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Electric Scarifier – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To oxygenate the soil, to collect pruning debris and to improve soil drainage. These are some of the functions that the electric scarifier can perform on your garden. Although for this it is necessary that the tool is of quality, offering adequate power and a resistant work system in any terrain, so quality is essential, as in any gardening product. Quality is what the Einhell RG-SA 1433 model offers, the consumer’s favorite. It has a capacity to work in an area of ​​up to 400 square meters without recharging, offering a system of 20 blades and 48 claws to be able to leave your perfect garden. Also of quality is the Bosch UniversalVerticut 1100. A proposal that stands out for its 1,100 watts of power and the cutting capacity of its carbon steel blades, which leave the soil free of all kinds of plant debris with solvency.

Buying guide – What is the best electric scarifier on the market?

Those of us who like to have a beautiful garden at home are concerned about maintenance, especially when gardening services are becoming more and more expensive. That is why we have thought a thousand times about doing the work ourselves. However, it is no secret to anyone that tools to cut grass or collect dry herbs to clean the garden represent a considerable investment.

The scarifier is a fundamental tool when cleaning the garden since it not only serves to collect dry leaves and the grass that we have removed with the trimmer, it also helps to oxygenate the soil, making our garden look like a magazine in the long run..

The most practical and pro-ecosystem thing is to buy an electric scarifier, but there are so many different models and brands that choosing one in particular for us could be a complicated task. That is why we have prepared this guide especially for you to buy the best electric scarifier.

Although the question we always ask ourselves is how much does it cost, making a comparison of electric scarifiers is easier if we know what characteristics a good and cheap one should have. Below we present the most relevant.

What type of electric scarifier is better?

To be sure of what we need and what options we have, it is good to review the specifications of each model very well and know if it offers the following:


This type of scarifier, in addition to cleaning, is very light in weight, practical and mixes the loose material on the ground. Also, it can be used to break up the soil between rows of plants. The scarifier-cultivator is ideal for high crops, due to its size it is practical to handle and store, but they are designed to work small areas such as the patio of a house.

with rear blades

These scarifiers have the motor at the front while their blades or tines are at the rear. Generally, these are large and heavy machines, but at the same time very powerful. This type is recommended if you want to grow flowers where there is now only grass. Although more expensive, they tend to be used by gardening professionals due to their great power.

with front blades

They are a type of scarifier that have the motor at the rear and the blades or tines at the front, very useful when removing grass between rows of plants.

types of teeth

The teeth, blades or spikes as they are also known, are very important when choosing the best electric scarifier. Try to find one that has heavy-duty steel tines that are capable of cutting through roots and weeds.

There are “bolo” teeth for deep tilling, “slasher” teeth for cutting roots and “chisel” style teeth that are highly recommended for rocky soils.


Gardening is one of the most dangerous activities, especially with this type of machine, so you should always take all possible precautions. We recommend that you carefully read the scarifier’s instructions before operating the machine. Always wear long pants, high boots and safety glasses.

To extend the life of the scarifier, remove large stones before starting. If the soil has very thick roots, it is also advisable to cut it first with an ax so that the teeth of the machine do not get trapped there.

Finally, it is worth remembering that children and pets must be kept away from the area where we are working.

The 5 Best Electric Scarifiers – Opinions 2022

The scarifier is a garden tool that makes it easy for you to clean the land of dead weeds or plant debris while aerating and oxygenating the soil to heal it. If you are thinking of purchasing one, choose the most suitable one for your needs among the best electric scarifiers of 2022.

1. Einhell RG-SA 1433 Electric Scarifier

Main advantage:

In addition to scarifying the soil and eliminating weeds, the product is also responsible for aerating the soil, so that it can collect the necessary nutrients for proper sowing or planting.

main disadvantage

The weed bin isn’t particularly large and it’s not easy to tell when it’s full, so you can only tell once the produce stops swallowing.

Verdict: 9.6/10

As with the tools of this brand, the Einhell RG-SA 1433 scarifier is a quality product that allows you to remove brush easily, while it is responsible for aerating and collecting all the debris easily, saving you effort. and I work in the care of your garden.

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In order to maintain adequate cutting and aeration capacity, this model has a power of 1400 watts, which places it at the forefront of the electric scarifiers that we can find on the market. This scarifier has a plugged-in system, including a large cable that gives it excellent mobility around the garden, so you can work on plots of all kinds with a capacity of approximately 200 square meters with total comfort.

