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Pressure Washer – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

A pressure washer is a versatile tool that can be used to clean those surfaces where dirt adheres more strongly. Therefore, it is important to know its different characteristics, such as types, power, utility and accessories. In this sense, the market has a wide variety, so we will talk specifically about the most outstanding ones. One of them is the Kärcher K2, which has a pressure of 110 bars and has an approximate output of 20 m2 per hour. On the other hand, the Bosch AQT 33-11 has a water filter and its hose is 3 m long for greater freedom of movement.

Opinions on the best pressure washers on the market

To quickly and efficiently clean walls, shutters, floors, cars and even unclog pipes, you should purchase a high-quality pressure washer that you can adapt to your needs. In this sense, we want to make your decision easier by presenting a list of some of the best pressure washers of 2022.

Kärcher pressure washer

Karcher K2

The Kärcher pressure washer has 110 bar pressure and 1400 W of power, making it a very useful tool to generate a water flow of up to 360 liters per hour. In this sense, it is suitable for domestic tasks, such as washing the car and furniture in the garden, thanks to the fact that it can cover an area of ​​20 m2 per hour.

This Kärcher K2 pressure washer has a powerful gun with clip coupling system, which facilitates its assembly and disassembly. It also has a 3 m long hose to move freely and has a water filtration system to prevent impurities from damaging the pump.

In addition, it is one of the cheapest pressure washers and has a rotating jet nozzle with a turbo function, capable of increasing the water pressure by up to 50%. However, it incorporates a safety on the trigger that prevents accidental ignition.

If you still don’t know which pressure washer to buy, but you’re looking for a tool to help you clean your car and the walls of your house, then we recommend you consider the pros and cons of this product for a more conscious investment:


Pressure: It has 110 bars of pressure, in addition to a power of 1400 W, so it starts dirt more easily.

Complete: Includes a gun, a 3 m long hose, a turbo nozzle and a water filter.

Security: It is provided with a security system that prevents accidental activation of the trigger.

Scope: It is capable of covering a surface of up to 20 m2 per hour for faster cleaning.


Deposit: Some users think that it should include a deposit for the detergent.

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Karcher K3

It is a Kärcher pressure washer that comes fully equipped to carry out a comfortable and efficient job, since it has a 6 m long hose, as well as a high pressure gun, turbo nozzle, integrated filter, removable detergent tank and connector. for hose.

It is considered by some users as the best price-quality pressure washer, since it offers the possibility of adjusting the water outlet pressure in 3 levels, as well as 1 outlet to dispense the detergent properly, which gives you practicality and guarantees maximum care depending on the type of surface you want to clean. In addition, it has an extendable telescopic handle, which allows you to reach hard-to-reach places.

It allows cleaning in less time, since it offers a power of 1.6 kW, achieving a performance of up to 25 m2 per hour on different surfaces. It also includes a support foot to provide more stability and you can also use it as a second handle to transport the pressure washer.

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable tool, you should analyze the positive and negative characteristics of what many consider to be the best pressure washer of the moment:


Equipment: The package is made up of a high pressure gun, turbo nozzle, detergent tank, filter and connector for the irrigation hose.

Pressure: It has 3 pressure levels, plus 1 level for detergent in the spray lance.

Power: It has a power of 1.6 kW for a performance of 25 m2 per hour.

Transportable: It incorporates a telescopic handle and a support foot to facilitate its transfer.


Hose: A user indicates that the hose could get tangled, so it is recommended to use it as extended as possible.

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Bosch pressure washer

Bosch AQT 33-11

If you are wondering which is the best pressure washer, this practical and innovative design is easy to transport and store, since it weighs just 4 kg and its dimensions are 20 x 37.5 x 40 cm. In addition, it is a practical piece of equipment that allows you to organize and store all your accessories in the included compartments.

It incorporates a transparent water filter that prevents impurities in the water from reaching the pump to cover it. It also has a 3 m long high resistance hose, high pressure gun, fixed jet nozzle and detergent nozzle.

On the other hand, this Bosch pressure washer has a power of 1300 W and a pressure of 110 bars, which allows it to process a maximum flow of 330 liters per hour. As if that were not enough, it offers the possibility of working with hot water up to 40 ºC.

If you want to obtain fast and good quality results in cleaning work, it is good that you acquire the best brand of pressure washers, so we invite you to analyze the pros and cons of this product from the renowned Bosch company:


Motor: It has a quick-start electric motor for greater practicality of use.

Power: It offers a power of 1300 W and 110 bars of pressure that allow you to remove the dirt that adheres to the walls over the years.

