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We invite you to take into account the information contained in this space if you are interested in buying the best garden table. Here you will find practical models, as well as outstanding options. First of all, we recommend evaluating the KitGarden Folding 180 model, a folding garden table that has a large capacity for diners. It is strong, durable and easy to prepare for use. Secondly, you could consider the Deuba 100030, a model made of wood that is quite comfortable for the garden. It has folding legs, in case you want to store it, as well as having a darkened natural finish that makes it attractive and easy to combine.

The 9 Best Garden Tables – Opinions 2022


Garden furniture plays an important role in comfort, and since spending time outside is good for your health, we advise you to choose it carefully. In the following list you will find some of the best options in garden tables, with which you can probably equip your home in a comfortable and practical way.

Folding garden table


1. KitGarden Folding 180 Folding Table 

If you have come this far looking for what could be the best garden table, we recommend you consider the KitGarden Folding 180, a model with a large size, folding and practical design, as well as a resistant structure.

It has a size of 180 x 74 x 74 centimeters, allowing it to accommodate between 6 to 8 people, depending on the seating arrangement. It can be folded, thus acquiring compact dimensions, in case you need to transport it. In addition, it has a practical handle to load it more easily.

The table top is made of resin, being robust to support the weight of the objects, while the base is made of painted steel, with supports in the center that will increase the resistance in general.

On the other hand, the Folding 180 folding garden table is one of the cheapest products, helping you save more money than you thought.

It is likely that, for some, this option is the best garden table of the moment. Therefore, here are its pros and cons:


Folding: It is foldable, allowing it to be easily transported using its carrying handle.

Capacity: You can adjust it to offer space for a maximum of 8 people at the same time.

Materials: It has a resistant and robust structure, which guarantees long durability.

Maintenance: It does not require maintenance, thanks to the construction materials used.



Stability: Something that could be improved in this garden table model is stability, since, when there is nothing heavy on the tabletop, it can wobble.

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garden side table


2. Deuba Acacia wood garden side table

An option that could be among the best garden tables of 2022 is the Deuba 100030, a model with a discreet but practical design that will give your home a special touch.

It is a medium-sized table with dimensions of 46 x 46 x 46 centimeters and a weight of 3.36 kilograms, being light enough to carry it with one hand. Likewise, the structure is foldable, helping to minimize its size so as not to take up space when stored.

It is made of wood and has a coffee table design, so you will have space to place some drinks next to a plate with sandwiches to accompany your afternoon. In addition to this, this garden side table is also practical for the balcony, thanks to its simple and easy to combine aesthetics.

Since Deuba is perhaps the best brand of garden tables, we advise you to review what this product offers you:


Design: This model has a simple design, but quite practical to have in the garden.

Folding: Its legs can be folded, in order to facilitate its storage or transport if necessary.

Materials: It is made of wood with a natural and darkened finish, to increase its attractiveness.

Location: You can easily install it outdoors or indoors, as needed, as it is resistant to the elements.



Closures: The leg closures feel a bit flimsy.

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Extendable garden table


3. Keter Symphony outdoor dining table with 3 extensions

If you are still wondering which is the best garden table, we invite you to consider the Keter 211427.

This model can be very practical for those who are used to receiving guests at home, since it has an extendable structure with which you can increase the capacity of the table considerably.

It has a size of 160 x 95 x 75 centimeters when folded and its length can reach 320 centimeters long, enough space to seat several people without inconvenience or also to accommodate drinks and food in a meeting.

On the other hand, the Keter extendable garden table has an attractive design with a black rattan-type finish, which makes it even more suitable for the garden, since it maintains a semi-rustic aesthetic that is very much in keeping with the outdoors.

In case you need a broad model, we advise you to review the characteristics of this alternative:


Design: The Keter table has a rattan-style design that makes it suitable for outdoors, as well as attractive to the eye.

Extendable: You can extend its length, in case you need more space for your guests.

Management: The use of the table is simple and intuitive, to avoid problems when installing it.

Hinges: The hinges that allow the table to open and close are made of aluminum, so they are durable.


