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Outdoor LED Spotlight – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

LED lights are one of the best alternatives for good outdoor lighting. This type of bulb also helps you reduce energy costs, which ends up being noticed in the electricity bill. Next, we show you the best outdoor LED spotlights, such as the Bapro 10000LM, which offers 100 W of power and provides great resistance, since it has a system to efficiently dissipate heat and has IP65 protection. On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheaper option, the Kilponen 4 LEDs package, with a wide angle and motion sensors, which will allow you to illuminate an entire outdoor area.

The 9 Best Outdoor LED Spotlights – Opinions 2022

Below, we show you a list of the best outdoor LED spotlights of 2022, designed to illuminate areas such as gardens, garages or terraces. These lights are usually waterproof and, in some cases, have motion sensors and photovoltaic cells that allow you to use sunlight as a power source. 

100W Outdoor LED Spotlight

1. Bapro LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor 

It is a 100W Exterior LED spotlight made up of 120 lights that can generate up to 10,000 lumens. Thanks to this, it is able to provide bright and intense lighting. In addition, it is possible to adjust the angle of the head 180° horizontally and 90° vertically, which favors versatility.

On the other hand, it has a sensor that automatically turns on the light when it detects movement, which could alert in the event of crawling animals or unknown people on your property. Similarly, this allows you to save up to 86% energy, which favors efficiency.

Also, it is a resistant equipment, since it has IP65 protection against water and dust. In this sense, it has a completely sealed design that makes it resistant to external influences. As if that were not enough, it has CE and ROHS certification that guarantee its quality.

If you are looking for one of the best outdoor LED spotlights, the most appropriate thing is that you consider the most relevant aspects of this model before making a decision.


Power: It is a 100 W spotlight that has 120 LEDs, which favors optimal lighting.

Temperature: It offers a color temperature of 6000 K, but it is available in presentations with other shades to choose according to your tastes.

Cooling: It has an ultra slim design and an S-shaped radiator to promote heat dissipation.


Wiring: This spotlight requires a wiring system for its installation, so it may be advisable to have a professional in the area for assembly.

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2. Natur 100W LED High Brightness Outdoor Spotlight

It is a 100 W spotlight equipped with SMD2835 chips, which provide good power to offer correct brightness, high light efficiency and greater durability. In addition, this model is capable of saving up to 84.5% of electrical energy when compared to conventional light bulbs.

As for the manufacturing materials, this outdoor LED spotlight has been made with high-quality tempered glass, which works as a mask to protect the chips and at the same time correctly transmits light. Also, the structure is made of impact-resistant aluminum, thus providing a long service life.

For greater practicality, it comes with a metal bracket that can be installed on floors, walls and ceilings. In addition, it is indicated both indoors and outdoors, since it resists dust and water thanks to its IP66 protection. As if that were not enough, it allows you to vary the angle to adapt it to the type of lighting you need. 

When it comes to lighting exterior areas of the house, it is good to have a good LED spotlight. For this reason, it is a good idea to review the characteristics of this model in detail.


Resistance: It has IP66 protection against water and is made of impact-resistant aluminum.

Cup: The reflective cup is made of nanomaterial and provides a refractive effect that is 1.4 times more effective than conventional spotlights.

Uses: It is indicated for billboards, docks, factories, gardens, among other places.


Support: The support that comes with the product is not very robust, so it is necessary to use it carefully for durability.

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Outdoor Solar LED Spotlight

3. Kilponen Outdoor Solar Light 100 LED Pack of 4

This outdoor solar LED spotlight could be the answer to the question which outdoor LED spotlight to buy for a garden. It is a pack of four spotlights, with which you can completely illuminate an entire outdoor area, whether it is a plot of land or a terrace. 

These spotlights have 120 degree PIR sensors, which can detect movement in approximately 5 meters, so they will activate when someone or something approaches. They have 3 lighting modes: long, strong and low light sensor mode.

They have a 2200 mAh battery and a light emission angle of 270 degrees. Their IP65 certificate protects them against dust and water. They are made of ABS plastic and are resistant to cold and heat, so you won’t have to change them in winter, even when it snows.


Savings: As it is a pack with four LED spotlights, you will save money on the purchase. For the price of one, you get four spotlights, enough to illuminate an entire outdoor area.

Installation: As they have motion sensors, they do not need cables for installation, which makes them a very comfortable option.


