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Composters are containers specially designed for the preparation of compost, also known as fertilizer. This product is very useful in various gardening and cultivation applications, so if you are interested in purchasing one, we recommend the UPP 444 first. This composter is mounted on a base that will allow you to rotate it to oxygenate the mixture. It can be installed outdoors and its handling is very simple. Second, you could check out the Tiktaktoo Wood, which has a natural finish, can be placed directly on the ground, and measures 100 x 100 x 70 cm.

The 8 Best Composters – Opinions 2022


If you are attracted to ecological options and want to take advantage of food waste at home to prepare compost, you first need a good composter with which to speed up the task and obtain a good result. Next, we will present some of the best offers on the market so that you can get to know them thoroughly:

rotating composter


1. UPP 105L Barrel Composter For Garden or Balcony

UPP has for you, with its model 444, a rotary composter designed to greatly facilitate the work of preparing compost at home.

This composter is mounted on a stand that will allow you to keep it raised and rotate it in order to mix the substrate with the organic matter or oxygenate the compost during the fermentation process. This, in turn, will speed up the process so you can enjoy your own subscription in a month or less.

On the other hand, the UPP rotating composter has metal legs that, combined with the resistant plastic of its manufacture, will allow you to place it outdoors without risk of damage. Its size is 61 x 60 x 84 centimeters with a weight of 5.6 kilograms, so you can place it on the balcony without taking up too much space or in the garden without drawing too much attention.

Since it could be the best composter of the moment, you should know its most important pros and cons:


Design: The design helps to easily mix the compost as well as keep it oxygenated.

Materials: It is made of resistant plastic and has metal legs for durability.

Time: Thanks to the method used, with this equipment you can have compost in just 1 month.

Requirements: It can be installed on balconies without the need to maintain contact with the ground.



Rain: If it rains, you must make sure to remove excess moisture, since the water enters through the ventilation holes.

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1,000 liter composter


2. Tiktaktoo Wood Compost Composter Construction

If you want to spend your money on a wooden composter, the Tiktaktoo set is likely to pique your interest. This container to make compost at home is made of overlapping boards, with which you can create the necessary layers for composting.

It measures 100 x 100 x 70 centimeters and the thickness of each wooden slat is 1.5 centimeters to add robustness to the structure. It is installed outdoors and you can place it directly on the ground to attract earthworms. Its installation is intuitive and you just have to make sure to respect its location so that it does not receive too much sun or rain.

Another of its advantages is that it can be easily camouflaged thanks to the fact that the wood maintains a natural finish and has not been treated with chemical agents, so your fertilizer will not be in danger of being contaminated.

Now you will be able to learn more about everything that this composter has to offer you, in case you have dared to prepare your own fertilizer:


Ecological: The Tiktaktoo model is made up of tables, being more ecological than others.

Outdoors: It can be placed outdoors so that your compost receives the necessary sun and rain.

Installation: It is installed very easily, since it only consists of superimposed tables.

Care: It does not require as much care as other composters, just check the temperature and humidity.



Instructions: The composter does not come with instructions, so you will have to use your intuition to assemble it.

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wood composter


3. Proheim Anthracite Wood Composter

This model has been manufactured with coniferous wood, which offers good mechanical resistance for greater durability. However, it is lightweight to make it easy to move from one place to another. In addition, the material used is FSC certified, so it comes from sustainable forests with good practices and controlled felling.

In this sense, the composter comes with 14 well-cut boards with a fork joint system, thus facilitating the assembly of the product. For this reason, it is suitable for composting in the garden in a practical way and is useful for both experts and gardening enthusiasts.

As for the design, it measures 95 cm long, 55 cm wide and 30 cm high, while its internal dimensions are 85 x 46 x 30 cm, thanks to this, it has a maximum capacity of 110 liters. In addition, it has a sober anthracite finish.

When preparing natural fertilizer with organic waste, it is advisable to have a composter that allows you to carry out the work more easily. Let’s see in more detail the characteristics of this model of the Proheim brand.


Measurements: It has external dimensions of 95 x 55 x 30 cm, so it is not too big.

Capacity: Thanks to its 110-litre capacity, you can create enough compost with this composter.

Material: It is made of stable coniferous wood and includes 14 well-cut boards for added strength.


Use: Due to its size it is not recommended for a large garden, but rather for a small home crop.

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small composter


4. Kitchen Craft 3 Liter Compost Bin

With a small composter you could take advantage of your own kitchen waste and for this the Kitchen Craft brand offers you a discreet, durable and easy-to-use model. Living Nostalgia is a compost bin that offers a 3-litre capacity, while maintaining a compact size so it can be placed in the kitchen.

