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String Trimmer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Given that in gardens we find walls, fences, sidewalks and other elements, it is common that if we want to maintain a good cut we have to resort to edge trimmers, with which we can finish the job. These models must be efficient, agile and have good power, both in gasoline and electric formats. As a recommendation, users highlight the Worx WG163E trimmer, which is a 2-in-1 device, since it also works as a trimmer. It also has a pivoting head that allows you to work on different terrains and comes with 2 batteries to increase autonomy from 20 to 40 minutes in total. Another attractive model is the Black&Decker GL9035 grass trimmer., which has 900 watts of power and a wide cutting range with which you can cut both grass and other harder elements, thanks to its double cutting coil.

Buying guide – What is the best string trimmer on the market?

It is no secret to anyone that gardening services have gone through the roof, they are more expensive every day and they do not always do the job correctly. Many times we think of doing the work ourselves, only we do not have the necessary tools.

To enter the world of gardening, the most important thing is to have a good trimmer, not only functional but also economical. If you are looking for a new string trimmer, but your life goes by looking at different models and brands, pay attention to this guide to buy the best string trimmer on the market today.

Our goal is to help you understand the basic features that should be taken into account when selecting a trimmer so that you can feel more at ease knowing that you are purchasing a good product and that your investment will bear fruit.

type of trimmer

As we have noted, string trimmers come in many makes and models, but there are two basic types:

Those that work with a gasoline engine: these are the lifelong trimmers, the most traditional on the market. Very useful for being wireless and at the same time very powerful, but they are being replaced by electric cutters because they are highly polluting the environment. In fact, in some cities of the world they have created legal tools to prohibit the use of these devices, for which the developing companies have been forced to design more efficient engines.

Corded electric trimmers have similar power with the advantage of being much more environmentally friendly. With these trimmers you can trim the grass and even tall weeds.

There are also battery-powered cordless trimmers. The advantage is in sight, because you can move it from here to there without the cable tie. However, this type of trimmer has not yet been developed with the sufficient power that the former and the latter have.

Straight or curved shaft

String trimmers have a shank or shaft that can be curved or straight. The straight shaft has a longer reach and is ideal for cutting grass in difficult places such as under bushes. The curved shaft, on the other hand, has the advantage of being lighter and therefore easier to handle for beginner gardeners.

cutting mode

It is recommended that the reel has two cutting lines. We refer to the thread that carries the reel and that finally works as a blade while it turns to cut the grass. Some string trimmers only have one line, so try to choose one that has two so you can use it to cut tall brush.

engine position

You may have noticed that traditional gasoline brushcutters have the engine at the top; this is an advantage of balance and mobility, so it is recommended to buy one with this design if it is a corded electric clipper. Try to avoid trimmers with the motor close to the cutting head.

Finally, although it may seem basic, make sure that the switch to turn the trimmer on and off is easily accessible. If possible, choose one that has the switch on the same handle where you grip it for more control.

The 5 Best String Trimmers – Opinions 2022

String trimmers are garden tools that allow you to get a beautiful finish on lawn edges and along paths, walls and trees. If you need to buy one, locate one of the best Grass Trimmers of 2022 based on features and functionality and according to your needs.

1. Worx WG163E 2-in-1 Edger and Trimmer

Main advantage:

The main benefit of this model is that it has a double function, since it can be used as an edge trimmer, but it can also be used for profiling, so that you can achieve a more uniform finish. Also, it is a cordless tool for more convenient use.

Main disadvantage:

It is recommended for occasional work in small gardens, since the autonomy of the battery is approximately 20 minutes, however, it includes an additional battery for a total of 40 minutes.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It has a price adjusted to quality and incorporates a height-adjustable handle, so you do not have to adopt awkward positions when trimming the grass.

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This trimmer is indicated to complement the work you do with the lawnmower, in this case, it is a tool that allows you to reach the most difficult areas of the garden without making much effort. In addition, it has double function, since you can also use it as a profiler with a simple adjustment. In this way, it is possible to achieve very precise cuts for a more professional finish.

In this sense, it has a power of 20 V, to reach a maximum idle speed of 7,600 rpm. Thanks to this, it is capable of quickly cutting common grass and some medium-difficulty weeds. In addition, it includes a double power button, which prevents accidental activation to protect the user.

The 2.0 Ah battery offers approximately 20 minutes of autonomy, but the product includes an additional battery to increase the use time to 40 minutes. For this reason, it is recommended to load them in advance for when they are needed. The process takes approximately 3 hours.

