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Lawn Tractor – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022


Mowing the lawn can be a pleasure, until the dimensions of the land skyrocket. A situation in which it is advisable to have a lawn mower, with which to save time and inconvenience when processing and mowing large areas with grass. Work in which you can rely on the Husqvarna TC130 model, which has a cutting capacity of 77 centimeters wide and a powerful motor, to work in small and medium-sized areas. The same line that maintains the MTD Minirider 76 SDE lawn tractor, suitable for spaces of up to 3,000 square meters and a cutting width of 76 centimeters, adjustable to five different heights.

Opinions on the best lawn tractors on the market


When the grass area increases and grows, it becomes essential to have the right products for its treatment, such as the best lawn mower you can find. A choice that depends on different parameters, although the truth is that when deciding which is the best lawn mower for our task, there are usually several proposals to assess. Something that you can check with the selection of the best lawn tractors of 2022 that we analyze in detail below.

Husqvarna riding mower

Husqvarna TC130

When it comes to looking for the best lawn mower of the moment, the Husqvarna TC130 model is one of our candidates. This Husqvarna lawn tractor has been designed for small and medium-sized gardens, with a 2,900 revolutions per minute engine and hydrostatic transmission with pedal, so that you can always keep your hands on the wheel. A model with an automatic starter, which allows you to start work just by turning the key. 

This tractor has a cutting diameter of 77 centimeters, which sends the waste directly to the collector located at the rear, so that the operation is comprehensive and easy to manage. It is finished off with details designed for greater comfort, such as the adjustable seat system with respect to the location of the pedals, or the reduced vibration system, so that there is less movement during operation.

Let’s know more about this model, coming from the best brand of lawn tractors according to a large part of the market.


Cutting width: Its cutting width of 77 centimeters allows you to work in small and medium-sized gardens.

Start : The handleless start allows you to start the tractor with a simple turn of the ignition key.

Cutting system: The cutting system includes an air inducer, which improves the flow when cutting and achieves optimal results.

Comfort : It has details designed for comfort, such as the adjustable seat or its reduced vibration.

Tank : Its fuel tank has a capacity of 5.7 litres, facilitating work without the need for frequent refuelling.


Noise: The product generates a noise of 100 decibels in use, being key to use sound protection during use.

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MTD lawn tractor 

MTD Minirider 76 SDE

The MTD Minirider 76 SDE ride-on mower is a suitable solution for not particularly large areas, with a recommended working range of up to 3,000 square metres. In these plots, the equipment offers all its performance and the considerable efficiency of its cutting system.

Something that is perceived in details such as the five cutting positions included, with heights ranging from 38 to 95 millimeters. The cutting width is 76 centimeters and the tractor has 6 six speeds for movement, so working without wasting time is easy.

All this is achieved by an 8.6 kilowatt engine and fueled by gasoline. The tractor is conveniently controlled through the panels included in the driver’s area, where it is easy to adjust all the operating parameters to what you require.

If you don’t know which lawn tractor to buy, MTD models are always guaranteed to work.


Applications : The product is suitable for land up to 3,000 square meters, where it works with considerable solvency.

Versatile : The machine includes six speeds and five levels of adjustment for the height of the cut, easy to select.

Engine : The 8.6 kilowatt engine moves the vehicle and executes the cut efficiently, in all kinds of circumstances.


Unloading: This model is side unloading and does not include the system to mount the classic basket for debris in the rear area.

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Other products

AL-KO Lawn Tractor Solo by T 20-105.5 HDE V2

With the AL-KO Solo by T 20-105.5 HDE V2 lawn mower we changed our approach, since this model is designed for large areas. As much as to have a working range of up to 8,000 square meters. 

This ride-on mower has a 11.3-kilowatt, twin-cylinder engine, which drives two high-quality blades, in addition to the vehicle itself. Its cutting width is 105 centimeters, with seven different heights to choose from. These range from 30 to 90 millimeters, thus achieving great versatility with respect to the finish.

The equipment is finished off with details such as the rear waste basket, with a 310-litre capacity and equipped with a fill indicator. There are also lights, a very comfortable seat for the driver and a very complete control panel, as well as a trailer hitch, among other accessories.

