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Garden Furniture – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

With the arrival of good weather, it is time to enjoy the patios, gardens, balconies and terraces again. Therefore, regardless of whether you are looking to create a space to dine outdoors or have a cozy corner to relax; The market offers you a wide variety of options to choose the most convenient garden furniture for you. A good bet could be the vidaXL 44174, an attractive bar set with two stools, made of steel and synthetic rattan. Another recommended proposal is the Palets Talavera SL 120 x 80, a wooden sofa that you can decorate to your liking and use it both indoors and in open spaces.

The 8 Best Garden Furniture – Opinions 2022

Regardless of the available space you have at home, you can always find the perfect option to furnish your garden according to your style and budget. In order to help you choose the best alternative, we have prepared a selection of the 8 best garden furniture; here you will find models, sizes, designs and colors for all tastes.

garden bar cabinet

1. vidaXL Faux Rattan Garden Bar Set

Among the best garden furniture of 2022, this garden bar set stands out from its peers | for offering a modern and functional design. It could be the most suitable model if what you want is to recreate a small bar on your terrace to enjoy with your friends on weekends.

It is a set that includes a bar or bar table, two bar stools and two comfortable cushions for the seats. In order to provide stability, durability and elegance, its entire structure is made of high quality steel with synthetic rattan; which also provides ease of cleaning and weather resistance.

The dimensions of the set are as follows: the bar table has a size of 105 x 102 x 60 cm, while the stools measure 75 x 38 x 38 cm. Likewise, the padded cushions have a removable cover that you can machine wash without any problem.

If you want to make your terrace the center of attention, this model could be the best garden furniture of the moment. Keep reading below, its pros and cons.


Materials: It has a powder-coated steel frame, synthetic rattan and cushions with polyester cover; which gives resistance, stability and elegance.

Set: The set includes a bar table, two stools and two seat cushions.

Utility: Given its dimensions and design, it does not take up much space; so you can put it in any available area of ​​your home.


Cover: It is advisable to protect the set from snowfall or frost with a waterproof cover, in order to prolong its useful life.

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2. Keter Lighted Cool Bar Garden Cooler Table

A garden bar cabinet like this model could make the difference in whether or not you have a refreshing drink on hand to enjoy with your friends at a barbecue or party. It is a refrigerator table with a novel multifunctional design, which allows you to use it for various purposes; in this sense, you can use it as a side table, seat and refrigerator.

To do this, it has an opening mechanism that lifts the top lid and allows access to a compartment, specially designed to store drinks and keep them cold in the ice. Likewise, it has LED lighting technology that provides an aesthetic component and greater attractiveness to the environment; It also has a USB charger that favors the user experience.

In addition, it has a structure made of materials that resist inclement weather, is easy to clean and takes up little space in any patio, terrace or garden.

This could be the piece of furniture you are looking for to use in your meetings or celebrations, since in addition to being attractive it is also functional. Know its advantages and disadvantages.


Versatility: It is a product that you can use as a side table, seat and also as a refrigerator; which makes it ideal for meetings and parties.

Lighting: It has LED lighting that adds a touch of elegance to the place.

Legs: It has 4 sturdy and stable legs that keep the refrigerator table off the ground.


Bottom hole: The bottom hole to drain the water could be a little bigger, to make the process faster; however, it does its job.

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Pallet garden furniture

3. Pallets Talavera SL Sanded and Brushed Pallets Sofa


If you want to give your terrace a personal touch, this pallet garden furniture could be a recommended alternative. Many consider it the best price-quality garden furniture, since in addition to being one of the cheap models offered by the market, it also offers great benefits.

It is a sofa made entirely of high-quality pallets and with phytosanitary treatment, which resists insects. The wood offers you a natural tone and you will receive it sanded and brushed; For this reason, you can easily paint or varnish it with the color of your choice.

Its dimensions are 120 cm long, 80 cm wide, 25 cm high and its backrest measures 72 cm; which makes it a spacious and comfortable armchair. In addition, you can add cushions for the seat and backrest and thus decorate any environment, either inside or outside the home.

If you are looking to create a cozy corner in your garden for relaxation and rest, with this pallet furniture you could achieve it. Read its pros and cons below.


Own style: You can decorate it with cushions and paint it according to your tastes and style, in this way it will be a useful piece of furniture in any environment.

Materials: It has new high-quality pine wood pallets. In addition, you will receive it with phytosanitary treatment, sanding and brushing; which favors its durability.

Dimensions: The sofa measures 120 x 80 cm, so you can assemble it in small spaces without any problem.