Regarding the dimensions of the cut, it is important to mention that the diameter is 30 cm and it uses a 165 mm line, therefore, this trimmer is prepared above all to work with grass that is not too hard.


This is one of the most practical models on the market, as it is completely wireless, giving you greater mobility while avoiding tangled cables. In addition, it includes the Command Feed system, where the wire feed is done automatically, which means that you do not have to stop the work to perform this task manually, therefore, it does not affect productivity.

It has an additional handle at the bottom, to allow precise holding with both hands, it is also adjustable so you can adapt it to your height. As if that were not enough, the handle is telescopic, so you will not have to adopt awkward postures when mowing the lawn.


As for the design, it measures 113.2 x 88.8 x 31.1 cm and weighs only 2.4 kg, making it easy to transport. In addition, it includes a flower protector and wheels for the profiler mode. As if that were not enough, it is a visually attractive device, with a combination of black, silver and orange colors. 

This is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use trimmers, so it is recommended for people who are just starting out in gardening, and it does not cost too much money, which represents an advantage over other similar products.

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2. Black&Decker GL9035-QS String trimmer 900 W

The technology and reputation of the Black & Decker brand are present in this corded electric trimmer that works with 900 W of power and provides a cutting width of 35 cm with a 2 mm medium resistance line.

It comes with a spare spool built into the spindle, in case you have long jobs to do or forgot to refill. It weighs 3.2 Kg and has a telescopic handle and a second adjustable handle to maintain balance and comfortably control the maneuver.

It is mainly designed to work in places that are difficult to access or impossible to reach with the lawnmower, as well as to define edges and avoid obstacles that may appear under the bushes and around flowering plants or also to operate on land irregular.

If you are looking to choose a cutter from among the best brand of trimmers on the market, according to customer recommendations, you will surely be interested in learning more about the Black&Decker GL9035.


Power: It offers great results in the cutting process, since its motor generates a power of 900 W, which gives it a good level of efficiency.

Cutting range: You will be able to cut more in less time, since it has a wide cutting range that reaches 35 cm.

Flexibility: The micro tube is designed to use this machine on bumpy and hard to reach surfaces so it is very flexible.

Ergonomics: It has an extra handle, which can be adjusted to provide greater comfort when using the device.

Support: It has the corresponding support so you can have a spare thread if you need it.


Static head: According to some users, the static head limits the performance of the device, but this will depend on the use you intend to give it.

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3. Einhell GE CT 18 Li Solo Cordless String Trimmer

This trimmer has a cutting width of 24 cm, enough to carry out pruning work efficiently. Similarly, it has a motor head that can rotate up to 180 °, which allows you to trim edges more easily.

As for its performance, it is capable of 8500 rpm, so it gives you clean and fast cuts. Also, it has a 2.0 Ah Power X-Change battery, which is not too heavy, consumes less energy than others of its type and offers up to 40 minutes of operation on a single charge.

On the other hand, it has a main handle and an auxiliary handle, which allow a more ergonomic and secure hold. Likewise, the body of the equipment is telescopic to more easily access high areas or adapt it to your height.

If you are looking for one of the best cheap grass trimmers, you should know that this model has a lightweight design to provide more control and does not cost too much money. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Adjustment: The motor head can be adjusted in 5 positions to reach angles of up to 180° incline, allowing you to create different shapes with hedges and bushes.

Protection: Includes a metal protector to work very close to flowers and ornamental plants without risk of accidentally cutting them, which provides greater precision and safety.

Battery: It has a Power X-Change battery that provides approximately 40 to 55 minutes of autonomy, in addition, it has 3 LED lights to know the state of charge in a simple way.


Blades: Blades may have poor impact resistance against hard materials, especially stone and concrete, so be careful around walls.

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4. Bosch Home and Garden ART 30 Combitrim String Trimmer

If you are wondering which is the best Grass Trimmer, without a doubt it must be a Bosch. Another model that has 500 W power, two coils: one for normal grass and another with extra-strong line for weeds, tilting cutting head with 90° rotation and telescopic pole with adjustable height (80-115 cm) for combing and cut edges, corners, flower paths or under bushes. It also comes with an additional spool pin on the handle for the second spool that can be switched to with just one click.

Designed for weeds and large areas of lawn with a cutting diameter of 30 cm. It also includes a folding protector that maintains a distance from walls and fences to prevent possible damage to plants and has removable wheels to facilitate maneuvering.

In case you have a stipulated amount of money to make the purchase, the Bosch ART 30 COMBITRIM is a good option, since it is considered the best trimmer for 50 euros, so here we show you its pros and cons.


