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Artificial Grass – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Artificial grass has quickly become an interesting alternative to natural grass. An ecological option that maintains the comfort of the original product when it comes to covering all kinds of areas such as gardens, swimming pools, terraces or even soccer fields. For these tasks we have products such as VidaXL 42144 grass, which comes in different presentations; from 1 x 5 to 1 x 15 m, in the same way, it is easy to cut to adapt it to the measurements of the space, which favors versatility. Another interesting model is the Outsunny ES844-1250731, which has been made with polypropylene and polyethylene, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. In this sense, the grass has a soft touch that provides comfort. In addition, it offers a realistic appearance that mimics natural grass.

The 8 Best Artificial Grasses – Opinions 2022

Artificial grass has become the ecological and simple alternative to conventional grass. A product that has improved its design and quality over time, thus providing a pleasant and comfortable surface for all kinds of uses. In this search, it is key to know which is the best artificial grass that we can find, since the differences between what we have on the market are considerable. A task that, as always, we simplify for you with the list of the best artificial grasses of 2022, which we break down below.

cheap artificial grass

1. vidaXL 42144 Artificial Grass Material PP Grass

It is a cheap artificial grass, which, however, offers a maximum height of 9 mm, so it provides a high density to be used in the creation of a terrain similar to the natural one, but without the need for constant maintenance.

In addition, it is made of polypropylene, so it resists impacts, constant use and high temperatures. In this sense, it can provide a dark green hue throughout the year, since it offers resistance to UV rays, therefore, it does not fade or spoil too quickly.

Regarding the presentation, it has measures of 1 x 5 m, but it is possible to get it in sizes from 1 x 10 to 1 x 15 m, which allows you to choose it according to the dimensions of your garden.

If you want to acquire the best artificial grass, then it is appropriate that you know in more detail the pros and cons of this model before making a decision.


Flexibility: It has a flexible structure, so it is easy to place and cut to the size you want.

Material: It is made of high quality polypropylene, capable of withstanding high temperatures and humidity for a longer useful life.

Realism: It offers a green colored surface and smooth texture, which favors realism.


Height: It is possible that some areas of the grass have an irregular height, however, the difference is not noticeable to the naked eye once laid.

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2. Catral artificial turf standard 6mm

The Catral 22030011 model is another interesting proposal when looking for cheap artificial grass. We are talking about a short-haired lawn, with 6-millimeter filaments and a high level of denseness, which makes it ideal for uses such as carpeting, areas near swimming pools and even for other intensive uses, both indoors and outdoors. The product has considerable resistance and a very light weight, thus facilitating the process of installing the lawn on all types of terrain. 

Nor is it a complicated lawn to maintain, since it has a quality base and on which it is not difficult to remove the residues that are deposited on it. Its installation is also easy, for which this product offers you a roll presentation of 1 meter wide by 5 long, to make everything easier when mounting it in large areas.

If you are not sure which artificial grass is best for you, this is an efficient and quality proposal for when you need a short-haired product.


Thickness : This grass has a considerable denseness and a high manufacturing resistance.

Uses : It is a product suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, with high resistance.

Cleaning : Due to its rigidity, it is not difficult to clean the surface of the lawn.

Measurements : The lawn measures 1 meter wide by 5 meters long, so it is suitable for assemblies of a certain caliber.


Hardness : Some comments indicate that the hardness of the grass is somewhat higher than desirable.

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Artificial grass for terrace

3. Outsunny Carpet Type Artificial Grass

It is a complete piece of 3 m long by 1 m wide and 2.5 cm thick, so it is an artificial grass for a terrace, balcony, garden or patio, but it can also be suitable for the children’s room. children and for special events.

The grass has been made with PE and PP, which are ecological and non-toxic materials, capable of withstanding changes in weather, so this floor works well outdoors. In this case, the texture and color are maintained for a long time and the product is completely recyclable.

This artificial grass has a very natural look with a dark green finish. In addition, it is easy to install and does not require the use of special tools. It is worth mentioning that a version of 10 square pieces of 30 x 30 cm is also available.

If you want to buy an attractive, resistant and durable artificial grass, but that has a fair price, we invite you to analyze this model in more detail.


Size: It measures 3 x 1 m and is 2.5 cm thick. In addition, it is also available in 10 pieces of 30 x 30 cm for greater versatility.

Materials: It is made of high quality PE and PP, which are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Uses: It can be used indoors and outdoors, to decorate rooms, gardens, terraces, among other places.


Adhesive: As is generally the case with this type of lawn, this model does not have an adhesive.

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4. ARKMat Artificial Grass

The ARKMat G40B-2-5M artificial grass for terraces is a versatile solution with which to comfortably cover terraces, balconies and other outdoor areas. Among its strong points we have a high manufacturing quality and a considerable variety in terms of densities and denseness, to make it easier for you to find the best artificial grass of the moment for your project. A lawn that also has the advantage of offering rapid drying, which facilitates cleaning and use after rain. 