Storage: It incorporates compartments in the casing that allow you to store all its parts in an organized and easy way.


Adjustment: A user thinks that it should include an adjustable nozzle to adjust the pressure of the jet.

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Gasoline pressure washer


It is a professional pressure washer that has a powerful 3100 PSI motor and 213 bar pressure, which allows a water flow of 8.7 liters per minute. In this sense, it is capable of significantly reducing work time while providing better results.

It is considered by many to be the best pressure washer, since it is made with good quality materials and includes a PVC hose, metal gun, extension lance made of stainless steel and M22 connectors.

On the other hand, this gasoline pressure washer is suitable for working in places where you do not have connections to the electrical current. In addition, it is more efficient in cleaning large objects, such as boats, cars, garage doors, stone walls, among others.

If you need to clean large objects in places away from the electrical current, then you should consider the pros and cons of this gasoline pressure washer, since it allows great autonomy:


Engine: It has a 196cc OHV gasoline engine, which generates 213 bars of output pressure.

Use: It is for professional use, so it is suitable for cleaning fences, cars, boats, brick walls, among others.

Equipment: Includes hose, gun, extension lance and M22 connectors for immediate use .

Materials: Its pieces are made of highly resistant PVC plastic, steel and metal.


Weight: It has a heavier weight than other models on the list, which could make it difficult to move.

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Nilfisk pressure washer

Nilfisk C 120.7

This modern electric motor Nilfisk pressure washer offers 1500 W of power, 120 bar pressure and a flow rate of 460 liters per hour, so it is capable of providing greater efficiency and allows you to obtain good results, whether you use it to remove dirt and dust from objects.

As accessories, it includes a tornado nozzle, a Powerspeed, a 5 m long anti-torsion hose, a detergent tank and click & clean connectors, to assemble the parts more easily. It also has a cleaner for smooth surfaces and a hook to store the cable.

When you buy this pressure washer, you will also have a spray gun with an ergonomic handle lance, which makes holding it more comfortable and causes less fatigue. On the other hand, its trolley-type design offers the possibility of storing your parts in one place to have them within reach.

If you want to remove embedded dirt in hard-to-reach areas, then you must have a high-quality pressure washer, so it is important that you analyze the pros and cons of this tool before making a decision:


Motor: Its powerful 1500 W motor and 120 bar pressure generates a flow of 460 liters per hour.

Connectors: The pieces have click & clean connectors, which facilitate a quick and easy change.

Accessories: Includes Powerspeed nozzle, tornado nozzle, spray gun, detergent tank and 5m hose.

Design: It has a compact design with a trolley, which makes it easy to move and store.


Cleaner: A user thinks that the floor cleaner could be smaller than expected, so a large space takes more time.

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Lavor pressure washer

Lavor Superwash 160

This powerful electric motor Lavor pressure washer is suitable for cleaning terraces and outdoor patios, since it has a power of 2500 W. In addition, it offers a pressure of 160 bars, which achieves a water flow of up to 510 liters per hour.

It offers a set of accessories that allow you to take full advantage of its functions, such as two brushes to facilitate cleaning the car and a lance to clean patios and outdoor stone, brick or cement floors. It also includes a set of adapters for accessories from other brands and a 6 m probe to unclog pipes.

On the other hand, its attractive design has dimensions of 60 x 30 x 20 cm and its weight is just 3 kg, making it a convenient model to take it to your workplace and store it easily and comfortably.

Finding a good quality pressure washer that suits your needs could be a complicated task. To help you, we invite you to evaluate in more detail the relevant aspects of this model:


Power: It offers a high level of power with 2500 W and 160 bar of pressure for the most difficult dirt to start.

Equipment: It has an ergonomically designed handle and includes a 6 m probe to unclog pipes, 2 car brushes and adapters to connect accessories.

Transportable: It incorporates two wheels and weighs only 3 kg, making it easy to transport.


Materials: Some users indicate that the spear is made of plastic, so you must use it with due care for greater durability.

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Black + Decker pressure washer

Black + Decker BXPW1400E

This Black + Decker pressure washer offers an absorbed power of 1.4 kW, which guarantees strength and effectiveness at work. In addition, its pressure can reach up to 110 bars, to generate a water flow of up to 390 liters per hour, which will allow all types of dirt to be removed.  

Among its accessories, it includes a filter, high pressure tube, gun and lance, as well as 3 nozzles, one adjustable type, another with a rotating jet and an additional one for detergent. Also, this hot water pressure washer has an inlet system that can withstand a maximum temperature of 50º C for greater versatility.

