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Trampoline – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

There are multiple benefits that jumping on a trampoline can provide; a product designed not only for the fun of the little ones, but also so that adults can stay active and healthy. In the search for a model that suits your needs, we present you with two excellent options that could meet all your expectations. In the first place, we have the Ultrasport Jumper, a model that supports 120 kg, made of galvanized steel and with a highly resistant canvas. Next, the Physionics Fitness, a product to use indoors or outdoors, recommended for exercises and with great stability.

The 8 Best Trampolines – Opinions 2022

Regardless of whether you want to get a trampoline to practice at home or for maximum fun for children; In this list of 8 of the best models on the market, you could find the product you are looking for, that fits your budget and your needs.

children’s trampoline

1. Ultrasport Jumper Garden Trampoline

Among the best trampolines of 2022, this model stands out from its peers for offering a high-quality set; designed for the fun and enjoyment, in a safe way, of the smallest of the house. For this, it is a trampoline for children that has a highly resistant protection net. Likewise, it has padded posts and its springs are coated to avoid any accidental blow.

Similarly, its chassis is made of galvanized steel, as well as its 36 springs; which gives you stability and resistance. In addition, its canvas offers a reliable jumping surface; For this reason, it is a model designed to support a maximum load of 120 kilos.

Given its robustness, it is a trampoline that can also be used by adults, either for entertainment or fitness. You can easily mount it on any outdoor surface and choose the size of your preference from several available options.

Given its high quality, robustness and versatility, this could be the best trampoline of the moment. Here are its pros and cons.


Security: It offers you a robust 180 cm high net, padded posts, spring coating and a resistant canvas; which favors safety when jumping.

Zipper: The net has a large zipper that facilitates access to the jump platform.

Structure: Its structure and springs are made of galvanized steel, this allows you to put the trampoline outdoors without suffering damage.


Wooden floors: Rubber plugs are missing on the metal legs, in order to avoid deterioration on floors such as wood.

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2. Hudora Safety 140 Children’s Garden Trampoline

With a children’s trampoline like this model, fun is guaranteed regardless of the time of year, so your little ones can jump and have fun even when it’s snowy and cold outside. It is a model that you can mount either in the garden or indoors, since it has a portable design and an adequate size that favors its transfer from one place to another in the house.

It has a funnel-shaped safety net, which is installed around the canvas in order to provide greater protection against blows; likewise, its posts and frame are padded to prevent any injury.

It is a model that provides a safe and stable jumping platform for a child with a maximum weight of 25 kilos. In addition, it has an attractive design and, to facilitate access to the interior, the net has a zipper with a security velcro.

If you want to pleasantly surprise your child and you don’t know which trampoline to buy, this model could be a good option. Learn a little more about the product in question.


Rebound capacity: It has resistant elastic cords that provide an adequate rebound in each jump.

Users: It is a trampoline designed for boys and girls with a maximum weight of 25 kilos.

Protection net: It is equipped with a cone-shaped safety net, which provides a wide jumping area and greater protection against accidental falls.



Assembly: The assembly could be more complex than expected, especially if you have not assembled a trampoline before.

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small trampoline

3. Physionics Mini Garden Bungee Fitness Trampoline

Buying a trampoline for fitness in the comfort of your home is an excellent alternative for adults; as it significantly reduces the impact on the joints. For this reason, the best trampoline not only gives you moments of fun, but also helps you burn calories, reduce stress and improve concentration and balance.

In this case, we are dealing with a small trampoline with a diameter of 91 cm, so you can easily set it up in a living room or on a terrace without taking up much space. Its frame and legs are made of steel and its jump area has a high quality nylon textile. For this, it offers durability and resistance; which is why it can assume a load of up to 100 kg without any risk.

On the other hand, in order to provide greater stability when jumping, this model has legs with non-slip rubber caps. In addition, you can choose between several available sizes.

Physionics could be the best brand of trampolines, given its prestige and high quality of its products. Analyze the pros and cons of this model.


Dimensions: You can choose the most convenient size according to your available space among the options offered by the manufacturer.

Non- slip: Its legs have non-slip caps made of rubber, which favor stability and protect the floor.

Materials: It is made of high-quality nylon with a powder-coated steel frame, which provides strength and durability.


Young children: The manufacturer advises against the use of this trampoline in children under 3 years of age.

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fitness trampoline

4. SportPlus Fitness Trampoline Optional Folding Function

This is one of the cheap models that is widely accepted by users, as it offers great features at an affordable cost, when compared to other similar products. For this reason, it could be the best value for money trampoline on the market.