Versatility: It is multifunctional, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with two coils, one for common grass, and another for the rest of the weeds.

Power: It has a high level of performance, since its motor has a power of 500 W, so it offers good results.

Protection: It has a protection system for plants that allows you a better view, so that you do not cut those plants that are not part of the undergrowth.

Mobility: Its set of wheels and the adjustable pole give you a high level of mobility, so you can perform cutting tasks with comfort and a wide range of motion.

Rotating: The rotating head increases the cutting capacity of this machine, which rotates 90 degrees and gives you a cutting diameter of 30 cm.

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5. Murray IQ18GT 18V Lithium Ion String Trimmer

This trimmer offers cordless convenience, as you don’t need cables to limit your movements. In this sense, it is powered by a Brigg Stratton lithium-ion battery, with an electrical power of 18V. Therefore, it can give you a maximum autonomy of 30 minutes, to cut small and medium-sized gardens of up to 200 m².

In addition, it does not produce toxic gases in the environment, making it a more ecological tool. It is important to mention that its head is pivoting, which allows you to switch between pruning and trimming in a practical way.

Likewise, the structure has a telescopic axis to adjust the working height according to your comfort. As if that were not enough, it offers a cutting width of 30 cm to obtain better finishes in the shortest possible time.

It is normal to wonder which trimmer to buy, since there is a wide variety of models on the market. For this reason, we detail the most outstanding pros and cons of this team.


Head: It offers an automatic feeding system that can provide more thread when it falls short, which favors practicality.

Battery: It works with a Briggs Stratton 18 V battery, capable of providing autonomy of up to 36 minutes, enough to carry out pruning and trimming activities on land of 200 m².

Adjustment: The lower part has a pedal to change the angle of the head with respect to the body of the device, in this way, you can adapt it to your needs.


Noise: This trimmer is capable of emitting up to 96 dB of noise, which is a considerable level, similar to that produced in a traffic jam.

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How to use a trimmer

A trimmer or brushcutter is a machine that allows flush grass cuts in those areas of difficult access where a lawnmower cannot reach or parts of the grass that were left unmown. This article is a small guide that will guide you in the safe use of a trimmer and you will be able to see the sense that you have made of your investment.

Check the user manual of your trimmer

It is important to read the user manual that will help you understand the operation of your trimmer, in addition to knowing each of its parts and other important details such as the type of power and the operating controls. By getting to know your tool a bit, you are more likely to have a safer first-time experience.

Removes any debris material that could clog the trimmer blades

Before using the trimmer, it is important to check that the area to be cut is free of materials that could damage your trimmer, causing the blades to bend. To do this, check the entire area and pick up any cans, glass, stones or bottles that you could find on the ground.

Make sure your trimmer is fully fueled or the battery is charged

For those models of gasoline trimmers, you must make sure that it has a sufficient amount of fuel for its operation and the oils that the engine needs. Make sure that the oil used is of good quality to extend the useful life of the engine. If the model of your trimmer is battery-powered, make sure it is well charged for it to work. Current models have an average charge time of 3 hours.

Use the proper safety equipment

As with all garden work, it is important that you have the proper equipment, such as safety glasses, garden overalls, gloves, and ear protection. It is also important that you have proper shoes such as safety boots to protect your feet from dangerous materials such as glass or stones.

Turn on the trimmer

After reviewing the owner’s manual and making sure the battery is well charged or full of fuel, place the trimmer on stable ground and locate the power button on your trimmer. For gas models, you should pull the starter cable while holding the machine. There are other ways to turn on the machine depending on the model of your trimmer.

Move the trimmer over the land you want to cut

Take the trimmer by the special grip, feel comfortable while you move the trimmer through the parts you want to cut and walk the trimmer with slow movements so that you do not leave poorly cut spaces. If you feel that the blade does not advance or you cannot move the trimmer, stop the operation and check if an obstruction occurs.

Store your trimmer in a safe place

After finishing the use of the trimmer, turn off the machine, unplug and pick up the power cable, in case you use a current one.

The most popular brands

Having a garden in your home is very aesthetic and decorative, but it can be a bit annoying when it comes to trimming the grass, since we can find areas that are difficult to access. To make your job easier, we have reviewed different trimmer models and this time we present a comparison with some of the best brands that offer lawnmowers, such as Bosch, Black & Decker and Gardena.

The Robert Bosch GmbH brand was born in Germany in 1886, its founder was Robert Bosch who attributed his surname to the brand logo. This well-known company has 264 operational production centers in 250 commercial delegations and around 261,300 employees in all its different branches.