Stability: The legs could be more robust, in order to increase the general stability of the garden table.

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wooden garden table


4. vidaXL Acacia Wood Garden Coffee Table

vidaXL could have the best value for money garden table in its catalog if you consider everything that its 41435 model offers you.

This piece of furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its attractive but simple design. It is made of solid wood, which gives it enough robustness, as well as a pleasant-to-the-touch oil finish.

Being a wooden garden table, the vidaXL table is easy to combine with all kinds of decorations and is easy to clean, so you can keep it free of dust or stains.

As for its size, it has dimensions of 46 x 46 x 47 centimeters and its weight is 6 kilograms. When folded, it measures 62 x 46 x 5.5 centimeters, helping you to store it easily without taking up much space.

You don’t need to spend a lot to have a good garden table and now you can further evaluate one of the cheapest on the list:


Design: This option has a simple but tasteful design to accompany any piece of furniture in your garden.

Materials: Its manufacture is robust, thanks to the quality of the wood used.

Foldable: It has folding legs that allow it to be stored comfortably when you are not using it.

Maintenance: To clean it, a microfiber cloth and a little disinfectant will suffice, being easy to care for.



Assembly: Keep in mind that you will need to assemble the table, but this is not complicated and will not take too long.

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iron garden table


5. Blumfeldt Patras Bistro Table Marble Top 

An aluminum garden table could show wear and oxidation if it is not properly treated, so we advise you to consider iron alternatives such as the one from Blumfeldt.

This model has a robust base that stands out for being made of cast iron, considerably increasing the resistance of the table. In addition, it has an embossed design inspired by the 1920s.

On the other hand, with this iron garden table you can decorate any space, since its style is elegant as it has a white marble top, where you can see the marks of the stone to increase the attractiveness.

Evaluating its size, the table offers a diameter of 60 centimeters, to place decorations or food, while its height is 70 centimeters and its weight reaches 20 kilograms.

When you don’t know which garden table to buy, consider its materials and design as important aspects:


Design: This is an elegant-looking garden table, with flourish decorations all over the base.

Materials: The table itself is made of marble, so it is durable and very attractive to decorate any space. 

Base: Its base is made of cast iron, offering resistance to be placed outdoors.

Colour: It is painted black, to obtain a pleasant contrast with the white marble.



Weight: It is heavier than other small garden tables, but this adds stability.

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round garden table


6. vidaXL Mosaic Table 

vidaXL has an option for you that might interest you if you are looking for a garden table that can be both useful and decorative to use at home.

We are referring to the vidaXL 41530 model, a 60 x 70 centimeter round garden table suitable for outdoor use, thanks to its powder-coated cast iron base. The board, meanwhile, is ceramic and has a very attractive mosaic design for any decoration. The pieces that compose it are of different shades of blue and follow a certain pattern.

On the other hand, the base of the table has an enlarged shape that helps distribute the weight placed on it, thus increasing stability when using it. In addition, it also has an iron reinforcement that surrounds the legs in its entirety.

Having a good table in the garden is more practical than you think and this vidaXL product might interest you:


Mosaic: Presents a blue mosaic design in different shades, a quality that gives it a striking touch.

Base: It has a base made of iron that will easily support the weight placed on the table.

Stability: The wide design of its base adds stability to the entire structure, for safe use.

Resistance: It can be installed outdoors, without risk of damage or wear in a short time.



Capacity: It is a small size model, so it is mainly for personal use.

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resin garden table


7. Saturnia 8330101 Resin Table 

Saturnia has a resin garden table that may catch your attention if you are looking for a spacious, practical model for various uses, that you can easily install at home or outside.

We are facing the model 8330101 table, which has a size of 140 x 90 x 72 centimeters when assembled. Its assembly is quite simple, since you will only have to install the legs under pressure on the board, to finish standing it up.

As indicated, it is made of resin, offering the conventional resistance of this material, as well as being easy to clean to keep it free of any dirt.

On the other hand, it allows the installation of a parasol, so it will provide a lot of comfort when using it outdoors such as the terrace, the garden or on a trip to nature.

