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Garden Lounger – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you have an appropriate space in your garden and you want to place a piece of furniture that is comfortable to read, enjoy a drink, snack or take a well-deserved rest after the day, you may want to purchase a garden lounger. When purchasing one, it is preferable that you choose among the best alternatives. The Kidkraft 00524 is a children’s model, suitable for two children, which is made of wood and has an awning to protect from the sun. Another recommended option is the Kitgarden Osaka Basic, which is a reclining and folding garden lounger made of steel and textilene.  

The 9 Best Garden Loungers – Opinions 2022

Choosing a garden lounger can be a simple task. However, it is a decision that should not be made at random, since it is a piece of furniture that, in addition to providing you with a resting place, should ensure quality and resistance, so that you can enjoy it for longer. For this reason, we suggest that you review and choose among some of the most recommended alternatives that we present in this selection. 

Double garden lounger

1. KidKraft Kids Double Garden Lounger

If you want to buy the best garden lounger, you could start by evaluating the alternative offered by the manufacturer Kidkraft. It is a double garden lounger made of high quality wood and designed in an appropriate size for children. 

This lounger is convenient for outdoor use on sunny days, as it has an awning that provides shade and covers from the sun on its sides and top. Similarly, this comfortable piece of furniture has two cup holders in its central area, so that children can place their drinks there and drink them comfortably, to cool off while they rest. It is also possible to adjust the position of your backrest to lean back further. 

The Kidkraft Children’s Garden Lounger measures 85 x 85 x 89cm and includes two thick, padded mats, covered in blue and white striped patterned fabric, to match the color of your canopy. 

There are those who consider that this could be the best garden lounger of the moment, but if you want to find out for yourself, it would be worth taking a look at its pros and cons.


Style: Its honey-colored wood frame and striped fabric stylishly adorns any outdoor area. 

Resistant: It has a construction suitable to resist the elements and support about 36 kg.

Assembly: Assembly is simple. In addition, it includes the respective screws to attach to each hole. 

Protection: It has an awning that protects from the sun on all three sides, providing a good level of shade.


Size: Its size could be insufficient, so it is recommended for small children. 

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2. Blumfeldt Dandyland Double Garden Lounger with Parasol

With a modern design, made of resistant steel tubes and polyester mesh, the Blumfeldt brand offers the Dandyland double garden lounger, which also incorporates a large parasol. This model, included among the best garden loungers of 2022, is suitable for couples who want to relax on the terrace or in the garden.

For added comfort, this garden lounger has two cushions on each side to support your head. Also, the surface to lie down has an ergonomic design, whose shape adapts to the body to provide a more pleasant rest. Also, it is easy to clean.  

Similarly, its parasol, made of polyester, protects against the sun and offers some privacy. This garden lounger is designed to provide maximum resistance and durability outdoors, since its entire structure is covered by a protective layer, capable of withstanding inclement weather and other factors.

When choosing, the safest thing is to have the guarantee of the best brand of garden loungers. Manufacturer Blumfeldt, among many others, aspires to that title. Here, more of the Dandyland model.


Stability: The structure, made up of steel tubes, provides good support and stability.

Design: Its design brings an elegant appeal to any external area.

Capacity: It is made to provide a double rest space of 2 x 1.30 m, with the capacity to support up to 200 kg.

Resistance: It has waterproof fabrics and protective films to resist bad weather.


Assembly: The assembly process may require a little time and patience.

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Folding garden lounger

3. KitGarden Multiposition Folding Garden Lounger

The Osaka Basic folding garden lounger from the manufacturer Kitgarden could be an option of interest for those who still do not know which is the best garden lounger on the market. It is a model made of steel, with a seat made of high-quality and resistant polyester.

This garden lounger has a mechanism that allows it to be adjusted in several positions and fixed securely. It also incorporates a headrest that can also be adjusted, to provide greater comfort during rest.

