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Robotic Lawnmower – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you want to keep your garden always in perfect condition, but without worrying about not having the time to do it, a good garden robotic lawnmower can be a great help. These devices take care of the lawn for you in an automated way, just by making a simple setting of the environment and the cutting height to be made. Among the most outstanding models on the market is the Bosch Indego 350 Connect lawnmower, which has the capacity to cover an area of ​​up to 350m² and allows you to control its operation remotely through an application. In addition, it includes other necessary tools, such as the perimeter cable, charging base, cable connectors, among others. Another interesting model is the Gardena Sileno City 300, which has a range of 65 min to efficiently cut large surfaces. It also offers a cutting height between 20 and 50 mm to provide more precise finishes.

Buying guide – What is the best robotic lawnmower on the market?

If you don’t want to have to worry about taking care of your garden directly, you can delegate this task to the modern automated lawn mowing systems that are currently on the market. They are autonomous products, easy to program and that will do the hardest work for you. If you want to know more about how to do it, you will be interested in the aspects that we discuss in our guide to buying the best lawnmower on the market, which will help you make your purchase a perfect investment.

cutting options

In any comparison of robotic lawnmowers, the mowing options of the product are a basic element to start evaluating any product. These cutting options are similar to traditional models and are based on parameters such as height of cut or operating speed. In the case of the cutting height, this is configurable depending on the type of grass you have, so that the more possibilities you have, the better to obtain adequate results.

Also important is the cutting capacity in terms of work speed. The more powerful the product, the faster it will work and the less time it will take to leave your garden perfect. Obviously, all of these features should be easy to configure, directly from the product control panel.

Autonomy and control

Current robotic lawnmowers are responsible for advancing on their own and going around the garden according to the cutting parameters that we have already mentioned.

But to achieve this, it is necessary to start by teaching the product where it should move, for which the model must have both the control cable system, which helps to delimit the specific area where to move, and the pins or small pins, which are used to lay this wire.

The mower will move autonomously in the defined area to offer the best results. Regarding autonomy, it is important that you choose a model with sufficient load and cutting capacity for the dimensions of your lawn. If you go overboard and buy a larger model, you will spend money on a product that you will not get the most out of. And if you fall short by buying a cheap product, you will not get the results you seek.

Instalation and maintenance

Although it is not the element with the greatest weight in terms of the cost of a robotic lawnmower, it is true that the installation is also important, as is maintenance.

Installation of these products should require no more than mounting the robot’s base and charging station, which is where it will return to when it needs to recharge its batteries. This base only needs a couple of plugs and screws, in addition to an electrical connection, to be installed.

As for maintenance, this should be minimal, beyond simply cleaning the product and configuring its operation, both in the field as indicated above and in the product itself. If the robotic lawnmower you are evaluating does not meet these functions, think twice before buying it.

The 5 Best Robotic Lawnmowers – Opinions 2022

Having an automated system that takes care of your lawn means avoiding much of the work and time that it takes to have a perfect garden. Something that requires a certain investment for which you are surely interested in knowing which is the best robotic lawnmower of the moment. So that you do not waste time or risk your money, we present a selection with some of the best robotic lawnmowers of 2022 so that you can decide safely and effectively.

1. Bosch Indego S+ 350 robotic lawnmower

Main advantage:

This robot has tires that do not damage the grass and can mow surfaces of up to 350 m². Plus, it’s activated via a mobile app, so you don’t have to be there for the device to do the work.

Main disadvantage:

Some users are of the opinion that the installation process requires a lot of care and precision, so it is recommended to follow the instructions correctly or seek professional help.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It includes some very useful accessories, such as perimeter wire, charging base, connectors, fixing stakes and hexagonal screws. In addition, it has a charging process of 45 minutes.

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With this device you will no longer have to worry about the heavy task of cutting the grass in your garden, thanks to the fact that it allows you to activate it through your mobile phone, in this sense, it offers you remote control while you supervise the procedure.

Also, through the mobile application you can pause, turn on, cancel the cut or any other program setting, so you can have a more careful terrain and in optimal condition but without making any physical effort, since it goes only to the charging base and continue with the cutting process.

On the other hand, it can cut surfaces of up to 350 m², with a cutting width of 19 cm. It has intelligent cutting, so after 3 complete cycles it stores the information and automatically begins to divide the zones for a better strategy, in this sense, it cuts parallel lines and avoids all objects that obstruct the process. Plus, it notifies you if you need to check the blades or recharge the battery.


