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Garden Chair – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Flowers in the garden and a beautiful lawn are very pleasing to the eye, but in any outdoor space you need the appropriate furniture to sit and enjoy its beauty. In this sense, a garden chair like the Keter Bali seems like a good option because of its design with armrests and its plastic structure with a rattan texture, which gives it a good appearance and functionality. But, if you are looking for a more elegant and classic design, the CLP Indra has outstanding features such as its folding format, which facilitates storage, and its wrought iron construction that offers good strength and durability. 

The 8 Best Garden Chairs – Opinions 2022

Having breakfast in the garden one morning or sitting down to tea with friends in the open air can be a pleasant experience as long as you have the right furniture, matching the style of your outdoor space. For this reason, we have selected the most outstanding products among the best garden chairs, and in which you will surely find the ideal model for your home.

plastic garden chairs

1. Keter Bali Outdoor Garden Chair

In the search for cheap and functional models, plastic garden chairs lead the way, especially when it comes to elegant design like the Bali chair from Keter.

Among its features, a robust monoblock structure stands out, that is, it does not need assembly, and it includes armrests for greater comfort. The resistant plastic construction determines its durability, while the rattan design on the back and seat gives it a very attractive aesthetic touch.

Regarding the colors, you can choose this model in white, brown or graphite. As for the measurements, its dimensions are 58 x 83 x 53 cm and its stackable format facilitates storage. 

All these characteristics make this product a good alternative to be the best garden chair, and for this reason we summarize its qualities in the following section of pros and cons.


Design: The structure with armrests offers a comfortable seat, with a comfortable backrest and an adequate height.

Maintenance: Because it is a plastic chair, cleaning it is very simple, as it admits the use of soap and water, in addition to being weather resistant.

Colours: You can choose the chair in white, graphite or brown.

Assembly: The chair has a monoblock format, so it does not need assembly, and it can be stored stacked if you buy several units.


Information: Information from the manufacturer about the actual weight that this chair resists is missing. 

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Garden folding chairs

2. CLP Indra Folding Garden Chair 

Elegantly decorating a terrace depends a lot on the furniture used. That is why wrought iron chairs with ornaments are usually the favorite choice of those who like the classic.

In this sense, the Indra folding garden chairs fit very well into this profile, because they have a rustic and old, but distinguished design. The seat is circular and measures 40 x 40 cm, while its height from the ground is 43.5 cm. 

In addition, the fact that they are foldable saves space when storing them. For cleaning, you only need a damp cloth and a little detergent. 

The ease of maintenance of this product and its other qualities allow it to have a place among the best garden chairs of 2022, representing a good investment to have classic and beautiful seats on the patio.

Definitely, some users may think that this is the best garden chair of the moment, so it is necessary to know its positive and negative aspects.


Space: The folding format of the chair saves space and stores it without difficulty.

Construction: The chair is made of wrought iron and has different details on the backrest that affect its classic design.

Variety: This model is available in 6 different shades, some with an aged look, so you can choose the one that best suits the garden decoration. 


Seat: It is necessary to place a cushion on the seat to make it more comfortable when using it.

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Wrought iron garden chairs

3. Lola Home Stackable Iron Chair

In the search for wrought iron garden chairs, Lola Home stands out for its traditional and always current style, that is, it does not go out of style, looking good in any outdoor environment, thanks to its aged finish.

Regarding its dimensions, this model measures 46 cm long, 91 cm high and 55.5 cm wide. For its part, the seat is 43.5 cm high and the backrest measures 32.5 cm.

If you are wondering which is the best garden chair, this may be the ideal answer because it has a special finish that protects the material from climate changes and sun exposure, thus extending its durability. 

Lola Home has a wide catalog of home furniture, so it could be considered the best brand of garden chairs. For this reason, it is worth summarizing the characteristics of this particular model.


Format: It is a square chair, stackable and easy to maintain, thanks to its wrought iron construction.

Finish: The brown color with aged rust gives the chair an elegant touch, not to mention the protective coating that increases its resistance to climatic factors.

Style: Both the backrest and the seat have a timeless grid design with a very elegant British style for any garden. 


Variety: A wide range of colors is missing to choose the chair.