The Osaka garden lounger is lightweight, making it convenient to transport and store, as it only weighs 7kg and can be easily folded away for storage when not in use, without taking up much space. However, its weight has nothing to do with its capacity, as it is strong enough to support about 100 kg of weight, which is recommended according to the regulations for outdoor armchairs.

If you have not yet decided which garden lounger to buy, you may find something of interest to you among the advantages and disadvantages of this Osaka garden lounger.


Practical: It can be fixed in various positions, thanks to its zero gravity system.

Comfortable: It has headrests and armrests, which provide more comfort, while the fabric is fresh, breathable and washable.

Foldable: It is possible to fold it completely to transport and store it more easily.

Light: Its weight is light, which favors handling and carrying it without great effort.


Length: Due to its length of 1.40 m when it is extended, it can be very small for taller people.

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4. Songmics Reclining Lounger with Headrest

If you are more inclined towards a type of folding garden lounger, you should consider the alternative offered by the manufacturer Songmics, with its reclining model, which also includes its own sun visor, to adjust it and cover yourself from the sun when necessary.

This 0.53 x 1.93 x 0.29 m lounger is an ideal complement to relax after a long day of work without wasting much time, since it only requires opening it and placing it in the desired position, to start enjoying the comfort offered by its cushion and fabric surface, breathable and resistant to UV rays.

This model has a strong structure, built in iron, capable of supporting up to 150 kg. Its gray color, which is a neutral tone, allows it to match various elements in different areas and decorative styles. In addition, it is reinforced with plastic and iron brackets and connectors that support its base to give it stability and durability. 

If you have liked the qualities that describe this lounger, you are probably interested in knowing some of its advantages and an unfavorable point.


Easy handling: It does not require assembly, since it is already assembled and only needs to be unfolded. 

Light: Its light weight of 6.8 kg, coupled with its folding system, makes it easier to lift it more comfortably to move it from place to place.

Reclining: The backrest can be adjusted to 4 different positions, allowing you to adopt a comfortable posture.

Sunshade: It incorporates an adjustable sunshade that prevents excessive sunlight from limiting vision.  


Outdoors: If it is kept exposed to the sun and climatic changes for very long periods, it could deteriorate.

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Wooden garden lounger

5. vidaXL Adjustable Bamboo Garden Lounger 

For those who prefer to have furniture in a natural and country style, a wooden garden lounger would be a suitable alternative. This option is offered by the manufacturer VidaXL, with its Lounger hammock-type model, made of bamboo, a quality material that has the property of providing strength and durability.

It is a piece of furniture of solid construction, designed to place and decorate any outdoor space and use it during any time of the year. This garden lounger is functional for lying down to take a break or sit in a suitable and comfortable position while enjoying a reading, since it has a backrest that can be adjusted in three positions. 

The height of this garden lounger varies from 30 to 87 cm, depending on the position of its backrest. In addition, it is spacious, as it measures 2 m long and 65 cm wide, enough to provide rest to an adult of any height.

If you think that this garden lounger could suit you, be sure to read some points that this model has in its favor, as well as a negative aspect.


Adjustable: The backrest is reclining, to extend it or place it at the most comfortable level of inclination.

Construction: Its structure, made of bamboo, makes it resistant and durable.

Striking: It has a pleasant and natural design, suitable to match any external area.

Functional: It is a practical and functional piece of furniture that can be used throughout the year.


Weight: It can be difficult to lift and move, since its weight is around 44 kg.

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garden bed lounger

6. Keter Daytona Garden Lounger

In case you are more inclined towards a garden bed model, do not overlook the characteristics that identify the Daytona model of the Keter brand. It is a comfortable piece of furniture, ideal for relaxing while enjoying an aperitif or a refreshing drink under the sun, in the most suitable position, as it can be reclined in four positions.

The Daytona lounger has rattan finishes, which ensure great resistance against corrosion and changes in weather conditions. In addition, it is one of the cheap ones and includes a cushion to rest on it, designed to provide maximum comfort. 

