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Greenhouse – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022


There are many greenhouses, so it is likely that, by searching carefully, you will find one that has the right characteristics to meet your requirements. If you want some tips regarding good models, we present the Outsunny ES01-04720731. This greenhouse is spacious and has shelves integrated into its structure so that you can accommodate everything you need for your plants. If you prefer a small product, to germinate your seeds, turn to the Japace Domo. The lot includes 10 greenhouses with a tray 18 centimeters wide by 14 long and where it is easy to process these seeds as they deserve.

Opinions on the best greenhouses on the market


Below, you will find a list of some of what could be the best alternatives in greenhouses for the home. We have analyzed the most important features so that you can know what you are buying and thus be able to choose the model that best suits your requirements and budget.


homemade greenhouse


Outsunny ES01-04720731

The Outsunny home greenhouse is a transparent and easy-to-assemble model that you can comfortably place in your garden. The structure has dimensions of 143 x 143 x 195 centimeters, enough space for you to move around comfortably when watering your plants.

Its design integrates a door with a zipper closure to maintain a stable temperature inside the greenhouse, as well as a total of twelve shelves where you can place your pots or garden implements.

Also being considered by many as the best greenhouse, this model stands out because its structure is made of powder-coated steel, making it suitable for outdoor use. Steel is very strong and durable, so you can enjoy a reliable and stable greenhouse. Regarding the greenhouse cover, you should know that the one included with this model is made of transparent PVC and reinforced seams in all its folds, to increase the entire durability of the product.

Since this option could be the best greenhouse of the moment, here are its advantages and disadvantages:



Design: This greenhouse is transparent so that your plants can easily receive their share of sunlight daily.

Shelves: The structure incorporates twelve useful shelves to place pots or tools.

Materials: It is made of steel with PVC canvas, materials resistant to weather elements and very durable.

Door: The door can either be closed with a zipper or rolled up to allow air to pass through.



Anchoring: Please note that the base does not have anchors to be buried in the ground.

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mini greenhouse


Japan 10 Pieces

If you are looking for a mini greenhouse to sow seeds, this product can be a good option, since it comes with 10 pieces of 12 holes each, as well as 2 manual gardening tools. In this sense, it is one of the most complete models of this type. 

The boxes have been made from high-quality plastic, making them very durable. Likewise, the lid is transparent, in this way, it allows to visualize the seedlings during the whole development process. On the other hand, each compartment has a drainage hole that favors a correct cultivation.

Each lid features a vent hole for moisture control. Mini greenhouses measure 7” (18cm) long, 5” (13cm) wide and 4” (10cm) deep, with compartments measuring 1.5” x 1.5” x 2”.

This model could answer the question about which is the best greenhouse, but it is good to review in more detail the pros and cons of this product. 


Set: This is a set with 10 mini greenhouses so you can sow different types of seeds at the same time. 

Ventilation: Lids include an adjustable breather hole to control the amount of moisture. 

Labels: Includes 20 labels to identify the seedlings and keep a more organized record of the crop. 


Size: Due to its dimensions, it is not recommended for large plants, such as watermelon and pumpkin.

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polycarbonate greenhouse

Outsunny ES845 083NUE0731

It is a fairly compact polycarbonate greenhouse, as it measures 180 x 51 x 51 cm, thanks to this it is suitable for small gardens. In addition, it allows the sowing of seeds for the proper development of seedlings in mini pots or plastic cups for subsequent transplantation.

It has been made with polycarbonate panels, a very resistant material but at the same time translucent, so it correctly transmits sunlight while retaining heat. This can favor the sprouting of certain seeds, but also protect the plants depending on the atmospheric conditions.

It also has a robust aluminum frame, made with aluminum alloy that resists rust. For greater functionality, the roof has adjustable openings, which allow control of air intake and even direct exposure to the sun if necessary.

If you still don’t know which greenhouse to buy, you may be interested in this outdoor model. Let’s see its most outstanding features.