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white garden chairs

4. Ipae Progarden Low Back Armchair Scilla

Among the cheap garden chairs, the plastic ones are the most popular for their resistance, versatility and easy maintenance. In the case of the Ipae Progarden model, the material used is polypropylene, being suitable for terraces, balconies and gardens, since it maintains its characteristics in the face of various climatic conditions.

When you receive many visitors or have celebrations at home, having several of these white garden chairs is an advantage so that the guests do not lack a seat. On the other hand, these types of chairs are very easy to clean and maintain because they can be washed with soap and water without damaging their material. 

In terms of comfort, these chairs have a wide back and seat, as well as armrests to stay comfortable in them. The most advantageous thing is its low cost, so this model may be the best price-quality garden chair.

Now you can review the pros and cons that we distinguish in these chairs, one of the cheapest in our selection.


Quality: The white chairs are made of polypropylene, a resistant material that can support up to 90 kg of weight, according to some opinions of its buyers.

Maintenance: To wash them, these chairs can be moistened with soap and water, without damaging their structure.

Price: These are cheap chairs, so you can buy several units for family celebrations and stack them for storage. 


Rocking: Rocking should be avoided on this chair, as its legs could break with incorrect movements.

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Aluminum garden chairs

5. Chicreat Set of 4 Upholstered Aluminum Armchairs

In addition to wrought iron and plastic, aluminum garden chairs have become a trend for their modern and functional style. In the case of the Chicreat chair set, we see a model that combines the metal structure with a textile seat and backrest.

Regarding the size, each chair measures 59 x 46 x 86 cm and its presentation in 4 units allows them to be adapted to an outdoor dining room to hold your celebrations in the garden with elegance. 

As for the resistance of this model, it should be noted that it has an ecological powder paint finish that increases its protection against water and sunlight, so it can remain outdoors without being damaged. 

If you still do not know which garden chair to buy, it is a good idea to review the summary of pros and cons that some users commented on this product. 


Style: Aluminum and fabric chairs have a modern style that can refresh any outdoor space.

Resistance: The metal structure has a powder paint coating to better resist outdoor conditions. 

Assembly: Detailed instructions on how to assemble the chairs in a few steps are included.


Colors: This model is only available in gray, limiting your choice if you expected more shades to choose from.

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reclining garden chairs

6. Grosfillex 49556004 Fidji 3 Multi-Position Armchair

In large patios, terraces or spaces with a pool, it is convenient to have reclining garden chairs to enjoy free time, read or rest in the sun. A model in this category with good features is the Grosfillex Fidji 3, with a simple and functional design, made of plastic. 

This is a multi-position chair where the backrest can be comfortably adjusted and held in place, thanks to a built-in latch on the left back.

Regarding the size, this product measures 67 x 62 x 107 cm and, although it is large, there are no major complications for its storage because it can be folded and thus it will take up less space. Now, for cleaning, you can use water and detergent, rub with a sponge and rinse with water, let it dry in the sun or use a towel to remove excess moisture. 

In this model, we have noticed some positive and negative aspects that we mention below and that will be useful for you to decide whether to buy it or not.


Adjustment: The chair reclines in several positions, being very comfortable to lie down to sunbathe.

Size: The wide dimensions of the chair offer a wide seat to rest, especially for people of larger size.

Design: Because it is a folding chair, it is easy to store in small spaces.


Price: The value is a bit high, but the quality and functionality of the chair can support the investment.

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Wooden garden chairs

7. vidaXL 2X Acacia Wooden Garden Armchairs 

To give a rustic and more natural touch to your outdoor spaces, you can place a couple of wooden garden chairs like this VidaXL set, whose design with armrests increases its versatility and comfort.

Of these chairs we highlight their construction in solid acacia wood with a special oil treatment that helps protect them from the elements, maintaining their appearance and natural elegance.

The roomy seat measures 50 cm wide and 45 cm deep, reaching a height from the ground of 32 cm. Regarding the complete dimensions of each chair, they are 60 x 63 x 79 cm.

As for the assembly, you should know that the screws, an Allen key and the instructions are included to facilitate the process, and no great skills as a handyman are necessary. 

If you are interested in this model for your garden or terrace, you can take a look at the pros and cons that we point out below.


Manufacturing: It is a set of chairs made of acacia wood, coated with oil to improve its resistance to climatic factors.

