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Chainsaw – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

If you usually clean the garden during the weekends, but you are looking for a tool that allows you to effectively finish trimming bushes and excess tree branches quickly and without much work, we recommend using a practical chainsaw. Among the models most demanded by users, the Husqvarna 135 chainsaw stands out for its ease of starting and handling. In addition, this team performs a lower fuel consumption thanks to its X-Torq engine. On the other hand, if you are looking for an electric chainsaw with a power of 2,200 watts and an anti-recoil safety system, your ideal option is the Einhell GE-EC 2240.

Opinions on the best chainsaws on the market

If you are looking for the best chainsaw on this list, in principle, you should know the most important characteristics of each model, as well as the budget you have, before purchasing it. In this way, you will ensure that you get the chainsaw that best suits your needs.   

Husqvarna chainsaw

husqvarna 135

Among the best chainsaws of 2022 is this simple and powerful model of the Husqvarna brand, considered by many users as an excellent chainsaw manufacturer thanks to the great features that its products present.

This Husqvarna chainsaw runs on gasoline and has a 1,500-watt, 12,000-rev X-Torq motor, which minimizes fuel consumption. It is an efficient chainsaw thanks to its low level of consumption, which reduces the amount of polluting gas emissions for the environment. In addition, it has a 40 cm long sword that will allow you to cut thick branches.

This model has an oil tank with a capacity of 0.25 liters and generates a noise level of up to 114 dB. In addition, this product has dimensions of 47 x 34.4 x 26.4 cm and weighs approximately 4.40 kg.

If you don’t know which chainsaw to buy, or where to start your search, it is important that you pay close attention to the length of the bar, since it must be adjusted to the measurements of the branches that you usually cut.


Fuel : This model is equipped with an efficient engine that reduces fuel consumption significantly. 

Emissions : The X-Torq engine manages to reduce the level of polluting gas emissions that affect the environment.

Simple : One of the most outstanding aspects of this practical model is its ease of operation and start-up.

Speed ​​: Thanks to its speed of 12,000 RPM, you will be able to work efficiently on a variety of thicknesses.


Chain : The chain comes completely disassembled from the factory, so if you are inexperienced with the tool, it can be very difficult to mount on the chainsaw.

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electric chainsaw

Einhell GE-EC 2240

This electric chainsaw is among the cheapest models on this list, so we recommend you take it into account. In addition, the features offered by the manufacturer make Einhell considered the best brand of chainsaws, according to the opinion of a large group of users.

This model works with an electrical power of 2,200 watts, so it offers acceptable results. Plus, it has a 240-volt motor and a 16-inch long bar, long enough to cut through thick branches. On the other hand, its dimensions are approximately 53 x 21.5 x 27.5 cm and its weight is 5.44 kg.

It incorporates a protection system in reverse with a mechanical brake, which guarantees high safety at work. Thanks to the large opening of the oil tank, filling will be easy, in addition to the fact that the chain is automatically lubricated.

Before choosing your new chainsaw, it is important that you pay attention to its chain tensioning and replacement system, since there are models that have systems that are simple to manipulate.


Chain : This practical model has a chain tensioning and changing system, so you don’t need any tools.

Lubrication : The chain has an automatic lubrication system that allows it to always be ready to work.

Ergonomic : It is a very ergonomic model thanks to its handle perfectly located for the comfort of your hand.


Domestic : This model is indicated for domestic work, so it is not recommended for industrial work.

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gasoline chainsaw

Boudech 25cc

This gasoline chainsaw incorporates a fuel tank with a capacity of 230 ml, enough to function optimally for a long time. In this sense, it offers a maximum power of 1.2 HP, capable of generating up to 11,000 rpm, which guarantees a good performance of the machine.

For added safety, this chainsaw features an automatic brake that shuts off the equipment in the event of an incorrect clamping. Also, it offers a Quick & Easy Start function, to turn on the equipment quickly and without much effort, thus increasing practicality.