Batteries: The batteries are not long enough to last a whole night. For this reason, the illumination is lower while there is no movement nearby.

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4. Possible Outdoor Sunlight

The iPosible ZJ-SLN150 model is the latest version of this manufacturer’s outdoor solar LED spotlight. The lot is made up of six elements, so it is ideal for lighting outdoor areas in an integral way.

To do this, each spotlight offers you a brightness of 1,000 lumens, thanks to the 150 LEDs integrated into its structure. In addition, the width of the illumination is 180 degrees, so it offers performance at the level of the best outdoor LED spotlight you can find.

Of course, thanks to their solar nature, they do not need batteries or electrical connections, which makes them easy to assemble. In addition, the spotlight’s battery has 2,000 mAh, so with 8 hours of sunlight it stores energy to light up to 12 hours. An autonomy in which the included presence sensor system helps, to light only when necessary.

Lighting any outdoor area in your environment is easy, thanks to the complete proposal of these spotlights.


Design: The design of the spotlight has 150 LED lights, with an amplitude of 180 degrees when it comes to lighting the environment.

Battery : The battery has 2,000 mAh and offers 12 hours of autonomy, with only receiving about 8 hours of sunlight.

Size : Its compact size is ideal for paths, walls and any area you need to illuminate.


Modes: This model only works in intermittent mode, with presence sensor, but not in continuous mode.

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Outdoor LED spotlight with motion sensor

5. Brennenstuhl LED spotlight LUFOS 420 with motion detector

The most outstanding feature of this model is that it works wirelessly, thanks to the LR14 alkaline batteries included in the package. In addition, it has IP44 protection, so it is waterproof and can be installed indoors and outdoors for greater versatility.

This outdoor LED spotlight with motion sensor is suitable for wall installation and has an infrared system that offers a maximum horizontal detection angle of 180° and a range of 10 meters. For this reason, it can be useful in garages, sheds, stairs, among other places.

For added convenience, this two-light bulb features a switch to control the lighting mode to 100%, 50%, or off. Plus, each spotlight head can be adjusted independently, so you can direct them according to your needs.

To illuminate dark corners of the house without much effort, it is good to have an LED spotlight with a motion detector. Let’s see the pros and cons of this model.


Wireless: This spotlight does not need a complicated installation, since it works with LR14 batteries that are included in the package.

Double: It has two heads that you can move independently to direct the light where you need it.

Sensor: It incorporates an infrared sensor with a detection angle of 180° with a range of up to 10 meters.


Use: Due to its power, it is indicated for small spaces, since the light does not cover large areas.

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50w outdoor LED spotlight

6. Toplanet 50w Floodlight Led Spotlight LED Projector

The Toplanet 50w outdoor LED spotlight offers more brightness and light power in less space. It has an intelligent design that improves heat dissipation inside, thus favoring its operation and allowing it to work for longer without problems. 

With a light emission angle of 120 degrees and a very low price, it could be the best value for money outdoor LED spotlight. The cup-shaped interior design improves the light output and irradiation area, creating an area with a high brightness and a very sharp white light.

The PWB material with which it is manufactured improves resistance to high voltage, which, together with the good insulation of its systems, extends its useful life up to 50,000 hours of use. It also has IP66 protection, unusual in such cheap spotlights.


Assembly: Assembly is very simple. It is based on anchoring the two screws that are incorporated and connecting the cables to the power outlet.

Cold light: They have a very large light area for such small spotlights. In addition, the light they emit is white and bright and they hardly give off heat.


Watertight : Being a watertight spotlight, it cannot be opened, which can make it difficult to change parts or access the cables, necessary for assembling the spotlight.

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Outdoor LED spotlight

7. Nikeeyen 100W Outdoor LED Floodlight 

This 100W LED bulb has high power chips that do not accumulate high temperatures. In addition, the structure of this projector has a finned system to dissipate heat, which prevents electrical accidents and provides a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

It is an outdoor LED floodlight that offers a 120° beam angle, with an anti-glare effect and no shadows, to provide a very powerful bright light. However, it does not consume much energy, which is why the manufacturer calculates a saving of 82% compared to conventional light bulbs.

It has a high-quality alloy aluminum frame and a tempered glass lens, making it resistant to corrosion and impact. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that it offers IP67 protection, so it resists dust and outdoor atmospheric conditions.

If you want to purchase a functional LED spotlight, it is recommended that you review the most important features of this model in more detail.