Protector: If you plan to assemble the sofa outdoors, you should use an enamel with a waterproof protector for wood.

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4. Pallets Talavera SL Corner set with European pallets

If you have large green areas and you are looking for a pallet garden furniture that allows you to give a natural touch to this environment and, at the same time, that provides you with a comfortable space to spend a fun afternoon with your friends; this corner set with several modules could be the best alternative.

It is a set of pallets made of high quality solid pine, resistant and robust. It includes a side table, a corner cabinet on the left side with two backrests and a sofa. You can also choose the model that allows you to put the corner unit on the right side; according to your available space.

The best garden furniture should not only provide you with an aesthetic component, but it is also expected to provide comfort. This is possible with this model, since with a small budget you can add cushions and cushions to your liking and turn it into a comfortable and cozy place.

Palets Talavera SL could be the best brand of garden furniture made of pallets, given the beauty and durability they provide. Learn more about this product.


Versatile: It is a set that you can use in different scenarios, both inside and outside the home and its table provides utility as a countertop, TV stand or bedside table.

Materials: It offers you high quality materials, since it is made with new pine wood pallets.

Set: You will receive a corner module, a sofa and a table, sanded and polished; so you won’t have to spend looking for more plugins.


Weight: Since it is a model that includes several modules, the set could be heavy and make it difficult to move frequently.

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Auxiliary garden furniture

5. Festnight Wood Side Table

This Festnight garden side table is another interesting option to gain comfort in this area of ​​your home. The piece is made of high-quality acacia wood, has a modern design and a beautiful slatted finish.

Its measurements are 45 centimeters high by the same width and the same depth, in a practically cubic design. This auxiliary garden furniture has an upper plank and another in the lower part, both of the mentioned size. In this space, it is easy to place everything you need, whether it is a decorative element or objects that you want to use.

Another advantage of this product is that the wood has all the necessary treatments to adequately withstand exposure to the elements. These also make it easy to clean, so the table always looks its best.

If you don’t know what garden furniture to buy and you need a practical and compact table, this is your model.


Measurements : Its measurements are ideal to take advantage of any small space in your garden or home.

Design : The design includes an upper and a lower plank, which gives the furniture more versatility during use.

Material : Thanks to the quality of its wood and its treatment, the table adequately withstands frequent use and does not deteriorate.


Assembly: The table requires assembly, although it will not take you too long to have it ready to start using it.

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6. CLP Box outdoor table in Polypropylene

An auxiliary garden piece of furniture like this table model could offer you an ideal surface for multiple purposes; such as organizing small pots on your terrace, as a table for homework or as a countertop when sharing a drink with your guests in the garden, you can also use it inside your home as a decorative side table.

Its amplitude is given by its dimensions of 50 x 70 x 43 cm; In addition, its weight is only 4 kilos, which favors that you can move it without any effort.

Its lightness is due to the fact that it is made of polypropylene plastic, which also provides resistance and impermeability; thanks to which it can cope with various atmospheric conditions.

Likewise, its rectangular format and smooth surface allow you to easily stack it for storage. In addition, in order for you to find the table that best harmonizes with your decoration, the manufacturer offers you several colors to choose from.

Regardless of the use you give it, it is a side table that you could take into account; since in addition to its qualities it is one of the cheapest furniture on the list. Learn more about this model.


Adaptability: It is a table that you can adapt anywhere and give it the use that best suits you, either indoors or outdoors.

Format and resistance: It offers you a rectangular format with a surface of 70 x 50 cm and is made of weather-resistant polypropylene.

Decorative and washable: You can choose the color of your preference and wash it easily to always keep it impeccable.


Height: Since the table is 43 cm high, it could be too low for some people.

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garden furniture set

7. Bigzzia Rattan Garden Furniture Set

This Bigzzia garden furniture set is an integral solution to rest comfortably and enjoy this area of ​​your home more. The lot is made up of seven different pieces, among which we have two individual armchairs, a double armchair, a table, 2 small cushions and one large one.

The furniture is made of high-quality polyethylene, although with a design and braiding that simulates that of more traditional rattan garden furniture. This approach allows the furniture to adequately support intensive use and also the climatic conditions to which it will be exposed, not being necessary to store it in winter.

As for its appearance, the rattan is black, although not excessively dull, while the cushions are white. A combination that enhances its appearance and gives it an elegant touch. The cushions are removable, to wash them when necessary. And the safety glass for the table is not missing either, which finishes off its design.

To find out which is the best garden furniture to equip yourself with, nothing better than analyzing this complete set in detail.


