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Petrol Hedge Trimmer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you have a garden, it is important that you keep it well cared for, for this you must have a hedge trimmer that allows you to efficiently prune bushes and other plants. To choose the right equipment you must consider certain characteristics, including the type of motor they have, power, size of the cutting blade, edge, weight and handle. It is also important that it is anti-vibration, so that you can hold it comfortably. On the other hand, if the garden is large, it is recommended that you look for a gasoline hedge trimmer, as they are more efficient. After reviewing the qualities of several models, we have selected some products that might interest you, such as the Einhell GC-PH 2155, which works with a power of 850 W. In addition, it is capable of making 1900 cuts per minute. Another option is the McCulloch ErgoLite 6028, which has a 22cc displacement engine and has a starter pump that will help you start it easily.

Buying guide – What is the best petrol hedge trimmer on the market?

If you want to select the appropriate equipment, the first thing you should do is know what its main characteristics are, in this way you will have a clearer idea of ​​what aspects to consider when choosing a good quality model. Through the following guide to buying the best gasoline hedge trimmer, we explain some of its most important qualities.


When making your comparison of gasoline hedge trimmers, it is recommended that you carefully review the type of engine used by these equipments, since the level of performance that they will maintain when carrying out the cutting process depends on this part.

One of the main aspects related to the engine that you should consider is its cylinder capacity, since it is an indication of the capacity of this part. The higher this measurement, the greater the force that the device will have to perform certain tasks.

In addition, several gasoline hedge trimmers usually have two-stroke engines, which are built with fewer elements, allow you to trim bushes in any position and maintain greater thermodynamic efficiency while consuming less oil, compared to other hedge trimmers. appliances.

It is also recommended that you check the power of the equipment; In general, those that work with gasoline are more powerful than the rest of the hedge trimmers, thanks to this they are suitable for carrying out pruning tasks in large areas and maintain a good level of efficiency when cutting branches of considerable thickness.

Petrol hedge trimmers do not require cables or any type of connection, for this reason, they offer you a good level of autonomy and great mobility, so when you use them you will be able to move around the garden without problems, you just have to fill it with fuel Whenever necessary.


Before considering how much one of these devices costs, it is important that you take into account the type of blades that each model has.

Although the device is expensive or cheap, the blades it uses must be of high quality, otherwise they will not cut the branches of the hedges properly and you will lose the investment you have made to acquire it.

These are usually made of resistant metals, which guarantee their adequate durability and prevent them from deteriorating when they hit the plants, regardless of how hard they are.

On the other hand, if you want to have equipment that makes precise cuts, then you will need to make sure that the blade is quite sharp.

In addition, you also need to check the level of separation between the teeth of the swords, this will indicate the thickness of the branches that you can cut.

Other aspects that you should take into account is the length of the cut made by the device. If the team’s sword is very long then you will be able to cover a wide area, but you also need to make sure that it offers you a good level of balance, so that you can hold the cutter without problems.


When it comes to design features, you should pay special attention to the weight of these products. Although they are not usually very light, you should make sure that the model you choose is not too heavy, since you will probably carry it for a considerable time and you will have to travel wide spaces with it, so the lighter it is, the less effort you will have to make.

If you want to have a piece of equipment that you can use comfortably, then you will also have to look at the type of handle it has. Most of the devices have two handles, one is behind the bar, while the other is in the back, thanks to this it is possible to hold it firmly when you are trimming the bushes and other plants in the garden.

In several cases it is possible to adjust the position of the rear handle, if so you will have the possibility to accommodate it depending on the type of cut you are going to make and according to your needs.

Another of the qualities that this equipment frequently incorporates to offer you a good level of comfort when cutting the hedges, are the anti-vibration systems, these reduce the amount of movements that the device makes when it remains in operation and thanks to them you will be able to finish all the tasks. that you have proposed without getting too tired.

The 5 Best Gasoline Hedge Trimmers – Opinions 2022

Now that you know a little more about this type of equipment, it is time to look for a device that suits your needs, for this reason, with the aim of helping you, we have selected some models that might interest you.

1. Einhell GE-PH 2555A Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Main advantage:

This petrol hedge trimmer has safety double-edged blades that give you a clean and precise cut. In addition, it has a powerful 2-stroke engine, so you can cut faster.