Materials: It is made of alloy aluminum and tempered glass, so it can resist heat, impact and prevent corrosion.

Durability: It has an estimated useful life of 50,000 hours according to manufacturer information.

Protection: It has IP67 protection against dust and rain, so it is weather resistant.


Installation: This model does not come with screws and plugs for mounting, so you must purchase them separately.

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30W Outdoor LED Spotlight

8. Toplanet 30W LED Outdoor Floodlight

Toplanet could be considered as the best outdoor LED spotlight brand. In this case, it offers us a 30 W exterior LED spotlight, with 6500 lm of cold white light and high brightness. The tempered glass of its screen confers high transparency and the aluminum reflector, combined with the internal chips, offer a lighting angle of 150 degrees.

The housing is made of aluminum, which prevents corrosion, wear and tear and improves the heat absorption of the 36 internal LEDs. Thanks to internal heat dissipation, the lamp never exceeds 30 degrees in temperature. 

The set has IP66 protection and an extra-thin seal, with high-quality silicone rubbers, so it withstands the demands of the weather such as rain, snow and sleet.


Mounting : Thanks to its support and its light materials, it is very easy to mount the spotlight on any wall or ceiling. The bracket also has holes to insert screws or nuts.

Light : With 36 interior LEDs and a light output of more than 6,000 lumens, you can illuminate any outdoor space, be it a garden, a backyard or a terrace.


Cable : The cable included for its installation is somewhat short in some models. This makes it difficult to connect with the current, and since it is sealed, it is very difficult to open it to install another longer cable.

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20W outdoor LED spotlight

9. Viugreum Outdoor LED Spotlights 20 W Floodlight

This 20W outdoor LED spotlight is very powerful, thanks to an internal projector with optical lenses, which transmits light with 98% more efficiency. Being a floodlight or flood light, the illumination is more uniform and has a stronger refractive index.

High-performance ceramic LEDs offer cool light with a wide angle of dispersion. The metallic materials of the inner screen disperse heat better, extending its useful life up to 50,000 hours, which will allow you to save, since you will not need to replace it as often.

It is resistant to corrosion, which makes it an excellent option for gardens and outdoors. Thanks to its IP65 protection, it withstands bad weather such as rain or snow, as well as dust.


Price : For a really low price you will have a great LED spotlight, with top quality lighting conditions, made of resistant and reliable materials.

Savings : With more than 50,000 hours of use thanks to its heat sinks, both the internal materials and its chips, you will save money on spotlights and thanks to its LEDs also on the bill.


Assembly : The main problem with this spotlight has to do with its assembly, since the cable that is included in the purchase is very short and it is very difficult to connect it to the power outlet. In addition, being watertight, you cannot access its interior to change it.

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Shopping guide

When buying an outdoor LED spotlight for your garden or terrace, you should take into account some characteristics or factors that affect the functionality and use that you can give it. These factors, such as the power or the opening of the light, will have a great weight in your choice, that is why we will detail them below.


We start this guide to buy the best outdoor LED spotlight talking about the power that, in this case, is represented by lumens and watts (W). At this point, there is no standard among manufacturers, so it is difficult to unify criteria. Despite this, the theory says that a single LED is capable of generating between 60 and 90 lumens on its own, any value above it is false.

To know the lumens generated by a light bulb, simply multiply the number of watts by 70, which would be the average value of a market light bulb. In this case, a 30 W LED spotlight will offer a light output of 2100 lm. This is why a 12W LED bulb can replace a 60W incandescent. Put simply, LEDs illuminate more with less power, saving you money on your electricity bill.

color temperature

The color temperature does not have to do with what the bulb gets hot or not, but with the color of the light it emits. This temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin and indicates what color the light emitted by the bulb will have. There are three basic colors: warm white, pure white and cool white. Each color has its own practical application, for example cool white is used in places like garages or storage rooms, where a lot of light is needed. Outdoor LED spotlights usually have this type of light.

Light isn’t usually a factor in how much a bulb costs, but cheaper bulbs often have a yellowish glow, even when listed as cool. To find out what kind of light the focus offers, you have to consult the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, above 3,000K will be warm white, while 5,800K is cool white.


We continue with this comparison of outdoor LED spotlights talking about the installation. The most common is that the spotlights have all the parts and elements necessary to carry out a complete installation. That is, they include a metal support with holes for screws, as well as a piece of hose with three cables (phase, ground and neutral), which must be connected to the power outlet.