It is important to know that the bar measures 51 cm in length and is capable of making wide cuts of up to 25 cm, which increases efficiency. As if that were not enough, it includes a shoulder strap that gives you greater support when using the chainsaw, which favors stability and safety.

If you are wondering which chainsaw to buy, then you should review in detail some of the most relevant pros and cons of this machine before making the purchase.


Performance: It has a 2-stroke engine that can provide a power of 1.2 HP to generate up to 11,000 rpm.

Sword: The sword has a length of 51 cm and is designed to make cuts up to 25 cm.

Security: It offers an automatic brake and includes a shoulder strap that allows you to have greater control over the tool.


Assembly: The assembly of this tool may be more complicated than expected, so it is advisable to have professional help.

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chainsaw battery

Makita DUC252Z

This Makita brand battery-powered chainsaw stands out for being a compact tool, but with a lot of power, working with 2,000 W, so you can easily carry out your gardening work. It also has a brake system that stops the movement of the chain as soon as we release the ignition button.

On the other hand, the chain integrates an automatic lubrication function, in addition to allowing the chain to be tensioned and changed without the need to use any type of tool. In addition, the chain reaches a speed of up to 8.3 m/s. His boot is very smooth and the length of his sword is 25 cm. 

This model has dimensions of 32.8 x 21.8 x 27.4 cm and weighs approximately 4.1 kg. In addition, for its operation, it uses two rechargeable 18v lithium-ion batteries and generates a noise level of up to 84.4 dB.

To choose the chainsaw model that best suits your needs, it will be important to look at factors such as its autonomy, especially if the model is electric. Next, you will be able to know the most important pros of this model.


Non- slip : This model incorporates a non-slip textured handle that helps to better manipulate the tool.

Versatile : It is a chainsaw considered ideal for almost any type of pruning, so it will help you with bushes and low tree branches.

Start : It incorporates a soft start system that helps to avoid a jerk that could cause an accident.


Charger : You will be forced to purchase the batteries and the charger separately, which increases the price of the tool.

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pruning chainsaw

Black+Decker PS7525-QS

This pruning chainsaw will allow you to work with the tallest bushes or cut the highest branches, allowing you to reach up to 2.7 meters in height. It is equipped with a 800 W motor that provides good results, and the chain speed reaches 11.5 m/s.

To keep the safety level of this tool high, it incorporates a system that stops the movement of the chain instantly when the power button is released. In addition, it has an automatic lubrication system that keeps the chain properly greased.

The length of the sword reaches 25 cm long and it has a high-quality 40-link chain. This tool has an approximate weight of 4.8 kg and allows you to adjust the handle for greater comfort.

Before choosing your next chainsaw, it is important that you analyze all the important aspects of the equipment. Here you will know the most relevant pros and cons of this chainsaw. 


Motor : This model is equipped with an 800 W motor, which gives you the possibility to easily cut medium-sized branches.

Brake : Thanks to the safety system that this practical model incorporates, the chain will brake instantly to avoid an accident.

Tank : This tool incorporates a tank of approximately 60 liters, so it will allow you to carry out professional work.



Weight: If you’re not used to holding this amount of weight for a while, you can easily get exhausted after a short time.  

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McCulloch chainsaw

McCulloch GM967300301

If you still do not know which is the best chainsaw, we recommend you look at this practical model, ideal for gardens and bushes. This tool is considered the best chainsaw of the moment due to its powerful gasoline engine, which will allow you to cut thick trunks without any problem.

This McCulloch chainsaw has a power of 2,100 W and is a tool that can be easy to maneuver thanks to its weight of 6 kg, being a fairly light model for the workload it allows to carry out.

It incorporates a 18-inch blade, plus a chain that moves at a speed of 24.1 m/s, which, in combination with its 0.325-inch tooth height, allows you to easily cut through branches and the bushes.

Before choosing your next chainsaw, it is important that you look at its price, since the cost of the tool should be within your budget. Although this tool is not among the cheapest, it offers you great power and ease of maneuvering.


