How to choose and use a brushcutter correctly

Husqvarna technician Pedro Regueiro explains that in order to acquire the right brushcutter we must first know what type of weeds we want to cut and how thick it is. The cylinder capacity and the type of disk that we will need will depend on this. In addition, we are advised to wear full body protection when using this type of machine.


When making a comparison of brush cutters, it should be taken into account that their displacement varies according to the type of weeds that are going to be cut. This is because there are brambles, gorse, grass or mimosas, each weed with its different cutting difficulty.

Therefore, if the undergrowth is thin and not very tall or the specialist is going to use the machine to remove the edges of the lawn, it is recommended that he use a brushcutter with a displacement of 25 or 28 cm 3. In this case, the beekeeper must be careful not to cut thick branches, since the engine of this type of displacement has less power.

An important advantage of the small displacement brushcutter is that the engine consumes less fuel and this makes its use more economical. For this reason, many professional gardeners use this type of tool for their work days.

On the other hand, there are the lands with abundant undergrowth and thicker branches. These can only be cleaned with brush cutters with a cylinder capacity of 45 to 55 cm 3.

disc types

There are discs with two, three and four points, which are one of the most used. With them you can cut non-woody vegetation such as ferns, as well as resistant grass. It should be noted that the two and four discs are generally used with brushcutters of low displacement.

In addition to this, we mention that two-point discs are widely used in forestry, since they not only cut, but also grind. In addition, these discs also cut vertically. However, branches that exceed 2 cm thick should not be cut with them.

Vidia Discs

Although some use them, the Husqvarna technician does not recommend them, since they do not cut metals or stones and, in case of contact with them, the teeth could loosen and cause an injury to the person who is using them. However, not everything is negative, as these discs provide a high degree of cutting, thanks to the vidias that they have on the tips.

The most suitable use for vidia discs is the felling of small trees and bushes, in addition, they have an anti-rebound system, which facilitates cutting.

Protection equipment

Using protective equipment while clearing a security strip or farm will protect the user, especially in the event of an accident. That is why we recommend the following equipment to protect most of the body.

First of all, the gardener or beekeeper will need to wear a helmet. This will protect you when you are cutting tall brush or trees. That is, the head will be protected in case a large piece of wood falls on the user or when the gardener accidentally falls. Likewise, we recommend the use of glasses, earplugs, gloves, pants and safety shoes.

Sometimes people use all of these protective accessories except earplugs, but they too are important as they protect this very important organ of the human body. Its use is essential when cutting with a brushcutter, because this type of machine usually makes noise. Some of these equipment even make so much noise that they can affect the beekeeper’s eardrums.  

Optimum posture for weeding

Body posture at the time of clearing is very important, in this way the gardener will avoid suffering contractures and injuries that later require some medical treatment or therapy. To do this, we recommend users to have a proper balance when holding the brushcutter. They must hook it in the harnesses correctly, so that it is not more inclined than necessary.

Next, the disk must be diagonal to the ground, because that way the beekeeper will cut with greater precision and comfort. Also, when holding the brushcutter, the arms should be slightly extended, the wrists straight, and the angle of the machine should not be too wide, since the hips should not be rotated when cutting. What must move from left to right is the machine, that is, the less the hips move, the less tired the user will be and the work will be done much faster.

In other words, the outfielder should try to work level or balanced, keeping the hips and shoulders parallel, doing a little rocking, but only using the arms and taking short steps.

machine maintenance

For optimal operation of the machine, it is important to maintain it after each use. In addition, while it is not being used, you must protect it from dust and water; For this, on the Internet there are special covers with designs adjusted to each type of disc and engine.

In addition to this, it is important that the exhaust pipe has a spark arrester, to avoid accidents due to burns. However, this is not required, it is simply a recommended security method.

Another important rule to mention is to replace the nut that holds the disc after having removed and mounted it ten times. Of course, this is the appropriate frequency of replacement, but if you wish, you can do this task more often.

In addition, cleaning the air filter should also be done after each use. Furthermore, the machine always needs two thirds of grease in the head for optimum performance. For that reason, it’s a good idea to check your trimmer head often.

On the other hand, when the disc has been used for some time or its tips have bent a little and they no longer have precision in the cut, it is best to solve this inconvenience. To do this, it is necessary to disassemble the disc and proceed to sharpen it or straighten its tips. However, when the disk is very deteriorated, it is best to change it for a new one.

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