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Outdoor Wood Storage – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 


Firewood has always been a quality fuel to heat our home, through the well-known fireplace. However, to have the firewood in its place and well organized, it is convenient to have a quality outdoor woodshed adapted to our needs. A task in which we have products such as the Plantawa Natural wood holder. A model with capacity for about 500 kilos of wood in a space 140 centimeters long by 100 high and 60 wide. So this wood does not take up too much space in your garden. If you prefer a metal log holder, you can turn to the Quick Star 47461QUS, which offers ample storage space. In addition, it is made entirely of high-quality and resistant aluminum profiles and plates.

The 9 Best Outdoor Woodsheds – Opinions 2022

Having firewood on hand for our fireplace is always a good idea. And keep it dry, organized and ready for use, even more. For this reason, we wanted to take a look at the best outdoor log holders of 2022 and offer you the most outstanding proposals, within this type of product. An essential complement to keep the firewood well organized and that adapts to all kinds of spaces and needs. So if you want to know which is the best outdoor woodshed that you can place in your garden, all you have to do is read our selection and bet on the one that suits you best. 

Outdoor wood log

1. Plantawa Outdoor Wood Storage

The Plantawa Natural outdoor wooden firewood rack is a practical solution for storing up to 500 kilos of firewood without taking up too much space in your garden. Its measurements are 140 centimeters long by 100 high and 60 deep.

This model is made of high quality wood, duly treated in an autoclave to avoid the effects of humidity, heat or cold. Something necessary and that gives it a durability in line with the best outdoor woodshed of the moment.

Details are not lacking, such as the roof, covered with asphalt cloth, to avoid problems with the rain. It also includes a raised floor, to avoid moisture from the ground. Details of a product that could well belong to the best brand of outdoor firewood of the moment.

So that storing firewood is not a problem, nothing better than buying a quality firewood rack like this one.


Size : Its size is ideal for storing wood without taking up much space in the garden.

Capacity : In line with its size, the product has a capacity for about 500 kilos of firewood.

Treatment : The wood is autoclaved, being more resistant to the elements.

Roof : The roof is topped with asphalt cloth, to avoid problems with rain.

Assembly : The assembly is very simple to execute, thanks to the design of the panels.


Closure: The structure is open at the front and at the back, so it does not hold the firewood much.

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2. Dobar 29097 FSC Fireplace Wood Wood Shelf

If you need a tight-fitting exterior wooden log holder, then the Dobar 29097 FSC model is what you need. Unlike other larger products, this model has a square base design and 39 centimeters on each side, with a total height of 85 centimeters. Dimensions that offer adequate space to store small amounts of firewood comfortably. 

The log holder is made of brown varnished pine wood. This has already been treated, which extends its useful life for longer and prevents deterioration caused by the weather. In addition, its open design, with grid-type walls, facilitates good interior ventilation and prevents the firewood from getting too wet. 

Therefore, we are looking at a compact solution to order an adequate amount of firewood and that is also suitable for use indoors, if you need it.

If you don’t know which outdoor woodshed to buy, but you need a compact product, get to know this model in detail.


Size: Its compact measurements make it easy to take advantage of any small space in your garden or terrace to store firewood.

Material: The product is made of treated pine wood, which adequately withstands the most complex weather conditions.

Assembly: Due to its characteristics, it is very easy to assemble, without the need for great efforts.


Capacity: Its capacity is somewhat limited, around half a cubic meter of firewood in total.

Floor: The floor of the woodshed is in contact with the ground, which reduces the durability of the product over time.

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Metal exterior log holder

3. Quick Star Aluminum Fireplace Wood Shelf

When looking for the best outdoor firewood rack, many users opt for a metal outdoor firewood rack. In this segment, we find products like the Quick Star 47461QUS. 