This device has a compact and lightweight design, which allows you to control it easily. In addition, it has quality tires, designed for use on wet grass, providing greater support, especially on inclined surfaces.

Its blades are specially manufactured to make small cuts in the grass, which fall on the surface and can be used later as fertilizer for the plants. It works with a 18 V/2.5 battery included in the package and only needs 45 minutes to recharge.

As if that were not enough, it has a modern look, reminiscent of a racing car in green with red details, so it is easy to spot just by glancing around the garden.


This robotic lawnmower has 4 simple steps for optimal operation. In this sense, it begins with cleaning the space to be cut to remove all irregular objects, such as stones or toys, then it is recommended to cut the grass to a maximum length of 4 cm, in this way you can place the limitation cable without drawbacks.

In the second phase, you just have to select a level area of ​​the garden that is close to the plug and fix the charging base on the surface using the screws with the hexagonal pin wrench. In this way, in the third step, the fixing stakes with the limiting wire must be adjusted around the lawn, with a maximum distance of 75 cm.

Finally, by downloading the Bosch Smart Gardening application on your mobile phone, the robot is activated and automatically begins to delimit the map of the surface to be cut.

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2. Gardena Set Smart Sileno City Robotic Lawnmower

It is a robotic lawnmower capable of working surfaces of up to 500 m² with a single charge, making it suitable for use in small and medium-sized gardens. Similarly, it can provide good performance, since it has a range of 65 minutes and offers a power of 4 kWh.

As far as cutting is concerned, it has 3 blades that can be adjusted in height between 20 and 50 mm, which provides greater versatility. It also offers a cutting width of 16 cm to cut large surfaces with a single pass. It is important to mention that you can climb slopes that have an incline of 35%.

To control it remotely, it is possible to download the Gardena application for smart devices, which allows you to easily choose its functions, such as turning the equipment on and off from anywhere.

If you are looking for the best robotic lawnmower of the moment, you should know that this model offers optimal performance to keep your garden in good condition. Therefore, we invite you to know in detail some of its pros and cons.


Limitation: It allows you to easily limit the cutting area of ​​your garden or patio, since the package includes 150 m of cable and 200 pegs, to create a safe network and prevent the robot from leaving the ground.

Waterproof: Offers resistance to water, so it can be activated even while it’s raining without fear of diminishing its durability. In this way, it is able to adapt to different climatic conditions.

Application: It is possible to program the cutting times through the Gardena application for smartphones, which increases practicality.


Autonomy: The robot consumes more energy if the work area has too many slopes, which could reduce its autonomy.

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3. Worx WR141E Landroid M 500 WiFi Robotic Lawnmower

This robotic lawnmower is suitable for mowing areas of up to 500 m², in addition, it has the Off Limits system, which allows you to select the areas in which you want to avoid mowing. Likewise, it incorporates sensors that work in real time to determine the speed, inclination and the most appropriate movement, which increases the adaptability of the device.

In the same way, it is indicated for different types of climates, so it is possible to use it even while it is raining. It is important to mention that it has anti-collision sensors with ultrasonic technology so that the robot does not hit obstacles.

For greater functionality, it has an intuitive interface that allows you to program cutting times. Also, when the battery charge is low, the robot automatically goes to the base for added convenience.

The best robotic lawnmower should offer you adaptability and good performance, as is the case with this Worx brand device. Let’s take a closer look at its most outstanding positive and negative characteristics.


Cutting: It offers a cutting width of 18 cm and an adjustable height between 3 and 6 cm, so it can give you different finishes for greater versatility.

Performance: It is capable of cutting grass on land of up to 500 m², but you can also get it in presentations of 300 and 2000 m².

Resistance: Provides resistance to harsh weather conditions, so it can withstand UV rays and rain for a longer life.


Application: The application to control the robot may have a non-intuitive interface, so it may be difficult to control if you do not have experience with this type of device.

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4. Einhell 3413930 Robotic Lawnmower

It is an efficient robotic lawnmower, which allows you to adjust the cutting height between 20 and 60 mm, so you can use it to obtain different finishes in your garden or patio. In addition, it is capable of efficiently climbing terrain that has an incline of up to 35%.

