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Fertilizer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Fertilizers can help your flowers and plants grow faster and in better health, so they are a very useful component when growing. If you want to know some recommendations on fertilizers, first of all we have the Alfe Urea Mineral product, a 4-kilogram bag of mineral fertilizer high in nitrogen to produce ammoniacal salts, which will end up converted into nitrates. Second, we recommend checking out Sea Chem Shropshire Seaweed. It is a fertilizer of organic origin obtained from seaweed with a high concentration even after being diluted.

The 9 Best Fertilizers – Opinions 2022

Whether you want to prepare a plot or a pot, as well as to provide your plants with proper care, the market offers a wide variety of fertilizers made up of a series of special additives designed to nourish them and help them in their development. Next, we will know some of the most striking options:

urea fertilizer


1. Alfe Urea Simple Mineral Fertilizer For Orchards

Alfe brand Mineral Urea could be the ideal fertilizer for you if you are looking to enrich the soil with nitrogenous minerals. It comes in a 4-kilogram package, enough to fertilize spaces of up to 100 m², so it will last a long time for domestic use.

Being a urea fertilizer, this product is characterized by having a high concentration of nitrogen, specifically 46%, which can be synthesized by compost and plants for better development and growth.

In this sense, Alfe Urea Mineral contains a combination of nitrogenous ingredients that will be able to speed up the growth of the plantation, so that you can enjoy the fruits or flowers sooner than expected.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this fertilizer comes in granules, making it easy to measure in order to pour the right amount depending on the size of the pot, garden or land. Since it could be the best fertilizer of the moment, here are the pros and cons of Alfe Urea Mineral:


Mineral: This product contains nitrogenous mineral additives that cause positive impacts for the growth of certain plants.

Concentration: It has a nitrogen concentration of 46%, so it is high in ammoniacal salts and nitrates.

Granulated: The fertilizer is granulated in the form of small balls, so that it is easy to measure and spread them.

Compatibility: This fertilizer is compatible with grass and can make it grow greener, stronger and more lush.


Measurement: Due to its nitrogen concentration, the amounts to be used must be exact to avoid damage to the substrate.

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liquid fertilizer


2. Sea Chem Shropshire Seaweed Organic Fertilizer

A good option if you are looking for a liquid fertilizer could be Sea Chem with its 5 liter can Shropshire Seaweed.

Some users comment that it could be the best fertilizer, since among the components of this product is the seaweed ascophyllum nodosum, which is widely used to treat substrates and soil, since it contains a series of acids and proteins that are beneficial for the development and plant growth.

Likewise, the fully organic composition of this fertilizer frees it from the presence of chemical agents or additives, offering a level of purity and concentration of the algae.

It can be used to treat flowers, vegetables, hedges, fruits and even lawns. Thanks to this, the product is capable of strengthening the general structure of a wide variety of flora to better withstand cold or dry seasons and grow healthily.

If this Sea Chem fertilizer has managed to capture your attention, here we show you its positive and negative aspects:


Presentation: Shropshire Seaweed is offered in 5, 10 and 20 liter pots depending on availability, so you can purchase the right amount for your needs.

Organic: It is a purely organic product, being safer to use as a fertilizer for your plants, especially if they are for consumption.

Seaweed: The main component is a species of seaweed widely used to fertilize crops.

Benefits: The acids and proteins of the seaweed help to improve the development and resistance of the plant.


Water: Keep in mind that, due to its concentration, this fertilizer must be combined with water, specifically with a dilution of 1:502.

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plant fertilizer


3. Compo Granulated Fertilizer for Pots and Planters


Compo has in its catalog a fertilizer for plants that can be used both in pots and in planters thanks to its composition, since it has basic nutrients and microelements designed for the care of your plants during their growth.

It comes in a 15.5 x 10.7 x 3.4 centimeter package that contains 300 grams of the product, which is presented in granulated form to facilitate its distribution and, in addition, has a high solubility to be added to irrigation water. without major problem. This makes it very practical for the care of ornamental flowers, for example.

