Opinions about Aqua Control C4099n

Main advantage: 

The design with clearly specified functions and large buttons for easier handling are the qualities that make the ergonomics of this product stand out, as it will be easy to use.

Main disadvantage: 

Despite having the compartment for the 1.5 V battery, in case you cannot use electricity due to a power outage, this product does not come with said battery included, so you will have to incur an extra expense.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This irrigation programmer strikes the perfect balance between good performance and completely simple use, making it one of the best options to have in your home.

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Main Features Explained


Among the irrigation programmers, this product is the one with one of the most complete and unique designs. Most models only have buttons, however this handy controller also features a side wheel to help you make settings faster and easier.

This product takes practicality into account, as it has been manufactured with an LCD screen that is slightly larger than usual and with larger buttons for greater ease of use and better precision, avoiding having to correct errors when adjusting the irrigation cycle.. In the small wheel you will find 6 different options and you will have to take the one you want to configure to the indicator arrow, and then proceed to use the buttons and make the necessary adjustments on this specific aspect.

The programmer comes with its power cable so you always have it connected to power for continuous operation when you need it. The cable has a considerable length so you have a little more freedom when choosing where to place it. The product comes in a classic dark tone, as well as its cable and external transformer, however, to stand out a little more, the programmer has white on the inside and on the wheel to make a good contrast.


Its operation is quite similar to other programmers on the market, however, it has qualities that stand out and that make many opinions recognize it as the best irrigation programmer of the moment. This device is small, but that does not mean that it is not useful, since this model is suitable for working with up to 4 solenoid valves, as long as they are solenoid and 24 V. This is due to its work with 4 different stations.

It has the possibility of working with rain sensors to offer a better and more optimal performance and with its 4 starts it is possible to carry out up to 12 irrigations in the same day. This will keep you quite calm, since you will be able to see how your garden will always be well protected and healthy due to the constant irrigation configured in any of its 3 programs.

In the wheel you will find the way to choose the duration of each irrigation program, the time you want it to start, the option to turn off the programmer when you are not using it and also the possibility of adding the date and time of the day. It is possible to set watering days individually or create cycles with intervals from 2 to 14 days.

Structure and intelligent system

As soon as you look at the device, you will realize that it is quite small, however, if you want specific measurements, these are the dimensions given by the manufacturer: 6.5 x 23.5 x 15.5 cm. Thanks to these small measures it is possible to adapt and install this product in basically any corner. Even if you decide to stop using it, storing it will be pretty easy. The installation process will also be more comfortable considering that the product only weighs 880 grams, so the effort required for this will be minimal.

In addition to its structure, something to highlight is the intelligent system with which it works. It was established that its operation is more than adequate for the price it has, however, there is more than what has already been mentioned. For example, something as simple as that, in case of power outages, this product can be used with a 1.5 volt battery is a practical detail.

This 220 V electronic programmer for irrigation has a time regulation so that, for each zone, you have a maximum continuous operating time. It is possible that each sector can be watered for 99 minutes, if you wish, although the minimum use time is only 1 minute. In addition, this product also has a rain delay function, which will allow you to make delays of 24, 48 and up to 72 hours.

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