Capacity : This tool has an oil reservoir tank of up to 0.295 liters, which allows you to keep the chain oiled while you use it.

Speed : The chain of this model reaches a speed of up to 24.1 m/s, making it an efficient tool for cutting.

Blade : The blade on this chainsaw is approximately 18 inches in length, allowing you to cut through thick branches.


Noise: This tool has a noise level of 122 dB, so if you are working in a small garden, it can be uncomfortable for people.

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Greencut chainsaw

Greencut GS6200 20

This Greencut chainsaw is considered the best price-quality chainsaw due to its powerful 62 cc 2-stroke engine, so if you have a tight budget, we recommend you take this product into account.

This Greencut brand chainsaw stands out for its automatic oil pump, which provides the necessary lubrication for the chain. Plus, thanks to its excellent power-to-weight ratio, you’ll be able to maneuver the chainsaw like a pro.

The chain with which this chainsaw is equipped is the TRU-SHARP model and guarantees a better grip against the material, facilitating the cutting of thick branches. This product has dimensions of approximately 81 x 26 x 28 cm. In addition, with the purchase a group of security accessories is acquired.

Whenever looking for a new chainsaw, consider the safety accessories that come with the tool. This will prevent any unwanted accidents. With the purchase of this chainsaw, you acquire a safety protection kit.


Power : The working power offered by this tool is 2,800 watts, achieved by its gasoline engine.

Sword : It incorporates a sword with a 50 centimeter blade, with which you can cut branches with a good diameter.

Engine : This model is equipped with a 62cc and 3.8 hp gasoline engine, so the response of the tool is phenomenal.


Chain : The chain tends to loosen easily, especially if you are working on thick materials, so you should adjust it at these times.

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Echo Chainsaw

Echo CS-280TES

This gardening tool offers a power of 1.07 kW, thanks to its professional 2-stroke engine, which has good performance when cutting branches. It also works with gasoline and has a fuel tank of 240 ml, while the maximum consumption is 680 ml per hour.

It incorporates a solid Oregon brand bar, with double chain brake that offers greater resistance and a long useful life. In addition, it includes a system to stop the chain in case of rebound, which increases user safety. On the other hand, it allows easy access to the chain tensioner, so you don’t have to stop working for a long time.

As if that were not enough, it has a professional grease pump that can be adjusted to control the flow of oil. In this way, you keep the chain lubricated while saving resources.

To cut tree branches, it is necessary to have a functional and safe tool, as is the case with the Echo CS-280TES chainsaw.


Power: It can reach a maximum power of 1.07 kW to make fast and precise cuts.

Sword: He has a 25 cm Oregon sword, which allows him to reach difficult places without much effort.

Comfort: It offers ergonomic handlebars and weighs only 3 kg to reduce fatigue and promote comfort.


Tank: Due to its compact size, the fuel tank holds just 240ml.

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Chainsaw Accessories

chainsaw chain

Tallox TA3X8P13H523

The chainsaw chain is one of the most demanded products by the majority of workers and workers who use this tool, since, if it is used frequently, the chain will lose sharpness and cutting capacity, so it will require a change.

With the purchase of Tallox TA3X8P13H523, you will get three universal use chains for basic chainsaws. They offer greater cutting performance, in addition to having greater durability thanks to their chrome plating. The length of this chain is 32 cm and the thickness of the driving link of each chain is 1.3 mm, in addition, each one has 52 links.

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chainsaw chain sharpener

Einhell GC-CS 85

If you are looking for a chainsaw chain sharpener that you can carry thanks to its compact size, this model is the one for you. This sturdy sharpener features a depth limit and sharpening scale, allowing each link to be sharpened precisely to the same size.

This product has an electrical supply of 230 volts and reaches a maximum power of 85 watts. This model allows for an idle of 5,500 min, plus it works with any type of chainsaw chain. It has an approximate weight of 1.9 kg, ideal to carry it in the suitcase of the car.