This log holder has been made entirely of high-quality aluminium, with a system of profiles that give this model high resistance. In addition, thanks to measures of 185 centimeters high by the same width and about 70 centimeters deep, it is possible to store up to 2.3 cubic meters of wood inside. Therefore, it has one of the largest capacities we have seen.

This wood will be protected from the ground thanks to the slightly raised design of the floor, which also features a sloping roof on top. An area equipped with 6-millimeter polycarbonate panels with good durability, which prevent rainwater from falling on the wood.

So that you do not have to look for more information than necessary, we summarize the main characteristics of this product.


Capacity: It is one of the largest models on the market, with a capacity for about 2.3 cubic meters of firewood.

Materials: The structure is made of high-quality aluminum profiles, topped with 40 x 40 steel legs.

Roof: The roof has 6-millimeter polycarbonate panels, with which to prevent rain from falling on the firewood.

Floor: The floor supports allow the firewood to breathe through this area, while maintaining a certain distance from the ground.


Cover: It is missing that the product includes the protective cover, which you must buy separately, if you need it.

Tightening: It is necessary to tighten all the screws once the assembly is done, as well as to check them from time to time.

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4. Festnight Galvanized Steel Firewood Case 

If you need an outdoor metal log holder, this Festnigth model may also be of interest to you. We are talking about a shed-type product, with measurements of 163 centimeters wide by 154 high and 83 centimeters deep. Dimensions that generate a useful storage volume of about 2 cubic meters.

This space is protected from humidity and rain thanks to details such as a sloping roof, which drains the water away from the firewood, or the two side panels with which the walls are closed. It also has an open floor, which allows adequate ventilation and keeps firewood away from the ground. 

As for its construction, we are talking about a model made with a galvanized steel structure, capable of withstanding the most complex climates and offering high durability throughout its useful life.

So that you are clear about what to expect from this woodshed, we leave you the result of the analysis that we have carried out on it.


Capacity: Thanks to its large dimensions, it is possible to store up to 2 cubic meters of wood inside.

Protection: The sloped roof and side panels help keep firewood dry and out of the rain.

Structure: The structure is made of materials such as steel, so its durability is considerable.


Finish: Although the structure is galvanized, the same does not happen with the sides and the roof, which reduces the quality of the finish.

Assembly: Despite its simple structure, the assembly process is somewhat complex.

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Other products

5. vidaXL Galvanized Steel Firewood Case 

The VidaXL 44859 firewood case is another of the firewood holders that deserve to be in our selection, especially due to its large capacity. And it is that this model is presented in three different dimensions, ranging from 172 x 145 x 91 centimeters (width x height x depth) to 330 x 153 x 92 of the largest model.

This wide offer makes it easy to find the storage capacity that suits you best. In fact, the 330 centimeters wide version, which we have mentioned before, is one of the ones with the greatest capacity on the market. Its large size does not prevent the firewood from being well protected, thanks to details such as the sloping roof for rain or the closed side panels. Elements that prevent moisture from doing its thing. 

It also has an open-type base, which generates greater ventilation and allows the wood to be effectively isolated from direct contact with the earth or ground.

We leave you some more information about this woodshed, located among the most outstanding in the current market.


Dimensions: This model has some of the largest dimensions on the market, being useful for storing a lot of firewood inside.

Protection: The sloping roof and side walls better protect the wood from rain.

Open floor: This open floor allows adequate ventilation and separates the firewood from contact with the ground.


Assembly: The assembly process is complex, according to the comments. And the instructions don’t help much either.

Sheet thickness: The sheets are thinner than would be desirable, reducing the overall durability.

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6. Relaxdays Outdoor and Indoor Wood Storage with Cover 

If you don’t want to complicate your life with the assembly when it comes to having an outdoor woodshed, then this Relaxdays model interests you. We are talking about a product that consists of a support made of high-quality steel tube, measuring 245 centimeters wide by 122 high and 40 centimeters deep. A very simple format to store firewood and with which to take advantage of any space you have in your garden or terrace. 