It is a cheap pressure washer, but it has a practical and lightweight design, at 6.48 kg and dimensions of 25.3 x 65 x 31.5 cm, so it is easy to move around for cleaning outdoor areas. In addition, it has a handle for greater comfort.

If you are looking for a good pressure washer that allows you to simplify some of the household chores, but is one of the cheapest, then you should take into account the pros and cons of this product:


Filter: It incorporates an easy-to-check filter that retains impurities and dirt from the water.

Transportable: It has a lightweight design, with a handle and a small size, which makes it easy to move.

Pressure: It has 110 bar pressure and a water flow of 390 liters per hour to carry out simple and complex jobs.


Hose: Some users think that the pressure hose should be longer, however, it offers 5 m in length, which is above other models.

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Accessories for pressure washers

Pressure washer gun

Silverline Tools 270713

It is a pressure washer gun, which has a bayonet-type connection system, which facilitates its use and allows a more precise adjustment. In addition, it offers comfort when holding it, thanks to the fact that it incorporates an ergonomic handle that offers firmness and safety. In this sense, it can be used for a long time without causing fatigue.

On the other hand, it includes a spare universal pressure washer lance, compatible with the 105 and 135 bar models of the Silverline brand. In addition, it has a male thread M14 x 1.5 to connect the inlet hose.

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Plunger hose for pressure washer

Deuba 101426

It is a practical pressure washer hose suitable for cleaning ducts, drains and tubes without the need to use chemicals or cleaning products. It is also compatible with most existing pressure washers, however, it includes an adapter for use with other brands.

Similarly, this pressure washer plunger hose features puncture protection and a flexible design. In addition, it offers the ability to withstand a pressure of up to 160 bars and a temperature of up to 60º C. As if that were not enough, its length is 15 m, so it offers sufficient range and freedom of movement.

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How to choose the best pressure washers?

Selecting a pressure washer can be a difficult task if you do not have knowledge about its different types and uses. For this reason, thinking of facilitating your search, we present the following guide to buying the best pressure washer, with which you will be able to know the most important characteristics that you must take into account.

Shopping guide


When making a comparison of pressure washers, it is possible to distinguish between two different types depending on their engine, since some are electric and others run on gasoline. Those with an electric motor are suitable for occasional domestic use, since they must be connected to the current for their operation. However, they are usually quieter.

Gasoline engine pressure washers are designed for professional use, since they have higher output power, which translates into a stronger and wider flow. Also, these are suitable for outdoor work and have the capacity to work with hot water.

It is important to note that most pressure washers, whether gasoline or electric, offer light weight and small size. In addition, they can incorporate compartments that allow you to store your accessories with greater comfort and order. For this reason, if you need a model for home use, these portable computers that usually provide practicality are recommended.


Some of the characteristics that can indicate how much a pressure washer costs are the level of water pressure and power. In the case of these machines, the pressure is measured in bars and refers to the water’s expulsion capacity, so the higher its pressure, the more effective it will be for cleaning.

In this sense, you can find pressure washers that offer between 110 and 213 bars of pressure, as well as a power of 1,300 W to 2,500 W, depending on their motor. This could generate a variable flow of water that can be around 500 liters per hour, so you must consider consumption according to the needs of the work, so that you do not waste water. In addition, a good performance could be between 20 m2 and 25 m2 per hour.


Pressure washers are especially useful tools for cleaning multiple surfaces and objects. However, we can find some models specifically indicated for those cases in which the dirt is strongly adhered to the different surfaces or is located in areas that are difficult to access, whether they are corners and small compartments; in this case, the use of small nozzles is recommended.

Other pressure washers can make it easier for you to clean patios, walls and floors, whether they are made of bricks, cement, tiles, among other materials. Normally these are the ones that can expel a stronger flow. Also, there are domestic models designed to clean garden and construction tools, garden furniture, garage doors, grills, bicycles, motorcycles and cars. Similarly, some gadgets can be useful in plumbing jobs, such as unclogging pipes and tubes.


It is important to mention that the level of pressure and the effectiveness of the work also depend on the different types of equipment and accessories that the pressure washer has, since each one offers you a different flow of water for different tasks.

Among the main components of a pressure washer machine are the guns, lances and nozzles. Guns are generally made to withstand the high pressure of the water coming out of them. For their part, the nozzles offer the possibility of controlling the water and the detergent in different ways, either with the use of a rotating or fixed jet, but there are also some specifically indicated for dispensing detergent.

Similarly, the hoses can offer different lengths, to facilitate freedom of movement according to the work you do. In this sense, you can find them between 3 and 6 m in length. In addition, some models include a swivel function that prevents them from twisting, so that their use is easier and faster.

