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String Lights – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Lighting is usually a forgotten aspect when it comes to decorating and designing a garden, terrace or similar. Luckily, thanks to products such as string lights, it is very easy to give these spaces a special touch, to enjoy them even more. Among these options, we find the Grde Audbos model, which is 10 meters long and includes 60 small, high-quality, beautifully designed LED bulbs. Simpler is the  iLaz Art Deco model, 5.2 meters long and where we find 50 LED balloons of 2 centimeters in diameter each.

The 8 Best String Lights – Opinions 2022

The time when light garlands were only for the Christmas tree is over. Nowadays, these products are a very interesting proposal to decorate gardens, terraces and any other space, as long as we are able to decide which is the best string of lights according to what we need. Fortunately, among the best string lights of 2022 we have all kinds of proposals, both by price and by design or power, so that we will surely find the best string lights for our project just by searching a bit.

outdoor string lights

1. Large Outdoor Solar Garland Lights

The GRDE Audbos outdoor string light is an independent and high quality product, at the level of the best string lights of the moment. A model that has in its approach an extension of 10 meters, in which a total of 60 LED-type lights are distributed. However, the lights have a traditional format, for a more elegant finish. 

The system is powered by a solar panel, which gives greater independence to the assembly and offers good autonomy of use, even on cloudy winter days. For these cold and rainy days, you also have an IP65 protection, which prevents the rain from damaging the garland. 

To top it off, this model has several easily adjustable lighting modes, so you can choose the one that suits you best depending on your preferences.

So that you can better decide which garland of lights to buy, we give you all the necessary information regarding this model.


LED technology: The LED technology of the strip offers outstanding brightness when it comes to lighting any environment.

Bulbs: The strip has 60 bulbs in total with a beautiful traditional cut finish.

Protection: IP65 protection is totally waterproof and withstands the most complex conditions.

Consumption: Thanks to its LED technology, we are talking about a product with an A++ energy class.

Modes: The garland has eight operating modes, very easy to change.



Switch: It is important to activate the included solar panel, using the switch located on it. 

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battery operated string lights

2. iLaz Warm White String Lights, 50 LE 

One of the problems when setting up a string of lights is its power supply. Something easy to solve with a quality battery-powered string of lights, such as the iLaz Art Deco model. This product has a tight size, 5.2 meters long, in which a total of 50 LED-type bulbs are distributed with globes of about 2 centimeters in diameter each and a distance of about 10 centimeters between bulbs. 

A proposal that has the additional advantage of weighing just 230 grams, which simplifies the mounting process of the strip almost anywhere. The design is completed with a power supply based on three simple AA batteries, not included. An approach with which to forget about plugs and complex electrical connections. 

As an extra, you have two power modes, either continuous mode or flashing, depending on your preference.

Although it is difficult to know which is the best brand of string lights on the market, this product would be a worthy representative of it.


Bulbs: The bulbs have a traditional finish of 2 centimeters in diameter.

Autonomy: The battery-powered system simplifies electrical assembly and makes the device more comfortable to use.

Dual mode: The garland can be used in always on or flashing mode.

Weight: The weight of the garland is 230 grams, simplifying its installation. 



Distance: The distance between the bulbs is short, leaving the light somewhat concentrated.

Energy class : Despite its LED technology, the product remains in an A energy rating. 

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LED string lights

3. Litogo Garland Lights Batteries

If we search among the cheapest string lights on the market, we will surely find quite a few products with LED technology. This system reduces manufacturing costs, increases brightness and also the quality of lighting, as we find in the Litogo MY-L501-EU LED string light. 

We are talking about the best quality-price garland of lights at the moment, with details such as a 5-meter extension, in which 50 high-brightness and quality LED lights are embedded. A model powered by conventional batteries and with different lighting modes, which is also easy to install thanks to the high flexibility of the structure. 

An element that contributes to reducing the weight of the strip, which remains at just 40 grams, being one of the lightest solutions we have found.

Searching among the cheap options, we found this string of lights of high quality and very low consumption, which we evaluate below.


Ratio: The strip is 5 meters long and has 50 built-in LED lights, to give you good lighting.

Energy consumption: The product has an A+++ energy rating, one of the most efficient on the market.

Weight: The strip barely weighs 40 grams, which makes its assembly and fixing much easier.



Humidity: It is important to keep the garland away from moisture, since it is not waterproof.

Mounting the batteries: The mounting of the batteries can be somewhat complex, due to the narrow finish of the box.

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ball lights garland

4. Elinkume LED Cotton Balls 

If you like the more traditional finish of the usual bulb garlands, but with current technology, you will surely like the Elinkume Cotton Balls garland of lights. This product works using modern LED technology, offers very low power consumption and generates beautiful warm white lighting.

An aspect that fits nicely with the design of the balls, 20 in total throughout the piece, whose exterior finish adds extra warmth to the lighting. Its extension is 3.3 meters, so it is a suitable solution for when you do not need large strips and you only need a touch of focused light. 

