Solar energy for the operation of water pumps

Currently we can find pumping systems that work with solar panels, avoiding water waste and contributing to the development of a direct sustainable environment. For this reason, it is important to know the benefits of this type of pump, as well as the most outstanding models on the current market.

How does a solar water pump work?

The operation of solar water pumps is based on the use of a photovoltaic panel, capable of generating the necessary electrical power to activate the pumping system. Therefore, their main benefit is the ease they offer to install the pump in any space where the sun shines, without the need for complicated works or mechanisms of high electrical consumption, since they usually only implement an on and off switch..

It must be taken into account that the function of all the pumps is to displace the water with greater pressure, height and speed, in this sense, the solar models are not different, but when using a solar panel they incorporate internal blades that generate the necessary pressure to drive the water, so the faster these blades rotate, the greater the pumping height. This is a system that has been implemented in different types of products for years, with the aim of protecting the environment.

Benefits of using solar energy in water pumps

One of the main advantages is the possibility of pumping water in any space. It is very true that the electricity grid does not reach all areas, especially if they are very large spaces, such as large fields or orchards. Therefore, a solar-powered water pump is capable of operating from anywhere where there is sunshine for a couple of hours a day.

Also, they have an inexhaustible power supply, since by extracting energy from the sun to function, it will not be necessary to recharge the battery or connect it to any source, so in the end it saves money on the electricity bill and is in favor of the environmental care. As if that were not enough, this type of operation does not generate waste in any way, so it is not dangerous for living beings.

For their installation, they do not need expert knowledge or extensive circuits, they usually include a kit with everything you need for a correct and simple assembly. You just have to place the pump near the pumping area and connect the necessary pipes, and then project the solar panel to a very sunny place, preferably to the south, in this way, it will be ready to use.

Types of pumps that use solar energy

Among the most popular models we find the irrigation equipment, which incorporates a plate and a very powerful pump, especially indicated for farms and large lands where the electricity network does not reach, in general, several are placed to cover the entire surface of the land.

Even more powerful are the solar pumps for wells, which in order to extract water efficiently need a large and more powerful equipment than other models, since it must be able to raise the water according to the height of the well. For this reason, they have larger plates to retain energy and therefore tend to have a higher price than other products, however, many users consider them to be the best water pumps (if you click here, you will find several options for purchase) today, due to its high performance.

Submersible pumps that use solar sources were manufactured to pump directly into the water, so they are frequently used in gardens, swimming pools and water parks, thanks to their ability to create large water sources, in addition, some models can be submerged deeper to avoid being seen, but at the same time maintain their maximum power and energy retention capacity.

Less common are solar battery pumps, but they are more practical and functional than other models, since other types have the ability to use solar energy but not store it in any way, so during the night or in cloudy weather areas they lose effectiveness. However, these pumps allow the stored energy to be used at another time.

The 2 best solar water pumps

Luxjet BSW-001

This model has a wide range of spraying, with a water flow of up to 380 liters per hour, so it can be installed in gardens, patios and ponds, favoring the freshness of the air and purifying the space. In this sense, its solar panel has a height of 27.9 cm by 17.5 cm wide, so it can offer a power of 5 W, which works automatically in pumping water. In addition, it is made of ABS plastic and polycrystalline silicon for durability.

On the other hand, among its accessories it includes multiple nozzles that provide a large fountain but with different irrigation patterns, likewise, these elements are easy to clean and replace, guaranteeing the purity of the water. As if that were not enough, it is a model that you can install without additional help, since it does not need screws, plugs, or electric chargers, so you simply have to place it where it best suits you.

Ankway Submersible Pump Kit

It is a submersible battery-powered model, capable of storing energy to function even on cloudy or rainy days. In addition, it has a wide projection range that can expel a jet from 50 to 75 cm in height, the more sunlight it receives, the greater the projection. Also, it is important to note that it only needs 3 seconds under the sun for its activation, which favors its efficiency and energy retention.

It includes 6 spray nozzles to obtain different forms of irrigation, in this way, you can create multiple landscapes to attract birds and turn your garden into an Eden, being suitable for placing in swimming pools and aquariums. On the other hand, the solar panel has a circular shape and in the center it incorporates the irrigation system, providing an attractive design that can become the center of attention in your garden.

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