Materials: It is made mainly of polycarbonate and aluminum alloy, two weather-resistant materials.

Dimensions: It measures 180 x 51 x 51 cm, so it does not take up too much space in small gardens.

Protection: It is indicated to protect seeds and seedlings until they are strong enough to be planted in the ground.


Assembly: It comes with a lot of parts and the instructions can be a bit confusing, which can delay installation if you are inexperienced.

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glass greenhouse

Esschert Design ZB21

The Esschert Design ZB21 glass greenhouse is a compact and elegant model, with which to give a little green touch to any area of ​​your home. The product is manufactured with an iron structure with an aged cut finish and endowed with good resistance.

Its measurements are 26.5 centimeters wide by 15 deep and 29 high to the highest part, offering a good surface to plant whatever you want. The space is closed with glass windows, forming a kind of suitcase, in which it is easy to place soil and your favorite flowers or plants. In addition, being closed, nothing will come out.

It comes complete with legs, which keep the greenhouse stable wherever you place it. There is also an interesting handle on the top, which makes it easier to move the greenhouse when necessary. 

If you need to know more about this model, here we tell you everything you need to know about it.


Structure : The iron structure is not only of good quality, but also very elegant in its finish.

Glass : The glass also maintains this good durability and guarantees adequate insulation of the interior.

Closing : The locking system keeps the interior closed, so that the temperature is always right.


Drainage : Since it lacks drainage, it is very important to be careful with watering, so as not to overdo it or flood the soil.

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small greenhouse

Valuehall V7094

It is a small greenhouse made of transparent PVC, a very durable plastic material, as it resists water and UV rays. Likewise, it incorporates 4 steel studs that allow fixing the cover and the frame, thus providing greater stability and safety.

It is indicated to take advantage of sunlight and preserve heat inside, generating a favorable environment for seed sprouts to appear quickly. In addition, it protects plants from pests and has a zippered curtain to control air intake.

One of the benefits of this model is that it does not require complicated assembly. It has a triangular design like a tent, to install and remove quickly and easily. It measures 68 x 68 x 86 cm when unfolded, yet it takes up very little storage space.

If you want to acquire the best value for money greenhouse, it is convenient that you review this product in more detail, since it fulfills its function and is one of the cheapest on the list.


Assembly: This model does not require a complicated installation, since it is designed to be installed in 3 easy steps.

Structure: Its triangular tent-like structure allows you to grow seeds, seedlings and even larger plants.

Versatility: This greenhouse is suitable for indoors and outdoors, so it is used for gardens, terraces, among other spaces.


Resistance: Some sharp objects can tear the PVC, which would reduce its durability.

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tunnel greenhouse


Outsunny ES845 234V010731

It is a tunnel greenhouse made of transparent PVC, thus allowing crops to be viewed from the outside. In addition, the structure is made with steel tubes for greater stability and resistance. These materials withstand rain and sun, so they are suitable for outdoors.

In this sense, it serves to protect seeds, plants and flowers throughout the year, even during winter. It also includes a very wide roll-up door to access the interior easily and at the same time allow air to enter when necessary. 

It is a versatile product, since it is used to place plants in pots or cover crops that are directly on the ground. Regarding the size, there are different options available for you to choose the one that suits you best.

This is one of the most outstanding greenhouses today, but it is good to review its most important features in more detail before making the purchase.


Versatility: It is used to plant in pots or cover crops directly in the garden, which increases versatility.

Capacity: It offers enough space to grow many plants. Also, it is available in various sizes.

Transparent: It is made with transparent PVC, which allows you to see the plants from the outside.


Windows: This model does not have windows, which could put it at a disadvantage compared to other greenhouses, however, it does include a fairly wide door.

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glass greenhouse


Gift Decor BIG S3602209

This glass greenhouse presents a series of benefits thanks to the material. First of all, glass lets a lot of light through, making it very convenient for growing exotic plants like cacti, which need good lighting. In addition, it accumulates less moisture and mold than other similar products.

