Opinions about Bosch Keo

Main advantage:

The most striking thing about this model is its modern and portable design that allows you to make all kinds of cuts with one hand thanks to the safety support included with the purchase.

Main disadvantage:

For some buyers, it may be a disadvantage that the mower does not allow the exchange of batteries to be able to carry a reserve one in case the autonomy runs out.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you are looking for a trimmer for home use that you can use easily and safely, consider all the advantages offered by this Bosch alternative.

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Main Features Explained

mower design

Pruners are very useful tools for the proper care of your garden, since they allow you to cut branches, leaves, grass, etc. more easily and quickly. However, when working with a saw mechanism, today you can buy practical models that offer greater utility.

If you have been interested in acquiring an alternative that is among the best pruners, we present the Keo model of the well-known Bosch brand, focusing on its design as the first main feature.

This tool has the advantage of having an ergonomic, portable and intelligent design, since it has accessories that allow you to use it with one hand without risk. In addition, it offers an ergonomic handle with which you can hold the pruner very comfortably when making cuts.

Regarding its size and weight, this pruner does not exceed the measurements of a domestic drill and since it has a similar design. It is worth noting that the saw blade has a length of 150 millimeters so that you can take advantage of the equipment and make it useful in different areas in addition to gardening, such as DIY and basic construction.

As for its weight, the Keo weighs just 1.05 kilograms so that it does not tire your wrist by holding it for a long time, in case you are going to carry out a demanding cleaning or construction job. Likewise, it is highlighted that it is made of good quality materials and with robust manufacturing finishes to guarantee a long useful life.

The ergonomic grip has a non-slip coating to offer you a better grip when applying pressure with the tool to make a clean cut, and just below it you will find the trigger with which the mower’s motor will be activated. This way, you will prevent it from turning on by itself and causing some kind of accident.

equipment capacity

The next aspect that you could consider before making the decision about which mower you are going to take home is its capacity based on your needs. For example, since we are dealing with a practical model that can be used for various tasks, it is convenient that you review what it is capable of doing to determine if it will be a successful investment for you.

Bosch may be, according to some opinions, one of the brands that offer a variety of products and tools with good value for money and such is the case with this hand trimmer. Although it is practically portable equipment, it has a powerful enough motor to cut thick branches of up to 80 millimeters in diameter quickly and easily.

This is also possible thanks to the saw with which the pruner works, since it is accompanied by the stirrup with which the mentioned level can be reached. In case you have decided not to use it, you will be able to cut branches with a thickness of up to 60 millimeters, more than enough for the regular care of your garden. The saw is made of Swiss quality steel, allowing clean cuts without jamming as long as the capacity indicated by the manufacturer for the use of the equipment is respected.

Thanks to this, it is also remarkable the fact that this pruner can be used to cut pieces of wood to carry out construction or DIY work, so that you can find it more useful outside your garden.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that the Bosch pruner has integrated the SDS system patented by the company, which is designed to facilitate the handling of the saw, either to position it correctly in case it has moved or replace it when it is damaged. They have worn their teeth. This way you will not have problems when you want to prepare your mower to continue using it as usual.

Autonomy and security

Some portable tool options work with rechargeable batteries, which can be very useful for tasks outdoors or away from home. However, in order to make the best possible use of the money invested, you must be attentive to its capacity, since it can determine the usefulness that you could give to the equipment disconnected from a direct power source.

These details can affect performance in terms of power, for example, which is why, when talking about the Bosch Keo portable mower, it is of greater importance that you know all its aspects.

As indicated by the manufacturer, this mower model has an integrated 10.8V lithium-ion battery capable of offering powerful performance for home use. Likewise, it is mentioned that with a single full charge of its battery, the equipment will be capable of making between 30 and 190 cuts depending on the thickness of the material with which you are working.

In addition to this, the internal mechanism of the trimmer and the battery itself have been designed to avoid the memory effect or self-discharge of the trimmer, thus preventing you from running out of your tool in the middle of the task. As for the required charging time, this is approximately 3 hours and a half, so you can prepare it overnight and have it ready to use in the morning.

Finally, it is highlighted that the Bosch mower is also equipped with a security system that will be responsible for turning off the system instantly in case control is lost to avoid accidental cuts. This quick stop button sits close to your hand when holding the trimmer so you can easily access it.

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