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Ax – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022


The ax is one of the most versatile tools when we have to take care of trees and shrubs of a certain size in our garden. A good quality ax can be used to cut what we do not need, help with pruning tasks and even to prepare firewood. Tasks that should be done with quality models such as the Bellota 8130500N axe. This Biscayan ax has an improved design, to better penetrate the branches, as well as a weight of 500 grams, in a very balanced approach. Also interesting is the Gardena 8713-48 model, which has cut protection to attach to the belt and carry it more comfortably.

Opinions on the best axes on the market


The ax is a very versatile tool when it comes to working in the garden, since it can be used in all kinds of garden work. However, for the work to be comfortable and safe, it is essential to know which is the best ax for the task that we have to carry out. Something that is made easy with our selection of the best axes of 2022, which includes all kinds of products according to sizes, uses and applications.

Acorn Ax

Acorn 8130500N

The Bellota 8130500N ax is a hand model weighing approximately 500 grams and follows the design of the traditional Biscayan axe. A model that, as befits the best brand of current axes, has everything you need to work efficiently and safely. 

Among other things, the ax includes a special edge design, with which to achieve better penetration when cutting branches, thanks to an ax head forged in one piece, which gives the piece greater resistance. 

This ax is finished off with a profiled edge, which gives greater adherence to the hand when using it and applying force where it should be. So it is not strange that we are talking about the best ax of the moment, within its segment and dimensions.

We analyze in detail this ax and everything it can do for you to facilitate your work.


Style: The purely Biscayan style of the piece makes small cutting jobs in the garden easier.

Special design: The edge has been treated to achieve greater protection when cutting branches.

Wedge : The fastening wedge adds extra security and resistance to the union between elements.

Forged : The forged in one piece makes the process of working with the ax more comfortable.

Handle : The ergonomic handle protects the hand and facilitates the transfer of force to the head.


Applications: The ax is suitable for cutting small and medium branches, but not for cutting larger branches.

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hand ax

Gardena 8713 48

It is a very practical and versatile tool, since it is 34 cm long and weighs 900 g, thanks to this it can be used in outdoor activities, such as hiking, but it is also useful at home to chop firewood and do gardening work. In addition, it is one of the cheapest on the list, which is why some users think that it is the best value for money ax.

The head and blade have been specially designed to adapt to different uses. In this case, it has a non-stick coating that increases the quality of the blade, while the handle includes plastic with fiberglass to promote resistance and comfort.

This hand ax is easy to carry around, as it has a design that allows it to be attached to the belt. In this sense, it includes protection against cuts to avoid possible accidents. 

Small axes are usually cheap and practical, as in the case of this model. Let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons.


Practicality: Thanks to its compact and lightweight structure, it can be used for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Non-stick: The sheet is covered with non-stick material that provides greater strength and durability.

Handle: The handle is made of plastic and reinforced with fiberglass. In addition, it offers a comfortable hold.


Sharpening: It can be difficult to sharpen if you are inexperienced, however, the brand does have an ax sharpener available to make the job easier.

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bushcraft ax 

Mapsyst 4150

The Bushcraft ax is one of those little jewels in our garden, which offers us an interesting way to carry out different tasks, such as those that you will be able to do with the Mapsyst 4150 model. This ax has the usual flat side, although cutting, as well as the triangular-shaped side, with which cutting into a wedge is even easier. 

Some cuts that can be made on different types of trunk given that the product has measures of 35.6 centimeters long, 20.3 wide in the cutting area and a thickness of 3.8 centimeters in the blade. Enough to perform all kinds of tasks no matter how hard or large the materials involved will be. 

The product is finished off with a rounded wooden handle, which facilitates the grip and the application of force during the cut.

If you are not very clear about which ax to buy, we leave you the information you need to know about this model.


Design: The design perfectly meets what is expected in this type of axes.

Forging : The cutting piece has been forged in one piece, which gives it more strength and integrity.

Handle : The handle is properly sized and has a sturdy mounting on the cutting piece.

Manageable : The piece has the necessary characteristics to be highly manageable.