If you need a machine with a good reach and capable of working efficiently, this tractor has everything you are looking for.


Scope: It is one of the most complete teams, having the capacity to work areas of up to 8,000 square meters.

Capacity : The rear basket for waste has a capacity of 310 liters and includes a fill indicator.

Cutting width: Thanks to its cutting width of 105 centimeters, the equipment saves time in any operation you carry out.


Weight: The weight of the machine is 256 kilos, so the ground can be affected if it is very wet.

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Stiga Riding Mower Tornado 2098H

Finding a cheap riding mower is easy, thanks to models like the Stiga Tornado 2098H. This team mounts a gasoline engine with 7,100 watts of power and 414 cubic centimeters, with the novelty of having a single cylinder.

The cutting system has a width of 98 centimeters, with seven different heights to execute it, from 25 to 80 millimeters. Its movement speed is 9.7 kilometers per hour and it includes a turning radius of at least 140 centimeters, which makes it easy to drive.

As for the unloading system, this is done through a side spillway. Something that allows the remains to be used as fertilizer for the land once the cut has been made. All the equipment is easy to use, through a good quality seat and a complete control panel, loaded with interesting options.

To complete our analysis, we leave you the most outstanding details of this Stiga tractor.


Speed: The movement speed is 9.7 kilometers of terrain per hour, saving time in these operations.

Cut : The height of cut is from 25 to 80 millimeters, offering one of the lowest heights of all the models we have analyzed.

Width : The cutting width is 98 centimeters, which allows you to work on any terrain more efficiently.


Scope: This tractor has a maximum work area of ​​4,000 square meters, not being suitable for larger areas.

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Cadet LT2NR92

For those looking for a cheap riding mower, the Cadet LT2NR92 model is our proposal. We are talking about a model with a 14-horsepower engine and a cutting area of ​​92 centimeters in diameter, so its work capacity is considerable. Something that is also manifested in a 240-litre container for grass remains.

This riding mower also features a comfortable approach to handling, with a turning radius of just 52 centimeters, as well as a set of wheels of different sizes, front and rear, for greater comfort. A sum of elements that make this model the best price-quality ratio lawn mower that we have analysed, being even suitable for work on large areas of land, with quality performance.

If you are looking for a cheap but efficient product, we give you some more information about this Cadet model.


Scope : The lawnmower has adequate characteristics to work on large surfaces with comfort.

Height : It has five adjustable cutting heights, from 30 to 95 millimeters, depending on what you need at any given time.

Traction : The hydrostatic traction system gives greater comfort when driving it.


Backrest: The seat of the backrest is somewhat low, which reduces comfort when using it.

Bag: The grass collection bag is not rigid but flexible, having a little less resistance.

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Brill Crossover 102 – 3pm

We are going to the highest part of the market with the Brill Crossover 102 – 15 h model. This powerful tractor mower has a 500 cubic centimeter engine, designed to work on the largest surfaces without inconvenience. A field on which the product deploys its two blades, with a total cutting width of 102 centimeters. This wide working capacity is also seen in details such as its 300 liter basket, which also has a gas support, for greater comfort during handling. 

It is finished off with other quality details, such as its front lights, its wheels of different sizes or a six-position height adjustment system, to choose the grass height that suits you at all times. All this without forgetting its complete and simple control panel, where each option is at the driver’s hand and is easy to activate.

Although not among the cheapest options on the market, this model is a great proposition for extensive jobs.


Engine: This lawn tractor has a 500 cubic centimeter engine, one of the most powerful on the market.

Cutting width :  Its 102 centimeters of cutting width give it the capacity to work on large land.

Driving : It has a very efficient driving and a dashboard design with all the controls at hand.


Scope : Due to its characteristics, it is not suitable for those who want to use it on small areas of land.

Experience : The wide width of cut requires precise care when mowing the lawn.

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The OEM SYSTEMS Twin Cut lawn tractor is an interesting model for those who need cheap products but with a high working range. To do this, this model has a recommended capacity for areas of up to 4,000 square meters, counting on a 12.5 horsepower gasoline engine. This motor moves a 98 centimeter wide cutting system, also having an adjustable cutting height at different levels, from 25 to 80 millimeters. 