It is a fitness trampoline equipped with a handle that you can assemble and disassemble according to your needs. Likewise, it has a mechanism that allows you to regulate up to 5 height levels; which favors the height of various users. Likewise, it has a resistant, non-slip and waterproof surface; so you can mount it in any interior or exterior space.

In relation to its design, it is a model that gives you optimal training; since the suspension, unlike other models that have metal springs, is based on resistant rubber cords. This quality benefits the joints when jumping and reduces annoying noises.

If you are looking among the cheapest trampolines for a model that helps you stay active from home, you could consider this option. We invite you to read its pros and cons.


Cushioning: Thanks to its 36 highly resistant bungee cords, you will have a jumping surface that provides excellent cushioning. It also favors silent workouts.

Adjustable handle: It has a detachable and adjustable handle in 5 levels that adapt to different heights.

Variety: You can choose between the folding model or the one without folding; as well as among various colors available.


Tensioning of the ropes: For its assembly it is necessary to tighten the ropes efficiently; so you might need someone else’s help.

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rectangular trampoline

5. Outdoor C-OT Folding Trampoline Children Adult Rectangular Constitution

This is a rectangular trampoline that offers you a wide rebound area, which is why it is recommended for various types of exercises. Its format allows you to put it anywhere in your home without taking up much space; so it is ideal for apartments with few square meters.

Compared to other models that have metal springs, this jumping bed is equipped with traction-resistant rubber ropes, with a high level of cushioning and also provide a silent environment during jumps; Likewise, it is a bed that provides great benefits for the health of the body, especially for burning calories and as a stress reducer.

On the other hand, it has a design that you can easily fold, which favors its storage. Its canvas is resistant to tearing, since it is made of polypropylene and its robust structure has high quality iron; so you will have a product with a long useful life.

If you are looking for a resistant and versatile model that you can use for various purposes, you could take this trampoline into account. Know its pros and cons.


Versatility: It is a trampoline that you can use at home for fitness, gymnastics, massages or for the fun of children and adults.

Materials: Its base and frame are made of iron and its canvas has high-quality polypropylene; which provides durability and resistance.

Folding: Thanks to its easy folding mechanism, you can easily store it.


Overlay: A padded overlay for the metal frame would be appreciated for added security.

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professional trampoline

6. Xlyan Professional Folding Trampoline for Adults 

If you want to know which is the best trampoline to exercise at a professional level and in the comfort of your home, this model made of durable and high-end materials could be the most convenient alternative. It has a steel structure and a canvas designed in polypropylene that gives you a soft-touch and tear-resistant surface.

Likewise, it is a professional trampoline equipped with an easy-to-use T-shaped handle, which allows you to jump more safely; while its handlebar is covered in foam for a comfortable grip. Likewise, to improve balance and stability, it has 6 robust legs equipped with non-slip rubbers.

In addition to all this, it is a jumping platform that benefits the bone density of your bones, since to jump it has an elastic rope made of latex wire; which also provides great load capacity, so it can support up to 500 kg of weight.

This model deserves your consideration, given its features and high quality. Learn more about this jumping surface.


Bionic Spring: The bed adopts high elasticity and strength latex wire rope, so it can provide excellent rebound and support up to 500kg weight.

Foldable: Both the handle and its structure can be easily folded to improve storage.

Canvas: It has a surface made of soft-touch polypropylene, resistant to intensive use and tearing; which provides comfort and long life.


Cost: It is one of the most expensive models on our list. However, its quality and resistance are worth the investment.

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trampoline for adults

7. SixBros SixJump Trampoline Garden Trampoline Ladder Net

A 10-minute session bouncing on a trampoline could help you burn the equivalent calories of a 30-minute run, but with less impact on your joints. For this reason, it is not only a product for fun and entertainment, but it also provides benefits for your health.

This adult trampoline model includes an attractive set of accessories that will allow you to use it more comfortably. In this sense, it has a security network around its perimeter, which provides protection against falls; It also has a practical ladder that facilitates access to the inside of the jump area. In addition, to protect the entire structure from the rain, you will receive a very useful waterproof cover.

Likewise, the feet, the 54 springs, 6 posts and the circular frame are made of galvanized steel; which provides not only great stability, but also resistance.

This is a 305 cm diameter jumping bed, which makes it ideal for the enjoyment of children and adults. Read below its advantages and disadvantages.


Safety: It has padded posts, a 180 cm high safety net and coverage on the metal springs; in order to provide greater protection to the jumper.

Set: The set includes a rain cover, ladder and a safety net; so you won’t have to buy these accessories separately.

Stability: Thanks to its 3 double galvanized steel feet, the trampoline provides stability and resistance.



Cover adjustment: A system that allows the rain cover to be fixed and adjusted to the trampoline is missing.