Specifically, the composter has dimensions of 24 x 18.5 x 12 centimeters and weighs just 630 grams, allowing you to place it on the countertop without causing too much impact. Likewise, its design also helps, since it maintains a clean appearance in white next to stainless steel.

On the other hand, it has a lid with which you can hide the content and, combined with the presence of an odor filter, you will not even notice the presence of the composter. In addition to the aforementioned, it should be noted that it is one of the cheapest on the list in case you have a tight budget.

Kitchen Craft could be the best composter brand if you are looking for a simple, discreet and even attractive model to decorate your kitchen:


Design: The composter has a discreet design with good finishes to look good in the kitchen.

Materials: It is made of steel, so you should not worry about wear or oxidation.

Handle: Its wooden handle makes it ergonomic when loading it.

Filter: The purchase includes a spare filter to replace the one that comes already installed.



Capacity: If it is for the use of a couple, it is enough, but for families with more members, it falls short.

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urban composter


5. Skaza Mind Your Eco Kit Organic Bokashi With Natural Substrate

Skaza Mind Your Eco could have the best composter for domestic use with this set of 2 containers that, in addition, comes with everything you need to start preparing the compost.

This option has 2 buckets with a capacity of 16 liters each, allowing them to be used interspersed during the fermentation of the other. You will also find a bag of substrate to integrate with the organic matter and the tools for handling it, such as sieves, spatulas, a measuring cup, etc.

Another useful detail in the preparation of the compost is the presence of a lower tap, with which you can obtain the liquid fertilizer, the result of fermentation, so that you can add it to your plants.

On the other hand, the urban composter set can be accommodated without being too much in the way, since the size of each container is 39 x 27 x 32 centimeters, they have their respective lid and handle, in addition to sharing a pleasant aesthetic design.

If this set has caught your attention, we invite you to consider its pros and cons to determine if it suits you or not:


Set: The set has all the necessary tools to prepare a good compost at home.

Design: The boats have attractive and eco-themed designs by featuring colorful butterflies and grass.

Taps: The taps will allow you to easily remove the liquid fertilizer, so you can store it or use it whenever you want.

Time: Thanks to the fermentation process achieved, the preparation time is only 2 weeks.



Lid: The lid is soft, so you can’t stack anything on top of the composter.

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kitchen composter


6. Addis 2.5L Kitchen Compost Caddy

Addis could have the best value for money composter if you are looking for a discreet and compact option, which you can easily fit in any corner.

This kitchen composter has a capacity of just 2.5 liters, being small enough to simulate being another container on your countertop. Its size is just 24.5 x 18 x 17.5 centimeters and it has a handle to carry it along with a lid that will keep any odor trapped and even small legs to raise it off the ground.

On the other hand, the Addis composter is made of plastic and has an internal container, which you can easily remove to check the fermentation status of the fertilizer or simply to clean the pot. In addition, it should be noted that it is compatible with the dishwasher in case you want to disinfect it by giving it a washing session at high temperatures, which will also help in case there are traces of any odor.

If you want to know more about one of the cheapest options, here are the pros and cons of this Addis model:


Discreet: Both the design and the size of the composter make it one of the most discreet models for the kitchen.

Space: It occupies very little space on the counter and you can have it on hand to throw away the waste.

Lid: It has a lid that will keep the content hidden and hide any odor.

Handle: With the handle it will be easy for you to handle the composter, move it, take it outside to sunbathe, etc.



Accessories: No measuring accessories or activation products for the composter are included.

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large composter


7. Prosperplast Compogreen Composter 800 Liters

For those who need to prepare a considerable amount of compost, the Prosperplast IKST800 large composter will probably come in handy.

The product offers 2 containers of 400 liters capacity for a total of 800 liters, being suitable for the use of large families and even small restaurants. They are made of plastic and can be placed outdoors, since they will not present problems in the rain or sun.

Aesthetically they are quite discreet, since they do not have gates or spaces through which the compost can be seen. Also, each one has its respective door to hide it and keep it protected from the elements.

On the other hand, it should be noted that you will not need tools to use it, since its assembly is pressure-based and quite intuitive, allowing you to have it ready in just a few minutes. Thanks to this, it could be a good option if you do not know which is the best composter to use at home.

This set offers a large capacity to prepare a lot of compost, being an attractive option for gardening enthusiasts:


Set: With the purchase of this product you will obtain 2 compost bins in which to prepare your fertilizer.

Capacity: The combined buckets offer a total capacity of 800 litres, more than enough for a home garden.