If this garden table from the Saturnia brand has caught your interest, then you will be able to know its advantages and disadvantages:


Assembly: This model is easy to assemble, so you don’t spend a lot of time getting it ready to use.

Resistant: The structure is resistant enough for domestic use, whether it is to eat on it or use it as a side table.

Sunshade: It has a hole where you can install a sunshade, if you want to protect yourself when you are outside.

Maintenance: You can easily clean it using a damp cloth to remove dirt.



Outdoors: Although it is capable of being installed outdoors, it is not recommended to leave it outside permanently.

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small garden table


8. Dszapaci Side Table for Terrace Round Mosaic Top

With a low garden table like the Dszapaci Mosaico you can have a space to place your drink or some personal object while you enjoy the outdoors.

The main advantage of this purchase alternative is its Mediterranean-style mosaic design, using pieces in different shades of brown that will help you combine it with your existing furniture.

It has a round shape with dimensions of 58 x 36 centimeters and a weight of 7 kilograms, which is light considering that the base is made of cast iron, while the top is ceramic.

In addition, the Dszapaci small garden table is powder coated, which will prevent its base from rusting, so you can place it outside without worry. It is also noted that it is easy to clean and comfortable to spend an afternoon sitting outside.

To decide which would be the best garden table for you, it is necessary to take into account the positive and negative aspects of each model:


Design: It has a Mediterranean mosaic design, to decorate any outdoor space.

Base: It has a finely designed base that also has safety crossbars.

Coating: The iron section is powder coated to prevent rust.

Assembly: The assembly is quite simple and the necessary screws are included for it.



Stability: One of its disadvantages is that it can be a bit unstable if you don’t have weight on it.

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Garden table with fridge


9. Keter Cool Bar Outdoor Cooler Table 

The Keter brand offers a practical table for those who love drinks, since it has a special compartment to store them and even keep them cold, thanks to a useful fridge integrated into the base.

The Cool Bar model has a size of 50 x 41 x 50 centimeters and its approximate weight is 5.7 kilograms, while the fridge can store a maximum of 45 cans at a time, depending on the amount of ice. This leads us to mention that it also has a practical drain at the bottom, designed to let out any water that accumulates.

On the other hand, this practical garden table with fridge is foldable, making use of the countertop as a lid, so you can enjoy extra space for your drinks and snacks during meetings with friends.

The characteristics of this garden table can make it easier to have guests at home, so you should consider them:


Multifunctional: The Keter Cool table is multifunctional, thanks to the integrated refrigerator in its base.

Light: It has light, so you can easily see what you are doing when you manipulate it.

Capacity: It offers capacity to store approximately 45 cans of drinks to invite your friends.

Drain: The presence of a drain stands out that will allow you to easily empty the residual water.



Finishes: The manufacturing finishes should perhaps be of better quality, although they meet the requirements.

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Shopping guide


Having a good guide to buy the best garden table at hand may be what you need to make a successful purchase. Next, we invite you to read the information compiled regarding this topic, so that you can make the most of your money and obtain a practical product for your day to day.

garden table design

As with any piece of furniture for the home, the exterior design is one of the most decisive purchase factors for many users. When you come across a comparison of garden tables, we advise you to look first at the aesthetic aspect of the furniture, so that you invest in a model that can be both useful and attractive.

However, a beneficial advantage offered by this type of product is that there are so many options in different designs that, if you have the time to evaluate them, you can easily find the one that has everything you want.

Likewise, you can also choose garden tables in different shapes. They can be square, round, rectangular and more, providing options to equip your home with the most suitable ones, both in terms of space and decoration.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in the aesthetic section, you can opt for decorated garden tables. They can present ornaments, mosaics or legs with particular designs that make them stand out.

Offered Capacity

How much a garden table costs can be determined by the capacity it offers for use. However, you can find a good and cheap option to share with the family, although you may have to adapt to certain details such as manufacturing materials or aesthetic design.

In this sense, perhaps you should consider that some large-capacity models, such as those with space for more than 4 people, are made of light materials, so that they can be used comfortably outdoors. Other garden tables allow their folding in order to affect their size, which can be very useful to receive more people or store them without occupying the entire garage, for example.