Its size is indicated for adults, since it has enough length, since it measures 1.95 m long, 65 cm wide and 22 cm high. In addition, this garden lounger has a charming design that adorns any outdoor space and matches other types of furniture, typical for gardens.

You may be drawn to the style of the Daytona garden lounger. However, we suggest you also analyze its advantages and disadvantages.


Relaxing: Its firm wicker base, added to its comfortable cushion, provide a good level of relaxation.

Versatile: Supports multiple positions, to lie down, rest, read or enjoy a snack.

Maintenance: It is made of a material that can be easily cleaned. In addition, it requires very little maintenance.

Combinable: Its colors and design match any setting.


Cushion: The fabric that covers the cushion is not removable, but is sewn, which can make it more difficult to wash in the event of notable stains.

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rocking garden lounger

7. SoBuy OGS28-R Garden Rocking Chair with Footstool

Those who aspire to get the best price-quality garden lounger can get a good benefit from this model offered by the manufacturer SoBuy. It is a rocking garden lounger, built on a high-quality steel base, with finishes that offer protection against corrosion.

This lounger measures 1.45 x 0.54 x 2.1m and features an ergonomic design that allows you to relax your body and mind while gently rocking. In addition, it is a useful piece of furniture to be placed not only in the garden, but also on the terrace, patio, balcony and even to take to the beach and enjoy a sunny day. 

It also has a surface made of synthetic fiber in various colors, a fabric that can be easily cleaned and provides great resistance to wear. It also includes a pillow to support your head and a pocket to place your books or magazines while you take a nap.

This can be a feasible alternative for those looking for cheaper garden loungers. Here are some pros and cons of this model.


Load: Its metal base and seat fabric are designed to support up to 150 kg. 

Waterproof: The structure is made of materials suitable for resisting rain and washing.

Rocking chair: The rocking-style movement makes resting on it more comfortable and relaxing.

Decorative: It presents a striking design suitable for decorating any area, whether internal or external.


Fabric: When assembling the lounger, it may be difficult to insert the bars between the fabric to hold it properly.

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Garden lounge chair

8. AmazonBasics Set of 2 Padded Zero Gravity Chairs

A garden lounge chair is a suitable piece of furniture to equip and decorate an outdoor area of ​​the house, even more so if you can count on two of them to make a nice game. This is possible thanks to the manufacturer AmazonBasics, which offers a set of chairs with a padded surface to provide a better rest outdoors, measuring 1.65 x 1.12 x 0.74 m.

The chairs are made of a steel structure, which ensures firmness to maintain the position and resistance to offer long life. In addition, the set is equipped with removable headrests and cup holders on the side of each chair.

The surface that serves as a seat is made of Oxford cotton, a fabric that provides freshness, comfort and cushioning, while it can be easily cleaned by simply passing a damp cloth over the area. In addition, this fabric, available in various shades, exhibits a colorful contrast that increases its elegance.

If you think that this set of chairs could be the answer to what you are looking for, you should also consider its pros and cons.


Support: It has reinforcements that guarantee good support to support at least 100 kg of weight.

Backrest: They are zero gravity chairs, so they can be reclined easily and safely.

Solidity: The chairs are made of high-quality steel, a material that makes them strong and robust.

Portable: Its folding mechanism makes it easier to transport and store.


Weight and size: They are large, robust and somewhat heavy, so enough space is required to locate them and perhaps help to move them.

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Round garden lounger

9. Tidyard Garden Lounger Set 

If you want to furnish your garden, pool, patio, terrace or other outdoor area with a more modern and exclusive design, with a larger capacity, you will probably be attracted by this round garden lounger presented by the manufacturer Tidyard, since it measures 1, 86 x 2.26 x 1.45m.

It is a set of garden loungers made up of 15 pieces, which are distributed between a sun bed, footrests in different shapes, cushions and pillows. Its innovative design has been created to be used as a wide and round bed when joining your furniture or as separate armchairs.