Design: The design of the composters makes them combinable with the outside, in addition to easily hiding the compost.

Assembly: The pieces of the cubes are installed without the need for tools, being comfortable to use.



Robustness: The plastic used in the manufacture of composters could have a better finish.

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Keter Composter


8. Keter Eco Composter With 320L Capacity

Another alternative that could be among the best composters of 2022 is that of the Keter brand. Its model 220741 could be very useful if you are looking for a discreet container that is easy to use and that you can install in your garden.

This composter has a capacity of 320 liters and measures 65 x 76 x 52 centimeters, keeping most of its content in layers that will speed up the composting process. It has a wide upper lid with a handle to open it and add more material, as well as a lower opening through which you can let out the ready-made fertilizer.

On the other hand, with the Keter composter you won’t have to worry about the elements of the weather, since it has been manufactured with resistance to these, to allow its location outdoors without the risk of being damaged or negatively affected. It is dark gray in color and is discreet to place in your garden.

Keter’s product could be a good option, so we invite you to learn about its most important advantages:


Design: The composter does not attract too much attention and its design is ergonomic.

Openings: It offers 2 openings: one for the entry of organic matter and another for the exit of the ready fertilizer.

Capacity: It has a large capacity so that you can dispose of any remaining organic food there.

Lid: The lid is easy to open and close, for when you need to check or use the composter.



Flimsy: The joints of the pieces could be more robust, so perhaps you should reinforce them.

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Shopping guide


Preparing your own compost at home is not only a way to save money, but also to take advantage of the food scraps that are thrown away. With this guide to buying the best composter you will get more information to evaluate each model properly and invest in the most profitable:

composter design

The design of the composter is important if you want to keep it in sight, whether in your kitchen or garden. In some cases, it is more convenient to have a small composter near where you cook, so you can dispose of organic waste without having to go out.

However, in a comparison of composters you must first consider the amount of compost you want to create, as well as the amount of waste that is produced daily. This will help you choose the right size based on its capacity.

On the other hand, you cannot ignore the size of the composter, especially if you have little space available at home. In these situations, you also have the alternative of acquiring models that are no larger than a normal garbage can, allowing them to be placed indoors without taking up too much space.

Production capacity

The production capacity can influence how much it costs, since the higher the capacity, the larger the size of the composter, so before choosing the right model, you should review the value for money based on your needs.

For example, if you live alone or with your partner, a few liter composter will be enough for you to throw away everything you want and still get a good amount of compost at the end of the fermentation process.

But if a larger number of people cohabit at home and you do not want to stop taking advantage of all the waste, you should probably consider composters that exceed 100 liters of capacity, since this way you will have more than enough space to add the accessories you want. In addition, of course you will get much more compost than with a small kitchen composter, but it will probably have to be installed directly on fertile soil.

Manufacturing materials

The manufacturing materials are important in a composter, especially if you plan to install it outdoors, since you must verify that it has the necessary certifications that guarantee its resistance to it. Also, if you are looking for an economical model, you can find it among those made of wood or plastic.

When looking within this category, you will notice that composters made of plastic have multiple advantages, whether in terms of handling, aesthetics or the durability of the product itself. Some even offer UV resistance, so you don’t have to worry about warping or premature wear.

On the other hand, when evaluating your manufacturing materials, you must make sure that they have good finishes and that they cannot have any type of effect on the fertilizer fermentation process to guarantee the safety of the final product.

Temperature and humidity control

A very important and decisive requirement for the preparation of the compost is the control of temperature and humidity, since these will let you know the status of the process, as well as if everything is going as it should.

In the case of commercial composters, you can evaluate this detail by looking at the product design itself. As you know, composting requires strict control to prevent it from rotting, so if the model you are interested in has holes for ventilation or taps to drain the water, this will be an advantage when composting at home.

Other options may include special tools to facilitate compost preparation, such as base ingredients, activators, measuring spoons, among others, preventing you from having to spend more money than necessary.

Location Requirements

Last but not least, the requirements for the location of the composter. This detail must be evaluated according to your property, the available space and the amount of compost you want to obtain.

As mentioned, these types of products can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes, since they are available to meet the needs of both a single person and a family of several members.

However, in the first case, you can consider indoor composters, which have accessories designed to prevent them from being noticed, such as covers or odor filters. You can find models for the balcony or even the kitchen, being practical alternatives to have on hand if you live in an apartment, for example.

In the second case, the composters should normally be located on the land itself, so you will need your own garden. These types of models offer a greater amount of compost, but will require more time and care.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a composter?