On the other hand, with the purchase of this fertilizer you will get a measuring spoon as a gift with which it will be much easier for you to take the amount of fertilizer needed depending on where you are going to pour it, although it is mainly recommended for domestic use.

Compo could be the best fertilizer brand on the market, so we invite you to consider this product:


Presentation: This fertilizer is granulated to be easy to handle and dissolve when it comes into contact with water.

Nutrients: The recipe contains the basic nutritional elements required by plants for their growth.

Microelements: It has synthetic microelements for the general strengthening of the plant.

Spoon: A measuring spoon is included to properly use the product.


Application: Do not overlook that both the composition and the amount of fertilizer is designed for pots and small planters.

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Orchid fertilizer


4. Seeds Battle Fertilizers Revitalizing Flairosol Orchids

If you don’t want to spend too much and are looking for one of the cheapest, you may want to consider the Semillas Battle product. This fertilizer is specially designed for the care of orchid flowers and even comes in a spray bottle to make it much easier for you to apply it.

Likewise, it is highlighted that the mixture can be used without diluent, which will allow you to use the sprayer directly on the plant to bathe its leaves twice a week, as recommended by the manufacturer, to give them life and health.

Regarding its composition, this fertilizer for orchids contains a mixture of fertilizer with vitamin complexes and biostimulant elements that will provide the necessary nutrients to the flower for its growth. Among some of the components are algae, iron, manganese, boron, etc. It is low in salinity, being completely safe for flowers.

In case you have orchids planted at home, with this fertilizer you can possibly take care of them much better:


Bottle: The liquid fertilizer bottle has its respective sprayer to apply the product.

Absorption: It is rapidly absorbed so that it can be assimilated by the plants as soon as they are watered.

Composition: Its composition is rich in amino acids, micronutrients and other healthy elements for plants.

Orchids: It can be used in all types of orchids, to avoid problems with the species.


Usefulness: Being specially designed for use on orchids, if you have other types of plants, it is likely that this fertilizer will not have the expected effect on them.

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Potassium Nitrate Fertilizer


5. All Crop Potassium Nitrate Fertilizer 13-00-46


It is a potassium nitrate fertilizer that can help your plants to better withstand cold times, you can evaluate this product from the Todo Cultivo brand.

In this sense, the mixture of this fertilizer helps your plants to tolerate low temperatures thanks to the fact that it is capable of promoting a better development of the root system, that is, the roots of the plant, so that they can absorb and maintain water. Thanks to this, it is among the possible best fertilizers of 2022.

Taking into account its composition, Todo Cultivo’s 13-00-46 fertilizer is classified as potassium nitrate, which can be used in fruit plants, crops, orchards, pots and any other substrate where sugar generation is required.

With its occasional use, you can increase the resistance of your plantations and thus help them reach maturity to enjoy their fruits and flowers.

If you have doubts about which fertilizer to buy, take a look at this product from Todo Cultivo:


Potassium: It is a fertilizer rich in potassium, a fundamental element for the correct development of the flora.

Cold: Its components help plants to withstand the winter season to bloom in spring.

Roots: It has growth effects on the roots of plants to make better use of water when they are watered.

Safe: Potassium nitrate, as this fertilizer is categorized, is safe to use on virtually any plant.


Bag: Supplied in a ziplock bag that might be awkward for some buyers to handle.

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Compo universal fertilizer


6. Quality Compo for Ornamental Indoor or Terrace Plants


A good alternative in fertilizers for the care of your pots could be that of the well-known brand Compo.

Its product M48987 has the advantage of having a composition that is universally compatible with ornamental flowers, being a practical alternative if you have decorative pots at home. With this Compo universal fertilizer you can treat green and floral plants, as well as indoor and outdoor plants, adding greater practicality to the product.

Regarding its composition, the Compo fertilizer contains magnesium combined with a variety of microelements that will be able to help the plant to grow more vigorous and healthy.