According to the same company data, in 2006 Bosch had a turnover of 43.7 billion euros. The Bosch company specializes in areas from automotive and industrial technology, through consumer goods, to home appliances. In 2010, it reported sales of 47.5 billion euros, with year-on-year growth of almost 27%.

Robert Bosch GmbH (GmbH translated from German: Limited Liability Company) in 2004 ranked 17th among the top 20 patent winners in the United States, with 907 new patents.

Bosch offers a range of household appliances that will make everyday life easier, such as a lawn mower that works with cable or with a lithium battery for large areas of lawn that will make it easier when cutting on very inclined terrain. In addition, the Bosch trimmer is used to trim vines from walls, trees and bushes.

This company is headquartered in Towson, Maryland. Known for its electrical appliances, Black & Decker was born in 1910 and its founders were Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker, from the union of the surnames of its founders the name of the company was formed. Starting with a small machine shop in Baltimore, in 1917 the company manufactured a portable electric drill, obtaining its right of invention for a hand drill whose function was not only to drill but the product was enhanced and combined a staple gun and a switch.

In 1921, the name BLACK + DECKER was published in print and full page advertisements leading to the brand’s inception in the media and was intended to reach all users everywhere. In 1922 the next step was taken and the brand expanded its horizons outside the United States, settling in Canada in 1922, the United Kingdom in 1928 and Australia in 1929.

Currently, it is working on the development of its products and making the most of its potential to satisfy final consumers and be able to fulfill its promise: “to make life easier”.

And it is precisely what is expected of the Black & Decker manual lawnmower, to make this home task easier, this company offers you a product which not only has the function of cutting, but also of pruning and edging and its handle is adjustable to the size of the person who will use it.

Gardena GmbH is a company based in Ulm, Germany. This company has been dedicated since 2006 to manufacturing household tools for gardening tasks, thus seducing those who are lovers of plants, gardens or simply those who have a picturesque aesthetic sense.

Under the Gardena brand there are different types of accessories such as hose terminals and fittings, hoses, hose reels, irrigation programmers, accessories such as humidity sensors, rain and it also offers us machinery such as hedge trimmers and lawnmowers.

With all these incredible accessories, it is possible to go away for a weekend or even a month of vacation and not have to worry about the garden, because when you return it is possible to do the work more easily and in less time.

This successful company offers a lawnmower that works with a lithium battery, is safe for all gardens, is easy to use and has an ergonomic design to avoid musculoskeletal disorders. The mower’s powerful rotating blade can cut even in the toughest conditions and will give the garden the finishing touch.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Bosch ART 23 LI Cordless String Trimmer

main advantage

Una característica a resaltar es el alto nivel de potencia que posee el equipo. Por ello, su desempeño en la tarea de poda es rápido y eficiente.

Desventaja principal

En cuanto a las hojillas, las mismas son elaboradas en plástico, por lo que su desgaste es bastante notorio según indican algunos usuarios del producto.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Se trata de un cortabordes de alta potencia que emplea una batería de iones de litio. Su cabezal de corte cuenta con un giro de 90°, que ayuda a agudizar la precisión en el desempeño del mismo. Además, posee una relación dimensión – peso que permite ser manipulado por largo tiempo, esto sin generar molestia ni cansancio en la persona que está laborando.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


A pesar de la gran variedad de diseños promovidos por las distintas marcas existentes en el mercado dirigido a los cortabordes, hay tres tipos que sobresalen entre los compradores. En primer lugar tenemos los que trabajan con gasolina, que por lo general cuentan con una potencia elevada, seguidamente están los equipos eléctricos cuya fuente de alimentación depende de un cable, el cual suele ser un factor limitante para cubrir un espacio amplio, aunque son mucho más amables con el ambiente. Finalmente tenemos los inalámbricos que brindan una completa movilidad, facilitando así el desarrollo con tranquilidad de cualquier faena de podado.

Este último es el caso del modelo ART 23 LI perteneciente a la gama de cortabordes Bosch, que cuenta con una batería de iones de litio a 14,4 vatios, la misma con un tiempo de carga estipulado en 3 horas, siendo entonces un aparato pensado para desempeñarse en labores prolongadas.

Agarre y dimensiones

El éxito de un buen podado depende en gran parte de la practicidad que brinde el diseño para su manipulación, tomando en cuenta que por lo general se trata de trabajos que pueden durar más de una hora, siendo entonces importante que el equipo sea ligero, para evitar así el cansancio en la persona que lo maniobra, así como también que posea un mando de agarre confortable y seguro.

