how to unclog tubers effectively

The pipes are basic elements in our home, since they allow us to eliminate the black water from the shower, the toilet or the sink. The problem is that if these pipes get clogged, they stop fulfilling their function and become a headache. A situation where having a good pipe unblocker is a must.

Opening a tap and letting water come out of it is essential for our well-being. But so is the fact that the same water that we have used disappears through the pipes into the sewer, for example, when we flush the cistern in the bathroom. The problem is that, if these pipes get clogged, they stop fulfilling their function. Fortunately, we have numerous solutions to solve this problem, ranging from the traditional drain cleaner to chemical products, not forgetting the deep solutions, for when the going gets tough.

Previous steps

Before we get started with these solutions, there are a couple of things we need to do. One of them is to clean the collectors of the pipes or the corresponding siphon tube. This step is somewhat annoying, but it can clear the jam directly and without much hassle. Do not forget to remove all the water you can from the blockage area, if possible, so that it does not come out later once we have freed the circuit. Also check the closure of the corresponding cap when you put it on, to avoid possible leaks once you turn on the water again.

suction cup plunger

The suction cup plunger is the most traditional solution to solve a jam. This product is placed on the drain to be treated and, through the push and pull of its use, it generates an air current that moves the water and should remove the residue that is causing the blockage. It is important to collect these remains as they come out, to prevent them from going back into the drain. You will have to repeat the process several times, until you see if you are able to open the pipe.

Pneumatic plunger

This model is the 2.0 version of the traditional suction cup plunger. It consists of a hollow cylinder, inside which an element moves by a crank, in the manner of a piston. The result is the same as that of the suction cup model, but with a much greater force and that generates greater pressure when removing the jam. In addition, thanks to its structure, it is easier to use . We just have to have some water in the area to work for the process to be effective. As always, collect the extracted remains as they come out.

chemical plunger

Sometimes, these mechanical models are not enough to undo the plug, either because of its hardness or because of its characteristics, it moves through the pipe, maintaining its shape and, therefore, the blockage. In these cases, chemical plungers are interesting. These products are presented in gel, in granules or in liquid.

Its application is very simple, since it is enough to pour them into the clogged pipe for them to start working. However, we must bear in mind that these plungers are made with very dangerous chemical products that are harmful to the environment, so their use should be limited to cases where they are essential. For the same reason, it is key to read the product instructions regarding the way of use, the time they must be in the circuit or the safety precautions. 

spring plunger

These plungers are suitable for older pipes , where chemicals can be problematic by damaging the pipes. These spring models consist of a metal with said shape, which we introduce into the pipe and adjust to its shape. The idea behind its operation is that, as we insert the plunger, it moves the plug inside it.

The objective is to free the pipe, either by pushing that plug to an area with less dirt or where it is not a problem, or by undoing the plug due to the pushing effect that we have been commenting on. Its length can reach 10 meters and some models have a handle as an applicator, which also makes it easier to introduce this particular spring through the circuit.

Professional plungers

The methods discussed so far would be the ones we have within our reach to eliminate traffic jams at home. But if the clogging is severe and the debris persistent, this may not be enough. A context in which professional products are required, with greater cleaning capacity.

Among them, we have the suction machines . These have a high-level suction system, which is responsible for sucking up everything in the pipe and thus eliminating that possible blockage. Sometimes these machines include a hose to add water, which helps to push the debris and weaken its structure before vacuuming. They are usually clean machines, since the extracted water goes to a tank. They also have different work forces, being more efficient the more power the engine has, as is logical.

However, it is possible that even with these computers the jam will persist. In this case, we only have the option of hiring an unblocking tank. These small trucks maintain the double tank system of the machines that we have just mentioned, although logically with much higher levels of pressure and suction force. They are the ideal solution for persistent blockages or for those that affect downspouts and other large pipes, where traditional methods do not work.

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