Main disadvantage:

Some users consider that it could be a bit heavy when using it. However, it has a weight of 5.45 kg and has hand protectors to guarantee your safety and comfort.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This device has an automatic ignition system, so you can use it more easily. Also, the fuel tank is filled manually.

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It has a modern and practical design, since it has swivel handles of +90°, 0° and -90, so you can easily hold it and adjust it to your movement needs when cutting. It also incorporates large hand protectors, capable of providing greater support.

In this sense, it also includes an additional handle with anti-vibration damping, which allows you to maintain full control of the tool. On the other hand, it has a wide filling opening, which offers you the opportunity to comfortably refuel and avoid spills.

This machine has a centrifugal coupling, which in turn incorporates double-edged safety blades and are made of polished steel. In addition, they are placed in opposite directions, so they give you a precise cut and even give you efficiency to cut large bushes.


This device has an 850 W two-stroke motor, which provides you with a high level of strength and speed, in addition, it has a motor displacement of up to 24.5 cm3. In this way, it makes it easier for you to work at home to cut in the shortest possible time.

On the other hand, it has a quick start system that can mow the lawn without the need to heat up beforehand. In this sense, it offers its capabilities in optimal quality and in a few seconds, even if it has been stored for a long time.

Likewise, it is a model compatible with E10-type ethanol gasoline, designed for use in modern engines without causing damage to their operation. In this sense, you will be able to fill the tank easily and manually, to continue with a working day without too many interruptions.


This hedge trimmer has dimensions of 220 x 240 x 1120 mm and a weight of 5.45 kg, so you could move it wherever you want without any inconvenience. Also, in the area of ​​​​the teeth, the blades have a space of 2.8 cm, which prevents jams and clashes between them.

In addition, it has a cutting length of 55 cm for greater precision and efficiency, making it an essential tool for the maintenance of bushes and hedges. In this way you can get an attractive and well-kept garden.

Because it works with gasoline and electric ignition, it is recommended for cutting large surfaces, since these generally take a little longer and require greater autonomy of movement.

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2. McCulloch Ergolite 6028 Thermal Hedge Trimmer

By using it, you will be able to carry out garden tasks comfortably and without getting too tired, this is because the equipment has anti-vibration handles that will help you hold it correctly.

In addition, the handle it has is adjustable and its design is ergonomic, so that you can adjust its position and accommodate it according to your needs, so you will feel more comfortable when using this tool.

It is considered one of the best petrol hedge trimmers of 2022 because it has a 60 cm blade that has a 28 mm gap between each tooth. This gap allows it to efficiently cut everything, even the widest branches.

It has a built-in automatic return stop switch, which will allow you to stop the cutting process without complications. As if that were not enough, to activate the hedge trimmer again you only have to press the ON button.

With extensive experience in the world market for garden items and high quality standards, this is how you will find the McCulloch house positioned. Hence, it is considered by some of the buyers as the best brand of gasoline hedge trimmers.


Fastening: An ergonomic handle with an adjustable mechanism is incorporated, designed so that you can adapt it according to your needs of use.

Blades: The integrated stainless steel blade system has a separation range between each of its teeth of 28 millimeters, being suitable for use on branches of different thicknesses.

Power: The device has a power of 600 watts, which will allow you to enjoy precise cuts with a high level of precision in each pass.

Weight: It is a hedge trimmer with a weight of only five kilograms, designed so that you can handle it without causing fatigue or discomfort.


Accessories: Users miss the incorporation of some replacement blades in this model.

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3. Alpina AHT 555 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

This model has a power of 22.5 cc, so it is not only good for shaping hedges, but also works well for cutting thicker branches and even some species of wood. It also has a system of springs distributed at different points, in order to reduce vibration in the arms and hands.

On the other hand, it has two double-sided blades, which have a cutting length of 56 cm and have been cut with laser diamond cutting technology, as well as tinned to offer a clean result and at the same time extend the useful life of the blade. the tool. 

Although it has a robust construction, it is also a lightweight hedge trimmer, so it can be used for long working days. In addition, it incorporates a rotating handlebar with three different positions, which guarantees a more comfortable vertical and horizontal cut.

This is one of the cheapest options in this selection, however, it is worth reviewing the pros and cons of the product in more detail before making the purchase.


Power: It has 22.5 cc, which is equivalent to 0.65 kW, so it can easily cut hedges and even works for different types of vegetation and pieces of wood.