However, if you only want a small garden table to accompany a couple of chairs, you can opt for models with a compact size or with a round design, as they offer enough space for drinks or snacks.

Manufacturing materials

When it comes to furniture, especially those designed for outdoors, its manufacturing materials are one of those essential details that cannot be overlooked.

Being, possibly, in contact with water and sun, it is necessary that the garden table is made of materials resistant to wear, especially to oxidation. This is one of the factors that most affects the integrity of a garden piece of furniture, so you should make sure that the model you choose guarantees its resistance to it.

Taking into account the aforementioned, it should be noted that one of the most recommended materials for use in garden furniture is treated wood, stainless steel and iron. However, the latter must be properly cared for to prevent damage.

Visually, wooden garden furniture adapts well to the outdoors thanks to its manufacturing materials, but it may require more care than steel furniture. Therefore, you have to consider it carefully before buying.

Practicality of use

Some models of garden tables are able to increase their practicality by having, for example, folding structures. These give them the ability to transform, either in order to increase or decrease their capacity, as well as to store themselves.

In addition, some garden tables may have special designs that can be useful if you need more space to serve a meal, play cards or just have a chat with drinks. These types of models can be used considerably more than a regular garden table, but their designs may not be for all tastes.

product maintenance

Considering that garden tables are likely to be in contact with external elements, it is also necessary to take into account the type of maintenance that they can receive. If you make sure to take proper care of your garden table, you will be able to enjoy it for much longer.

Therefore, it would be advisable to acquire a model that is made with specially treated materials to withstand the elements of the weather, since this would reduce the maintenance requirement by the user by only requiring a little water or a dry cloth, to remove accumulated dust and dirt.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a garden table?

If you want to enjoy your new garden table to the fullest, there are a couple of tips that you can follow both for your comfort and to take care of the furniture.

Start by cleaning the area where you are going to install the table, whether it is artificial or natural soil, it is advisable to sweep and cut the weeds if there are any. Then, take your table out of the packaging to assemble it, if necessary, and position it at the chosen point.

We also recommend choosing a place where the sun is not directly shining. This will reduce discomfort when sitting at the table, as well as help prevent overheating. If possible, choose a shady spot or lay out a drop cloth that can cover the entire table space.

Finally, do not take in vain the importance of the chairs and make sure to equip it with comfortable seats and according to its style, in order to maintain harmony between the furniture and improve the general aesthetic aspect.

Q2: How to make a wooden garden table?

To make a wooden garden table you will need 5 planks for the top, 4 for the legs, several wooden slats to secure and 1 to serve as a cross support. In addition to a hammer, nails, sandpaper, varnish and wood glue.

Take each of the planks and sand them down to a smooth, blemish-free surface. Apply glue to the long planks to join them side by side so they form the top of the table. Next, take 2 wooden slats and nail them to the bottom to secure them, installing one on each end.

Then, proceed to mount the table legs using the slats as a base to nail them horizontally, assembling the basic structure of your table. Finish by installing the crossbar under your table, making sure to position it in the center, apply a coat of varnish to the entire piece of furniture and allow to dry completely.


Q3: How to decorate a garden table?

If you are interested in decorating your garden table to make it attractive again, you can choose to create a mosaic with pieces of tiles. The advantage of this technique is that it has a free artistic style and you can use all your creativity.

To glue the pieces of tile, we advise you to use quick-drying glue, as it is practical for this type of installation, as well as being resistant to water and the sun.


Q4: How to make a garden table with pallets?

Pallets are a good material to make a garden table, as well as having an aesthetic appearance suitable for outdoors.

To make a small piece of furniture with them, take the necessary planks to cut them in different lengths and form your table. You can use 4 for the top and another 4 for its legs, because thanks to the standard thickness of the pallets, you won’t need to install too many supports to be able to use the table with confidence.

In addition, you can manufacture tables in different sizes according to your needs, as well as cover the spaces between the pallets with wood, helping to make better use of the surface.

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