It has a natural wood frame that has great aesthetic appeal, so it can be part of the decoration of a room. In addition, it offers great durability with the basic care of the material. On the other hand, the top cover provides immediate access for greater ease of use. 

It measures 42 x 20 x 27 cm, so it’s not too big, but it’s not too compact either. In this case, it is possible to grow several small plants at the same time in small spaces.

Some users think that Gift Decor is the best brand of glass greenhouses, thanks to its designs and the quality of its products.


Glass: It is made with quality glass, which allows sunlight to pass through, but prevents the accumulation of moisture and the appearance of mold.

Decorative: Thanks to its natural wood structure, this model can be used in interior decoration.

Practicality: It measures only 42 x 20 x 27 cm, so it can be installed in small spaces and is easy to move.


Care: Both glass and wood need certain care to extend their useful life.

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wooden greenhouse


Guardian KNH1202

This wooden greenhouse is used to grow green plants, herbs, vegetables, among others, since it is made with translucent polycarbonate panels, which allow sunlight to pass through to maintain a suitable temperature, but at the same time protects from excess UV rays. to maintain a balance.

The wood of the frame has been treated to resist changes in the atmospheric climate, which is why it protects crops from wind, rain and even hail, so you can use the greenhouse during any season, guaranteeing optimal plant growth. even on the coldest days. 

In the upper part it has an easy-open lid that allows you to easily insert the pots. It is good to know that the product is available in different sizes so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

If you are looking for a greenhouse that is durable and functional, you may be interested in this model. Let’s take a closer look at its most important features.


Protection: Offers good protection against frost and extreme sunlight for more efficient cultivation.

Material: The wood has been treated to increase strength and durability indoors and outdoors.

Door: The hinged door allows quick and easy access for added convenience.


Base: This greenhouse does not have a base, but serves only to cover, which represents a disadvantage compared to other products on this list.

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Greenhouse Accessories


greenhouse plastic



The ELJQI brand has a greenhouse plastic for you with which you can cover the structure you already have, and thus be able to control the interior environment by giving your plants the necessary temperature, humidity and amount of sun.

This alternative is made of resistant 400-gauge plastic, specially designed for use in agriculture or also as a coating and surface coating material.

The roll is 50 meters long with a width of 40 centimeters and you can cut it according to your needs. In addition, the manufacturer indicates that you can buy it in black or transparent depending on the type of plant with which you are going to work.

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Greenhouse structure


Easybuy Plastic

This greenhouse structure consists of 6 arch-shaped tubes, measuring 120 x 48 x 48 cm. For this reason, they are indicated to create a tunnel directly over the crops. In this way, it is able to protect plants from pests.

Thanks to the high-quality plastic material, it is useful both for excess heat in the summer and for frost during the winter, thus favoring the cultivation of ornamental and fruit plants. However, it is important to mention that it does not come with garden fabric, so you must purchase it separately.

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How to choose the best greenhouses?


Now that you have decided to buy a greenhouse to install it in your home, you must take into consideration the characteristics that some experts and users recommend evaluating in order to acquire the most suitable model for you. In this space we will analyze some of the most mentioned so that you can make the most of your investment.

Shopping guide


greenhouse design

The design is usually the most important feature in a guide to buying the best greenhouse, since it covers influential aspects for its use and performance as such.

When you study the different models that the market has for you, you should also take into account what you want to have the greenhouse for, as well as the type of seeds you want to sow, since each plant has its own needs and you will have to create the right environment. inside the greenhouse so they can flower.

Likewise, the structure must have both the right size and shape to be able to adapt to the space you have available outside your house if this is the place where you plan to place the greenhouse, but if the project is indoors, you will also find many interesting alternatives and with a decorative appearance.

Manufacturing materials

This is how we must mention the second characteristic that, in addition, influences how much it costs: the manufacturing materials. Because, as mentioned, greenhouses are generally installed outdoors, the structure that forms it must be able to withstand the elements of the weather.