Blades: It incorporates two double-sided blades, which have been laser cut and tinned to increase resistance. In addition, this allows a precise cut for more professional finishes.

Anti-vibration: Offers a system of multiple springs strategically distributed to reduce vibration and impact on the hands and arms.


Switch: This model has the off switch very close to the handle, so you have to be careful not to press it so as not to interrupt work.

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4. German Force Gasoline Hedge Trimmer 23 CC

This petrol hedge trimmer has a 23 cc engine, which offers a maximum power of 0.65 KW. In this sense, it can reach a speed of 6500 rpm, so you can easily cut branches up to 2 cm in diameter. Therefore, it is indicated for the periodic maintenance of small domestic gardens.

It has a 600 ml tank, so you can use it with enough autonomy so you don’t have to constantly refuel. In addition, it has electronic ignition by capacitive discharge (CDI), which does not produce wear and offers a precise spark on the spark plugs.

For greater functionality, this hedge trimmer incorporates a 60 cm long double cut bar. Likewise, it incorporates an ergonomic handle that is very practical, since it has all the buttons strategically placed to facilitate the use of the device.

If you want to keep your hedges in good condition, regular pruning is recommended, so you need a hedge trimmer that is both efficient and practical. In this sense, we invite you to review in more detail the characteristics of this model.


Power: It has a power of 0.65 KW, so it reaches a speed of 6500 rpm. Thanks to this, this device can cut branches up to 2 cm thick.

Handle: It is equipped with an ergonomic handle that reduces fatigue in the hands. In addition, it includes all the necessary controls so that you can access its functions in a practical way while you work.

Sword: It comes with a 60 cm sword, which allows access to high branches and is double cut for greater functionality.


Weight: It can be a bit heavy if you do long work days, so it is recommended to cut at intervals to rest.

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5. Garland Set 752G Gasoline Hedge Trimmer

If you still have doubts about which is the best gasoline hedge trimmer, this Garland model could answer your questions. It is a device capable of cutting plants, hedges and bushes with precision, since it has blades suitable for carrying out very demanding tasks.

Its high performance blade has been laser sharpened, a factor that guarantees better results when cutting garden plants. Likewise, it has a 22 cc engine that works at a power of 650 W, thanks to this you will be able to carry out your tasks efficiently.

You can adjust the handle according to the type of cut you are going to make, since it rotates at 90°, in this way you will be more comfortable when holding it. In addition, to make you feel safe while using it and ensure that you breathe clean air, the gas outlet is placed in a strategic position.

Perhaps the safe design, efficient operation, robust blades and high level of precision in each pass offered by Garland SET 752 G answer your questions about which petrol hedge trimmer to buy.


Blades: Its cutting system is made of stainless steel and has been sharpened using laser technology, thus providing greater precision.

Fastening: The equipment incorporates a handle with an ergonomic design and a 90° rotation system, facilitating handling and cutting. Power: The starting force with which the engine has been equipped is 650 watts and its displacement is 22 cc.

Safety: In the lower part there is an area for the expulsion of the gases produced during the combustion process, preventing it from coming into contact with them.


Weight: Users have referred to the weight of the hedge trimmer, stating that it is a bit annoying to hold it for a long time because it generates fatigue.

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Einhell GE-PH 2555A Petrol Hedge Trimmer

It is considered by many users as the best gasoline hedge trimmer of the moment, it has a two-stroke engine that works at a power of 850 W, for this reason, it performs the cutting process efficiently.

Another of the qualities of its motor is its low vibration, in addition, the equipment has also been designed with an auxiliary handle. These characteristics allow you to use it comfortably and without being affected by the continuous movements that can be generated when using it.

It has been designed with a manual fuel pump, as well as an automatic and quick start system, which will allow you to start it without any problem, even if it has been a long time since you last used it.

On the other hand, the equipment has a wide filling opening that will allow you to fill the fuel with ease.

A structure of easy operation, a good level of power and precision in the cut are characteristics present in this model. Users know this, and therefore value the equipment as the best gasoline hedge trimmer of the moment.


Power: The work force established by the manufacturer is 850 W, belonging to the high end of this line.

Engine: The engine of this gasoline hedge trimmer has a mechanism made up of two operating times.

Filling: The process of filling the tank is very simple, because it has a spacious and easily accessible opening.

Pump: The method of using the pump provided for this model is manual, which gives you a certain level of control to manipulate the equipment.