This comfort is also found in its tank, which is easy to empty during work and can even withstand complete cleaning of these dimensions as long as the garden is not too invaded by brush and weeds.

cutting system

The cutting system of this product is based on a roller equipped with high-resistance steel blades capable of eliminating almost any type of debris found on the ground. This roller incorporates in its structure a total of 48 different claws strategically placed both to achieve an adequate level of cut on the brush on the ground and to be able to aerate it during use. Due to its resistant and solid construction, the scarifier has a long useful life, so it will accompany you for a long time.

And in case the roller starts to lose power, you have spare parts at your disposal so that you can completely replace the roller and have your machine completely new for little money.


To help you have adequate mobility, although this product is electric, it offers you a large cable, which has the capacity to move it without problems through plots of up to 200 square meters.

The same happens with the power and capacity that we have already mentioned before. This product also has a very comfortable handlebar that you can adjust to its height thanks to its double mounting system, so that you only need to turn the product’s fastening wheels to be able to directly mount the height you want for your comfort.

This is also helped by the activation trigger that is located on this handlebar and that allows you to set the brake or the operation of the product depending on what you need, always maintaining control of it.

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2. Bosch UniversalVerticut 1100 electric scarifier

When looking for the best electric scarifier, it is interesting to turn to top-level brands. Among them, we find Bosch and its UniversalVerticut 1100 model. A product that is equipped with a power of 1,100 watts.

This motor efficiently moves its system of carbon steel blades, which process a useful width of 32 centimeters. The system has four height adjustments, thus penetrating the ground with confidence. Something to be expected from what is the best electric scarifier of the moment for many users.

Another strong point of the equipment is its collection box, which has a 50-litre capacity. This allows you to work more and empty less, which always saves time. And when you’re done, its foldable handles and stackable basket are great space savers.

Learn everything you need to know about this model to decide if it is the best electric scarifier for your needs.


Blades : The carbon steel blades have a great strength in their construction.

Motor : The 1,100-watt motor places the machine among the most powerful on the market.

Jet Collect: This system efficiently removes moss and other soil elements.

Basket : The waste basket has a 50 liter capacity, reducing the frequency of emptying.

Handlebar : The handlebar makes it very comfortable to handle the equipment and is also foldable, saving storage space.


Finishes: The finishes are completely made of plastic, so it is not the most resistant or durable option.

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3. Makita 0088381648936 Tool 1300W

This Makita UV3200 model of the best Electric Scarifier is powered by a 1300 watt motor for a working width of 32 cm, suitable for home use on small lawn areas. It has five working depth settings from -10mm to 10mm, allowing you to work below and above the surface to maintain, care for and beautify your garden.

The raked remains are collected in a bag made of nylon with a capacity of 30 litres. It has a rubberized handle that gives you comfort when handling it and together with its wide wheels and folding handle bars, it provides a machine with good stability and easy storage or transport.

It can also be used to collect leaves in autumn with a simple replacement of the blade shaft.

If you have reached this point and still have not been able to determine which electric scarifier to buy, you may be interested in taking a look at the advantages and disadvantages that the Makita UV3200 offers you:


Handle: as the main advantage of this model of electric scarifier, we must mention the fact that its handle is adjustable, which will allow you to adjust the height at which you feel most comfortable.

Adjustments – In addition, it will also allow you to adjust the cutting height of the blade so that you can determine how much grass is going to be trimmed.


Design: as a disadvantage we have the fact that this particular model of electric scaler does not have a very attractive design compared to other options on the market.

Weight: as has been mentioned, the weight is very important to be able to choose the best scarifier, so you should know that this model weighs 15 kilograms which, compared to our first models, is heavier and therefore more hard to move.

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4. Ikra 80200860 scarifier and electric aerator IEVL 1532

We are now talking about the one that has been described by several users as the best electric scarifier for value for money on the market. We are referring to the Ikra IEVL 1532 model, equipped with a powerful 1,500-watt motor and which is suitable for aerating and scarifying the ground.

This does not prevent it from being among the cheapest equipment, although it has details of the best brand of electric scarifiers that you can find. Among them, we have a system of high-resistance blades, which treats the soil effectively and removes plant debris in a solvent manner.

This system has a depth that goes from +4 to -12 millimeters, including the cutting system with a total of 16 steel blades. Something that surprises, considering that the machine is located in the segment of cheap scarifiers.