In a greenhouse comparison, it is often mentioned that you can buy models that are made of treated wood, steel, aluminum, plastic, glass and more, so there are many options to choose from.

Whatever your decision, you need to make sure that the material has the right composition and treatment so as not to show wear due to being in contact with water, snow, wind, sun or any other element that can negatively affect it.


inside capacity

When we refer to the interior capacity, we mean the space you have available for your plants to grow freely and healthily. In order to determine this, you must study the dimensions of the greenhouse and if it has a structure that allows adjustments, so that you can provide your plants with everything they need to develop well.

Likewise, it is worth considering whether the greenhouse offers the facility to mount various monitors or humidity and temperature controllers, since they are usually the factors that must be stabilized the most in order to enjoy a functional greenhouse at home.


ventilation and protection

Another very important aspect to be able to guarantee the development and health of your plants is ventilation. Land plants need oxygen to live, which is why your greenhouse should have an adequate ventilation system to provide them with it. You can opt for options that have integrated windows on their sides or also mesh greenhouses in case the plants you are going to plant can grow without problems in the regular environment in which you live.

Regarding protection, we advise you to choose a model that has a robust structure capable of blocking any element that could harm plants, be it rain, snow, excessive sun, hail, etc., as well as vermin and animals that may want to enter. By making sure of this, you can sleep easy knowing your plants will be safe.

Practicality and adaptability

Last but not least, the practicality and adaptability of the greenhouse model that you are interested in investing in. Here, again, the plants that you want to plant in your greenhouse must be studied in order to know if you will need to acquire extra equipment with which to provide the seeds with the ideal environment to be able to grow.

The greenhouse you choose must have the design, the entrances and the possibility of connections in case you need to mount a radiator, a fan, an ultraviolet ray lamp or any other essential tool for the growth of your plants.

In addition to this, you can also consider models that allow changes in its structure, in order to offer the possibility of working with different types of plants inside. If you buy a greenhouse with a wooden structure, for example, it should not be too difficult to open a hole to hang a tall plant. However, a model with a steel frame can be much more durable, although this affects its cost and is not a good thing for those looking for a good and cheap alternative.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: What is the greenhouse effect?

In order to understand what the greenhouse effect is, you must first know the greenhouse gas. This is an atmospheric gas whose particularity is the ability to absorb and emit radiation in the infrared range.

The Earth emits heat and if this is not returned to the outside, the greenhouse gases that are present in our atmosphere will simply return it to the surface, thus causing an increase in temperature.

For this reason, greenhouses are used in cold seasons to work with certain types of flora, since they can maintain a warmer temperature inside and thus maintain a suitable environment for the plants so that they can continue to develop.


Q2: What is the best greenhouse plastic?

In general, there are three base materials with which a greenhouse is manufactured and these are flexible film, rigid plates and mesh. Some users consider that stretch film could be one of the best plastic options for greenhouses, since, due to its composition, this material is adaptable.

Thanks to this, you can both find structured greenhouses in a certain way and also acquire stretch film by the meter to cover a homemade greenhouse, which you have built especially for your plants according to your needs and requirements.


Q3: What to plant in a greenhouse?

There are many alternatives to plant when you have a greenhouse set up at home. If you want to get a return on your investment and even be able to consume what you plant, you can.

Among the vegetables that you could plant in a greenhouse are foods for almost daily use, such as onions, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, among others. Generally, these types of vegetables should be grown inside the greenhouse, but can then be transplanted outside, leaving you with free space to continue growing more.

In the case of herbs, your options are also very varied. Depending on the external temperature and the one you can maintain inside the greenhouse, you could enjoy cilantro, parsley, basil, mint, oregano and many others at home without having to spend a single euro more.

And if you only want to use the greenhouse as a hobby, you can choose to plant all kinds of flowers or exotic plants, as long as you first check what a certain species needs in order to develop as it should.


Q4: How to make a greenhouse?

Making your own greenhouse is possible and you won’t need to spend too much money to do it, but you will need to have knowledge and experience with the use of some tools, as well as DIY.