This grass is cut directly at the bottom of the machine, returning it crushed to the ground to be used as natural fertilizer, saving time in emptying and cleaning the basket. It is finished off with details such as adjustments for the seat or its set of asymmetric wheels, which guarantee good comfort when moving and when working on the grass.

To make it clearer what this model offers you, we leave you some details about its main functions.


Power : Its 12-horsepower engine has the power to move the tractor efficiently over the lawn.

scope . This model is recommended for use in areas of up to 4,000 square meters.

Cutting system: The product does not use a basket, but shreds the grass and pours it onto the ground, to be used as fertilizer.


Cutting height: The maximum cutting height is 80 millimeters, perhaps low compared to other models on the market.

Lights : Despite being a very complete model, it does not include front lights, which are common in other products.

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How to choose the best lawn tractors?

Mowing the lawn is somewhat annoying for some users, although for others it is a pleasant task. However, as the surface to be cut increases, the work multiplies and it becomes necessary to have specific tools. A situation in which having the advice of our guide to buy the best lawn mower at hand is of great help, since these products make it easy to mow large areas comfortably. As well as sitting on the tractor and “walking” on the grass. So let’s see what we should look at to make the right purchase, which is essential considering how much one of these tractors costs.

Shopping guide 

tractor engine

The first aspect that we must assess when buying one of these tractors has to do with the engine included in the product. This engine has a variable power, although it is always gasoline, given that due to the characteristics and energy demand of the tractor it would be very complex to make it electric. 

In general, the higher the engine power, the greater the product’s ability to work on larger surfaces. A fundamental aspect, since it is not the same to cut the grass of a large soccer field than to cut the grass of an area that we have at home, of a adjusted size. So do not forget to check the terrain recommendation made by the manufacturer, regarding the capacity of the tractor.

This power also has to do with the speed of movement of the product. It is obvious that we are not going to race the tractor, but the truth is that a little more speed always saves time when working. Anyway, we are talking about speeds that go from 6 to 8 kilometers per hour, so those small differences can mean a lot of time saved on very large terrain.

cutting system

Once we have chosen the engine and its range, it is time to talk about the cutting system. In this case, we can apply the principles of conventional lawnmowers, regarding issues such as its width or height.

In general, when it comes to an economical lawn mower, it is usual for it to have a limited cutting width, of approximately 60 or 70 centimeters. These models are designed for small land and are accompanied by less powerful engines. Just the opposite that happens in the widest products, which can reach about 100 centimeters, designed for large land and very large surfaces.

In terms of height, the models that we see in any comparison of lawn tractors usually have similar characteristics. Specifically, this height ranges from 25 to 100 millimeters in height, adjustable to 5 or 6 different levels, depending on each product. Something that should also be verified, to verify that it has the cutting settings required by the work that we are going to carry out.

additional elements

We close this guide with some more aspects that should be verified, which we have summarized in this small section. One of these aspects has to do with the cut grass output system. Some models use collection baskets while others pour the grass, previously shredded, directly onto the ground to serve as fertilizer. If you opt for a model with a basket, check its capacity, since the larger it is, the less you will have to stop working to empty it.

Also important is the driving comfort of the product. Something that depends, for example, on the wheels that the tractor has. The larger they are generally the easier it will be to drive the tractor. The same goes for the turning radius, which should be as small as possible, in order to save time when changing the cutting line, thus making it easier to leave the lawn even with fewer passes.

Finally, there are other aspects that should be evaluated, such as the presence of lights, which are always an interesting extra to work on cloudy days or when light is scarce. The same goes for models with an adjustable seat, which make it easier to enjoy a suitable position while working. Don’t forget to check the starter either, which should be electric and simple, for greater operability.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to change the belt of a lawn tractor?

To change the belt we will start by securing the tractor, so that it does not move. We also put the clutch in neutral, in order to be able to manipulate the belt. Once located, it is key that we memorize how it is mounted, since we must follow this scheme in reverse to place the new strap. In general, one of the pulleys on which the belt is mounted should have a retainer, which we will have to release to release the old belt and make the change. Once released, it is enough to remove the strap completely and insert the new one, correctly placing the retainer and following the steps that we have taken in the disassembly in reverse.

