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Peonies are iconic flowers that, in addition to being beautiful and delicate, also emit a unique fragrance. They symbolize romance and the sublime, which is why they are favorites for flower arrangements at celebrations. They are also related to prosperity, abundance, good luck and some particular colors carry a special meaning.

The peony flower belongs to the genus of rhizomatous Dicotyledonous plants, which has forty species. It originated in temperate regions of North America and Asia; It arrived on the European continent at the end of the 18th century and is currently present in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Giving peonies is a nice gesture that brings good wishes in life; since these flowers mean happiness and peace. Likewise, they symbolize feminine beauty and in the oriental philosophy of Feng Shui, they are related to fortune and love.

Thanks to their beauty and exquisite aroma, they are flowers widely used in floral compositions, either alone or accompanied; in which case they are usually combined with hydrangeas or roses. They are also highly valued when it comes to decorating special celebrations such as wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, engagements, declarations of love, etc. In addition, they are often seen in brides’ bouquets as the main protagonists.

beautiful and ephemeral

Peonies are symbols of exquisite beauty, fragility and delicacy. In Eastern cultures, for thousands of years, these iconic flowers have meant wealth, abundance, prosperity, and good luck. For this, it is used as an emblem in the Chinese tradition; It is also highly appreciated thanks to the healing properties of its roots.

It is a flower that represents natural beauty, ephemeral and perishable; since it is a species that, unlike other flowers, has a short life. Whether used to prepare flower arrangements or when out in nature; where we can only enjoy it for 4 or 5 days with due care.

Planting peonies is a task that gardeners and landscapers do to decorate parks and gardens , since this flower brings a singular attraction to spaces. Likewise, it provides a delicate fragrance that surrounds the environment with its aroma.

Likewise, it is a species that has been a source of inspiration for many artists, tattoo artists and photographers; who capture the peony flowers in photos with all their exuberance and color.

Peonies, varieties and color

Although there are more than 3,000 cultivated varieties, not all of them are suitable as bouquet flowers. We can find them in various forms; single flowers (with petals only on the outside), semi-double flowers (no petals in the center) and double flowers (the flower full of petals).

Likewise, there are peonies that open their flowers quickly, while others are slow to open. Also, some offer more fragrance than others. As far as colors are concerned, the variety is very wide ; so they are usually found in pale pink, white, fuchsia pink, coral, yellow, maroon, orange, violet, purple, red and more.

Some shades of peonies have special meanings, so they are used as a gift, most of the time, to convey a romantic message.

  1. red peonies

The symbolism of the red color in these flowers originated in distant China. Red is worn by emperors and rulers; for this reason, red peonies are flowers associated (in this part of the world) with respect, wealth, honor and prosperity.

On the other hand, red also means passion; so a bouquet of peonies of this color could be the perfect gift to express feelings towards the couple.

  1. pink peonies

Pink peonies are usually the favorite of many, given their beauty and delicacy. They are flowers that generally symbolize the marriage union and love in this relationship. They also tell us about love at first sight and falling in love.

  1. purple peonies

The name of peony comes from Pawn, a character in Greek mythology who represents the disciple of Asclepius, who was the god of medicine. Pawn aroused the envy of Asclepius for his worth and competence and when he wanted to destroy him, Zeus turned him into a peony to save him. For this reason, peonies in purple, lilac or violet colors are related to this myth; they may well mean a compassionate tribute or an insult.

  1. white peonies

The beauty of white peonies is incomparable, which is why they are often widely used in bridal bouquets and as flower arrangements for weddings. They mean innocent, virginal, shy and pure love.

A highly valued and delicate flower for florists

The flowering season for peonies begins in May and sometimes lasts until the end of July; the months in which the flowers offer maturity and optimal size are May and June. Likewise, they are species that need to stay hydrated, so the use of a shower could be very useful.

As they are temporary and short-lived flowers, it is at this time of flowering when you can enjoy their perfume and color to the fullest. For this reason, florists take advantage of these months of peonies to put them in bouquets, vases, centers and bouquets.

However, the vintage trend for bridal bouquets has increased the demand for these flowers and the drawback for florists is that peonies offer a determined and seasonal flowering. In addition, it is a species with very delicate petals; so it is practically impossible to transport it once the flower is open.

For this reason, when peonies are required out of season , the best option is to acquire them from chamber cultures or from South America; if it is winter season. In these cases, the harvest should be done when the flower is closed and upon arrival at its destination, wait until its opening is not a problem.

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