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Garden Lamppost – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A garden lamp, in addition to offering an optimal level of lighting, can be an object that complements the decoration of the home. In this sense, it is important to know certain characteristics, such as design, functionalities and accessories. Currently there is a great variety, however, we will only focus on the most outstanding. One of them is the Licwshi SL05, which has 4 modes of use with different types of lighting and includes a remote control. On the other hand, there is the Smartwares 10.009.16 street lamp, which has an E27 connector compatible with different types of bulbs and includes an installation kit for greater practicality.

The 9 Best Garden Lamps – Opinions 2022

To enjoy a warm and welcoming garden, you must choose a lamppost that harmonizes with the environment and also offers you the right type of light. In this sense, we have prepared a list with some of the best garden lanterns of 2022, with the intention that you know first-hand the most important information and you can select one that is according to your needs.

solar garden street light

1.Licwshi Solar Light 48 LED 4500mAh 900lm

This solar garden lamp has 4 operating modes that increase its versatility, such as the Always Dim Light, Induction and Emergency functions, as well as the combination of the Micro + Induction modes, thanks to this, it is possible to adapt it to different situations and moments of the day

Many consider this to be the best garden lamp, as it is powered solely by sunlight, contributing to caring for the environment through the use of green energy. It also incorporates a lithium iron phosphate battery, which offers a useful life of 5,000 charges and discharges.

It is available in two versions, 6000K white light and 4000K warm light, allowing you to choose according to your tastes. On the other hand, it has the IP65 degree of protection to resist dust and splashes of water.

If you are looking for the best garden lamp of the moment, this model can be a good alternative, since it offers high-tech operation. 


Battery: It has a 4500 mAh lithium iron phosphate battery, indicated to offer a longer useful life.

Sensor: It incorporates an infrared motion sensor with a range of 5 to 8 m to increase home security.

LED: It has 48 bright LED light beads that provide 900 lm to illuminate a large area.


Position: It has a fixed structure, which does not allow directing the light once the streetlight has already been installed.

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2. Lacasa Solar Lights 1200 lm 5200 mAh Powerful Version

If you are looking for a solar garden lamp, this model offers you two of them for an affordable price, so it can be a good option. Both lanterns are integrated by 100 LED lights to offer a power of 1200 lm, in this way, they are capable of illuminating a surface of up to 15 m².

They can also project cool white 6000K light, which is bright to look at. On the other hand, it is possible to install them on a wall in a practical way and they have the IP65 degree of protection, which provides greater resistance to climatic changes and contact with water.

As for their functionality, they have 3 modes of use, among which are Motion Sensor, Motion Sensor + Off and Light with 50% Brightness, so they can provide greater versatility.

If you are wondering which is the best garden lamp, you may be interested in this two-piece kit that offers a discreet design and solar technology. Let’s learn more about its characteristics.


Light: They are made up of 100 LED lights that can provide a light output of 1200 lm.

Protection: They offer an IP65 degree of protection, which prevents dust and moisture from entering the streetlights.

Battery: It has a 3.7 V 5200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, capable of providing 300 motion detections on a single charge.


Resistance: They could be little resistant to bumps and scratches, so it is necessary to install them carefully.

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Outdoor lamppost for garden

3. Smartwares 10.009.16 classic glass aluminum lantern 

It is an outdoor garden lamp with a classic design, suitable for adding a rustic touch to the decoration. It has a height of 1.25 m and is made up of a post with a protruding cap and transparent crystals that create a more elegant atmosphere.

This lamppost is considered by many to be one of the cheapest today. However, it has an E27 connector, compatible with different types of bulbs, including 60W LEDs, which offer lower consumption and are highly recommended..

Its pieces are made of black cast aluminum, which in addition to making it lighter, provides greater resistance to bumps and scratches. As if that were not enough, because it is installed outdoors, it has the IP44 degree of protection, which offers waterproofing and weather resistance.

If you want to find a decorative lamp that provides elegance to your garden and is also one of the cheapest, then it is convenient that you know this model in detail.


Compatibility: It is compatible with the most popular light bulbs, since it integrates an E27 connector.

Materials: It is made of highly resistant cast aluminum and is decorated with transparent crystals.

Design: It offers a rustic style post design that gives an original touch to the space where you decide to place it.


Instability: This model could present a little instability in the face of strong winds, so it is advisable to reinforce the support at the base.

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4. Philips Lighting myGarden Creek outdoor lamp E27 IP44

This outdoor garden lamp offers a striking and elegant design, made up of a 3-bulb pole, thus, it can provide an eye-catching style and optimal lighting. In addition, it is made of black cast aluminum, which provides greater resistance to its structure.

In this sense, it is designed to work in humid environments, since it has the IP44 protection level, capable of resisting dust and splashes of water without damaging the internal structure of the streetlight.