Finally, it should be noted that it is marketed in a bottle presentation that can be 500 milliliters or 1 litre, since it is a liquid fertilizer and has a dosing cap so that you know how much content to add to the water for irrigation.

Being from Compo, this product already offers a certain level of quality, but if you want to know more details, you will see them below:


Universal use: It has a combination of elements that gives it the particularity of offering a universal use for ornamental plants.

Composition: Contains mineral microelements with magnesium and other compounds to improve the growth and health of the plant in general.

Benefits: It can stimulate root growth so that they perform much better by bringing water to the plant.

Bottle: The bottle can be 500 milliliters or 1 liter depending on your needs and with its dosing cap you can add the correct amount for irrigation.


Concentration: For some, the fertilizer could be more concentrated, since, when diluted, it takes several days to take effect.

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NPK fertilizer


7. Green 24 Hi-Tech NPK Liquid Fertilizer


From the Green 24 brand we present an NPK fertilizer that, as its acronym indicates, has nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are key elements for preparing the land or substrate where you are going to plant.

It is a liquid fertilizer and can be purchased in a 250-milliliter bottle which, due to its concentration, will provide you with approximately 60 to 125 liters of fertilizer. It must be diluted in water and a single cap of fertilizer will be able to prepare up to 5 liters of water at a time, so you can water your entire garden without problems.

On the other hand, the Green 24 container is easy to handle, it includes the corresponding lid that you can use as a dispenser and it has the indications printed along with the recommendations for use, in case you do not have much experience with liquid fertilizers like this one.

To make the most of your money when choosing a fertilizer, we advise you to consider all possible aspects. Learn more about this product below.


Dilution: Although the bottle of liquid fertilizer only has 250 milliliters, these can exceed 125 liters of water prepared for irrigation.

Benefits: It can improve the health of the roots, as well as the appearance of the leaves and the hardness of the branches.

Application: If you want a more direct effect, you can apply this liquid fertilizer directly to the roots of the plant.

Lid: The lid of the bottle is designed to be used as a dispenser when preparing irrigation water, making it versatile and easy to use.


Use: Keep in mind that this fertilizer has a special composition only for the care of tropical and subtropical palm trees.

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natural fertilizer


8. Solabiol Citrus Fertilizer With 100% Organic Ingredients


Solabiol has for you a natural fertilizer that stands out for being 100% organic, that is, it does not have synthetic elements or traces of chemicals in its composition, making it very safe to use on your plants.

It comes in the form of granulated fertilizer, which is also considered by some to be possibly the best price-quality fertilizer thanks to the fact that it comes in a 750-gram package that is easy to handle and store. It has prolonged action thanks to the presence of natural active ingredients in its composition.

On the other hand, we are faced with a product designed to meet the requirements of citrus plants and trees, since it has root system stimulators that increase root growth and development. This will help the plant to grow in less time to enjoy its fresh fruits as soon as they ripen.

If you have a tight budget, you may be looking for the cheapest options and among them is this Solabiol fertilizer:


Organic: It is an organic fertilizer free of chemical components so as not to affect the flavor or appearance of fruits and plants.

Types: In this case, we are dealing with a fertilizer for citrus fruits, but the manufacturer also offers specific formulas for red fruits, conifers, rose bushes, hydrangeas and more.

Stimulator: Its ingredients help to enhance root growth in general.

Granulated: It is presented granulated, so it is easy to apply and dose depending on the plant species.


Application: You must make sure that all the grains of the fertilizer enter the substrate to avoid the appearance of mold.

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organic fertilizer


9. Envii Seafeed Xtra Liquid Organic Seaweed Fertilizer


If you need to acquire an organic fertilizer, this Envii product could be of interest to you. Seafeed Xtra is a liquid and organic fertilizer that comes in a 1-liter capacity pot in high concentration, so you will only need 10 milliliters to prepare 5 liters of fertilized water to water your plants.