In this sense, it has security sensors that can measure the angle of the slope for greater functionality. Similarly, it offers systems that help detect obstacles, preventing impacts against stones, furniture, trees or other elements that may be in the garden.

For greater functionality, it has programmable work schedules to cut the lawn automatically. As if that were not enough, the robot is protected through a PIN code, which prevents access to the system by strangers and allows you to block the equipment in case of theft.

If you need the best robotic lawnmower for value for money, you should know that this model offers an affordable price and a capacity of up to 500 m², so we invite you to review its pros and cons in detail.


Security: It is capable of emitting a warning signal in case of theft, and its system is encrypted with a PIN code for greater security.

Charging: Offers an automatic return to the charging unit in case the battery is running low, adding to the practicality.

Accessories: Among its accessories, it includes 4 fixing nails and 130 m of limiting wire, which allows you to fix the area where you want the robot to move to prevent it from leaving the house.


Weight: It has a weight of 14.1 kg, so it could be uncomfortable to move. However, it has a carrying handle to facilitate holding.

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5. McCulloch 00096 70 598 25 ROB R1000 Robotic Lawnmower

It is a robotic lawnmower that can work on surfaces of up to 1000 m², being suitable for large esplanades. In addition, it offers a 5-position adjustment between 20 and 50 mm for the cutting height. In this way, you can obtain more precise and uniform finishes.

In terms of power, it has a 18V 2.1 Ah lithium-ion battery, so this robot is capable of working for 65 minutes after being charged in just 50 minutes. It also has a guide wire that allows you to find the charging station automatically.

For greater practicality, it integrates an electronic panel to adjust the operation of the equipment quickly and easily. It is important to mention that the robot can only work by entering a personal PIN code, which helps prevent theft.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest lawnmowers, you should know that this robot does not cost too much money and can mow large areas of land, so it offers good performance.


Sensors: It has different sensors throughout its structure, which allow it to move correctly on inclined surfaces. In addition, it helps to avoid collisions against possible obstacles on the way.

Battery: It incorporates a 1.2 Ah battery, which is fully charged in just 50 minutes and can provide a range of 65 minutes.

Safety: The blades are located away from the edges of the housing, which increases safety for both people and pets.


Control: It does not have an application to control it through a smartphone, which makes it less practical. However, it has an integrated electronic panel.

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6. Yard Force Compact 280R Ultrasonic iRadar Robotic Lawnmower

This robotic lawnmower features the powerful iRadar ultrasonic sensor, with advanced proactive security technology, typically used in the aerospace industry to protect devices. This allows it to detect obstacles at distances between 20 and 60 cm, which helps prevent collisions.

It is important to note that it has a cutting width of 160 mm with an adjustable height in 3 positions from 20 to 50 mm, which gives you greater versatility to obtain different finishes in your garden. It also incorporates a powerful 20 V battery that offers a range of 60 minutes.

Also, it has a comb at the front to efficiently cut grass and remove rocks, which at the same time helps protect the blades. As if that were not enough, this robot incorporates an A2 control panel to control it easily and quickly.

If you want a device that is not too expensive, you should know that this model has an affordable price and offers easy use, so we will mention its pros and cons.


Adjustment: It has a central rotary button to modify the cutting height according to your needs. In this sense, it offers you 3 levels of adjustment between 20 and 50 mm to increase versatility.

Motor: Offers a brushless motor with Mow-On-Demand technology, which saves energy while providing maximum power. Similarly, its operation is silent and does not require constant maintenance.

Accessories: Includes 3 replacement blades, 80 m of limiting cable, 100 nails to fix the cable, charging station and instruction manual, so it comes with everything you need to use the device immediately.


Performance: It is indicated for cutting areas of 300 m², which may result in a lower capacity compared to other models on the list.

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How to use a robotic lawnmower

Setting up a robotic lawnmower is very easy, all you have to do is lay a wire around the area you want the robotic lawnmower to mow. The hardest part is determining where to place the docking station and if your lawnmower requires it, how to zone your yard.

The perimeter wire can be buried under the lawn, or at ground level tied with various stakes, the grass will hide it completely in a couple of weeks. If you feel that the grass is very hard, you can water it – prior to the installation of the stakes – to soften it.

With regard to trees and other obstacles in your yard, the robotic lawnmower will first gently bump into them, then change direction and continue its work. Other areas, such as a small flower garden or swimming pool, should be fenced off with the perimeter stakes and wire so that the robotic lawnmower does not cut such areas or enter the pool water and damage itself.