Angle : Some user comments that the cutting angle is somewhat extreme, although it can be adjusted with a sharpening to taste.

Balance : It is necessary to be precise with the grip to achieve the proper balance in the hit.

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small ax 

Fiskars XXS

As its name suggests, the Fiskars XXS model is a small but efficient ax when it comes to carrying out small tasks in our garden. Specifically, the ax has a length of 23 centimeters, from handle to tip, while the cutting area has a width of about 13 centimeters, by 2 centimeters thick. This results in an efficient ax in relation to the jobs for which it has been designed, to which its cutting angle, convex and 35 degrees of inclination, also contributes. 

Despite its size, the combination of handle and blade has a very adequate balance, which gives greater comfort to the cut. A versatile model that ends with a weight of about 550 grams and a safety cover, which facilitates its handling and storage when you are not using it.

Enjoy the versatility of a small ax with the functions that this complete model offers you.


Angle: The ax has a convex cutting angle of 35 degrees, which facilitates the work.

Handle : The handle is wide and facilitates a secure grip on the ax while cutting.

Cover : Includes cover – handle, which facilitates its safe transport as well as its storage.


Size : It may be too small an ax for some user. Fortunately, the manufacturer offers two slightly larger sizes.

Weight : The weight is somewhat high according to its measurements, although its balance is correct.

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double edged ax 

Ochsenkopf OX 16 H-1008

The Ochsenkopf OX 16 H-1008 model is a very useful double-edged ax when carrying out more important tasks in our garden. Specifically, we can use it as an ax to split firewood, since it has a double wedge, one on each side, of good resistance. It can also be useful for cutting, so that you do not have too much trouble to carry out tasks of a certain size. 

Regarding its size and measurements, we are talking about an ax with a handle of 27 centimeters and about 12 centimeters wide in the cutting area, weighing approximately 1.9 kilos. Sufficient then for the tasks of greater importance that we have been commenting on. Something that is also helped by its good level of sharpening, which will last for a long time without deteriorating excessively with use.

Expand your cutting capacity with this efficient double-edged ax and everything it puts at your disposal when cutting.


Efficiency: The high-level sharpening on both wedges facilitates work on the wood, and is also maintained for a long time.

Weight : The weight has a very suitable balance to make demanding cuts with little effort.

Handle : The handle has a profiled design, with which to keep the ax firmly in place during the cut.


Protectors: The ax has great quality but not so much the protectors, which are not up to par.

Small tasks: It may not be the best ax when it comes to working on small and fine branches.

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lumberjack ax 

KS Tools 140.2066

The KS Tools 140.2066 lumberjack ax is a high-quality, multi-purpose tool that makes it easy to carry out complex cutting tasks. To do this, this model consists of a two-piece construction, which combines the traditional wooden handle with a cutting area forged in steel and with a polished edge. This head weighs 1.25 kilos, so it efficiently transfers energy when hitting trees. In addition, the head is sharpened at the factory, so you can start using it right away. Something that facilitates cutting in the same way that the shape of the handle does, with a double fixation on the head and a profiled design along the piece, which facilitates holding at any point on it.

Equipping yourself properly to take care of your garden is easy thanks to models like this lumberjack axe.


Weight: The head has a weight of 1.2 kilos, printing enough force to cut different thicknesses of material.

Forged : The forged and sharp head is very efficient when making various cuts.

Profiled handle: The handle has different profiles in the piece, to give you more comfort during use.


Handle size: Despite its profile, the handle is only 35 centimeters long, which is a bit short for certain tasks.

Small jobs: As you can imagine, it is not the most suitable ax for small jobs.

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hammer ax 

Wolf Pack 2360465

The Wolfpack 2360465 hammer ax is a hybrid model, which combines a cutting blade on one side with a mallet on the other, being suitable for work of great depth and importance. We are talking about a large axe, with a total weight of 3 kilos and a handle 91 centimeters long, making it ideal for opening trunks and cutting large pieces. 