Assembly: The chairs come disassembled, but include the screws and the Allen key to assemble the parts. 

Style: The rustic style of this pair of chairs is ideal for decorating the garden, the terrace, a cabin and other outdoor spaces.


Comfort: It is necessary to add a cushion or a padded surface on the seat of the chair to make it more comfortable. 

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Wrought iron garden chairs

8. TessaHome Pack 2 stackable wrought iron chairs

The simplicity and elegance of these TessaHome chairs are their hallmark, as they have a delicate design of lines that will make them look good anywhere. 

To begin with, these wrought iron garden chairs are built in one piece with armrests, so they do not require assembly. They just arrive at your house and will be ready to use. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that they come with soft cotton cushions to increase versatility and comfort when using these seats. 

Regarding the size, each chair measures 52 x 51 x 90 cm, weighs 5 kg and has a resistance of 120 kg, thanks to its metal construction. It is also worth mentioning that their resistance has been favored by a special treatment for weathering, so they can remain outdoors and their maintenance is very simple.

Now, we have identified some positive and negative aspects of this model that we summarize below.


Seat: A white, soft cotton cushion is included to make the seat of the chair more comfortable.

Construction: This model is made in one piece, has no assembled parts and can be stacked for storage.

Set: You can purchase this product in a set of 2 chairs or 4, to complete a set of furniture for your garden, combinable with tables from the same manufacturer.


Colors: A variety of tones is not offered to choose the color of the chair or the cushions. 

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garden chair accessories

Garden chair cushions

Zollner 4 Chair Cushions

Most outdoor furniture does not have padded surfaces, so it is necessary to add a cushion to the seat to make it more comfortable to use. In this sense, the Zollner garden chair cushions are a good investment, as they come in a set of 4 units, measuring 40 x 40 cm and with a soft filling.

For fastening, each cushion comes with ties at the corners, giving it a nice finish. For its part, the resistant fabric is a combination of cotton and polyester, so they can be machine washed and dried.

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Shopping guide

Choosing garden furniture is not as easy as it seems, especially if you do not know the factors that really influence a good investment. But, you do not have to worry because we have prepared a brief guide to buying the best garden chair that will be very useful for you to acquire a beautiful and resistant piece of furniture. 


Starting with a comparison of garden chairs will help us to know the wide variety of models and prices that are on the market. However, it is important to know which are the most suitable materials for outdoor furniture.

In the case of garden chairs, plastic models are the most popular and cheapest because they are easy to maintain. But, their resistance to many kilograms is limited, so they may break when worn by a heavy person or if any inappropriate swinging is performed.

On the other hand, there is the wood that goes very well in natural spaces and maintains a rustic appeal. But, in this case it is important that the chair has a special treatment to protect it against climatic changes, taking into account that it will be exposed to the open air. 

Also, wrought iron chairs with delicate details and ornaments have become a classic for garden decoration, prevailing strength and durability.

As for aluminium, this material has also prevailed in recent years in outdoor furniture because it is light, resistant and versatile, combining with textiles and other materials to increase its functionality. Without a doubt, the chosen material can directly affect how much the product costs, being a determining factor in the purchase. 


For many users, the priority is to get a good and cheap chair, but without neglecting the design. In this sense, many chairs are available in a lounger or reclining seat format that can be adjusted in several positions. This comes in handy if you have a backyard pool because it gives you space to lay back and relax.

In addition to this, the classic format of the chair is still widely used, especially when setting up a small dining room in the garden or a table for tea, where delicate wrought iron chairs with ornaments on the back or curves on the armrests are the favorite of many buyers.

When choosing any chair for the garden, it is convenient to know its dimensions, how tall the seat is and how high it is from the ground. This will help you get a general idea of ​​how comfortable it will be when sitting down. 

In the same way, you should look at its construction system, if it is in one piece and does not need assembly or, on the contrary, you must assemble its parts.


When there are many visitors, a couple of lawn chairs may not be enough to provide comfortable seating for visitors. For this reason, it is necessary to buy several units, and in this sense it is important to observe their storage methods.

Nowadays, you can get beautiful chairs, made of iron or plastic, with stackable designs. That is, they can be placed one on top of the other to save space and facilitate storage. Other models are foldable, so their dimensions are considerably reduced and they can be covered or stored in the garage when not in use for a long time. 


