spring flowers

Flowers are considered by many botanists as the most attractive plants in the world, due to the variety and intensity of their colors. For this reason, it is comforting to enjoy a spring garden after a cold winter, so it is good to know some of the most popular and exotic spring flowers around the world.

To have an attractive garden with beautiful flowers throughout the year, you must give it the necessary care. Therefore, it is important to have the right implements, such as a hoe with which you can move the earth and, if possible, a good shovel. In addition, depending on the type of flowers you have planted, you must have an irrigation system that allows you to provide the necessary humidity depending on the species. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most attractive flower options to plant in spring.

most popular spring flowers

Among the best known plants around the world is the rose, which is one of the most beautiful and aromatic flowers you can find. It is available in a large number of different colors and shades, although the red color is the most sought after and gifted among lovers, since it is considered a classic symbol of love. Among the varieties of this flower we can find the scrub rose, the bush and the climber.

The lily, also known as the lily, is one of the most elegant and striking types of flowers, due to its size and shape. It stands out for having long and open petals, with contrasting color pistils. It comes from Europe, Japan, India and the Philippines, and although the variety of colors is reduced to white, orange and red, the most popular is white as a symbol of purity.

On the other hand, the tulip is a classic spring flower, thanks to the fact that it offers a singular beauty that makes it one of the most demanded garden flowers. In this sense, it is interesting to know that there are more than 150 varieties of this flower, where the red, yellow, plum and bronze ones stand out. The tulip is from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Asia. 

Daisies are one of the most striking spring flowers in a garden, as they have very white, thin and elongated petals, with a yellow or gold center that provides a striking and delicate color contrast. In this sense, they are considered by many as a symbol of innocence and can be found almost anywhere in the world, however, they originally come from Europe, Central Asia and North Africa.

If you are looking for a species of small flowers with which you can fill a space, you should know that the sea alder stands out as an ornamental flower with leafy clusters and romantic colors, such as white, yellow and violet. Likewise, alder is especially useful for use in pots inside the house and can be grown in coastal areas and high mountains.

The flowers that bloom at the end of winter

This group is made up of species that begin to bloom in the last stage of winter, which is the transition to spring. Among them we can mention the snowdrop, which is a delicate flower whose petals form small pure white bells. These bluebells hang from leafless stems and grow very low to the ground. According to popular belief, this flower represents rebirth and hope.

Witch hazel is a curious flower with long, thin petals, which are curled at the tips with a dark center, creating a striking contrast. In addition, it gives off a good fragrance and requires low maintenance, making it convenient for those who have little time to care for them.

On the other hand, spring crocuses are also flowers that open before the end of winter. Its petals are cup-shaped and grow very close to the ground. Like many spring flowers, these are available in a wide variety of colors, including mauve, lilac, yellow, and white, so they are capable of beautifying any garden.

The most exotic spring flowers

Among the different kinds of flowers that can develop during the spring season, the group of exotic flowers stands out, which, thanks to their shapes, colors and textures, provide a strange and distinctive beauty. This is the case of the birds of paradise, which can attract attention among a group of beautiful flowers, due to the fact that the petals have a particular shape and colors, similar to the feathers of birds. This species of flowers comes from South Africa, so it requires warm climates and lots of sun, making it a good option if you are looking for sun-resistant plants for terraces.

The bleeding heart is also included in the category of spectacular flowers, since they have a particular heart shape with a division in the center, which gives the impression of dripping from the bottom. In addition, it is red, although there are other colors such as white and pink. It comes from Japan and Siberia and is one of the garden plants resistant to the entire spring season.

On the other hand, the orchid is considered by many people as the most beautiful flower in the world and thanks to globalization it is available in most countries. In addition, there are more than 25 thousand different species and their distinctive characteristic is that they grow on trees, stones and even in water.

On the other hand, the snapdragon represents a type of flower that has a strange characteristic and that is that when the petals dry they harden, take on a brown color and acquire a creepy skull-like appearance. However, the snapdragon grows in clusters and while it is hydrated it offers bright colors, such as purple, yellow, orange, among others. In addition, it blooms at the end of spring, which is why it is also among the most attractive summer flowers.

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