If you are still not clear about what this model offers you, we summarize the highlights of its design below.


Power: The machine has a 1,500-watt motor, endowed with considerable efficiency.

Blades : The equipment includes 16 steel blades, resistant and very durable.

Scope : The machine works with a depth of +4 to -12 millimeters.

Handlebar : The adjustable handlebar saves storage space and makes it more comfortable to use.


Deposit: The deposit remains in a capacity of 30 liters, somewhat scarce and that requires more frequent emptying.

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5. Ikra 80200500 Scarifier EV 1300

Among the best cheap electric scarifiers on the market is this Ikra EV 1300 model that has a 230 V single-phase motor that works with 1300 W of power in 32 cm wide work areas, created so that the maintenance of your garden be a pleasant task.

It has a system of rollers and steel blades to beautify your garden, which allows you to scarify and aerate the ground at an adequate depth below the surface and according to the required need, between 0 and 10 mm, under a centralized height regulation of 5 position cut.

It has a light casing made of polypropylene and a collection bag for weeds and dead grass with a capacity of 30 L to collect waste and minimize storage time. Ideal for small surfaces.

To end our selection, we also have a very good model from Ikra with its EV 1300 electric scarifier. Find out more about its features below:


Power: the main advantage of the EV 1300 electric scarifier is the fact that it has a power of 1,300 watts, which is excellent for cleaning dead grass in the garden.

Regulator: In addition, this model also has the possibility of regulating the cutting height of the grass so that you can place it adapted to your liking.


Performance: however, an important detail to take into account if you want to purchase this model of electric scarifier is the fact that, compared to other models on this list, it has a working width of 32 centimeters, so it would take a little more time to finish the job.

Wheels: In addition, the terrain in which it is intended to be used must be taken into consideration because this model of electric scarifier has plastic wheels which can be a bit fragile.

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Einhell RG-SA 1433 Electric Scarifier

When you wonder which is the best Electric Scarifier, this Einhell model stands out because it is a good performance tool that pleases demanding users. You will be able to efficiently aerate and remove medium-sized surfaces, by areas of 33 cm wide, to obtain a complete and debris-free lawn.

It has a scarifying roller with 20 steel blades and an aerated roller with 48 claws, assembled on wide wheels so that you can care for the lawn and work effortlessly at the same time.

The collection bag has a large capacity of 28 liters and the handle is adjustable in height so you can carry out comfortable work and cover up to 400 m² of surface. It is equipped with an impact-proof hard plastic casing and thanks to its handle with a folding bar you can store it taking up little space.

As a next option we have an excellent model to be worthy of the position of best electric scarifier for 150 within the category by the RG – SA 1433 from Einhell:


Safety: firstly, safety is a key point to consider when choosing between different models of electric scarifiers and that is why the Einhell RG – SA 1433 has a safety system provided by a two-point switch that will prevent unattended operation.

Handlebar: another advantage presented by the Einhell RG – SA 1433 electric scarifier is that this equipment has a double folding handlebar that will allow you to handle it very easily and precisely so that you can carry out the cleaning task as quickly as possible.

Roller: another point that we consider beneficial and therefore important to mention is the fact that the Einhell RG – SA 1433 electric scarifier has the ability to change its roller depending on the use that you want to give to the equipment so you can mount the one that best suits your needs.

Dimensions: In addition, it is also essential to know the general measurements and dimensions of the equipment to ensure that it is useful for its use. Regarding this, the Einhell RG – SA 1433 electric scarifier has dimensions of 102 x 59 x 99.5 centimeters and a weight of 13 kilograms so, despite being larger than the previous model, it is still quite easy. to handle and move.


Finish: it was noted in comments made by users of the Einhell RG – SA 1433 that they consider this equipment to be more than suitable for domestic use, since the plastics present in the wheels and finishes can be a bit fragile for difficult terrain., however, it is excellent for the garden.

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How to use an electric scarifier

To all those people who like to keep their garden impeccable, a scarifier cannot be missing. This gardening tool is essential and the proper use of it will guarantee a well-kept garden and a better life for your machine. If you just bought your tool and still don’t know how to use it, don’t worry and keep reading.

Initial considerations

As you may already know, a scarifier is a tool that allows you to remove weeds and moss from the lawn so that it can absorb more oxygen and improve the drainage of water in the soil, thus ensuring optimal growth of the lawn.

