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Gasoline Chainsaws – 2022 Comparison and Buying Guide

If you are planning to clear the trees and shrubs in your garden, but you do not know what tool to use to efficiently prune robust plants and thick branches easily and efficiently, we recommend using a practical gasoline chainsaw, as it is an appropriate tool for perform work at home as well as at a professional level. The market offers a wide variety of good quality models and brands to choose from, so we will have to make a detailed comparison between the best gasoline chainsaws, among which the Greencut GS6200 20 stands out., a model with a 62 cc and 3.8CV 2-stroke engine, which stands out for offering constant and efficient power. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that has easy starting thanks to its spring-assisted recoil starter and a compact and lightweight body for greater maneuverability, we present the Makita EA3110T25B chainsaw.

Opinions on the best gasoline chainsaws

To choose the best gasoline chainsaw of the moment, it is necessary to analyze and compare the positive and negative characteristics of each model to make a decision according to our needs. It is important that our choice is balanced, choosing one of the most functional and cheapest models on the market.

Greencut GS6200 20

This product is considered the best price-quality gasoline chainsaw, since it incorporates a powerful 62 CC and 3.8 CV 2-stroke engine, which stands out for offering great power in a constant and very efficient manner, so This is a robust but very manageable pruning tool.

It includes an automatic and adjustable oil pump, which constantly provides lubrication to the bar and chain. In addition, this chainsaw is equipped with a 0.325” chain with TRU-SHARP, which guarantees a better grip. This model has a 50.8 cm long sword.

This model allows quick maintenance of the air filter and the spark plug, so you can easily clean it. It integrates a 550 ml tank with anti-drip closure and its electronic ignition stands out for being easy to start E-Start. It has the chain tensioner in a vertical position.

If you are looking for the best gasoline chainsaw, it is important to know mainly what you will use the tool for, so you can choose a model that is fully functional for you. This powerful model has an engine suitable for logging work of any kind.


Tank : This model integrates a 550 ml capacity tank with anti-drip closure, which gives you great functionality.

Engine : It incorporates a 2-stroke gasoline engine, with a displacement of 62 CC and power of 3.8 CV.

Sword : It integrates a 50.8 cm long sword, with which you can cut thick branches without any problem.

Anti-Vibration : This model uses an anti-vibration system, which reduces the fatigue caused to the user’s arms.

Maintenance : It has a simple and easy maintenance thanks to its easy access to the air filter and spark plug.


Chain : The chain can tend to loosen frequently, however this varies depending on the material being cut and the frequency of use.

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Makita EA3110T25B

This tool is considered one of the best gasoline chainsaws of 2022, as it offers excellent maneuverability thanks to its compact and lightweight body, being ideal for trimming bushes and small trees like a professional landscaping professional.

This model has a 2-stroke engine of up to 30.1 cc, which optimally meets the strict emission standards for harmful and toxic gases. It is an ideal tool for pruning hard woods such as olive trees.

Its design consists of a double body structure, which separates the motor from the handles, thus reducing vibrations to the user. This model stands out for the spring system on the handle, which makes it easy to start. It incorporates a safety system that stops the chain immediately thanks to the SafetyMatic brake.

Knowing which is the best brand of gasoline chainsaws can help you choose the right model for you more easily. For this reason, we recommend this small chainsaw from the Makita brand, which offers great maneuverability.


Engine : It incorporates a powerful two-stroke engine with a displacement of 30.1 CC, which offers great strength and efficiency.

Anti-vibration: Thanks to its double body design, the vibration effect is significantly reduced, eliminating arm fatigue.

Maneuverability : Thanks to its compact dimensions of 31.8 x 28.8 x 25.3 cm, you will be able to handle this tool like a professional.

Starting : It has a simple and fast ignition thanks to the spring-assisted recoil starter that it incorporates.


Trees: Although you can cut good-sized branches with this tool, if you need to cut very thick branches or trees, you should purchase a larger model.