Use: Customers agree when they comment that if you use the device in very large spaces, its efficiency may be insufficient.

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How to use a petrol hedge trimmer

The petrol hedge trimmer is a powerful motorized tool that has sharp blades, works at high speed and is used to trim hedges, bushes and bushes found in the garden. Next, we will explain in a simple way how to use a gasoline hedge trimmer, without having to call the gardener.  

Check the instruction manual

Before using the hedge trimmer for the first time, you need to familiarize yourself with the instruction manual, because it contains all the essential safety measures for handling this instrument, it tells you how to start it, maintain it and store it properly..

wear suitable clothing

The use of this tool can cause serious injuries to the body, the ears and the eyes, if the appropriate clothing is not used for it. In the case of clothing, it must be made of strong and resistant materials, preferably with long sleeves and long pants, that fit properly to the body.

To reduce the risk of eye injury you should wear suitable safety glasses to protect your eyes, with protection on the top and sides. The ears must also be protected and therefore it is advisable to use noise absorbers, such as earplugs or earmuffs.

Protect your hands with thick, non-slip gloves, these will help you to improve the handling of the hedge trimmer and will reduce the danger of injuries or abrasions. It is also recommended that you wear thick, non-slip safety boots to avoid the risk of falls when using the tool.

Check the fuel tank

Before starting the petrol hedge trimmer you should keep in mind that this type of fuel ignites easily. So when you go to refuel the tank, remember that the engine of the tool must be off and cold, you have to carefully open the lid of the tank, fill it in ventilated places and after refueling you must firmly tighten the threaded closure of the tank and check for fuel leaks.

In case of spills, make sure to clean the machine immediately and try not to get your clothes wet, if this happens you should change them as soon as possible.

start the hedge trimmer

Once you’ve refueled and checked the hedge trimmer for its safety guard and cutting area, it’s ready to go. Remember that the starting process must be done by one person and you should not have anyone around the cutting area. You must maintain a stable position during the start and grip it firmly for safety.

Next, carry out the start-up process described in the user manual and after turning on the device, make sure to check that the blade remains stationary and that the brakes work correctly. When the throttle lock is released, the blade should be idle. If you notice any failure in the operation of the device, refrain from working with it.

Perform maintenance on the hedge trimmer

Like all motorized equipment, the hedge trimmer requires regular maintenance of its parts for safe and efficient operation. But keep in mind that the repair in the event of breakdowns of these devices requires specialized technical knowledge to provide a good service, since the technician has the training and the necessary equipment to carry out the revision. Although at home you can do simple things, such as oiling the blades after cleaning them.

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Zipper BHS600AK Cuchilla doble 750 W

Podría ser el mejor cortasetos de gasolina de relación calidad precio del momento porque, además de ser uno de los más baratos, cuenta con 750 W de potencia y realiza hasta 2700 revoluciones por minuto, lo cual permite cortar los arbustos apropiadamente, para que tardes menos tiempo en hacer dicha tarea.

El motor se refrigera por aire, esto contribuye a evitar sobrecalentamientos y permite que el aparato continúe funcionando eficientemente.

Posee un sistema de encendido electrónico que te permitirá activarlo sin muchas complicaciones. Asimismo, se trata de un equipo que puedes utilizar sin hacer demasiado esfuerzo, pues su peso neto es de solo 5,5 Kg y posee un sistema antivibración que reduce el movimiento para que te sientas más cómodo al podar.

Este modelo podría convertirse en el mejor cortasetos de gasolina por 100 euros, porque además de poseer un gran nivel de potencia en su motor, cuenta con un método de funcionamiento completamente instintivo y seguro.


Velocidad: Las cuchillas adquieren una velocidad de corte de hasta 2.700 revoluciones por minuto de trabajo, eliminando así ramas y maleza con gran rapidez.

Potencia: Su fuerza de trabajo está estipulada en 750 vatios, siendo un nivel de potencia que aporta gran eficiencia a su funcionamiento.

Seguridad: El motor cuenta con un sistema de rejillas que permiten su ventilación, previendo así cualquier tipo de sobrecalentamiento.

Peso: Podrás manipular con facilidad la estructura y sin mayor esfuerzo, ya que su peso no excede los 5,5 kilogramos.


Manual de instrucciones: El manual de instrucciones se encuentra en inglés, tratándose de una situación limitante para algunos clientes que no dominan el idioma.

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