As an extra, the woodshed is accompanied by a cover, with which to protect the wood against humidity and bad weather. In addition, this model offers you the possibility of a partial assembly, so that its measurements and capacity are reduced by half, if you need it. 

A much more versatile and compact system than that of conventional woodsheds and that, however, offers results as interesting as those of the usual woodsheds.

Make better use of any space when it comes to storing firewood with this efficient solution from Relaxdays.


Adjustable: Thanks to its design, you can use it at its full length (245 centimeters) or only half.

Cover: This log holder includes a protective cover, which is unusual for these products.

Assembly: Its assembly is extremely simple, also having a light weight, which barely reaches 8.5 kilos.


Depth: The bottom of the support is only 40 centimeters, so it is not suitable for large logs.

Capacity: Its total capacity may not be enough for large users of firewood. 

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7. Duramax Firewood III metallic

This Duramax model is an outdoor woodshed with a traditional character and case-type design, in which it is possible to store a good amount of wood. For this, the product has dimensions of 182.2 centimeters wide by 160.3 centimeters high and 73.5 centimeters deep, in line with the larger models. 

One aspect that stands out about this woodshed is its manufacturing quality, certified under the ISO 9001 standard. A quality present in details such as panels that are 30% thicker than those of other manufacturers or a triple treatment on the outer faces of these panels. Something that is helped by the 6-millimeter double-corrugated polycarbonate panels that are located in this upper area. 

This high quality allows the manufacturer to offer a 15-year guarantee on this model, being ideal to forget about the deterioration and maintenance of the woodshed for a long time.

Let’s see some interesting aspects of this woodshed, which will surely help you make a perfect purchase.


Capacity: In its support, you can store about 1.3 cubic meters of firewood, comfortably and well protected from the elements.

Triple treatment: The panels have a triple treatment on the outer face, which improves their resistance and durability.

Warranty: The quality of the log holder is such that the manufacturer offers a 15-year warranty on the product.


Level: It is key to mount the woodshed on perfectly level ground, to prevent the structure from bending.

Instructions: Although the assembly is not very complex, it is true that the instructions make it a bit complicated.

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8. Wolfcraft 5122000 Log Holder 1720   

Among the cheap outdoor log holders on the market we have the Wolfcraft 5122000 model. A solution that is as practical as it is simple and that eliminates the need for difficult assemblies and other complications common in these accessories.

To do this, this product consists of an efficient metal support, with measurements of 104.5 centimeters high by 31 deep and a variable width of 172 or 234 centimeters, depending on what you need. These measurements give the model a maximum capacity of 1.17 cubic meters, with the widest configuration. 

The woodshed is made of resistant steel tube, accompanied by floor spacers, to ensure good ventilation. Such is the build quality of this support that the manufacturer offers you a 10-year warranty on this log holder, for greater peace of mind. 

And since we are talking about a proposal that is among the cheapest, we could well be facing the best quality-price ratio outdoor woodshed in this selection.

Save money and gain convenience with this convenient outdoor log rack from Wolfcraft.


Adjustable: You can adjust the width of the log holder and its capacity, depending on your needs.

Spacers: The spacers raise the support and ensure adequate ventilation with respect to the ground.

Resistant: Its high-quality construction allows the manufacturer to offer you a 10-year guarantee.


Placement: It is key to place and fit the firewood correctly, to make good use of the space.

Protection: The firewood is exposed to the elements, so it is almost essential to buy a cover or similar to protect it.

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9. [] Firewood holder 

If you are looking for a small outdoor woodshed that you can place anywhere, the model [] AAFR-661X will surely be of interest to you. We are talking about a product with measures of 60 centimeters wide by 150 high and about 25 centimeters deep, which does not take up much space and is used to take advantage of any corner. However, if you need something smaller, there are models from 100 centimeters high by 40 wide and 25 deep.