However, thanks to the fiberglass handle with a rubberized finish, all the force is transmitted to the head, making each stroke more efficient. Something for which a high resistance is needed, such as that offered by their heads. These have been manufactured with forged and heat-treated steel, in order to give you even greater resistance during the use of the product, also extending the useful life of the mallet and the sharpening of the blade.

Cutting big is easy with this large, versatile hammer axe.


Dual use: With this product you can cut whatever you want, as well as break stones or drive posts, to name a couple of examples.

Handle : The fiberglass handle makes the hammer lighter while protecting your hands from impact.

Weight : The weight of the head efficiently transfers the force to what we are cutting or hitting, as appropriate.


Usage: If you’re not used to using this type of axe, you’ll need some time to get used to it.

Edge : The product is not shipped sharpened, being necessary to proceed with sharpening as a step prior to using the product.

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How to choose the best axes?

The ax is a very versatile tool in all kinds of garden tasks. But precisely because it serves a little for everything, it is key to know what ax we need for each occasion. Something that will be easier for you to decide with our guide to buying the best axe, in which we give you the clues with which to make a successful purchase.

Shopping guide

ax type

The first aspect that we are going to deal with is the type of ax that we need or that we want to buy. Something that influences its usefulness, since the different approaches of the cutting area have different applications depending on whether we want to prune, make a wedge, cut trees or prepare firewood, among other common tasks.

The most common ax is the usual one, the one with a pointed area and a blunt one. It is the ax that we are used to seeing and that has multiple applications, depending on its size. This model also comes in a double-edged version, so it does not have a blunt part, but both sides can be used for cutting. They are usually models designed for larger jobs.

Something similar happens with the models that combine ax and mace. These are used to work with large logs and change the blunt part for a mallet head, with which to break stones or drive wedges. This part can also be changed with a shovel area or a hook area, each of these models offering different uses in our garden. Among them we have the ones for dragging materials, the hook models or the wedge work, in the shovel models. 

If we take a look at any comparison of axes or the catalog of a high-level manufacturer, we will see how the offer is even broader, although for this guide we have preferred to use only the most common products on the market.

Ax size and weight

Another key aspect when looking for a good and cheap ax has to do with size and weight. An aspect where it is necessary to consider again what we are going to do with that axe, since not all jobs require the same type of axe, in terms of dimensions.

Starting at the end, when we talk about weight we usually refer to the weight of the cutting element, which is what really matters. Basically because the more this element weighs, the greater inertia it acquires during the movement and the greater force it transfers to the element that we are cutting. So depending on the thickness of the branches and the intensity of the work we are doing, we will be interested in a model of greater or lesser weight.

In line with this section, we find the size, which determines the scope of the work that we are going to be able to do. There is no point in using a small ax to chop down a large log, or using a huge ax to chop down twigs from a tree. Both elements, weight and size, usually go hand in hand, so it does not hurt to verify the correct fusion between the two when evaluating the ax that we want to acquire.

comfort of use

As a final aspect, it is time to talk about the ease of use of the ax. Something that hardly influences how much the product costs and that, however, can give us an extra when working, making our task more bearable and safer.

This comfort depends on elements such as the handle. It is key that the handle is made of high quality materials and that it has good resistance. The usual thing is usually the wooden handle, duly polished and profiled, to give us greater comfort. But we also find fiberglass or light metal handles, with rubber coatings that give greater grip and absorb shock.

Also important is the balance of the product, in order to achieve greater comfort of use. A good balance makes cutting easier, by transferring energy efficiently when cutting. Something similar to what happens with sharpening. If the blade already includes said sharpening, we will not have to worry about doing it ourselves. But if we want to customize the behavior of the ax with a sharpening to our liking, there are manufacturers whose products are shipped unsharpened, precisely to do it to our liking.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: What is the blunt part of an axe?

The blunt part of an ax is one that has no edge or point. This part is found in most axes in the opposite position to the sharp one, which is the one with which we cut. However, this is not found on double axes, since both sides are sharp. In other cases, this blunt part may be hammer- or club-shaped. And it’s also good to know that some axes are shipped with a blunt cutting area, so you need to sharpen it before you can use it.