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Chainsaw chain oil

Bosch Home and Garden 2607000181

One of the most important products that you should take into account when having and using a chainsaw is its proper lubrication. This tool needs to keep the chain properly oiled to ensure smooth and free movement. Otherwise, a chainsaw without oil will not work at all.

This chainsaw chain oil is completely biodegradable and comes in a 1 liter bottle, so it will work perfectly for a full application on your tool. In addition, it has the ideal density to optimally lubricate the chainsaw.

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How to choose the best chainsaws?

Nowadays, regardless of whether a chainsaw is used for domestic or professional use, many users prefer to acquire one of these practical tools rather than continue trimming garden shrubs and trees with traditional scissors. Using a chainsaw not only reduces the time spent trimming and working in the garden, but you can also do this task more comfortably. This is why we have decided to create the following guide to buy the best chainsaw, so that you can choose the best and cheapest alternative.

Shopping guide

The type of material to be cut

In any comparison of chainsaws, the first thing you should take into account, before choosing your next tool, is the type of material you are going to work with. It is important to know what type of wood you are going to cut with this machine and how much use you are going to give it. Remember that cutting soft, thin wood is not the same as trying to fell an entire tree, nor is it the same to use the tool once a week or daily. Therefore, these factors are important and you should take them into account when making the purchase.

Consider that if you need the chainsaw for simple tasks in your home garden, it is not necessary to make a large investment or purchase a larger professional model. In these cases, it is completely advisable to opt for a slightly cheaper and lighter model to use. For this, you need to know the different types of chainsaws that exist. 

types of chainsaws

Chainsaws are distinguished by the type of motor that the tool incorporates, which is why the market offers three different classes of chainsaws. Electric chainsaws are the models that must be connected to a power outlet at all times to work. These models incorporate a bar of 35 to 40 cm in length, however, chainsaws indicated for cutting softwood should be approximately 20 cm in length.

Battery chainsaws normally work with batteries from 18 to 36 volts, so they differ from electric ones because they allow us greater freedom of movement. They are usually very easy to use tools and thanks to the battery they give us autonomy. Technological advancement has been improving battery life, as well as cutting power and quality, which is why they are becoming more popular.

Finally, gasoline chainsaws stand out for their great power, solidity and robustness. They are tools for professional purposes and some can even be used at an industrial level. They are the ideal alternative if you need to cut thick and hard wood, in addition to supporting intensive daily activity. In addition, they require more care and maintenance.

Bar diameter and length

Another important factor to consider when choosing your next chainsaw is the length of the bar. The blade is called the blade that holds the toothed chain, so the longer the blade is, the thicker branches you’ll be able to cut. However, this can noticeably reduce lightness and ease of handling.

On the contrary, short bar chainsaws provide greater maneuverability, in addition to some giving the possibility of using the tool with one hand. These compact chainsaws, unlike long bar ones, are ideal for working low bushes comfortably, allowing bushes to be shaped into shapes.

chainsaw weight

When choosing a chainsaw, and if we are thinking about maneuverability, you should also focus on the weight of the tool. Remember that it is a tool that you will use for long hours, so it is best to choose a model that is not extremely heavy. Therefore, try to choose a chainsaw that has an acceptable weight for your support capacity.

The weight of the power source must be added to chainsaws, so the weight of the battery they support must be added to portable electric chainsaws. Likewise, gasoline chainsaws have a tank that contains fuel, which in turn significantly increases their weight. For this reason, it is convenient that you hold each tool with the respective extra load to know its real weight.

Manufacturing and materials of use

Finally, like any work tool, the product is always intended to provide maximum durability and resistance to use. For this reason, the manufacture of the chainsaw plays a very important role when making your choice. 

There are manufacturers that really care about offering the user a resistant and quality product, although these models are considerably more expensive. For this reason, if you wonder how much a chainsaw costs, you should pay attention to the manufacturing materials.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to sharpen a chainsaw chain?