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Berg Trampoline

8. Berg Talent Safety Net Comfort

The Berg brand is a company that manufactures its products under high quality standards, which is why it has the GS certificate; an endorsement that accredits it as a reliable manufacturer. For this reason, this Berg trampoline has been certified with the German TÜV seal, an organization that evaluates the safety and reliability levels of the vast majority of products in the European Union.

In this sense, it is a model equipped to provide a safe and risk-free jumping surface; so it has a protection cushion for the metal springs, made with a 17 mm thick layer of foam and a waterproof PVC cover.

Likewise, it has a safety net with a zipper, which favors easy access to the interior and is made with an anti-rust frame covered with a layer of zinc, which stands up to the elements and intensive use.

When you are looking for a safe and reliable trampoline, this model could meet all your expectations. Continue reading its pros and cons.


Padded frame: It is a model that has a 29 cm wide padding along its entire length, which covers the metal springs and prevents accidental injuries.

Accessories: The jump bed includes a ladder and a safety net, accessories that you no longer have to buy separately.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 335.8 x 163 x 305 cm; so it is ideal for open spaces.


Weight: With a weight of approximately 48 kilos, it is a product that could be difficult to move from one place to another.

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Trampoline Accessories


spare parts for trampoline

SportPlus SportPlus Trampoline Rubber Cord Set

The springs or ropes play a fundamental role when using the trampoline. Thanks to them it is possible to jump and get a better bounce, since they keep the jumping surface together with the frame.

For this reason, they must provide resistance and elasticity; however, once they have lost these qualities, they need to be replaced.

In this sense, this set of 36 ropes could be one of the best spare parts for trampolines, since they are designed for intensive use.

They offer a high level of resistance and elasticity, so they are capable of supporting up to 130 kilos of weight. In addition, it includes a fixing clip for a better assembly and you can choose the strings in black or yellow.

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trampoline protector

Homcom Trampoline and Trampoline Edge Protection Cover

If you have a jumping surface at home with an estimated size of 244 cm in diameter, this trampoline bumper could be what you are looking for.

It is made of PVC and PE plastic, materials that cope with the elements; It also features uniform padding that is 1.5cm thick and 29cm wide for added protection.

In addition, it offers easy assembly and is available in blue.

It is a very useful accessory to prevent injuries caused by an accidental blow or fall during jumps, since it efficiently covers all metal springs or elastic cords in all types of circular beds that fit your measurements.

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trampoline net

Greenbay Replacement Trampoline Safety Net

The trampoline is a product that provides fun and entertainment to everyone alike; however, we cannot ignore the issue of security.

In this sense, if the old mesh of your jumping bed has deteriorated, it is time to replace it with a new one that will provide you with great benefits.

This trampoline net is made of weather-resistant polyethylene, so you can use it outdoors and has a 4 x 4 mm net that provides protection during jumps.

It is recommended for models with 6 and 8 posts and is mounted around the external perimeter; which gives greater freedom of movement. In addition, it has a large zipper for easy access to the drop zone.

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Shopping guide

This guide to buying the best trampoline is designed to help you choose the most suitable model for your needs. The idea is that your investment is successful and that you manage to find the most suitable jump bed for you. Therefore, we present the most relevant aspects that you should consider before making your purchase.


When buying a trampoline you should always consider the person or people who are going to use it. This is the first aspect that you should take into account, since there are models intended for children and adults; There are also sizes for one, two or several people. For this reason, it is important that you know the different options that the market offers you.

In the case of children’s models, these are usually used both at home and at celebrations, parties and fairs. Most are designed for children over 6 years of age, since at this age the little ones have enough motor skills to jump without any problem; however, there are also specific models whose construction and design favors children between 3 and 6 years old.

Similarly, the market offers trampolines for adults; those that offer an adequate surface and size so that you can perform low-risk exercises, since it reduces the impact on your joints by up to 40%. In addition, they are an excellent option to reduce stress.


When choosing a trampoline you should take into consideration the quality of the materials with which it is made, since it may depend on how much a specific model costs. In this sense, we have that the structure, being the piece that supports the other elements, must provide stability, security and resistance. For this reason, models made of preferably galvanized steel are the best option; this material stands up to inclement weather and also withstands the pressure and weight of jumpers.

As for the canvas or jumping surface, you should make sure that it has a high-quality and pressure-resistant seam. The best brands manufacture this piece in polypropylene (PP), because it is a durable, anti-tear, flexible material that offers a soft texture. It also features UV protection and does not absorb moisture; without forgetting to add that it is non-slip, a quality that favors jumping comfortably.