This set of garden loungers is built on a steel structure, covered in rattan, which provides great support, stability and resistance to use, rain and weather, as it is waterproof. In addition, it has cushions filled with foam rubber to provide maximum relaxation, whose covers can be removed for washing. It also has a wide polyester awning to protect from the sun. 

This model has qualities that make it stand out, but to make the right decision, it would be best to know some of its positive and negative aspects.


Versatility: It can be placed together, as a bed, or separated, as a set of loungers, so it supports various options of use.

Appearance: This set of loungers create a seductive look that decorates any setting.

Manageable: All its pieces can be easily moved to place them to suit the user.

Awning: Its roof has a hydraulic gas elevation system, which facilitates its use.



Covers: The covers that cover the seats are not waterproof, so they must be protected to prevent them from deteriorating.

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Garden lounger accessories

Garden lounger cushion

Outsunny Sun Lounger Cushion 198x53x5cm 

If you want your furniture to offer you a more relaxing and pleasant rest, you should purchase a cushion for a garden lounger.

The Outsunny brand offers a suitable alternative, with a foldable and waterproof pad, made of polyester, a material that provides resistance against UV rays, which prevents the fabric from fading.

Its internal part is made up of a 5 cm thick padding, which provides greater comfort.

In addition, it includes a headrest and has several straps that allow it to be fixed to the base of the lounger. Another advantage is that the cover has a zipper that makes it easy to remove it for washing.

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Shopping guide

Choosing the right piece of furniture could be quite a challenge, since the current market is full of models from various brands that promise quality and efficiency. However, it is prudent not to get carried away by a first impression and verify that this type of furniture fulfills its mission and adapts to the requirements of each user. For this reason, we present a guide to buying the best garden lounger, where you can learn about some characteristics that you should take into account when choosing.


If you want to choose a rest piece of furniture that suits the space you have available and gives you a large place to rest, you should make a comparison of garden loungers that allows you to distinguish between the different sizes, and then determine if their dimensions are proportional to the area where you expect to place it and if its length is the most appropriate according to your height.  

It is important that you consider this feature before rushing to choose a model that could be too small or too large, even if what you are looking for is a children’s lounger. To do this, it is convenient that you review the technical details of the model of your interest, to know its dimensions.

Some loungers are suitable for people of medium or short height. These usually measure around 1.40 m. There are also larger ones, suitable for taller people and large spaces, with a length close to 2 m.


Another aspect that you should consider, when deciding on one of these pieces of furniture, has to do with the load capacity that they can withstand. A good and cheap garden lounger could be a tempting offer, even more so if it is also strong enough to support the weight of the people who want to rest on it. 

This, in addition, is related to the quality of its construction, since a more robust base would provide greater support, while one built with materials of dubious quality is likely to be flimsy and not sufficiently resistant.

Some of the most conventional and appropriate models for one person have the capacity to support a maximum weight of 100 kg. Others can hold up to 120 kg. There are also single-seater options that offer enough stability to support up to 150kg. There are also garden loungers suitable for couples, whose structure is capable of supporting up to 200 kg.

crafting material

If you are wondering how much a garden lounger costs, you will probably find the answer by evaluating the quality of the materials that make up its construction. So that you can choose a model that ensures a long useful life, you should make sure that the furniture has a robust and strong construction. 

In addition, being furniture for outdoor use, it is recommended that it be able to resist rain, sunlight and other external factors that could compromise its usefulness. Likewise, it is important that the fabric that serves as a surface to rest on is resistant, washable, comfortable and fresh.

You can choose between garden loungers made of steel, covered with a protective and waterproof film. Some may be lighter than others, but still have a solid construction. There are also made of different types of wood, such as bamboo, as well as rattan or wicker, materials that provide good support, firmness and durability.


If you want to have a garden lounger that is useful to you and also suits your tastes and needs, you can choose from a wide range of models that differ a little in their physical characteristics but, ultimately, meet the objective of providing rest and relaxation. relax. 