En el caso particular de este modelo de cortabordes, el mismo conjuga un peso de apenas 2,3 kilogramos y unas dimensiones estipuladas en 78,4 x 24,8 x 14,8 centímetros, siendo así de fácil movilidad e incluso de limpieza y almacenamiento. Sumado a esto, incorpora a la estructura una empuñadura ergonómica, la cual sustenta su función en una palanca adicional para garantizar un buen agarre, claro está, conservando siempre el factor comodidad.


La casa fabricante Bosch siempre innovando, en esta oportunidad presenta el modelo ART 23 LI incorporado en su amplia gama de cortabordes, cuyo desempeño y calidad es certificado, esto gracias a las experiencias vivenciales de cada uno de los distintos usuarios que optaron por incluir y posicionar a esta marca entre sus favoritas.

Ahora bien, haciendo referencia a este modelo, tenemos que su estructura elaborada en aluminio reforzado de alta resistencia cromado y detalles en plástico, se ajusta de 80 a 114 centímetros en cuanto a la altura.

Además, posee un cabezal con nivel de inclinación adecuado para acceder a espacios más limitados, como por ejemplo, bajo una banca. En cuanto a las cuchillas, las mismas son plásticas, siendo su diámetro de corte 23 centímetros.

Bosch ART 23 Easytrim

Otra increíble herramienta de Bosch es este mejor Cortabordes ART 23 Easytrim que funciona con 280 W de potencia y proporciona acabados rápidos en forma ligera, gracias a su poco peso (1,8 Kg) y a su diseño perfectamente equilibrado a través de su sistema de corte mediante bobina “Pro-Tap” de reajuste automático, con una eficaz guía del hilo (1,6 mm x 8 m), que evita que el hilo se enrede al cambiar de bobina.

Cuenta con una potente batería de 14,4 V que brinda la capacidad de cortar sin cable hasta 500 metros de césped con una sola carga, con un tiempo de recarga de 3 horas.  Tiene también una segunda empuñadura para dirigir el cortabordes más fácilmente, con un diámetro de corte de 23 cm y un sistema de cuchillas de plástico que proporciona cortes exactos con menos consumo de energía.

Para quienes buscan no invertir demasiado dinero, esta opción es ideal, porque es una de las más baratas del mercado. A continuación te mostramos sus pros y contras.


Ligero: Es un aparato muy ligero, que solo pesa 2 kg, por lo que podrás manipularlo sin cansarte por el peso o por las vibraciones.

Ergonómico: Tiene un diseño ergonómico en un bastón completo, que es ideal para realizar cortes en superficies de poca extensión.

Fácil uso: Su uso es bastante sencillo, solo debes conectarlo y pulsar el botón de activación que hará que el hilo comience a girar y esté listo para realizar el corte.

Diámetro de corte: Este cortabordes, permite realizar una poda eficaz en un diámetro de 23 cm, especial para jardines o céspedes pequeños.


Sujeción: Algunos clientes aseguran que el hilo de corte no tiene un buen grado de sujeción, por lo que esto es una deficiencia.


Esta potente herramienta de Bosch ofrece óptimos resultados gracias a su poderoso motor de 400 vatios y su doble sistema de corte de 23 cm de diámetro, para césped normal y malas hierbas, el cual es fácilmente conmutable con un clic. Por sus características y ventajas representa el más recomendado y mejor Cortabordes calidad precio.

Es flexible y ergonómico gracias a un diseño perfectamente equilibrado, que permite arreglar bordes y esquinas del césped, sin mayor esfuerzo, a través del cabezal de corte con giro de 90° y el bastón telescópico ajustable en altura de 80 a 115 cm, para un cómodo y perfecto manejo.

Incluye una bobina “Pro-Tap” de 1,6 mm x 4 metros y 6 unidades de 23 cm de hilo extrafuerte de 2,4 mm de diámetro, así como un soporte adicional en la empuñadura para almacenar el hilo que no se está utilizando.

Para que tu elección sea acertada, debes conocer la mayor información posible de cada propuesta, así que te mostraremos los pros y contras del Bosch ART 23 COMBITRIM, que ha sido catalogado por los usuarios como el mejor cortabordes.


Potencia: Cuenta con una potencia de 400 W en su motor, por lo que tiene un buen nivel de rendimiento que brinda resultados favorables al realizar labores de poda.

Soporte: En caso de que necesites reemplazar el hilo durante las tareas de corte, cuenta con un soporte especial para almacenarlo.

Empuñadura: Su empuñadora es ergonómica y flexible, lo que facilita su almacenamiento. Además tiene un brazo extra para que puedas manipularlo con comodidad.

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