Q2: How to chop down a tree with an axe?

Since cutting down a tree is a high-risk task, the first thing to do is establish a security perimeter and an escape route for the cut. These areas must be made according to the direction in which the tree is going to fall, for which we must analyze the environment and also take a look at the distribution of its branches and their weight. For this reason, as a previous step, it may be necessary to download the tree, so that it falls as we want. Once we have proceeded, we will make a wedge cut in the area where we want the tree to fall and at a reduced height, to cut later on the other side and at the same height. This causes the tree to lose support and fall under its own weight.


Q3: How to secure the ax on the handle?

To secure the ax well, it is necessary to hit the area of ​​the handle with a hammer, in order to compress the wood and facilitate assembly. Once we have done this step, we just have to put the cut piece in place and wait for the wood to expand, thus holding the piece correctly. In some cases, we can resort to wedges and other fixing elements, although the best thing is that the indicated procedure is enough, since it is the safest way to proceed.

Q4: How to make an ax handle?

To begin with, we must start by looking for a piece of wood with measurements adjusted to the handle that we are going to create. Although there are colors as tastes, ash and oak are usually recommended, due to their characteristics and flexibility. Once we have the material, we must work the piece according to the measurements we want for the handle and also for those required by the connection area with the cutting element. It is key not to exceed the cut in this last area, in order to avoid gaps. Once cut, it must be polished and varnished, in order to protect the material and give it a more pleasant touch. The final step is to assemble the cutting piece on the handle, for which we will need the corresponding and appropriate wedges for the measurements of the piece.

Q5: How to sharpen an ax?

To sharpen an ax correctly, we will start by cleaning it of any traces of dirt it may have, so that the sharpening is really applied to the base. Once we have a clean and polished surface, it is time to proceed with sharpening. To do this, we can use a sharpening disc, a sharpening stone or even a file. We will be sharpening the entire edge in the same direction, removing any possible burrs from the metal until the edge is smooth and sharp. The work is finished off by greasing and protecting the cutting area with industrial oil, beeswax or some other product, which prevents damage to the metal and better maintains the edge.

How to use an ax

The ax is a versatile element in the garden but it also has a high risk during its use, due to its sharp nature. Therefore, when it comes to using an ax safely, it is key to follow certain behaviors, which will also help us work efficiently and safely. So let’s see how we should proceed so that the use of the ax is not a problem.

Choose the right model

Just as a bread knife is not used to cut meat, not all axes have the same utility. A small ax is not good for cutting trees and a big ax is not good for pruning. So before starting, we will have to choose from our repertoire the most suitable ax for the work we are going to do. Something that will add comfort and security to the process.

Checking the material

The first step we must take before striking the first blow with the axe, either for the first time or in successive ones, is to review it. We must check that the ax has a sufficient and adequate edge, as well as that the cutting element is correctly fastened and there are no gaps. We must also check that the handle does not have cracks, chips or other elements that could be a danger during work.

Use protective measures

The use of the ax must always be accompanied by the security elements necessary for it. Among these elements, gloves should not be missing, which should always be on the hands, as well as protective glasses, with which to prevent splinters from damaging our eyes. If the task requires it, we may also need a helmet, in case of possible falling objects, as well as safety shoes, in case the ax accidentally falls or slips.

Plan the cut when necessary

Although it is not necessary to make simple cuts, if we have to make larger cuts than simple pruning, it is advisable to plan the process. Something essential when cutting trees or large branches. So previously we must establish a security perimeter in the cutting area, assess the risks and the fall area of ​​what we are going to cut, as well as be clear about how we are going to make the cut, so that it is as safe as possible.

organization after finishing

Once we have finished the job, it is time to collect the ax and leave it ready for the next use. A process that requires adequate cleaning in the area of ​​the blade, in order to eliminate the remains of resin and other elements that could have remained on it. The same applies to the handle area. It also checks its sharpening, in case it could have been damaged during the process, and if necessary executes said sharpening, to leave it as new for the next use.

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