It works connected to the electrical network with a voltage of 220 to 240 V and between 50 and 60 Hz, so its installation is very simple. As if that were not enough, it has E27 connectors, which offer compatibility with different types of bulbs, so you can choose the most suitable one according to your preferences.

The best garden lamp brand should offer products with an attractive design and high resistance to different weather conditions, like this Philips model. Let’s see its main features.


Impermeability: It is resistant to splashes of water, thanks to the fact that it has IP44 protection.

Design: It is a pole with 3 glass lanterns, so it can be an eye-catcher in the garden.

Connectors: It incorporates E27 connectors, so it offers compatibility with most light bulbs.


Screens: The screens of the streetlights can be small compared to other models on the list, which could be a disadvantage.

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Other products

5. Massive München 1-bulb street light outdoor lighting

This is a street light for outdoor use, featuring a single bulb post design. It’s made of heavy-duty black metal and the shade is decorated with stained glass-style glass and brown accents, giving it a warmer look in the light.

It has IP44 protection to prevent damage to its internal system, whether due to splashing water or dust. In addition, it has an affordable cost, which is why it is considered by many to be the best value for money garden lamp.

Its structure has dimensions of 1.24 m high and 18 cm wide, so it does not require a large space for its installation. On the other hand, it works with an alternating current of 230 V and incorporates an E27 type connector that accepts bulbs of up to 100 W.

If you want a classic lamppost to illuminate and decorate your garden, then it is advisable to consider the pros and cons of this model before making a decision.


Design: It is made up of a post and a lamp with stained glass-type crystals, which gives your garden a distinctive and pleasant touch.

Protection: It offers IP44 protection, which increases its resistance to weathering.

Compatibility: It is compatible with bulbs that provide a maximum power of 100 W.


Height: It has a height of 1.24 m, making it smaller compared to other streetlights on this list.

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6. Dersoy 30W Wall Mount LED Street Light AC90

It is a lamp suitable for lighting outdoor spaces, such as parking lots or squares. In this sense, it incorporates 30 LED bulbs with a power of 3,600 lm, which allows it to project a white light of 6,000 K. In addition, it has an efficient system that can dissipate heat for greater durability.

It offers a discreet wall mount design, which according to the manufacturer can be mounted in just 2 steps. For greater practicality, it includes the necessary parts for its assembly, such as a hexagonal screwdriver and 4 concrete screws with washers.

It is made of die-cast aluminum, which provides greater resistance to different weather conditions and has the IP65 degree of protection, which ensures its impermeability and resistance to dust. Therefore, its structure is completely suitable for outdoor use.

If you want a versatile streetlight that provides a good level of lighting and optimal protection, this model from the Dersoy brand can be a good alternative.


Accessories: Includes the necessary materials for a correct installation, such as screws, washers and a screwdriver.

Lighting: It incorporates 30 LED bulbs that offer a white light of 6000 K and a light output of 3600 lm.

Protection: It has the IP65 degree of protection that resists direct contact with water.


Sensor: It does not incorporate the motion sensor function, which places it at a disadvantage compared to others on the list.

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7. vidaXL garden lampposts with 2 lights aluminum 220 cm

This post-type model has a double lamppost and an adjustable base with screws, so it can provide optimal lighting and good stability. In addition, its structure is made of white aluminum and the lamps have transparent screens made of PVC, which guarantees the protection of the bulbs.

Each lamppost incorporates E27 connectors that accept a wide variety of bulbs, in this way, you can install the light that you like. Likewise, they work connected to a conventional power supply from 220 to 240 V, which ensures their proper functioning.

The post has a total height of 2.20 m and the screens have a diameter of 25 cm, which allows them to have a greater reach on the surface. As if that were not enough, they offer IP44 protection for greater durability.

If you are still wondering which garden lamp to buy, it is important to mention that this model offers a modern design and optimal lighting. Let’s know its pros and cons.


Design: It has 2 lamps and a white body for added appeal.

Materials: It is made of aluminum and PVC for greater durability.

Dimensions: The lamps have a diameter of 25 cm and the pole measures 2.20 m, which favors its reach in large areas.


Screws: The screws included for installation may be shorter than expected, so it is advisable to purchase longer ones for greater support to the ground.

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8. Papasbox 100W Outdoor LED Street Light

It is a street lamp made up of 105 LED lights of the highest quality, indicated to guarantee optimal luminosity. It also incorporates a diffuser so that the light is projected smoothly, increasing its range while being more pleasing to the eye.

It offers a power of 100 W, however, it has an A+ type energy classification, so its consumption is very low to save up to 80% energy, placing it at an advantage compared to traditional luminaires.

On the other hand, it is a resistant lamp, made up of an aluminum casing that offers resistance and lightness. Similarly, it is capable of dissipating heat on its back to ensure a long service life. As if that were not enough, it has IP65 protection that resists moisture and dust.

If you need a lamppost with which you can easily illuminate a large garden or patio, then it is convenient to know this model for exteriors.