Its installation is very simple, due to the flexibility of the wiring but also because of its battery power, which does not need a plug nearby to leave it ready to work.

Enjoy a beautiful decoration in any environment with what this garland puts at your fingertips.


Light tone: The light tone is warm white, which gives a pleasant sensation when lighting the garland.

Balls : Both in design and finish, the balls complement the pretty tone of your LED lights.

Assembly : Assembly is very simple, thanks to the flexibility of the cable on which it is mounted.



Size : It is one of the shortest proposals that we have selected, 3.2 meters in total.

Use : This product is not recommended for use in highly exposed exteriors, as it does not get along well with humidity.

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solar outdoor string lights

5. Litogo Solar Outdoor String Lights

Compared to plug-in or battery-powered models, the Litogo MY-SL120-EU solar outdoor string light is an ideal product for use in the garden with a totally independent approach. This lot is made up of two rolls of lights of 12 meters each, in which 120 small LED bulbs are distributed. The lighting has a warm white tone, although there are also cold white or multi-color versions, depending on what you need. 

Thanks to its approach, it is a very easy option to mount and fix anywhere, offering an optimal finish. The same happens with its power, executed by means of a solar panel and capable of offering an autonomy of 8 to 14 hours during the night. 

It is finished off with eight different modes, so that you bet on the lighting system that you like the most at all times.

Forget about batteries and plugs while you bet on the solar comfort of this string of lights.


Design: Its simple design has an extension of 12 meters and a total of 120 LED lights in each strip.

Autonomy: This product includes an 800 mAh battery, which translates into a duration of 8 to 14 hours.

Lot: With this lot you will have two light garlands and two solar panels, with which to feed them.



Installation: It is key to place the solar panel correctly to achieve maximum charge on your battery.

Durability: The durability of the product can be improved, as indicated by some comments in this regard.

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decorative lights garland 

6. Ruick Garland 

Compared to the more traditional cut product, the garland of decorative lights allows us to add an extra design to any area of ​​our environment. A task for which we can resort to proposals such as Ruick Macarons. 

This garland is made up of 20 ball-shaped LED lights with different colors and a nice finish, making it a very interesting piece to give a special touch to any corner. The LED technology generates a very pleasant glow, which joins the colors of the ball in a diverse and bright illumination. 

Regarding its installation, thanks to the quality of the structure and its power supply by means of AA batteries, you won’t have to worry too much about it either, being perfect anywhere in just a few minutes.

Adding a touch of color to any area is easy if you use a mixed garland like this one.


Design: The colored ball design changes the look of the strip compared to more traditional models.

Power: Battery power simplifies the installation process, which does not require plugs or connections.

Modes: The lights can be turned on in a fixed or flashing mode, depending on what suits you.



Resistance: The balls are somewhat fragile, so it is advisable to avoid hitting them during assembly.

Shades: The colors and shades of the balls may vary from those shown in the images, with a variable distribution.

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garland of colored lights

7.Layack String Lights 

The garland of colored lights is ideal for giving a more casual touch to any area of ​​your garden, compared to the more classic approach of products with white lights. A context in which the Layack garland is an interesting proposal to give any area a modern look. 

This garland has a length of 10 meters in which a total of 100 high-quality LED bulbs and different colors are distributed, for greater variety. The same variety that we find in its operating options, which include 8 different types of lighting. These can be managed using the included remote control, where you can choose the mode and even program the lights. 

And so that the product lasts longer, it incorporates IP65 protection, ideal so that rain and cold are not a problem that affects the device.

Give a touch of color to any area of ​​your garden or terrace with this complete Layack garland.


Lights: The garland includes 100 lights of different colors and with a pleasant distribution.

Modes: The device has eight different lighting modes, with patterns of all kinds.

Remote control: The remote control simplifies the control of the product and its different options.



Weight: The weight of the garland is 430 grams, somewhat higher than other similar proposals, so we must hold it firmly.

Brightness : The brightness of the bulbs is lower than other models we have reviewed.

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Garland of lights for terrace

8. Kolkop Solar Outdoor String Lights 

The Kolkop HZH-SL30B-EU terrace light chain is a product of modern technology, but with a beautiful traditional cut finish, with which to give a romantic touch to any environment. 

This model has a total of 30 bulbs distributed in a 3 meter long garland, offering a good amount of light. In addition, the strip has solar power, which is an extra quality when it comes to facilitating its assembly. The included battery lives up to the rest of the product’s parameters, with a capacity of 800 milliamps and capable of offering an average of 10 hours of lighting at night. 

A model that does not lack automatic activation either, which turns on the bulbs when the plate does not receive sunlight, thus simplifying lighting.

We leave you more details of this product and all the options it includes to adequately illuminate any part of your garden.


Light bulbs : Transparent light bulbs create a much more pleasant atmosphere when it comes to lighting.

Protection : IP55 protection adequately withstands humidity and the most intense rain.

Battery : The included battery is charged by solar panels and offers around 10 hours of lighting.



Resistance : The bulbs are made of glass, so they should be treated with care to prevent breakage.