Before using your scarifier for this, you must take into account some considerations to get the most out of your tool. If your garden is going to be scarified for the first time, it must be at least three years old. In addition, the time is also important, which is recommended to be done a month after the start of spring, because right at this time is when the grass regenerates best. It is also a good option to do it during the fall. For scarifying, it is recommended that the grass be cut as low as possible or that you have skewed it at least twice during the spring, so that it is no higher than 4 cm, so that the machine has less effort.   

The grass must be very dry, free of moisture, to prevent damage to the tool and keep the cracks produced open.

Proceed to eliminate weeds

Before scarifying the lawn, large weeds must be removed. You can use a trowel or small garden fork for this. It is also necessary to remove the mosses a few days before scarifying, to prevent them from spreading later. In the fall, rake up fallen leaves and clean up your lawn.

Check the user guide of your scarifier

It is worth reviewing the user manual of your tool so that you become familiar with its parts, the blades, the wheels, the length of the power cable, the way of ignition, among other things, because not all scarifiers are the same; some, more than others, have certain variations.

Adjust the depth of the blades

Place the machine on the lawn as close to the outlet as possible and plug it in. Make sure the blade just touches the ground and turn on the scarifier, moving the machine back and forth to adjust the blades. Initially position the blades to set the desired depth for scarifying. Locate the working height of about 6 mm deep, in case you are going to scarify for the first time. If you have already scarified before, set the depth of the blade to about 4mm. This is done in order to take care of the blades as much as possible, to extend their life time.

Move your scarifier around the garden

You can now use your scarifier moving in one direction or crosswise if you are scarifying for the first time. If you want to change direction, lower the handle of the blades so that they are not in contact with the ground.

Clean the ground with a rake

Once the scarification process is finished, proceed to clean the remains of the cut grass with a rake and collect all the garbage. After this step, you can carry out the fertilizing process or add some sand on top of the grass. In case of very dry seasons, it is recommended to water the soil finally.

The most popular brands

In order for you to make a sound investment and facilitate the selection process before making your purchase, we tell you that the following brands: Einhell, Makita and Black & Decker are the ones that users recommend as the ones with the best performance. So know about them and proceed to choose.

Its headquarters are in Germany, exactly in Landau an der Isar, and it was founded in 1964. Its current CEO is Andreas Kroiss, and the company is also based in Spain and other countries worldwide. This brand is responsible for the development, marketing and solution for customers who are lovers of DIY and a wide range for professional and semi-professional equipment, including electro-portable, stationary and garden tools.

It is currently present in at least 70 countries, which allows users to get in touch with the company and also offers technical service at the time of any problem with the products, the equipment it offers has a good level of performance, and They are equipped with high-power motors, have ergonomic designs for better handling, and are made of resistant materials.

It offers a wide catalog of products as well as all the information that customers need, they can also be obtained online without any cost and difficulty, it also presents telephone numbers for any questions you may have, it has its official page on Facebook and tutorials on YouTube that They will help you when using the products.

It is a Japanese company with 101 years of foundation and active life in the national and international market, its founder was Mosaburo Makita, the company had to be reformed several times during the 40s, but despite everything it managed to consolidate itself in the market., with the launch of electric brushes, which were the first in this category to be known in Japan. This happened in the 50’s.

It is there that the company became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality portable power tools, always offering customers harmonious ergonomics in the use of the devices, so that they do not cause damage to health and with a manufacturing Low impact on the environment.

Its long history has led it to found other offices in other countries, since it has a greater demand for its products due to its quality and design, apart from that, its costs are not high, that is why it has become one of the companies important and recognized worldwide and also has endless products in its catalog, which can be seen on its website, making it easier for customers to select when making purchases.

It was founded in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker as a small machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland, and is currently a company headquartered in Towson, Maryland, United States, which sells appliances and tools. electrical.

By 1917 Black & Decker invented a portable, family-type electric drill, which allowed them to obtain a patent for a hand drill. The design included special features such as the combination with staple guns, the inclusion of a switch, etc. Milestones like this made the brand become one of the best appliance and tool companies.

Currently it has been multiplying in different countries of the world, since the sales of the equipment is very wide, presenting catalogs with new products every year and innovating the designs for better handling by people. It is also a leading company in the market due to the range of products it presents, an issue that has made customers promote it among the main options for purchasing tools and other household appliances.

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