Lot: The set is very complete and offers enough space to accommodate four people comfortably.

Style : Its style reproduces that of the most traditional rattan furniture, which is always an extra elegance.

No maintenance: Thanks to its materials, it is not necessary to treat or maintain the furniture, it is enough to clean the covers from time to time so that they look good.


Size : Furniture tends to be small, so taller people might not be too comfortable.

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8. Keter River terrace or balcony set

When what you are looking for is to create a harmonious and sophisticated environment, this Rio garden furniture set could be the most recommended model; especially if your balcony or terrace has a few square meters. It is a set that offers you two chairs and a table, so it is a model designed for two people to enjoy a drink on an afternoon of good weather, as well as to read or have breakfast outdoors.

The set has high-end materials, such as flat synthetic rattan and a structure made of highly resistant metal. These materials are able to withstand the sun and humidity without deteriorating, making it especially useful for mounting outdoors.

In addition, it includes ergonomic chairs that offer comfort and rest; while its elegant design adapts to any decorative style present in the environment.

You do not need a large balcony to show off your good taste in decoration, you just have to choose the appropriate furniture and for this, you can count on this model. Keep reading and you will know the pros and cons.


Elegant: Since it has a metal structure and a design similar to natural rattan, it is a set that brings elegance to environments.

Set: Set includes two comfortable low profile curved back chairs and a small square table.

Colors: The manufacturer offers you the option of choosing the set between two available colors: white and brown.


Storage: Given the design of the chairs, you will not be able to store them by stacking one on top of the other.

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Accessories for garden furniture

garden furniture cover

Awnic Waterproof Garden Table Cover

The useful life of your side table depends largely on the care and maintenance you give it, since it is a product that is usually exposed to weather conditions.

For this reason, a garden furniture cover like this model is essential to provide the necessary protection; especially when bad weather arrives.

It is a recommended cover for rectangular tables, since it has the following measurements: 210 x 120 x 80 cm; however, you can purchase it in other formats and other available sizes.

It is made of Oxford fabric with a waterproof PU coating, it is anti-tear and has qualities that repel UV rays. In addition, you will receive it in a storage bag.

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Shopping guide

If you want to enjoy the sun and good weather, what could be better than setting up attractive and durable furniture in your garden or terrace. However, before betting on a specific model, we present this guide to buying the best garden furniture. Here you will be able to know the most relevant aspects so that your purchase is as successful as possible.

Utility and available space

Before thinking about how much a particular piece of furniture costs, you should analyze the use and functionality that you will give it and weigh the space available in your garden for it. That is, you must choose the size and type of furniture according to the square meters you have.

If you have a large garden or terrace, you could set up a dining area or living room, where you can spend relaxing moments or eating outdoors. If, on the other hand, you only have a small balcony; You could opt for a model with few pieces and a minimalist design.

In any case, regardless of how spacious or small the place is, the market offers you a wide variety of options that cover all tastes and needs. For this reason, you will be able to find from large sets of furniture with sofas, chairs, armchairs and a table, to bar-type models with stools, which allow you to create a personalized environment to share with family and friends.


The materials used in the manufacture of garden furniture are the guarantors of the durability, quality and long useful life that the product can offer; Depending on this, they may or may not cope with inclement weather. For this reason, you should choose in your comparison of garden furniture, those that provide high levels of impermeability and resistance to sunlight; especially if the furniture is going to be assembled in a space without the protection of a ceiling.

In this sense, the materials that are frequently used for their resistant qualities and for their easy maintenance are: wood, metal, natural rattan, resin or synthetic rattan and plastic. 

Wood is usually chosen as the first option, although not all of it is weather resistant. In this particular type of use, exotic varieties such as cedar, teak and eucalyptus are preferred. However, other woods can also be used for outdoor furniture, as long as they have the proper protective treatment.

Among the metals used for furniture we have aluminium, iron and steel. Aluminum is widely accepted, since it has great lightness and is resistant to oxidation. Iron stands out for its weight and resistance, furniture made with this material is usually protected by a special paint that extends its useful life. Steel, for its part, can be more expensive and heavier; however, it is a material of great elegance and very durable.

With respect to natural rattan, it brings beauty to environments and a touch of distinction; Its fibers are made from climbing plants, which favors flexibility and resistance. They are furniture used especially on balconies or terraces with roofs, since it is an element that could deteriorate in the open. Given this, manufacturers created synthetic rattan as a more durable and equally beautiful alternative, as it stands up to rain, sun and beach environments. It is made of high-density polyethylene and its appearance is very attractive.