We are dealing with a high depth lawn with a weight of 1740 grams of grass per square meter and a pile height of 40 millimeters, thus giving adequate coverage to all types of terrain. However, the offer of this manufacturer is so considerable that you will not have problems choosing the one that best suits your project if it does not quite fit into it.

Equipping terraces, balconies and other domestic environments is simple, thanks to the quality that this artificial grass offers you.


Height : The grass offers a height of 40 millimeters, giving a pleasant comfort to the touch.

Presentations: It is one of the products with more format and presentation options, covering almost any need.

Appearance : The grass has a very accomplished appearance compared to the natural one, according to the comments.


Creases: Some comments indicate that they have received the turf with creases that do not go away easily.

Losses : The product has some sliver loss in the early stages of use, although this does not affect its final appearance.

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Artificial grass to cut 

5. Jardin202 Premium Terrace Artificial Grass 22mm

Giving a special touch to the exterior of your home without the cost or problems of natural grass is easy with this proposal. We are talking about a premium quality artificial grass, with a considerable fiber density and a realistic height of about 22 millimeters.

The result is a beautiful and pleasant green carpet that does not require maintenance or watering. It is enough to clean and brush it from time to time to make it perfect. It is also very easy to install, thanks to the quality of the base with which it is manufactured.

In addition, thanks to the variety of sizes in which it is sold, it is not necessary to resort to conventionally cut artificial grass. This brand offers rolls of 2 meters wide for measures ranging from 4 to 20 meters long. So adapting the quantity to what you need is very simple, which makes the installation cheaper and easier to execute.

We leave you with the highlights of this product, located among the cheap options in its segment.


Height: The height of the grass is 22 millimeters, which offers a good extension and a pleasant appearance.

Weft : This proposal has a fiber density level of 16,000, with a DTX of 7,500, typical of a premium type product.

Assembly : The assembly is very simple, thanks to the good base with which each roll of grass is made.


Resistance: Due to its characteristics, it is not the most suitable solution for intensive use or high traffic areas.

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artificial grass roll

6. Lucatex Yeste 7mm artificial grass roll

The Lucatex Yeste artificial grass roll is a product designed for areas that require high resistance in the installation, such as areas with frequent foot traffic or those that are highly exposed to the elements. To do this, this model is made with a polypropylene base on which 22,000 decitex monofilament polyethylene fibers are mounted. This translates into a dense lawn that can withstand even high temperatures or weather elements, without the need for more maintenance than occasional cleaning. 

A product that offers a total height of 7 millimeters, an open blade format and other details of interest, such as the 60,000 stitches per square meter of grass that it incorporates. And if we add an adjusted price to the product, we are probably facing the best quality-price ratio artificial grass we have chosen.

Although it does not come from the best artificial grass brand on the market, we are talking about a quality product worthy of belonging to it.


Resistance: It is one of the most resistant products that we have analyzed, thanks to its durable construction.

Walking : Precisely because of its resistance, the model supports considerable use and high walking on its surface.

Materials : The materials used prevent the grass from losing color due to UV rays, and are also fire resistant.


Touch : The touch of the grass is rather hard, so it may not be suitable for lying on it.

Format : The sales formats are large, not being entirely suitable for small projects.

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artificial grass for balcony

7. Nortene 330008 Lubeck Artificial Grass

Nortene 330008 artificial grass for balcony is a synthetic-manufactured, carpet-style product made up of a dense network of fibers seven millimeters high. Therefore, it is ideal for outdoor placement, thanks to its high resistance and the considerable comfort it offers. Among its technical details we have a good drainage capacity, a high level spinning and a considerable resistance. All this mounted on a PP base with non-woven cloth and latex as components, so that the support and support of the product is more than considerable. 

This format also makes the process of assembling the lawn more comfortable, as well as the process of cutting the material, when placing the product where it is needed. It is finished with a weight of 1,2000 grams per square meter, a stabilizer against UV rays and a construction that has about 70,550 stitches per square meter.

Give a special touch to your balcony with this beautiful high-quality artificial grass, suitable for all types of exteriors.


Dense : The product has a total of 70,550 stitches per square meter, being a highly dense grass.

Base : The base settles the grass better and also allows a high level of drainage of the grass.

Operability : The product is easy to install and also to clean, so you don’t spend more time on it than necessary.


Quality : Some comments indicate that the quality, although good, could be improved.

Tones : The product only has one color tone, compared to the variety of other products on the market.

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Artificial grass for swimming pool

8.  Mirtux Premium Artificial Grass, 7mm Height

Faced with the problems of conventional grass, Mirtux Premium artificial grass for swimming pools is an efficient and quality alternative. Efficient because it has a construction that makes it possible to forget about irrigation and facilitates the cutting of the product to the dimensions of the environment, without it fraying. To do this, the product has a density of up to 65,000 stitches per square meter. 