The log holder has been manufactured with high-quality steel and an approach that adequately withstands exposure to inclement weather outside, although it is also suitable for indoors, if you need it.

Thanks to the simplicity of its structure, it is an easy-to-assemble woodshed, whose durability is guaranteed thanks to the quality of its finishes. In addition, the 2 centimeters thickness of the structure at its base guarantees a good lower ventilation of the wood.

Comfortably take advantage of any space thanks to the wide range of sizes in which this outdoor log holder is presented.


Compact: It is a compact size solution, with which to take advantage of any space.

Structure: The high-quality steel structure and its fasteners offer a safe and comfortable space to use.

Versatile: The wood rack is suitable for use both outdoors and indoors.


Firewood measurements: It is not the most suitable solution for storing large firewood.

Protection: Since it is an open model, the firewood does not have any protection against rain.

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Shopping guide

There is nothing better than a cozy fireplace on a cold winter day. However, unlike other fuels, firewood is something that we must save and have on hand to feed our fireplace. If you want to have a good amount of firewood, well organized and protected, you will surely be interested in reading our guide to buying the best outdoor firewood rack, where we analyze these products and list the most important aspects for a perfect purchase.

log capacity

The first aspect that we are going to deal with is the capacity of the woodshed. Something that depends on various factors, such as the firewood needs you have or the space available in the area where you mount this accessory. Fortunately, the market offers proposals of almost any size and capacity, as you can see in any comparison of outdoor log holders. So finding the ideal model will not be a problem.

Starting with the needs for firewood, it is obvious that the more you light the fireplace, the greater the need for fuel you will have. A habitual residence, where the fireplace is lit daily, is not the same as a weekend house where you go from time to time. In addition, covering long periods of firewood consumption is always more comfortable and cheaper than making small orders.

This brings us to the measurements of the woodshed, which are the key factor when evaluating its capacity. It is important to know that this capacity is measured in cubic meters, although the comments of many users also indicate the capacity in kilos, which is very useful to have a second reference. As a general idea, the log holders that we have analyzed in this article have a capacity ranging from 0.5 cubic meters for the smallest to about 2.5 cubic meters for the largest. So the variety is considerable.

Manufacturing materials

Another important aspect of any outdoor log holder is the material the product is made of. Let’s think that the woodshed is going to be exposed to cold, rain and humidity, so if these materials are not up to par, it will surely last less time than would be desirable. 

The log holders are made of either wood or metal. An aspect that influences how much the woodshed costs, its durability and its maintenance. Starting with the wooden log holders, these are made from harder varieties, such as spruce or pine. Their price is somewhat lower than that of the metal versions and they have a more elegant finish, although they also require periodic inspection and treating the wood against moisture from time to time.

These inconveniences disappear with metal log holders, whose only maintenance is tightening the structure from season to season and, very occasionally, repainting the structure. In this case, we are talking about products made of steel, generally galvanized, with metal plates for the roof area and the sides, in the models that include these elements. In these latest models, it is advisable to check the finishes and tightening well, so that the metal does not rust or deteriorate prematurely.

Other important details

To close this guide, we want to mention some details that are also important when buying an inexpensive but quality outdoor woodshed. Among them, the protection of firewood stands out. It is key that the chosen model prevents the wood from getting wet due to the rain, for which it should include a roof and panels that protect it on the sides. It is also suitable to use an integral cover with which to cover the wood completely while you do not handle it.

Another important aspect is the floor. This must be separated from the ground, so that we obtain adequate ventilation in the lower part of the firewood. In addition, by avoiding direct contact with the ground, we also keep the firewood away from insects and other elements that can deteriorate it prematurely.

As a last question, it never hurts to take a look at the assembly. An aspect that is key in all models, but especially in the larger ones. Let’s think that an outdoor woodshed consists of a complex structure, so a good design will make the process of assembling the product much easier. Checking this aspect will save you time and more than one headache to get the woodshed ready.

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