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Parker PCS-6200

If you still do not know which is the best gasoline chainsaw, we recommend you take into account this practical and complete kit from the Parker brand, with which you will be able to work on thick bushes and trees without any problem thanks to its resistant blade of up to 50 cm in length. length.

This model is presented to the user with a practical kit that includes everything necessary to carry out the work efficiently, including two chains, a carrying case and a blade cover, among other accessories.

You will get great cutting results thanks to the 62 CC motor with 2.6 kW of power, which provides a strong and reliable response. This model will allow you to work with ease both in your garden and in professional gardening work.

If you still don’t know which gasoline chainsaw to buy, we suggest you take a look at this powerful and practical product, since it offers the option of transportation thanks to the fact that it includes a versatile cover that allows you to comfortably carry the tool to any terrain.


Blade : It incorporates a practical blade of 50 cm in length, which allows you to easily cut thick branches.

Engine : This model has a powerful 62 CC engine, 2.6 kW and 3.5 HP of power.

Kit : This product includes a complete kit with a spare chain, a transport case for the machine and the blade, among other accessories.

Safe : It incorporates a safety system that prevents the movement of the chain even when it is on.


Consumption: This model has a higher fuel consumption than other similar models.

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husqvarna 135

If you are looking for an ideal chainsaw for private jobs, with which you can comfortably face your garden thanks to its lightness and ease of starting and operating, we recommend you look at this practical chainsaw from the Husqvarna brand, which stands out for its low consumption and great efficiency. of operation.

This model incorporates a powerful two-stroke X-Torq engine with 1,500 W of power, which significantly reduces the level of fuel consumption, as well as the emission of polluting and toxic gases, so the tool complies with regulations more demanding environmental

This model has a friendly orange and black design, weighing 4.4 kg, making it an easy tool to handle, allowing you to achieve clean and beautiful finishes. It has a maximum noise level of 114 dB and its sword measures 40 cm in length.

It is important to take into account the level of consumption offered by the tool, so that you can imagine the long-term expense that it can produce. Thinking about this, the Husqvarna brand has developed a chainsaw with low consumption and great results.


Motor: It incorporates a new X-Torq motor with 1,500 W of power, which provides optimal work results.

Consumption : This model stands out for its low consumption, allowing you to save a little on fuel in the long term.

Weight : Thanks to its low weight, you will be able to maneuver this tool comfortably.

Cleaning: It integrates a centrifugal air cleaning system that keeps the engine of this tool clean.

Sword : It incorporates a 40 cm long sword, so you can comfortably cut medium-thick branches.


Price : This model has a higher price than other chainsaws with similar characteristics.

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Einhell 4501841

This model, from the well-known Einhell brand, is a great alternative if you are looking for a compact and manageable chainsaw with a 0.9 kW motor of power and a speed of up to 11,000 RPM, with which you can give the best results and professional finishes in bushes and trees. little ones.

This gasoline chainsaw incorporates a 210 ml oil tank and a 260 ml fuel tank. On the other hand, it is an easy and comfortable model to handle thanks to its resistant upper handle, which allows you to maneuver like a professional.

Thanks to a choke and primer, this tool has a fast and smooth start-up. It has a good level of safety that includes a chain brake and kickback protection, as well as incorporating a practical anti-vibration system thanks to its crankshaft and bilateral bearings.

Before choosing your favorite model, it is important to know the budget you have, since it is advisable to choose the model with the best relationship between quality and price on the list. This is one of the cheapest and most functional models on this list thanks to its powerful engine.


Motor : It incorporates a 30 cm motor, with a power of 0.9 kW and 11,000 RPM, ideal for private or professional work.

Kit : This product includes a practical kit with a replacement chain, so that you can continue working.

Maneuverability: This compact model incorporates a practical handle, with which you can handle this tool comfortably.

Start : System with choke and primer that improves and facilitates the start of this tool.


Consumption : This product may generate a higher consumption than others with similar characteristics, however, it may vary depending on the use you give it.

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