Reviews about Lavor Superwash 160

Main advantage:

It has washing programs to adapt the power of the equipment to the level of dirt and the surface to be washed, thus favoring water and energy savings by making the most of resources. This, without a doubt, is an operation that responds to the current needs of users and the environment. 

Main disadvantage:

A user comments that the instruction manual does not have very clear information on the assembly of the equipment and the use of accessories. 

Verdict: 9.6/10

This equipment has 2500 W of power that you can take advantage of and regulate using the washing programs and each of the included accessories to carry out different cleaning jobs. 

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Main Features Explained

washing programs

Pressure washers with power settings allow you to make better use of resources, avoiding wasting energy and water, without affecting their performance in deep cleaning different surfaces.

In the case of this Lavor model, we have powerful and versatile equipment that has patented washing programs that make it easy for the user to choose the right level for the task they want to perform. 

With the rotary selector incorporated in the unit, you can choose between the Soft program to save up to 50% energy in washing bicycles, garden furniture, wooden surfaces, among other outdoor furniture.

For its part, the Medium level is indicated for surfaces with greater dirt such as cars, caravans, off-road motorcycles, other garden furniture and even rocky surfaces on which mold and stains accumulate. In this program energy savings can be up to 25%. 

As for the last program, Hard, the objective is to remove embedded dirt on uneven surfaces such as concrete terraces, brick or stone walls, garden devices, patio railings and much more. At this level, the maximum power of the pressure washer allows efficient work to be carried out in less time.  

As you can see, the simple selection of these programs greatly facilitates the correct use of the equipment to contribute to its durability and efficient operation, thus extending its useful life. 

Power and Accessories

Even when a pressure washer unit has high power, if you do not have the right accessories, you cannot fully take advantage of the functionality of the pressure washer. For this reason, it is important to check the accessories that are included in the purchase and that can compensate the price of the product, in this way a complete investment is made and it will not be necessary to make additional purchases.

For this reason, Lavor has included with the purchase of this pressure washer a set of very important accessories to take advantage of the different washing programs. Among them, we can mention the lance to clean terraces and patios, two brushes to clean cars, a probe for gutters of 6 meters, in addition to the connectors to use other compatible accessories that the manufacturer offers, not to mention that the detergent dispenser is included..

In this sense, it is important to mention that the power of 2500 W of this equipment is supported by the flow rate of 510 liters per hour and the pressure of 160 bars, which means that this functional device allows exhaustive cleaning to be carried out in a short time, using the right accessories and the right program, depending on the surface to be washed. 

Ergonomics and storage

Thinking about the best pressure washer allows us to associate the concepts of power and functionality, but ergonomics and storage are also important, since these aspects determine the possibility of transporting the equipment to the spaces where it is needed and then storing it safely.

For Lavor it is essential that its equipment have these qualities, so the Superwash 160 has a compact vertical design with an upper handle and lower wheels that make it very easy to move. In addition, its weight of only 3 kg does not generate fatigue, so it is easy to load it in case you do not want to transport it conventionally. 

Consequently, the ergonomic design of this product stands out in the opinions of users because it is light, easy to use but, above all, resistant. 

With regard to storage, the measurements of 20 x 60 x 30 cm and the vertical format are examples of how easy it is to find a small space in the garage or shed for its placement. In addition, part of the components and accessories can be stored with the equipment, since it has a space to place the lance and a rail to collect the pipe.

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