Q2: How to sharpen lawn tractor blades?

The process of sharpening a lawn mower blade is similar to the one we carry out for a traditional lawn mower. To begin with, we must disassemble the blade, accessing the lower part of the tractor using a jack or similar. It is key to take extreme precautions during the process. Once we have the blade disassembled, we place it in a vise to hold it, with the edge facing upwards, and proceed to sharpening.

An operation that we can do manually, using a metal file or a sharpening stone, leaving the edge at an angle of approximately 40 or 45 degrees. If we do it by machine, the process is the same, although with the precautions corresponding to the use of this type of tool. To finish the process, simply put the blade back in its place and secure it properly.


Q3: How to clean a lawn tractor?

Contrary to what we may think, it is not advisable to use a pressure washer or high pressure water for this process, since the water can damage the engine and other elements of the tractor. Instead, it’s best to use a leaf blower to remove grass clippings and the like from the product. We can also use a conventional water hose for the platform area, as long as it is properly protected, so that the water does not go where it should not. This cleaning process must be carried out after each use of the tractor.

Q4: What oil does a lawn tractor use?

Since the oil depends on the weather conditions in which the tractor operates, there is no standard as to which oil a lawn tractor should use. Some manufacturers recommend the use of a 5W30 oil, while others go for a 10W40; so we will have to see what the manufacturer recommends according to the environment in which we plan to use the tractor.

Q5: How to start a lawn tractor?

As advanced machinery, the lawn tractor incorporates an automated starting system, so that it is enough to press the power button for the equipment to start. This activates the ignition system, which uses a solenoid to generate a spark and start the engine. So there is no need to pull ropes or use other complex starting systems, as is the case with conventional models.

Q6: How to repair a lawn tractor?

Given the complexity of the product, a riding mower is not something that we can repair just like that. What we can do are certain maintenance tasks, such as sharpening the blade, tightening or changing the transmission belt or refilling the oil. In any case, the best way to know is to take a look at the product’s user manual, to have everything clear.

How to use a lawn tractor

The lawn mower is the practical alternative for when the conventional lawn mower falls short, due to the large area on which we have to work. This product has an efficient cutting system and an engine that propels the machine, so the operator only has to drive it over the grass to achieve a quality cut. In any case, we are going to see how to use a riding mower efficiently, since it also has its process.

Checking the machine

As a first step, it is necessary to check that the ride-on mower is ready for work. Something that translates into checking the fuel level in the tank as well as checking the lubrication and engine oil level. We must also check that the tank is empty and well closed. Finally, we will take a look at the device, to verify that all the elements of the product are in good condition, with the wheels under pressure, the plastics in place, the different elements free of dirt and free of anything that could cause a problem. when working, such as tangled debris and other items.

engine start

The next step is to start the engine. A simple task, for which the tractor has a switch that simplifies the process, or it will be necessary to turn the ignition key. However, it is important that the start is always done with the engine engaged, precisely to avoid problems during the process. In fact, many mowers must be started in gear, making it impossible to start them in gear. For the same reason, it is necessary that the cutting disc is raised until we start with the cut. Once the engine has started, all that remains is to engage the gear and move towards the work area, driving carefully.

Cut Adjustment

Once we are on the ground, it is time to choose the cutting height we want and proceed to activate that cut, by coupling the blade. This blade has an adjustable height, according to the technical parameters of the product, having several positions depending on how high or low we want to cut the grass. Once everything is ready, all we have to do is drive on the lawn, at the forward speed of the tractor, in order to proceed to cut the grass efficiently.

product cleaning

Once we have finished working, it is necessary to raise the cutting blade again, in order to get the tractor out of the lawn. Next, we will drive to the garage area to proceed with the cleaning and maintenance of the product. A process in which we will use a leaf blower or similar to remove grass and other plant debris from the machine, using water to clean the cutting platform, through the hole included in this area, if applicable. We will let the tractor dry well before parking it and storing it until the next use.

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