Place the charging station

Place the charging station on flat ground in the middle of the mowing area with some free space around it. Make sure the station is out of sunlight, out of reach of sprinklers, and near a power outlet.

charge the battery

Once the charging station is in place, it’s time to charge the robotic lawnmower. Place the automatic lawnmower in the charging station while you go through the next step which is the installation of the boundary wire. Charging an empty battery takes between 80 to 100 minutes.

Lay the boundary wire

The boundary wire is placed along the edges of the lawn to define the mowing area. Simply connect it to the ground with the special nails included in your robotic lawnmower’s package so that the automatic mower knows exactly where to turn so it can continue cutting the grass in your yard. Place wire “islands” around a flower bed and shrubbery to prevent the mower from running into them.

Attach the guide wire

The purpose of the guide wire is to guide the robotic lawnmower back to the charging station when necessary. Plug one end into the station and run the cable straight across the farthest part of the yard so the robotic lawnmower can easily find it. The other end must be attached to the boundary wire at the point where they cross. Both the boundary wire and the guide wire connect to the charging station.

just relax

Switch on the robotic lawnmower, set the cutting height and working hours. That’s it! The robotic lawnmower will charge until it is ready to start doing its job – remember that we recommend trimming the lawn with a traditional mower before your automatic lawnmower does it for the first time.

The most popular brands

If you have a garden at home, but you don’t have enough time to tend to it, you might as well consider getting a good robotic lawnmower to take care of the work for you. In this space we summarize what these three good brands have for you.

The Gardena brand was founded in 1961 by Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner with a small business dedicated to the sale of garden equipment and tools. The development of the ideas of its founders gave rise to the manufacture of the first components of what would be called Original Gardena Systems, among which were tap connectors, hose connectors and irrigation equipment for the garden.

Over time, Gardena became a symbol of innovation by launching cordless equipment on the market, making work easier and offering greater freedom of movement. In a short time, the small company had achieved exponential growth, launching new equipment almost annually.

Currently, the Gardena group promotes the Smart System, a downloadable software that allows monitoring the general state of the garden through smartphones, so that the user can ensure that they take care of their plants properly. Likewise, remote irrigation equipment is also controlled, which facilitates work even if you are far from home. The company is currently managed by Sascha Menges and is headquartered in the city of Ulm, Germany.

Robert Bosch GmbH, better known as Bosch, traces its origins back to the year 1886, specifically on November 15, when its founder, Robert Bosch, started its operations. At first it was a precision mechanics and electrical engineering workshop, where advanced ideas for the time would be put into development that would change the course of history in the automotive field. Such was the success that by 1898 Bosch was already expanding internationally to market its products in the rest of the European continent.

Bosch’s development area focuses on the distribution of automotive parts and systems, battery recharging systems, safety engineering and packaging technology, among others. In addition, it is also a recognized manufacturer of all kinds of tools, among which are those for domestic use in the DIY and gardening area.

It maintains its main offices in the city of Gerlingen, Germany and is managed by Volkmar Denner, obtaining annual revenues that exceeded 46,100 million euros for the year 2013 and a payroll of more than 306,000 employees around the world.

Worx is a line of garden equipment owned by Positec Tool. This company had its beginnings in the year of 1994, when it was founded in China by Don Gao. Its operations were concentrated on the sale of electrical equipment to other more established companies, although they later decided to found the aforementioned line to cover a space of demand in the market.

It was not until 2004 that Worx began marketing its first garden tools, including electric lawnmowers. Subsequently, a series of meetings allowed the inauguration of divisions of the brand in the American market under the baton of Tom Duncan, a former employee of one of the Bosch subsidiaries.

By 2007, the company had respectable sales that allowed them to continue to grow and develop to the point of offering their products in well-known department stores such as Wallmart, Costco and The Home Depot.

Later, in 2012, the company decided to move its headquarters to the city of Huntersville, California from Long Beach, in order to maintain a closer link with the operations carried out by the first and main American distribution branch.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles


Ventaja principal:

Cuenta con una potencia de 32,4 vatios, que permite al equipo trabajar de manera eficiente para cortar el césped. Por eso al utilizarlo lograrás mantener las áreas verdes de tu casa bien cuidadas y sin tener que realizar mucho esfuerzo para lograrlo.