On the other hand, the product also has considerable resistance, even in the most intensive uses and against the effects of UV rays. This material is also free of toxic products and hardly requires any maintenance, beyond an occasional cleaning of the surface. The grass is sold in rolls, which simplifies the process of installing it, to which the aforementioned ease of cutting also contributes.

Change the look of your pool with this premium quality and highly durable artificial turf.


Density: The product has 65,000 stitches per square meter, for a more pleasant feel.

UV treatment : The UV treatment of the product prevents it from deteriorating due to the effect of the sun.

Height : The grass has a height of 7 millimeters, to give you a pleasant comfort during use.


Fastening : Some comments indicate that it is advisable to fasten the grass with intensity, to avoid problems with detachment.

Combing : It is also advisable to comb the hair of the lawn, in order to display the full height of the product.

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Accessories for artificial grass


Artificial grass brush

Faura Artificial Grass Grooming Brush

The Faura brush is an ideal accessory to keep your lawn in good condition. This brush for artificial grass allows you to lift the hair properly, as well as facilitate cleaning at the base or perform other types of basic tasks, such as pouring sand. For these tasks, the product has a dense design at the base, which is responsible for lifting this grass without damaging it and without having to make any efforts. 

Something that also helps its width of 30 centimeters and a handle of 129.5 centimeters in length, so that you do not have to bend down excessively when it comes to leaving the grass in good condition.

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Artificial grass vacuum cleaner 

Einhell 3433300

Cleaning artificial grass sometimes requires nothing more than a good artificial grass vacuum cleaner, such as the Einhell 3433300 model. This vacuum cleaner has an adjustable power of 2,500 watts and works with electricity, so you do not have problems with fumes or gasoline handling. 

It is a comfortable product, with large handles and efficient operation, saving you time during the process. In addition, it is not only a vacuum cleaner, but also a blower. Therefore, it is ideal to eliminate those larger residues or fight against the fallen leaves of autumn.

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Shopping guide 

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to natural grass. A product that hardly requires maintenance, beyond cleaning and sanding if necessary, and whose finish is usually of high quality, as long as we do our homework and opt for a product that is suitable for our needs. A search in which the tips in our guide will be very useful when looking for the perfect product. 

lawn use

The first thing we are going to talk about in our guide to buying the best artificial grass is the use that we are going to give it. An aspect that should always be ahead of everything, including how much that lawn costs. Among other things, because it is of little use to mount a cheap lawn if we have to replace it in a short time because it is not suitable for what we need. So choosing the right product from the start, even if it is a little more expensive, is a guarantee of peace of mind.

Starting with the simplest lawns, we have the merely ornamental ones. These lawns are designed to never or almost never be stepped on, being only stepped on during the cleaning and maintenance processes. At the other extreme, we would have the lawns with the highest intensity of use, such as those that form part of artificial football pitches, swimming pools, gardens and other areas with the highest intensity of use.

In the middle of these two extremes we have a wide range of products, conceived and designed for different uses, from those that accept occasional use to those that have a pile designed to serve as a rug or carpet. The good news is that these products are always indicated by references of the intensity of use that they support, as is the case with parquet floors. So with a simple glance at the label you will know what use the product in front of you supports.

Fabric characteristics

Once you have taken the first step, it is likely that you have several types of artificial grass at your fingertips, although with different characteristics from each other. Among these we have the density, the height of the thread or its composition. Parameters that allow us to further adjust the characteristics of this grass to what we need, within the products acceptable to our use.

Starting with the construction, we can have softer or harder fibers. This allows the feel of the fiber to be adjusted more accurately to the specific use. As an example, monofilament threads have more resistance and are more suitable for frequent foot traffic but less pleasant to the touch. Just the opposite of the models with fibrillated threads, softer and finer.

The same goes for the density of the grass, which is measured in stitches per square meter. The higher the number of stitches that the product has, the higher density of grass we will find and the greater number of threads we will have. An aspect that also allows us to improve that adjustment to the terrain, depending on what we prefer. However, it is always convenient to adjust these parameters only within the products that are within the intended use.

Presentation of the product

As a final aspect, if we take a look at any artificial grass comparison we can see how the presentations are very different. Something that allows us to adjust our purchase to what we need, so we will have to propose the design that we need for our environment, in order to know what type of product suits us best.

Among these presentations, the most common are rolls and plates. Starting with the rolls, these have different measurements, both in width and length. These types of rolls are most suitable for large facilities such as sports, fairs, stands, large gardens and other wide-ranging uses. In any case, always adjust the roll to the measurements of the assembly, to simplify it as much as possible and reduce costs.

