Makita Elm3800 reviews

Main advantage:

It has high power and a good quality blade system with which large areas can be easily worked. In addition, its ergonomic design makes it comfortable and safe.

Main disadvantage:

A detail that you could take into account if you are interested in acquiring this model is that, when working with electricity, you will have to keep it connected to a plug to be able to use it.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Makita’s lawn mower offers useful and adjustable functions with which you can take care of your garden grass with ease and according to your taste. We advise you to take it into account.

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Main Features Explained

equipment power

When you are looking for lawnmowers, it is always advisable to consider the power that a certain model offers you. In addition to this, other opinions also consider that taking into account the intended use of the equipment is one of the influential factors in choosing the right power.

Therefore, if you want to invest in a lawnmower model with good capacity and power, we recommend evaluating what the Makita brand ELM3800 model has to offer you.

The lawnmower in question has a built-in 1,300W power motor, capable of reaching peaks of 1,400W so that you can carry out effective work, with little effort and in less time than with other models. Its power cable has a wide length so that you have freedom of use and it has a folding system that will take care of collecting the cable for you, so you don’t have to wind it manually.

It is even worth mentioning that its manufacturer indicates that its capacity is sufficient to work land of up to 500 square meters, so you do not have to worry about overheating it. In addition to this, the equipment also stands out for its safety, since it has two lock switches that will prevent accidental startup.

Design and handling

The design and handling offered by a certain lawnmower is another of the decisive factors that some users take into consideration before knowing which one to buy, in addition to the price, obviously. Therefore, we advise you to evaluate the structural aspects of the lawnmower of your interest and thus have a clearer idea of ​​its dimensions and finishes.

As for this, the Makita lawnmower has dimensions of 69 x 45 x 37 centimeters and a weight of 13 kilograms, but don’t worry about it, since it also has four wheels with which you can move it around the ground with ease. In addition, all the wheels have a grooved exterior that will allow the lawnmower to pass through uneven gardens without problems and, as they are level with the equipment’s casing, you will be able to work near walls without inconvenience.

The casing, meanwhile, is made of polypropylene. This derivative of plastic has been treated to increase its robustness, so that you can use the mower with confidence, as well as clean it after each use.

Regarding the handling of the ELM3800 model mower, it seems to be quite comfortable and easy to master. The equipment has a large handle, so you can hold the mower comfortably and at a safe distance from the blade system.

Working capacity

Before deciding which is the best lawnmower to buy, there is another feature that some users consider important in order to make the most of the money invested: the tool’s capacity for work.

However, if you are going to use the lawnmower to take care of your home garden, you will not have major problems with the Makita brand model. This equipment offers a cutting width of 38 centimeters and an adjustable height in six available levels that go from a minimum of 25 millimeters to 75 millimeters so that you can choose the most suitable for your type of garden.

It is also worth mentioning that the mower has an integrated fabric tank with a capacity to hold up to 40 liters of waste, making it useful for large gardens, since you will not have to empty it every time. However, the tank has an easy extraction and folding system, to be more comfortable to use at the moment.

Likewise, to know when you should empty the tank, you won’t even have to open it, since a tab has been embedded in one of the sides that will close as it fills, which will let you know how many liters are available to cut. When it closes completely, you will know that it is time to empty it, so you can continue working without obstructions.

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