To sharpen the chain, first of all, you will have to firmly fix the chainsaw bar. The indicated way to hold the blade of the sword is using a workshop work table. After setting the chainsaw to the workbench, position a filing template so the arrowheads point toward the tip of the bar. Set the file you are going to use at 90 degrees, making sure it rests on both filing rollers. Using a smooth, even forward motion, sharpen the chain teeth. Repeat this action with all the teeth on one side, then switch sides of the tool and continue with the other teeth on the chain.

Q2: How to start a chainsaw?

To cold start a chainsaw, you will first need to engage the chain brake. Make sure your model has a decompression control button and proceed to press it. Then, if your model of chainsaw has a fuel pump, engage the choke to bleed the air. Subsequently, start the tool pointing towards the ground, placing the right foot on the rear handle without releasing the front handle with the left hand and with the right hand pull the ignition belt or starter handle. Gently press the choke and pull it until the saw starts. Finally, slightly throttle to bring the engine to idle, and finally release the chain brake.

Q3: Which chainsaw is better: Stihl or Husqvarna?

In reality, it is not possible to compare in general terms which is the best chainsaw between one of the Stihl brand and another Husqvarna, since each manufacturer has several models of chainsaws, each with its own characteristics and functions. The most important thing is to know what use you are going to give the tool to choose the model with the characteristics that best suit your needs.

In this sense, some users affirm that the Husqvarna brand chainsaws provide great quality, especially the 346xp model that offers great power, while, on the other hand, the Stihl brand stands out for having very efficient tools. However, both brands are very close in terms of quality, so it can be recommended to buy the chainsaw from the manufacturer that has its repair and after-sales service nearby.

Q4: How to cut down a tree with a chainsaw?

First of all, evaluate the risks of felling the tree, so that you can make your predictions. See if it is completely safe to fell the tree, so that it will not fall on any structure or house. If you’re not sure, call an expert for help. In addition, it is very likely that to cut down a tree you will have to carry out some type of legal administrative procedure. First, make a direction cut, which is about removing branches, knots and other bark horizontally. This will help you cut through the main trunk easily.

Q5: How to use a chainsaw?

As final recommendations for using a chainsaw, we suggest you achieve a good balance by separating your feet a little before turning on the machine, placing your left foot slightly ahead of your right. Try to hold the chainsaw close to your body, this will significantly reduce the strain on your arms and back. However, avoid placing the chainsaw directly against your body. Also, do not forget that you must accelerate the chainsaw to the maximum before starting the cut.

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Echo CS 310 ES

Esta motosierra Echo destaca por su motor de calidad, con aproximadamente 30,5 cm³ de cilindrada y potencia nominal de 1.100 W, por lo que brinda facilidad al trabajo de poda. Incorpora un depósito para el carburante de aproximadamente 0,25 litros. Además, su consumo de carburante, en base a su potencia máxima, es de 0,68 litros/h.

Esta herramienta cuenta con un sistema de encendido electrónico CDI y arranque ES-Start que te permiten empezar rápidamente tu trabajo. En cuanto a su seguridad, esta motosierra tiene un sistema de freno que detiene la cadena por inercia para evitar accidentes.

Con su espada de 35 cm de longitud, podrás cortar ramas y arbustos con mucha facilidad. Además, gracias a su sistema antivibración, podrás realizar el trabajo evitando sentir fatiga en los brazos. Incluye una funda para la hoja de la espada.

Si aún no te has decidido por cuál modelo comprar, deberás estar atento de sus aspectos más relevantes. Esta herramienta es una de las mejores alternativas de esta lista gracias a las siguientes ventajas.  


Arranque: Este modelo destaca por tener un arranque sencillo gracias al sistema de inicio ES-Start.

Freno: Debido a su sistema de freno de emergencia por inercia, el movimiento de la cadena se detendrá inmediatamente al soltar el gatillo.

Accesorio: Incluye una práctica funda para guardar la hoja de la espada óptimamente y conservarla mejor.


Precio: Es una de las motosierras más caras de esta lista, por lo que, si tienes un presupuesto ajustado, te recomendamos mirar otro modelo.

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