This approach must also be present in smaller assemblies, although in these it is possible that products that are presented in sheets or even in the form of tiles may be of interest. These formats are very easy to install, cut and can be used to finish off any large assembly or simply lay grass in small environments and areas. So they are the alternative for this type of specific use.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to install the artificial grass?

The installation of artificial turf requires a perfectly smooth and flattened surface, since the rolls of material are glued directly onto it and, if there are imperfections, they will end up being noticeable on the finished surface. We will start by installing the anti-weed mesh at the base, nailing it. This base prevents grass from growing under the lawn and maintains proper drainage. This layer is placed on a duly flattened sand or gravel base. Next, the grass rollers are placed and fixed on the surface, it being advisable to plan the assembly in advance to make it optimal. The assembly is finished off with a spray of silica sand, which we will pour after having brushed the surface.

Q2: How to pour silica sand on artificial grass?

Silica sand is a key element in artificial grass installations, both for cooling it in summer and for helping it to be more firm despite use. Nevertheless. It is key that the material is poured correctly for it to be effective. To do this, this discharge must be done without excessive accumulation, in order to prevent the ground from becoming saturated. Next, we will spread this sand using a brush, always in the opposite direction to the fibers so that the sand penetrates well. The design is finished by slightly wetting the ground, so that this sand fits better and penetrates deeply. Something that avoids the effects of the sun on the lawn and adequately protects the latex base that it usually has.

Q3: Is there artificial grass that does not burn?

Because artificial grass is made from synthetic materials, similar to plastics, they have a tendency to accumulate heat as the sun falls on them. Something that can be annoying on the hottest days of summer, in which the sensation of lying down on this grass will be similar to that of lying down on a grill. Although there are some manufacturers that indicate that they have created products capable of repelling that heat, the truth is that their efficiency is low. As an alternative, only silica ballast remains, which absorbs part of that heat and allows the grass to be better cooled, by retaining moisture on the base and avoiding direct contact with the hot base.

Q4: How to paste artificial grass?

To stick the lawn on those conventional assemblies, it is recommended to use traditional adhesive tape, with which two rolls can be stuck lengthwise easily; being an ideal assembly for larger areas. In the event that these areas are small, the material to be used changes, with different specific adhesives on the market for their assembly. It is important that we verify the compatibility of materials in case the grass is glued on materials other than conventional ones, such as concrete, wood, cement and others.


Q5: How to cut artificial grass?

The artificial grass cutting process depends, in part, on the type of grass we are using. In the thinnest and lightest materials, a simple traditional cutter may suffice to make these cuts and adjust the piece. If the piece is thicker, we will have to resort to specific tools such as scissors or blades with a greater depth, so that the cut is correct. It is key to remember that this cut must always be made on the back or the base of it, it being advisable to previously mark the grass and always make the cut adjusted to the knots. However, it is best to look for grass rolls that best fit our needs, so that the fewer the number of cuts, the better.

Q6: How to clean the artificial grass?

To remove the dirt that can accumulate on the artificial grass, just give it a blow with the hose to remove the main residues. For the smallest remains, you can use an artificial grass rake, which should be made of hard plastic strips, to avoid damage to the grass during the cleaning process. This brushing process should always be done in the opposite direction to the fiber, to enhance its cleaning and also access the lower layer, where more residue tends to accumulate during use.

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Festnight Césped Artificial Terraza 1,5×5 m

Contar con un césped artificial para terraza similar al original solo requiere de productos como el Festnight Verde. Un césped pensado especialmente para este tipo de usos, con una altura de 7 a 9 milímetros, en línea con el mejor césped artificial que puedas encontrar. Este césped se monta sobre una base fuerte y resistente pero también flexible, que hace sencillo el proceso de montaje del producto y que también evita que el césped se mueva una vez colocado el parterre sobre el suelo. 

Este césped dispone también de un bonito acabado en color verde, cuyo parecido a la hierba natural convencional es más que considerable. Todo ello sin requerir más mantenimiento que una limpieza ocasional, a la que también ayuda la construcción resistente del producto. Respecto de la presentación, la misma es en formato rollo, de 5 metros de largo y 1,5 metros de ancho, siendo idóneo para montajes de cierta entidad.

Dale un toque verde a tu terraza con este bonito césped de gran densidad y un bonito acabado.


Altura: Las briznas de este césped tienen unas medidas de 7 a 9 milímetros, con un tacto agradable y un peso de hierba 250 gramos por metro cuadrado.

Aspecto: El acabado del césped tiene un aspecto que imita con fidelidad al césped natural.

Forro flexible: El forro flexible añade un extra de comodidad a la hora de montar el producto y de mantenerlo en su lugar.


Drenaje: No incluye sistema de drenaje, de modo que tendrás que montarlo de forma que el agua caiga por inclinación.

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