Orientation : Do not forget to correctly orient the plates to the sun, to achieve the maximum possible energy.

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Shopping guide

Giving a touch of lighting to any garden or terrace space is easy thanks to the string lights. A segment that, thanks to modern LED technology, has reduced its size and consumption, being easy to assemble and even allowing certain artistic licenses when it comes to assembly. However, there are still more traditional options for the most classic. For those who do not know much about the market or want to refresh their knowledge, nothing better than our guide to buying the best string lights, where we list the most important aspects of these modern products.

type of lights

One of the important aspects when choosing a garland of lights these days is the type of bulbs that the product mounts. Despite what we can imagine, not all models are based on modern LED technology, so the first thing we must assess is the way in which the garland will illuminate us.

In this section, we have several options to choose from. One of them is the garlands of lights with traditional bulbs. They are larger than the LED ones, although they give a very nice retro look to any room. And thanks to the technology they include, they also have a lower consumption than the usual light bulb. The other great option is LED-based garlands, either using classic bulbs or strings of lights, similar to Christmas garlands. They weigh less, consume less and have good lighting.

Although these are the two main groups, there is a third line midway between the two. We are talking about products that simulate old light bulbs but with LEDs inside, a proposal that takes advantage of the best of both worlds and that can be interesting for many users.

garland size

Another aspect to consider when taking a look at any comparison of string lights is the size. An aspect where the variety is so high that it practically covers any need we may have. By the way, the measurement refers to the product fully extended and in a straight line, so if you want to make it specific shapes, drops and curves, you should choose a longer model.

Starting with the smallest models, these are usually around three to five meters long. They are the most compact options and are usually both LED and bulb type, being a suitable option for small spaces or to hang them on porches and pergolas.

In the medium size, we would find products that range from 5 to 10 or 12 meters approximately. Wider models that give more options to play, also with a greater distance between bulbs. Finally, from those 10 or 12 meters we have the largest garlands. These options reach 50 meters, generally in LED format, so that nothing stops your creativity when it comes to placing the lights. By the way, although it sounds strange, many times there is not much difference in how much a smaller garland costs compared to a somewhat larger one.

Power and control

Every garland of lights needs electricity to work. An energy that, depending on the type of product that we are evaluating, will have one origin or another. If we are looking for a good and cheap garland of lights, we can resort to battery-powered models, whose only precaution is to keep this junction box protected from moisture.

We also have proposals that work through a traditional plug or by connecting the garland to a splice plug or similar. This generates more usage options, such as using programmers to turn it on, among other options. Finally, we have the models that use solar energy, equipped with small panels and a battery. Something that simplifies the electrical connection and makes everything much easier.

Regarding the control system, this is mainly used in LED models, in which we can choose certain details of the process. To this end, the product incorporates a remote control with which to vary the intensity of the light, the lighting mode or even the color of the LED. These options vary according to the different types of existing garlands, so nothing better than taking a look at the specific characteristics of the model you are evaluating to learn more about it.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to make an outdoor string light?

Although the best option is to resort to a ready-made garland, it is also possible to make an outdoor garland of lights at home. To do this, we will need a cable of the appropriate size for our project, the plug, power strips, lamp holders and the bulbs themselves.

We start by placing the lamp holders at the distance we want, tightening the connection well to achieve its proper sealing. Next, we screw the bulbs into place. The next step is to place the garland in its place, fixing it with flanges or some similar element, also proceeding to connect the power supply through a splice tab located on the corresponding strip. At this point, all that remains is to plug in the product and verify that everything works as it should.

Q2: Where to put string lights?

The location of the garland of lights depends, in part, on our preferences. Modern LED-based models are very light and can be placed anywhere, making them ideal for pergolas, walls or even to be mounted in walkways, side by side to the wall.

In any case, it is important that the installation is carried out at a suitable height, duly protected from strong winds that could move or damage it, and also away from flammable elements such as vegetation or textiles, which can be ignited by heat or by electrical contact with The bulbs.

Q3: How to hang a string light?

The easiest way to hang a garland of lights is to resort to flanges, as long as we have a suitable structure for it. It is enough to hold the garland on said structure, fixing the shape with the flanges, giving it the appearance that best suits us.

If this is not the case and we want to place it on walls, we can resort to hooks or spikes, adapted to the thickness of the cable. If you want to mount them on a porch, you can also hang them comfortably using those same spikes, although using plugs. As for the shape, let your imagination run wild. You can choose from thousands of shapes and designs depending on what you like best and the distribution of the space.

Q4: How to fasten a string light?

The most practical option to hold strings of lights is to use cable ties, since they resist the push of the wind and do not deteriorate with water. It is true that we will need a structure to fix these flanges, but if you have it, it is the best option.

Another proposal is to use exterior-resistant adhesives, although the idea is only suitable for light garlands and in areas more or less protected from the most intense humidity. Finally, you can resort to fixings using plugs and spikes or eyebolts, as an alternative where you cannot use other products.

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