In some cases, manufacturers include somewhat short cables. This can be solved by opening the bulb and replacing the short cable with one that has the necessary measurement to facilitate installation. 

Some models work with photovoltaic solar cells that, throughout the day, recharge an internal battery. These bulbs require less installation work, as there is no need to connect them to the light and it will be enough to place the cell in a place that receives direct sunlight throughout the day.

As for the installation, we cannot fail to take into account the area in which you are going to place the spotlight. It will depend a lot on the lighting area of ​​each spotlight to place it in one space or another. For example, smaller spotlights that are less than 90 degrees will be better for small spaces, while 120 degree spotlights will be ideal for outdoors, such as gardens or terraces.

Opening angle

A good and cheap outdoor LED spotlight will have an opening angle greater than 90 degrees. Usually, they usually have 120 degrees, which makes them a great option for exteriors, since each spotlight covers a large area of ​​land. The smallest models, those that are less than 90 degrees, are indicated for small spaces or to illuminate specific areas, such as a door or a window.


The most important thing in terms of design is the durability and quality of its materials. An outdoor LED spotlight must be made of resistant materials, such as aluminum or steel. Above all, it is important that it has a good seal. To do this, you have to check that it has IP certification and what certification number it has. The most common in this type of spotlights is that they have an IP68, although there are IP66 ones that easily resist rain and even snow.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an outdoor LED spotlight?

First of all, you need to install the outdoor LED spotlight in the place where you want to use it. Depending on the opening angle of the model you have purchased, you must install it in one place or another. As we have already explained, the lower the angle, the less lighting space. 

Once you are clear about where you are going to place them, you must connect the cables to the power outlet in your house. You can do it yourself, since it is quite simple, although if you prefer you can leave it in the hands of an electrical professional. 

In case of installing more than one, you have to place them at equal intervals. To do this, use a meter and measure the distance between each one. Remember that, if they have a large opening angle, you should not place them too close or they will overlap, reducing the efficiency of each focus.

Lastly, if your outdoor LED spotlight has a solar cell, you should place it somewhere where it will receive direct sunlight for as long as possible. The most common is to place it somewhere that receives sun all day. If you have a motion sensor, it should be placed in a place that can detect movements.

Q2: How to install an outdoor LED spotlight?

The first step is to find where you want to install each bulb. Once you have clear your space, you must connect the cables to the power outlet. The procedure is simple, since each cable has a color and you just have to match them. To perform this procedure, remember to turn off the power. Finally, you just have to install the spotlight, they usually have a frame or a support with holes, you will have to make a hole with a drill and use a rubber plug, along with a screw to fix them to the surface.

Q3: Which is better, an outdoor LED or halogen spotlight?

Halogen bulbs are made with gaseous iodine and bromine and their operation is like that of a traditional filament bulb, that is: by heat. In this case, much of the energy is lost in that heat and its energy efficiency is usually below 20%.

Compared to halogens, LEDs are much more energy efficient and also economically. An LED bulb has 15% of the cost of a halogen and its useful life is around 15,000 hours, while that of the halogen is around 2,000. 

Q4: Why is my outdoor LED bulb flickering?

In most cases, this problem occurs when replacing a halogen bulb with an LED without removing the voltage transformer. LEDs do not use transformers, but drivers or controllers, which also regulate the flow of electricity, allowing the bulb to always have the same voltage, regardless of the current.

The transformer cuts the current, so when placing the LED, which consumes less, we find that the voltage is insufficient and the circuit enters a loop opening and closing the system, causing the LED bulb to flicker.

Q5: How to remove the bulb from an outdoor LED spotlight?

Most outdoor LED spotlights do not allow the bulb to be removed from the spotlight, since they do not have a bulb as such, but rather a strip of LED diodes. These bulbs are high performance, so they will last between 20,000 and 50,000 hours of use. When they wear out or burn out, you simply have to replace the entire bulb with a new one.

In the older models, which do have an LED bulb, you just have to carefully open the glass cover, remove the bulb and put in a new one. Do not forget to close the focus well, once the operation is finished, making sure that it is sealed and watertight.

Q6: How much does an outdoor LED spotlight consume?

Outdoor LED spotlights have a really low consumption. For example, let’s say that three 30W LED spotlights are installed and they are turned on for an average of 6 hours a day, the calculation would be as follows: 3 spotlights x 30 W x 8 hours a day x 30 days a month = 21,600 W. 