Because of this, many say that it could be the solution to the question of which is the best fertilizer. In this sense, it is also noteworthy that it can be applied directly to the leaves or foliage of the plant every two weeks, making them look much greener and healthier.

Considering its composition, this fertilizer has the particularity of having 5% of its content in solid state due to the presence of marine algae, urea, iron and amino acids, all very important for the care of plants in general.

With this organic fertilizer you can give your plants special care thanks to its advantages and properties:


Seaweed: Envii’s product contains the famous Ascophyllum nodosum, known for its positive anti-stress effects when used as a fertilizer.

Contributions: Helps the development of the plant for harvest, cultivation or flowering, as well as can contribute to rapid growth and development.

Compatibility: It is a suitable fertilizer for herbs, fruits, vegetables, lawns, flowers, green plants and much more.

Durability: Since the bottle includes 1 liter and you only need 10 milliliters to prepare 5 liters of water for irrigation, it will probably last you a long time.


Salinity: When having seaweed, it is important to control the amount used so as not to burn the roots of the plants.

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Shopping guide


Finding a good fertilizer for your plants can be a bit complicated if you do not have prior knowledge about agriculture or botany in general, therefore, in this space we offer you a guide to buying the best fertilizer, where you can find useful and practical information:

Fertilizer Type

In a comparison of fertilizers, the first thing that is usually determined is the type. This product can be basically classified into two: organic and mineral, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. Everything will depend on your needs and the type of plant you are working with.

In this sense, we will review both starting first with the organic, which is the one made up of materials obtained through degradation processes, mainly those originating from animal, vegetable and wood waste. In addition, it is usually the cheapest.

This type of fertilizer is designed to increase the temperature of the soil, which provides a more prosperous environment for the development of the plant, mainly its roots, through which they obtain a large part of their nutrients. An advantage of organic fertilizer is that it is free of chemical compounds that could affect the quality of the fruits or flowers of your plant at different levels.

For its part, mineral fertilizer is created by combining lime, marl, earth, gypsum, mud, silt and mortar, a series of residues that can be obtained by extraction. These types of fertilizers offer the advantage of being able to better control the alkaline and acidity levels of their components, so they can be prescribed to increase the growth of certain plants in particular.

As you can see, choosing the type of fertilizer must go hand in hand with your needs as a grower, as well as the type of plant and the utility that will be given to it, either just to see it flourish or for consumption thanks to the approaches of some formulations.

Fertilizer status

For some users, the condition of the fertilizer is another very important aspect to consider, as this determines the application method for the compost in your garden.

Again, we are faced with two basic possibilities for fertilizer presentation: dry and wet, so it can easily be assumed that application methods will vary considerably.

In the case of dry fertilizer, it can be obtained in the form of small balls, grains, dust, etc. The treatment of soils with this type of fertilizer is quite simple, since you only have to spread the appropriate amount taking into account the size of the land and finish with an irrigation session that will compact everything.

If you opt for wet fertilizer, this presentation usually comes in a bottle with a sprayer so that you can pour it directly on the surface and it can be absorbed by the substrate and thus bring all the nutrients and minerals to the plant.

Component Concentration

The following characteristic is essential to consider when choosing the type of fertilizer, especially if it is a mineral one, since in this type the amount of certain elements can be controlled to vary the effects of the fertilizer on the compost. This detail allows you to create special fertilizers for each type of plant, which is why you should carefully analyze the needs of your garden, pot or orchard.

Therefore, when you go to choose the fertilizer for your pot or garden, you should pay close attention to the specifications on the label where you can see the percentage of concentration and purity of its components. Thus, it will be easier for you to choose according to the type of substrate, plant or specific needs you have for cultivation.


Package Quantity

The amount of fertilizer available to use in each package may have a direct impact on how much it costs, but don’t worry too much. If you look carefully, you can find deals that are good value for money and get what you need without spending too much.