To build it, the first thing you need to do is prepare the ground. Measure the space you want your greenhouse to occupy and, with the help of a shovel, open a trench around the entire contour. It is recommended that it be at least 40 centimeters deep so that the wooden beams can remain firm on the ground.

Then, you will need to purchase wooden pallets of the appropriate size according to the dimensions of your greenhouse. Go joining the pieces one by one with nails and wood glue if you wish. Make sure you take into account the measurements and the proper height for the roof of your greenhouse. When the structure is complete, it is recommended to add a reinforcement beam in the center to complement.

Check that everything is stable enough and ready to use before adding the cover of your choice and voila, you will have a functional greenhouse to plant comfortably.


Q5: How to fasten the plastic of a greenhouse?

The alternatives to be able to firmly hold a plastic cover for your greenhouse are several. If you want to secure it to the same structure, you can make use of steel rings or straps, since they are resistant, durable and quite reliable.

In case you do not want to disturb the structure of your greenhouse, you can also opt for the option of digging around it and buying a cover that has a few extra meters, so that you can bury the edges into the ground and then cover them. In this way, it will be difficult for the wind to rip the plastic cover off your greenhouse.


Q6: How to use a greenhouse?

In order to successfully use a greenhouse, you must maintain constant monitoring of its conditions, that is, temperature, humidity and ventilation levels based on what is required by the type of seed you have planted.

Also take care not to let water accumulate on the roof when it rains, as this could affect the structure and pay special attention to the effects that the sun may have on your plants, in case the cover does not offer a certain degree of protection. against ultraviolet rays.

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Deuba 993009

Si quieres un invernadero de policarbonato, puedes tener en cuenta esta opción que te ofrece la marca Deuba. El producto 993009 es un invernadero que podrás ensamblar en casa y obtener así un espacio de 250 x 190 x 195 centímetros, donde tendrás acceso y libertad para plantar y trabajar con comodidad.

La estructura del invernadero tiene perfiles hechos de aluminio ionizado con placas de policarbonato doble, pensadas para ofrecer un mejor aislamiento térmico, de manera que el clima del exterior no afecte las condiciones del interior.

En su techo se han integrado dos tragaluces para las plantas que necesitan recibir luz solar directa, así como también ventilación. Su puerta es de tipo corredera para que puedas abrirla fácilmente con un movimiento de deslizamiento.

Otro aspecto por destacar es la base del invernadero, la cual está fabricada en acero galvanizado, ofreciendo así, no solo estabilidad y robustez, sino también durabilidad a todo el invernadero.

Deuba te ofrece un invernadero con cualidades llamativas que podrás conocer a continuación:


Capacidad: Esta opción tiene un volumen de 7,6 m³ y se puede trabajar con una temperatura mínima de -25 °C y una máxima de 60 °C, ofreciendo una amplia variedad de ambientes para plantas. 

Protección: Las placas de la estructura ofrecen protección contra los rayos ultravioleta para que puedas trabajar tranquilo.

Anclaje: La base de acero tiene un diseño de anclaje que aportará mayor estabilidad a la estructura.

Durabilidad: Gracias a los materiales robustos que lo conforman, puede perdurar por mucho tiempo.


Ensamblado: Puede que su proceso de montaje sea mucho más complicado que con otros modelos.

Baby Pig Garden Hoops

La marca Baby Pig te ofrece un set para formar una estructura para invernadero sencilla con la que podrás cubrir una sección de tus plantas y preparar un mini invernadero.

El set está compuesto por un total de seis aros fabricados en acero y recubiertos de plástico, por lo que son resistentes a la lluvia y el sol para que puedas colocarlos en el exterior sin problemas.

Cada aro tiene una longitud de 120 centímetros comprendidos dentro de sus 50 centímetros de ancho, 40 centímetros de alto y un diámetro del tubo de 11 milímetros. Esto te permitirá escoger la altura adecuada de la estructura para que tus plantas tengan el espacio necesario para crecer y florecer.

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