Desventaja principal:

La mayoría de los usuarios refieren que este modelo Bosch es fácil de utilizar y se encarga casi por completo de eliminar la maleza presente en tu jardín. Como desventaja señalan que el equipo no corta el césped en los bordes, por esa razón te tocará completar la tarea, aunque la cantidad de trabajo a realizar será mucho menor que al utilizar otros aparatos.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Su potencia, la posibilidad de programarlo para realizar la poda del jardín y el poder seleccionar la altura de corte son características que ubican a estos robots cortacéspedes entre los mejores del mercado, y por tales motivos los usuarios aseguran que ofrecen una buena relación calidad-precio.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Mantener el jardín bien cuidado es una labor que requiere de diversos esfuerzos, aunque en la actualidad hay diversos aparatos que te ayudarán a cumplir con esta tarea de una forma sencilla y sin que debas complicarte demasiado para lograrlo. Estos son los robots cortacéspedes que se encargan de podar las aéreas verdes mientras tú solo te dedicas a observar cómo lo hace.

El robot INDEGO fabricado por Bosch cuenta con un sistema inteligente de navegación denominado Lógicut, que le permite calcular las dimensiones del césped, escoger la ruta más corta y efectuar las labores de poda de manera ordenada y lineal. De esta manera logra que tu jardín luzca cuidado y en buenas condiciones.

Asimismo, posee multisensores, que detectan dónde están los obstáculos y los evita, de manera que no se queda estancado mientras está cortando.


Este modelo cuenta con una potencia de 32.4 voltios, por eso logra realizar las labores de corte de una manera eficiente y tiene la capacidad de dejar las áreas verdes de tu jardín tan cortas como lo desees, a fin de que este espacio se vea bien cuidado en todo momento.

La programación de este equipo se puede realizar de manera intuitiva. Esto se debe a que cuenta con una interfaz sencilla, la cual te permitirá manipularlo sin muchos inconvenientes. Es posible seleccionar la altura a la cual puede cortar el césped del jardín, de manera que este tendrá la apariencia que desees.

Este modelo tiene una autonomía de funcionamiento de 50 minutos. Una vez que haya cumplido con las labores de poda el equipo automáticamente regresará a la base de carga y dará inicio a este proceso.


Otras de las ventajas que tiene es el nivel de seguridad que ofrece. Y es que este aparato brinda protección contra robos, esto se debe a que tiene un código PIN y  un sistema de alarma que podrás activar cuando creas que alguien ha tomado este aparato sin tu consentimiento.

El sistema de navegación que tiene el aparato se encarga de realizar el proceso de corte de manera silenciosa y sin emitir algún tipo de gases de escape que puedan perjudicarte a ti o al medio ambiente.

Asimismo, si está en funcionamiento y debes levantarlo no correrás riesgos de cortarte, porque las hojillas se detienen de forma automática cuando lo cargas.

Por otra parte, podrás emplearlo en la mayoría de condiciones climatológicas, no importa si llueve o hace sol, igual el aparato se encargará de podar el jardín.

Husqvarna 220 AC

El modelo Husqvarna 220 AC es uno de los más conocidos del momento por su funcionalidad y calidad, propia de una empresa clásica dentro del sector.

Una experiencia que se nota en detalles como sus hojas de corte, que ofrecen un tacto más agradable en el césped una vez cortado, o un nivel de ruido mucho más reducido que otros productos, de apenas 40 decibelios.

El sistema de corte tiene una excelente capacidad para terrenos de hasta unos 2000 metros cuadrados, siendo ideal para grandes jardines.

El sistema de corte multidireccional es perfecto para dejar el jardín siempre igualado evitando las acumulaciones que a veces se generan en el césped. Todo ello en un sistema equipado con baterías de alto rendimiento que reducen la necesidad y el tiempo de carga.

Si no tienes idea de cuál robot cortacésped comprar, esperamos que los pros y contras de este equipo te ayuden con tu decisión:


Capacidad: la opción de Husqvarna es ideal para amplios terrenos ya que puede funcionar para limpiar céspedes en espacios de hasta 1.800 metros cuadrados o medio acre.

Mango: cuenta con un mango ergonómico que te permitirá levantarla y cambiarla de sitio con facilidad cuando lo desees.

Corte: su altura de corte es

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