To use a composter at home, the first thing is to determine its type: if it is in contact with the ground or not.

Those with contact with the ground must be installed outdoors on flat surfaces, which allow good drainage, as well as the exposure of the content of the composter to the same ground. The others can be simply placed in the kitchen or on a balcony depending on their size.

Start by opening your composter to add a layer of compost along with green and brown yard or kitchen waste, which you’ll need to mix carefully to activate the decomposition process.

Regularly, he adds more waste and mixes to drop the first layers to the bottom of the composter, where they will go through the fermentation process that will produce compost ready to be thrown on trees, flowers and crops.

Q2: How to make a composter?

Since a composter is basically a container, where you can stack substrate with organic material for controlled decomposition, you can make one using simple wooden pallets.

Cut them, so that each one has the same length and it is possible to form a square container. Then join the pieces in the way you prefer, it can be using cable ties, glue, nails or whatever you want. Make sure you leave space between them for the oxygenation of the compost and you’re all set. You can now locate it in the garden to start filling it with the elements of your choice.


Q3: How to start a composter?

In case you want to start faster or speed up the fermentation of the compost, you can add materials that have a high nitrogen content to the substrate mixture such as freshly cut grass, fresh vegetables, coffee grounds, food scraps, etc.

These types of starters are capable of accelerating the process along with good oxygenation and drainage to prevent rotting. Also, if you notice that a mature compost has slowed down in its development, you can try adding flowers such as chamomile, dandelion and nettle.

Q4: How does a composter work?

A composter is a container where organic remains of food and gardening are mixed together with strata in order to control the process of decomposition and oxidation of the elements, obtaining a product rich in nutrients for the soil.

The composter usually offers a special design that allows, in addition to adding what is necessary to the mixture, close control of the parameters of temperature and percentage of humidity, since they are crucial factors for composting.

After the compost ingredients are added, the natural process begins to make way for the decomposition phases in which the aforementioned parameters must be observed until the last one is reached (Phase IV or Maturation), where a dry product is obtained., with the smell of a humid forest and without traces of visible organic matter.

Q5: What can I put in the composter?

Things that can be added to the compost mix include food scraps such as fruit, vegetables, eggshells, cooked pasta, bread, or coffee and tea grounds.

In addition to this, you can also integrate garden pruning remains that include freshly cut grass, dry leaves, roots, among other organic elements that do not contain any type of additive.


Q6: How long does it take for the composter to have its contents ready?

The time of the composting process can vary depending on the type of composter, as well as if you have used activators for the process. Normally, the domestic execution of the technique will take a couple of months before compost can be produced for botanical and cultivation use, whereas, if special containers are used, the time can be reduced to less than a month.

Q7: Where to place a composter?

The answer to this question is relative to the type of composter you have purchased, as there are models for indoors and outdoors. As you can imagine, both vary in sizes and designs, so before you buy either, you first need to make sure you have the right space.

If it is an outdoor model, you can put it directly on the garden lawn or in a corner where it does not receive too much sun, as this would overdry the content and raise the temperature too much.

In the case of an indoor composter, these can be located on the same kitchen counter or on the balcony depending on its design and the space available at home.

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Profikomp 1000L Professional Plastic Garden Composter

From the Profikomp brand we present the model 009 composter, a structure with a capacity to hold up to 1,000 liters during the fermentation process, so that, in the end, you will obtain a large amount of fertilizer for your garden.

Las dimensiones del compostador montado son de 45 x 45 x 105 centímetros y tiene un peso de 28 kilogramos. Se compone por un total de 24 listones de plástico que se integran a 4 postes para ser instalado directamente sobre el suelo. El plástico de su fabricación es PVC y ofrece resistencia a los rayos UV para no verse afectado por la luz o el calor del sol. Es fácil de limpiar y puede montarse de manera intuitiva.

Asimismo, el compostador de 1.000 litros de Profikomp tiene un diseño estructural que permite la oxigenación, así como también la mezcla de los ingredientes al poder quitar los listones según convenga.

Para saber qué compostador comprar, es bueno considerar tanto los aspectos positivos como los negativos de cada modelo.


Diseño: Se trata de un compostador sencillo de usar que podrás colocar en jardín fácilmente.

Capacidad: Su capacidad de 1.000 litros será más que suficiente para uso doméstico.

Materiales: Está fabricado con plásticos PVC resistentes a los rayos UV, siendo apto para el exterior.

Montaje: El montaje del compostador es bastante intuitivo y podrás hacerlo sin ayuda.



Tierra: Es un modelo que debe estar en contacto directo con la tierra del jardín para preparar el compost.

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