This result is divided by 1000 to pass it to Kw, so we would have 21.6 Kw left. Assuming that the price is 0.12 euros per Kw, the total consumption would be about 2.6 euros per month of total consumption.

Q7: Why does the outdoor LED spotlight make noise?

Most of the time, this problem is caused by a dimmer or transformer being fitted that is not compatible with the installed LED, causing vibrations and buzzing. Although there are also some LED lamps that have factory defects and can produce those annoying buzzing sounds.

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Floodlight LED Spotlight 100W Exterior

Este foco LED Exterior de 100 W está fabricado en aluminio fundido a presión y vidrio templado, al ser más resistente que el hierro durará más tiempo, incluso estando expuesto a los elementos. Tiene un diseño muy elegante, con formas rectas y de color plateado, por lo que se integra muy bien en cualquier elemento arquitectónico.

Incluye un soporte de metal ajustable que se puede instalar en cualquier lugar y permite ajustar el ángulo de iluminación en 180 grados según las necesidades. Dispone de un chip LED de alta calidad, resistente a impactos y con alta eficiencia que prolonga su vida útil hasta un 90%.


Protección IP: Con una protección IP65 resiste perfectamente el agua de la lluvia, el granizo y la nieve, así como el polvo.

Ángulo de iluminación: El ángulo del haz es de 120 grados e ilumina un área muy amplia de manera uniforme.

Duradero: Gracias al chip LED y a sus materiales de fabricación, se trata de un producto hecho para durar.


Cable de instalación: El cable de instalación solo mide 35 cm, por lo que resulta algo corto para trabajar cómodamente.

Onforu 35 W Foco LED con Sensor de Movimiento

 El foco LED exterior con sensor de movimiento de Onforu, con sus 35 W ofrece una potencia lumínica total de 3000 lm, con una agradable luz fría de color blanco. Estos LEDs de nueva generación y de bajo consumo, reemplazan las bombillas tradicionales y permiten un ahorro del 80% en el consumo.

El foco cuenta con un sensor PIR que detecta movimientos a 12 metros de distancia, por lo que podría ser el mejor foco led exterior del momento. También cuenta con varios modos de iluminación como el TIME que permite regular la duración del encendido entre 10 y 180 segundos o LUX, que permite mantener el foco encendido en todo momento.

El rango del detector también es configurable y tiene un ángulo de hasta 180 grados, permitiendo su giro en vertical y horizontal algo de lo que carecen opciones más baratas.


IP66: Dispone de certificación IP66 mejorada que permite un uso continuo y estable bajo condiciones de lluvia, aguanieve y nieve. La carcasa es impermeable y protege al foco de los elementos y del polvo.

Iluminación: Con 3000 lúmenes de potencia, ofrece una iluminación perfecta para exteriores. Además, gracias a su ángulo de iluminación y la posibilidad de configurarlo, no tendrás problema para adaptarlo a cualquier espacio.


Detector: El foco cuenta con protección IP66, pero el detector solo tiene IP44, por lo que se deberá montar debajo del foco y no encima.

Meikee Foco LED exterior Sensor de movimiento alto brillo

Este foco proyector LED exterior de alto brillo dispone de dos modos de funcionamiento: LUX y TIME. El primero te permite mantener encendido el foco toda la noche, mientras que el otro te permite configurar el tiempo de encendido entre 10 y 600 segundos, a partir de la detección de movimiento del sensor.

Si te estás preguntando cuál es el mejor foco LED exterior, este modelo podría ser la respuesta a tus preguntas. Con un sensor de movimiento muy potente, que detecta a una distancia de 12 metros y en un ángulo de 180 grados.

En cuanto a la luz, tiene una potencia lumínica de 1000 lm y 10 W. La luz que emite es blanca y fría, con un ángulo de iluminación ajustable de 120 grados. El foco cuenta con protección IP66 y el sensor IP65, por lo que resistirán el agua, la lluvia y hasta la nieve sin dejar de funcionar.


Protección: Tanto el foco como el sensor tienen protección IP, algo poco habitual en este tipo de productos. Esto te permitirá instalarlo sin problemas en exteriores, incluso dejando el sensor a la vista.

Instalación: La instalación es sencilla, bastará con conectar el cable que se incluye a la toma de luz de la casa y fijar el foco a la superficie en la que se desea instalar.


Sensor: El sensor de movimiento, si se instala en un lugar incorrecto detec

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