Likewise, you cannot neglect the fact that the fertilizer cannot be applied lightly and without knowledge, since, if it accumulates, it can damage the substrate or burn the roots of the plants.

In this feature you must be careful to acquire exactly the amount you need or the boat with the closest capacity. In this way, you can avoid overloading your soils and having to store the fertilizer for too long.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use the fertilizer?

To use the fertilizer correctly, you must first determine if it is dry or wet. In the first case, it will suffice to spread it over the compost and finish by watering the soil for better penetration. In the second case, you can use a watering can or a sprayer depending on the space of land you want to fertilize.


Q2: How to make homemade liquid fertilizer?

Preparing your own homemade liquid fertilizer is quite simple and you will only need a couple of ingredients. First, take a pot big enough to hold a gallon of water and fill it up. Then, add a teaspoon of Epsom salt and another of baking soda to the water. Mix everything very well and you will have a liquid fertilizer with which you can take care of your plants simply by watering the substrate a little.


Q3: What is the best fertilizer for fruit trees?

Taking into account that fruit trees usually consume a large amount of nutrients, the most recommended in these cases is to fertilize the soil with nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)-based fertilizers, mostly known as NPK by it’s components.

Q4: How to apply the granular fertilizer?

After having chosen the right fertilizer for your plants, the next thing is to measure the space that you want to pay. In general rules, it is advisable to use a tablespoon of fertilizer for each m², although, in the same way, you should check the instructions on the package to take the appropriate amount.

If you are going to apply it in a pot, you will only have to take a little compost and spread it on the ground around the plant. If you are going to fertilize large areas, you can use a fertilizer spreader, which you should fill with the recommended amount to avoid damaging the soil and plants.

Finally, to finish both processes you must water the area where you have poured fertilizer and thus achieve a better settlement of the product. Always remember to wear gardening gloves to avoid direct contact with the chemical components of the synthetic fertilizer.


Q5: How is ash used as a fertilizer?

Wood ash is rich in alkaline elements, so it is capable of reducing the acidity of the soil, promoting a more suitable environment for the development of fruit plants such as blueberries, flowers such as azaleas and more.

To use ashes as fertilizer, the steps to follow are practically the same as with any other type of fertilizer, except that in this case it is also advisable to add clay leaves together with the ashes to separate the soil. This action will help keep more air between the layers for proper oxygenation.

After having spread the ashes with the leaves on top of the compost layer, it is advisable to carry out a watering session to prevent the fertilizer from being lifted by the wind.


Q6: What is a mineral fertilizer?

Fertilizers or mineral fertilizers are those that are composed of elements such as lime, plaster, earth, mud, silt and mortar. Some of these must be obtained from specific sources, such as a pond for mud or mortar left over from building demolitions.

This type of fertilizer has the advantage that the exact amount of certain minerals that contribute to the saline levels of the compost can be controlled, for example, to balance them according to the needs of each plantation. This makes mineral fertilizers a preferred choice for many farmers and botanists.


Q7: When to put the fertilizer to the plants?

The plants, for the most part, bloom in spring, after the winter season has passed. According to the general indications, this is the most recommended time for the application of fertilizers, since it is the most suitable moment to promote leafy growth accompanied by fruits and flowers according to the species.

Therefore, it is best to take into account the climate of your region and wait for the cold to pass before starting to use the fertilizer in your plantations, pots or gardens.


Q8: Are coffee grounds used as fertilizer?

Coffee grounds can be used to improve the quality of compost by adding nutrients to the soil. This type of fertilizer is generally used to feed organisms such as earthworms, create traditional compost or insecticide.

It can also be applied both dry and wet with certain recommendations. If you want to use it dry, you should keep it stored in a plastic bag or glass container to allow it to release all the moisture. When it dries, it will be a kind of powder that you can easily spread on the ground.

If you want to use it wet, you can combine it with the compost you are going to use to prepare the ground. Being a task made up of several alternating layers of wet and dry elements, coffee grounds are quite useful.

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