Finally, plastic is a material that, in addition to being cheap, also offers a variety of designs, styles, and colors. Likewise, it has lightness and does not require special maintenance. One of its great advantages is that many pieces of furniture made of plastic can be stacked for storage, which saves space.

Design and style

Your outdoor spaces are propitious areas to give a touch of natural beauty to your home. For this reason, it is advisable not to saturate these environments with furniture or decorative objects that could turn this space into an uncomfortable area for free movement. In this sense, choose only the necessary furniture to create an attractive and sophisticated style, leaving enough space for grass and plants.

On the other hand, analyze the aesthetics of the exterior of your property and based on this, select the garden furniture that best harmonizes with these spaces; considering the existing decoration and trying to maintain consistency in terms of the lines of the furniture.

Also look at the colors, especially those that predominate in the facade, terrace or balcony of your house, as well as in the plants present in the garden; the idea is that you achieve an aesthetic and decorative effect that combines with the entire environment.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to assemble a garden furniture?

First of all, you must have at hand the screws and the necessary tools for the respective assembly. You must also have the user manual included by the manufacturer according to the model.

If you are a DIY expert you will have no problem assembling this type of furniture, but if you do not have the experience for this task, you could choose to seek support on the web. There you will have at your disposal various platforms that provide you with step-by-step tutorials for assembling garden furniture.

Q2: How to make a garden furniture with pallets?

With pallets you can build various pieces of furniture for your garden or terrace. In this case it is a sofa that you can make with 6 pallets. First of all, sand the wood well, apply sealant and proceed to assemble the pallets according to the design. You can put 4 for the base and 2 for the back; You could also add armrests with 2 additional pallets or if you prefer, leave the sofa with a simpler design.

Join the pallets using glue and, once the whole structure is glued properly, go over the sandpaper in order to remove any splinters. Then, proceed to paint the pallets with the tone of your choice.

Q3: How to paint a garden furniture?

If it is a wooden piece of furniture, the first thing you should do is sand the entire surface in order to remove any imperfections. To do this, you can use an electric sander that smoothes and evens all the wood.

Subsequently, proceed to apply a special varnish for exteriors and let it dry in the open air; Next, choose a synthetic enamel in the color you want and with a brush and a roller, paint the entire piece of furniture. The synthetic glaze will help preserve the wood for longer.

Q4: What maintenance does a garden furniture require?

Garden furniture is exposed to continuous deterioration. Although they are usually made of durable materials, they could be damaged without proper care. Each material requires different maintenance; so wooden furniture should be cleaned with a clean cloth to remove dirt and then apply two coats of teak oil; This oil nourishes the wood and favors its natural shine.

Garden furniture made of resin or plastic is very easy to clean. It will be enough to use warm water, a soapy solution and a sponge. With regard to metal furniture, these usually have a layer of paint that protects them from oxidation. If this paint has been damaged, it is important that you restore and apply a new specialized paint. To clean them, you just have to use water, soap and let them dry in the sun.

Q5: Which material is better for a garden furniture, wood or metal?

Choosing a wooden or metal piece of furniture will depend on your particular tastes; however, it is important that you know the options and make a decision.

Wood, for example, is a highly prized material for interiors and exteriors given the warmth and natural style it provides; In addition, furniture made of this material is usually more comfortable when exposed to the sun because, unlike metal furniture, wood does not get as hot. However, it requires more care and maintenance. In addition, they are furniture that are generally more expensive.

Furniture made of metal can be aluminum and iron. Those made of aluminum offer lightness, durability and an affordable cost; They resist inclement weather without deteriorating, but given their light weight they are not recommended for storm or extreme wind areas. Iron, for its part, is considered the strongest and most resistant, offers a long useful life and withstands the elements all year round. Their disadvantage is that they are heavy and difficult to move.

Q6: How to prevent rust on metal garden furniture?

If you want to prevent rust on your metal garden furniture, you can apply graphite cream with a brush and then polish with a cloth. You can also apply an orange layer of red lead or a transparent anti-rust varnish; then you paint with a special enamel that resists oxidation and humidity.

Q7: How to store garden furniture in winter?

If you want to keep your garden furniture in good condition and have it like new in spring, before putting it away you should clean it thoroughly. Once clean, choose a place in your house to store them so that they are protected from humidity and cold; in this sense, you could keep them in the garage or storage room. You must cover them with tarps specially designed for this and adapted to their dimensions; With this, you will be protecting them not only from the cold, but also from dust.

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