Power: It has a power of 100 W that can generate 9000 lm, which guarantees optimal performance.

Lamps: It integrates 105 lamps that can offer a cold light of 6000 K, in addition, it has a diffuser to provide softer lighting.

Installation: Its design favors a versatile installation in the position that best suits you depending on the space.


Cable: The power cable could be a bit short, so it is recommended to use an extension cord.

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9. Hofstein Antibes Cast Aluminum Lamp Post

This lamppost is suitable for use with class A++ light bulbs within the energy efficiency classification. In addition, it incorporates an E27 socket, which is compatible with most standard-size bulbs with a power of 15 to 60 W.

It has an elegant vintage-style design with rustic finishes, so it can be an eye-catcher in the garden or at the entrance of your house. Additionally, the surface is painted in an attractive shade of brown with gold accents.

Regarding the dimensions, it has a total height of 2.1 m and its base and screen have a diameter of 26.5 cm and 24 cm respectively. On the other hand, it integrates holes in the base to fix it to the ground in a simple and safe way. It also has IP44 protection, so it is weather resistant.

If you are looking for a stylishly designed garden lamp, then this post type lamp can be a good alternative. Let’s know its main aspects.


Lampshade: Its lampshade has a diameter of 24 cm and has a central light orange figure to project a warm and pleasant light.

Compatibility: Works with an E27 socket, compatible with light bulbs from 15 to 60 W.

Design: It is made of cast aluminum and has a brown coating with gold details.


Light bulb: It does not include the light bulb for immediate use, so it is necessary to purchase it separately, which implies an additional cost.

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Shopping guide

When you choose a lamppost, you must be clear about whether you need to install it in a garden, terrace, swimming pool, parking lot, sidewalk, patio, among others, since not all of them offer the same characteristics. In this sense, we have compiled all the relevant information in this guide to buy the best garden lamppost, in this way, you can select the one that suits you best.


When making a comparison of garden lampposts we can distinguish two large groups according to their installation; those of post and those of wall. The former are generally made up of a base attached to the ground and can have from 1 to 3 lampposts at the top. In addition, some of these models offer lamps with the bulbs pointing downwards or upright lamps with omnidirectional bulbs, which is suitable for projecting light in large spaces or precise areas.

As for wall-mounted streetlamps, they are usually compact, practical and versatile, since they incorporate movement technologies or different modes of use. Depending on the model, they may provide a wider projection of light, thanks to the possibility of placing them at the height you want to illuminate a larger area. Therefore, they can be useful in parking lots, patios and sports areas.


In terms of design, post lanterns tend to offer classic styles, inspired by elegant, antique or rustic decoration. In this sense, some of them incorporate details in their structure and finishes of different colors to favor their attractiveness. The height of these streetlights can be between 1.24 and 2.20 m, which you should consider depending on the space of use. For their part, the wall lamps have modern and technological designs, so that in addition to being functional, they are more discreet.

In general, streetlights are suitable for use outdoors, so it is very important that they are made of materials that are resistant to weather variations. Among the most popular structures are those made of aluminum or metal, which are capable of withstanding water, sun, bumps and scratches.

As for the screens, it is recommended that they be strong enough to protect the bulb, so we can find streetlights made of synthetic materials, such as PVC or tempered glass, capable of guaranteeing their resistance and favoring optimal light projection. For greater safety, there are models that have IP protection against dust and rain, so they have reinforced parts to prevent internal damage, thus avoiding malfunctions.

On the other hand, one aspect that can indicate how much a garden lamppost costs is its type of support, since some incorporate articulated structures that allow manual adjustment of the inclination of the bulbs, in this way, you can direct the light and thus obtain a better reach in different areas, which could increase the price. However, it is possible to find one that is good and cheap at the same time.


Garden lampposts also incorporate different modes of use that contribute to their versatility and allow them to be adapted to the needs of each person. Among the most outstanding functions is the dim light mode, which saves energy while providing lighting adapted to your needs.

One of the most interesting technologies is the one that integrates a motion sensor, which activates the streetlight when there are people nearby and turns off when they move away, in this way, the streetlights offer a more practical use, increase the security of the home and allow greater energy saving.

Another important distinction in outdoor streetlights is their power supply, which can be through rechargeable batteries in the case of solar models, capable of storing energy during the day and keeping the streetlights on at night. In addition, they can have a capacity of 4,500 to 5,200 mAh, which influences the lighting time and light intensity. On the other hand, alternating current streetlights offer constant lighting and can have a longer range.

In terms of light, post-type streetlamps usually incorporate E27 sockets compatible with today’s most popular bulbs, thus providing the opportunity to choose according to needs. For their part, wall lamps offer lighting through LED bulbs, so we can get models that have from 30 to 105 bulbs. Likewise, they can be 6000 K cold white light or 4000 K warm light.

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