Types according to their function

In the market there are trampolines suitable for all budgets, so you can always find a good and cheap one that meets all your expectations. These products can be classified according to their function in recreational trampolines, for fitness and for professional use.

Recreational models are intended for leisure time, just for the fun of jumping. Those designed for fitness are those to practice exercises at home or in a gym and finally, we have the professional trampolines; models intended for training both acrobats and gymnasts.


When you make your comparison of trampolines you will notice that there are different formats and sizes. In this sense, we have the round trampolines, a common model on the market, they are used both for leisure and for sports practices, they are usually light and have a smaller perimeter than other models.

The oval ones offer a larger jumping surface and, like the round ones, are capable of redirecting the jumper towards the center of the surface. The square models, for their part, offer more rebound than the round and oval models, since they provide a surface with a greater perimeter and usable even in the corners.

Regarding the octagonal ones, they provide a more efficient rebound than the round models; however, they weigh a little more and are more expensive. Lastly, rectangular format trampolines generate a more controlled bounce and landing. For this reason, they are mainly used for professional use; although they are also recommended for homes with little available space.


When it comes to rebound surfaces, the issue of safety is something that you cannot ignore. For this reason, if the product is for the use of children or adults with little experience in jumping, you should look for a model with a safety net that provides protection against possible accidental falls. This net is usually mounted on the external perimeter, although there are also models that offer installation along the canvas; which avoids shocks with the springs and with the structure. Also, some trampolines provide padded poles and a covering for the frame, hooks and springs, which provides greater security for the jumper.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a trampoline?

A trampoline is a product intended for jumping, whether it is for fun, for fitness, for competitive athletes or to perform some type of physical activity at home. So the way to use it will depend on it, on the use you are going to give it. However, it is a product that is usually used to jump in a group or individually, by children and adults; for which there are appropriate models for each purpose and age.

Q2: How to assemble a trampoline?

Each manufacturer includes its respective user manual for assembly, so first of all you should carefully read the instructions left there and follow the indicated process. However, in general, firstly, choose the most suitable place in your home to mount your trampoline. Then, organize all the pieces that make it up.

Once differentiated, you can proceed with the assembly of the frame by installing the legs and then the springs, hooking them around the perimeter of the frame. Next, place the jumping mat (which should be stretched very well) under the steel frame and attach it to each of the springs; As you adjust the springs, the canvas will get tighter and tighter. When you’re done, the trampoline is ready to use.

Q3: How to protect a trampoline?

If you have decided to set up your trampoline outside in the garden, it is essential to protect it from the elements when it is not in use. To do this, you will need to cover it with a waterproof cover that protects its entire structure. In this way, you will prolong its useful life and keep it in perfect condition at any time of the year.

In addition to this, it is convenient that you clean the trampoline periodically, removing spider webs, dust or leaves that may fall on its surface. In addition, you can wash the jump cloth with water and liquid detergent, leaving it to dry in the open air.

Q4: What canvas is used for trampolines?

The canvas is the part of the trampoline that will provide the bounce for the jumpers, so it is necessary that it has highly resistant materials. They are usually made of polypropylene, because it is a material with this quality, it does not decompose, it resists mold, it is flexible and also non-slip.

However, when it comes to heavy-duty or professional trampolines, manufacturers use Permatron; a high quality fabric made with polypropylene and carbon, which copes with traction, with high UV protection, resistant to mold and water. This material has thermally interconnected fibers that provide a very stable surface, resistant to bending and constant stress.

Q5: Where to put a trampoline?

The location of the trampoline should be decided based on the use you are going to give it. There are models for recreational domestic use that you can place outside, either in the garden or backyard, on the lawn or below ground level; the latter are the so-called “inground”. The ones you place inside the house are generally designed for activities such as fitness.

Q6: How to do a somersault on a trampoline?

To do a somersault safely, it is necessary to go little by little and master this type of acrobatics very well; In this way, you will avoid serious injuries or an accidental blow.

First of all, it is advisable to warm up and try it out, jumping and letting yourself fall on your back, bounce and land on your feet. He continues to do a shoulder somersault, a backflip and finally, when you feel confident, build up enough momentum and you can do a back somersault and land on your feet safely.

Q7: How to manufacture a trampoline?

You can make a trampoline for the enjoyment of the smallest of the house, easily from a large tire and using some type of flexible and tear-resistant fabric, which you can place as a jumping surface. Start by cutting out the textile in a circle shape, appropriate to the size of the tire you have selected, and then sew loops to attach the fabric to the tire.

Next, about 3 cm from the edge of the tire, make holes to pass a high-resistance cord or a rubber rope, with which you are going to hold the jump cloth. Next, secure the fabric to the tire well; Once this is done, the trampoline is ready to jump.

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