There are garden loungers with an ergonomic, modern or natural design and there are also folding or zero gravity ones. These are usually practical, since some do not require a very complex assembly and can be moved, opened and closed more comfortably. Likewise, there are other recliners, which offer the possibility of adjusting their position between 3 and 4 levels.


Among the wide variety of garden loungers, there are some that have extra accessories, to provide an optimal, more pleasant and stylish rest. Among the accessories of certain types of loungers and that complement their function, include awnings, which serve to protect from the sun and prevent its bright light from hindering vision.

Likewise, there are models that incorporate cup holders, to have your favorite drink at hand or one that calms the heat on summer days. Others have fixed or removable pillows to support the head during rest, as well as cushions.  

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a garden lounger?

To properly use a garden lounger, the main thing, if it is a model that comes disassembled, is to assemble it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and fix all its parts to prevent the furniture from losing stability. 

In addition, it should be located outdoors and in the shade, to prevent the sun from damaging or discoloring it. During use, it is advisable to avoid forcing it with more weight than it can support and, if it is a reclining model, adjust its position and secure it.

If it gets dirty, it is advisable to clean it immediately, to prevent the stain from getting worse or damaging the material. If the garden lounger is not going to be used for some time, it should be folded and stored in a safe place to protect it and prolong its durability.

Q2: How to make a garden lounger?

A simple and rudimentary garden lounger can be made using pallets. To begin with, it is convenient to sand the pallets so that they take on a more subtle appearance. For the seat part, the longest pallet should be used and legs, preferably double, from another piece should be placed on it.

Then, the second board of the seat must be removed and the pallet that will serve as a backrest must be inserted in this space, in a horizontal position, and fixed securely. To finish, just place a mat or cushion on this base. 

Q3: How to fix a garden lounger?

Any of the parts of a garden lounger could be damaged over time or through improper use. Therefore, the solution would depend on the fault that the lounger has and the area where it is located. In addition, there are loungers made of wood or steel, materials that could be treated differently when repairing them.

However, the most common faults that these pieces of furniture usually present are due to the deterioration of the fabric that serves as a seat. The most convenient, in case it has broken or detached from the base, would be to remove the previous fabric and replace it with a new piece of quality fabric, of the same length and width. 

Q4: How to restore a wooden garden lounger?

To give a new air to a garden lounger, it is advisable to apply a few coats of special paint. Depending on the type of wood, an anti-tannin paint or varnish for exterior wood can be used. 

To begin the restoration, it is convenient to disassemble the furniture, to be able to sand each of its parts more comfortably. After working all the areas, the varnish is applied. Let dry and reassemble. You can also take the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments, in case the furniture has some unstable parts.

Q5: How to make a garden lounger cushion?

To make a simple rectangular garden lounger cushion, you will need a thick, breathable fabric, thread, scissors, a tape measure, stuffing material, and a sewing machine. The first thing to do is take the measurements of the base of the lounger, to make a pattern according to those dimensions. 

To continue, cut two pieces of fabric of the same length and width and sew them on the wrong side, leaving an opening to turn them over and obtain the cover. Then, the filling is distributed evenly and the opening is sewn. To complete the cushion, you can add some straps to hold it to the structure.

Q6: How to change the fabric of a garden lounger?

There are different models of garden loungers, whose fabric is attached to the base in a different way. However, there are some of these pieces of furniture in which it is not very complicated to change the fabric, since, in general, they are designed to insert the metal tube or frame into the holes at each end of the fabric.  

To do this, it is advisable to place the lounger in an extended position, remove all the locks and disassemble the tubes to be able to extract the fabric. Once removed, the other can be placed, ensuring that it is well extended on both sides. 

Q7: How to clean a garden lounger?

If it is a wooden lounger, the cushion must be removed to spray the base with soap and water and rub with a sponge. Let it dry and, if you wish, you can apply a protective wax that will also make it look shiny. Some cushion fabrics can be washed in the washing machine, but without the filling. Steel garden loungers can only be cleaned with a damp cloth, just like the textilene surface.

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