minuto, el cual brinda una mayor eficiencia y precisión. Está fabricado con materiales resistentes a la corrosión, lo que le da una larga durabilidad.

La capacidad del tanque de combustible es de 1,2 litros, permitiendo una jornada de trabajo más larga. La longitud de la barra guía es de 30 centímetros y la longitud de la cuchilla de la recortadora es de 45 centímetros. EL peso aproximado de esta herramienta es de aproximadamente 15 kilogramos.

Antes de elegir tu nueva desbrozadora a gasolina, es muy importante que tengas en cuenta la potencia del motor, de manera que puedas garantizar que le darás un uso correcto a la herramienta.  Este modelo ofrece un motor potente y eficiente contra la maleza más difícil.


Motor: Este modelo integra un motor de 2.200 vatios de potencia y 7.500 rpm, brindando una mayor precisión y eficiencia.

Multifunción: Incluye un completo kit de accesorios que la hacen una herramienta multifunción 10 en 1.

Capacidad: Integra un tanque de combustible de 1,2 litros de capacidad que te permitirá trabajar sin perder tiempo.

Longitud: La longitud de la cuchilla podadora es de unos 45 centímetros, lo que te ayudará a alcanzar los lugares más difíciles.


Velocidad: Esta herramienta puede parecer un poco más lenta que otros modelos similares.

Hyundai HYBC5080AV Desbrozadora con Motor

Este modelo, sin duda, se encuentra entre las mejores desbrozadoras a gasolina del 2022, ya que te ayudará con los trabajos de jardinería más pesados. Integra un poderoso motor HY51 de 2 tiempos de 50,8 centímetros cúbicos que trabaja con una potencia de hasta 1.560 vatios y 7.500 RPM.

Incluye una bobina de nylon y un disco de cuatro puntas, pudiendo intercambiarlos según el tipo de trabajo que vayas a realizar. Esta herramienta ofrece un diámetro de corte de 230 a 420 milímetros gracias al cual podrás recorrer más espacio con menos pasadas. Cuenta con el eje desmontable, por lo que la podrás limpiar fácilmente.

Este modelo proporciona un buen nivel de potencia, a la vez que es una herramienta ligera y muy manejable, por lo que es una herramienta ideal para cortar la maleza frecuentemente. Su peso es de aproximadamente 7,5 kilogramos y tiene unas dimensiones de 107 x 33 x 30 centímetros.

Si aún estás indeciso y no sabes qué desbrozadora a gasolina comprar, es recomendable tomar en cuenta cada una de las características positivas y negativas de los modelos expuestos en esta lista, de manera que hagas una mejor elección.


Motor: Este modelo integra un poderoso motor HY51 de 50,8cc y 7.500 rpm, el cual trabaja con una potencia de hasta 1.560 vatios.

Versatilidad: Incluye una bobina de nylon y un disco de corte que podrás intercambiar según el trabajo que vas a hacer.

Anti-Vibración: Integra un sistema de antivibración que te ayudará a realizar el trabajo cómodamente, evitando la fatiga causada por la vibración del motor.

Manejable: Gracias a su bajo peso, podrás manejar esta herramienta como un profesional.


Filtro: Hay que tener en cuenta que si no se hace la correspondiente verificación al filtro de aire puede empezar a fallar al dejar pasar polvo al carburador.

Spark Desbrozadora De Gasolina 52cc

Con un peso de 8 kilos y una estructura ergonómica que facilita su manipulación, este modelo es recomendado por ser una herramienta favorable y de buen rendimiento para el mantenimiento de los jardines y huertos, ya que, gracias a sus cuchillas y potencia, puede eliminar las malezas.

Además, ha sido equipado con un motor de dos tiempos, con una potencia de 1650 W y cilindrada de 52 cc, por lo que el esfuerzo en las tareas es reducido, así como la inversión de tiempo, porque es posible abarcar terrenos amplios de manera eficiente.

Esta desbrozadora funciona con gasolina de 95 octanos sin plomo y tiene un tanque con capacidad para 1,2 litros. Además, requiere de aceite de dos tiempos para poder funcionar. Asimismo, su encendido es de fácil arranque y cuenta con cabezales de corte que poseen entre 3 y 40 dientes para agilizar el proceso.  

Antes de tomar una decisión, te invitamos a conocer más sobre este modelo mediante sus pros y contras. 


Potencia: Es un equipo de corte potente porque tiene un motor de dos tiempos, de 1650 W.

Tanque: Funciona con gasolina de 95 octanos y posee un depósito para 1,2 litros de contenido, para evitar recargas constantes. 

7en1: Es de tipo 7en1 por sus cabezas intercambiables, con hilo para corte y varios discos con diferentes dientes.

Manipulación: Tiene un diseño liviano, lo que facilita su manipulación gracias a su correa ergonómica, doble asa y controlador de mano.


Instrucciones: Se echa en falta un manual más preciso sobre su funcionamiento.

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