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Main advantage:

If you have a garden and need a tool that allows you to eliminate weeds quickly and comfortably, the best thing to do is to buy this Kawasaki brushcutter with a 53.2 cc and 8500 RPM gasoline engine. It is a hand-start, air-cooled tool that generates up to 114 dB of noise.

Main disadvantage:

In some moments it could seem that it works in a drowned way, lowering the intensity of the revolutions and cutting effectiveness. However, it is recommended that you check the fuel level well and know how to operate this type of tool beforehand.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This is a practical brushcutter that includes a harness that allows it to be used more comfortably. It has a double handle and a meter and a half long tube.

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Main Features Explained

Type of motor

Obviously, the first aspect that you should take care of, in addition to looking at the price, is the type of brushcutter to choose, since this will determine, on many occasions, the usefulness that you can give to the tool. It is important to distinguish that there are two general types of brush cutters: there are those that work with gasoline and those that require electricity to operate, although there are actually many models. This model of the Kawasaki brand has a powerful gasoline-powered and air-cooled engine that allows you to carry out garden work easily and very efficiently.

It is important to keep in mind that, between both types of brushcutters, those with an electric motor usually have some disadvantages compared to gasoline models. In addition to being slightly less powerful, some models will require the tool to be plugged into a power outlet, making it more difficult to move freely. This brushcutter, having a gasoline-powered engine, offers superior performance and total freedom, making it ideal for working on wide terrain. In addition, it provides excellent autonomy and easy starting.

power and noise

According to the opinions of experienced users, the power of this brushcutter is one of the most outstanding features of this tool. It has a powerful 2-stroke engine that reaches 53.2 cc or 2,000 watts of power at 8,500 RPM. Without a doubt, in this aspect it is a tool that will allow you to face the most demanding gardening jobs with total confidence, since it has professional-level performance. You can cut bushes, grass and leave the land perfectly clean using this powerful tool.

On the other hand, an aspect that is linked to the motors and their power is the level of noise that the equipment can generate when it is in operation. On many occasions, the noise can bother people who are nearby, so it is best to see that it is not too loud. In the case of the Kawasaki TJ53, the manufacturer has wanted to offer users a powerful and not too noisy engine, reaching an average of 114 dB when you are working with it, so the neighbors will not feel inconvenienced by the noise it generates. the tool.


Considered one of today’s best brush cutters, this equipment has what it takes for users to do the work of clearing brush and other things easily and comfortably. It is important, before choosing a certain model, to look at what components it includes and not just check the engine and its power. Let us remember that these tools also differ in terms of the handlebar, the type of blade and the length of the tube, as well as the incorporation of a harness that allows them to be handled comfortably.

In this sense, this brushcutter model has many advantages and practical and very functional components. On the one hand, its cutting system is by means of a three-pronged blade, which is protected by a plastic protector that prevents any stone or other material from falling on the user’s body. In addition, it has a telescopic tube of up to 150 centimeters, which will allow you to reach the most difficult areas of your garden and, thanks to the double handlebar, control over the tool will be much more comfortable and precise. Finally, it includes a practical harness with which you can carry the brushcutter throughout the work day without getting tired. This will also allow you to move freely on the ground.

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