Just as there is interior design to recreate a uniform, eclectic, classic, modern style or whatever the user’s preference, there is also design for gardens and outdoor spaces.

For this reason, you can think of the decoration of your garden with a defined style and buy the chairs according to this criterion, so that they combine very well with the rest of the furniture and decorations that you have outdoors. 

Fortunately, there is a wide range of options on the market to choose the one you like best, forming delicate and classic or contemporary and functional sets to make the garden a beautiful and comfortable space. 


The care of garden chairs is very important to extend their useful life and therefore the manufacturer must specify what the maintenance or cleaning instructions are, since we must consider that, being in the garden, the furniture will be exposed to rays from the sun and rainwater, elements that can affect its durability.

However, currently the construction materials of garden chairs show a wide resistance and have special coatings to withstand all these conditions, making the cleaning task easier for the user.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a garden chair?

If you are thinking about your manual project for next summer, you can consider making a garden chair by reusing the wood from the pallets. To do this, you will need some tools such as a saber saw, orbital sander, drill driver, saw or handsaw, in addition to the material to use: pallet wood, 18 and 24 mm wooden rods, wood screws, paint and brushes. 

To begin with, you must disassemble the pallets and recover the wooden slats, sand and brush all the boards to smooth the surface. Then, the wood must be cut to obtain 4 boards 100 cm long, which will be the sides of the lower part of the chair, 2 boards 35 cm long with a 15° angle at one end, which will be the front folding legs. Two 70 cm boards will also be needed to make the sides of the backrest and 15 50 cm slats that will be the backrest and seat crossbars.

Now it is recommended to make the holes, according to the instructions in the tutorial on El Blog de ManoMano and paint all the wood before making the assembly. It is also advisable to apply a protective varnish, let it dry well and assemble the parts. In the end, you will have your folding chair for the garden made with pallets.

Q2: How to upholster a garden chair?

You can improve the seat of your chair by placing a soft padding and upholstering it. To do this, you will need to choose the fabric of your choice, padding, upholstery nails that you can buy at any hardware store, scissors and universal glue.

Start by measuring the seat and add about 5 cm of height corresponding to the padding. Also add about 10 cm on each side to cut the fabric and leave enough room to stretch. 

Now it is time to center the filling to place the fabric on top, checking that the same amount remains on the sides. You must stretch the fabric well with your hands and fasten it with the nails on each side of the seat, before proceeding to cut the excess. After making the cuts, it must be readjusted in the front part, fix the nails definitively and use the universal glue for the finishing of the corners.

Q3: How to paint a garden chair?

You will surely find many tutorials and ideas on how to renovate your garden chair, starting with painting it. In most of these, they will advise you to choose the paint according to the material of the chair. 

To start the reform, it is necessary to remove the previous paint, using a spatula and sandpaper to remove roughness from the surface. You can apply a coat of white paint as a base so that the colored paint adheres evenly. Remember to let it dry well before applying a new layer and, finally, apply varnish or protector to seal the paint and favor the resistance of the chair to the elements. 

Q4: How to dress a garden chair?

The simplest and most functional way to dress up a garden chair is to put cushions on the seat and, perhaps, some padding on the back. In fabric and furniture stores you can get different models of cushions that adapt to the style and size of your chair.

There is also the option of dressing the chair with a colorful cover or using a more sober tone if you like it simple. In any case, you can buy it online or in upholstery stores, and you can even make it yourself by looking at the different tutorials that are available online. 

Q5: How to decorate a garden chair?

A garden chair can change its function and become a decorative element. One of the options is to replace the seat with potted plants and flowers, placing it in a strategic point in the garden so that it becomes the center of attention.

And if it’s events and celebrations, you can decorate the chair with fabric, make a nice bow on the back and add some wild flowers to give it a vintage look. 

Q6: How to repair a garden chair?

First of all, you should assess the damage of the chair, if a leg was broken, an armrest was broken or it is minor repairs that it needs. In case of having broken parts, the ideal is to take it to a carpenter or blacksmith, depending on the construction material, and have the professional replace that part. 

If the chair is made of plastic, it is best to look for a recycling alternative. Now, in case of seat breakage, you can do a new upholstery, change the padding and improve the appearance of the chair.

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