On the other hand, the water filter is another fundamental component in this type of tool, because it is capable of avoiding blockages in the pump and in the pipes. Likewise, it is recommended that the model of your choice incorporate a detergent tank, which in some cases could be removable to facilitate its use and cleaning.

If you are looking for a good and cheap pressure washer, you should also make sure that it includes at least one insurance against accidental start-up. In addition, part connectors need to be considered, as this way you can ensure quick and easy change of nozzles and their accessories.

Remember that the maintenance and periodic cleaning of all the components are also a fundamental aspect to guarantee the proper functioning of the device, so it is recommended that you make notes with the dates when you clean them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What type of oil does a pressure washer use?

The appropriate oil for each pressure washer, according to the opinion of some experts, should be selected based on the type of work to be carried out and the climatic conditions. In this sense, a machine for domestic or occasional use uses a light 4-stroke oil, like the one generally used in motorcycles.

In the case of machines for professional use, where the work to be carried out is more demanding or for a prolonged period of time, the appropriate oil must be one with higher viscosity, which also works in variable or very hot climatic conditions.

Q2: How many bars should a pressure washer have?

Bars refer to the pressure measurement that indicates the level of efficiency of a pressure washer, so it is important to take into account the number of bars offered depending on the work to be carried out.

In this sense, for occasional use on furniture, bicycles and balconies, it should be between 100 and 110 bars. For moderate use on walls, floors and cars, it is recommended that it offers between 110 and 120 bars. However, you need between 120 and 160 bars for frequent or intensive use on roofs, facades, swimming pools and exterior floors.

Q3: Which is the best pressure washer, Nilfisk or Kärcher?

A good option to decide between these two manufacturers is to take into account your needs and the type of use you will give the machine. Therefore, it is important to know that both the Nilfisk and Kärcher brands have good quality products.

In this sense, you should consider whether the pressure washer will be for occasional or professional use, since based on that you will be able to select a model that has the appropriate number of bars, power, flow rate and accessories.

Q4: How to disassemble a Kärcher pressure washer?

Once you finish the job and you have to disassemble the pressure washer, the first thing to do is turn it off and disconnect it from the electrical current; this way you will avoid accidents. Afterwards, close the faucet and eliminate the remaining water inside the pump and hoses, so you can prevent corrosion of its parts.

The next step will be to disconnect the gun, the lance, the work hose and the one that supplies the water from the pipe at both ends. To finish, you must place each piece in its storage place.

Q5: What detergent to use for a pressure washer?

The right detergent may depend on the type of object or surface you want to clean. In this sense, you can find a wide variety with detergents specifically indicated for use on wood, plastic, stone, car, among others.

However, you can also count on a universal detergent, which is suitable for occasional, domestic use, with hot and cold water. Also, as its name indicates, you can use it for different types of objects, such as furniture, cars, facades, tools, among others. This is thanks to the fact that its components do not cause any damage to surfaces. However, it may not be as effective as a detergent specifically made for one type of material.

How to use a pressure washer

Starting up a pressure washer is usually a simple process, for which we only need to follow a few steps. However, if you are not familiar with that process, here we will explain in detail how to do it efficiently.

Put the detergent

Most of the models available on the market offer the possibility of using detergent to obtain better results during cleaning. In this sense, you must start by identifying the corresponding tank in your pressure washer and then fill it with the appropriate type and quantity.

It is important to highlight that it is good to use detergents made specifically for pressure washers, since they increase their efficiency and do not damage the parts of the equipment. Also, you must take into account the object or surface to be cleaned, as well as its dimensions. This way you will avoid wasting water and detergent. In addition, it will help you take care of the environment.

Select the temperature

High pressure washers generally work with a cold water system. However, today many models have incorporated a support system for hot water inlet. In this way, they allow you to adjust the temperature between 40º and 60º C.

This is because hot water offers a better level of cleaning, due to its degreasing power. However, it is not advisable to use excessively high temperatures, as it could damage some parts of the machine and even some materials of the objects you decide to clean.

dispense the water

Before dispensing the water, you must connect the hose at both ends, one to the tap and the other to the machine. In some cases, the end that is attached to the appliance has a filter between the hose and the pressure washer. After making the connection correctly, you must select the appropriate nozzle according to the work to be done. It is necessary that it be connected to the gun before opening the tap that will let the water pass.

Also, before starting cleaning it is important to check that the pump has a constant flow and no air. You get this by opening the tap and pulling the trigger until you get it. In this way, you can guarantee a correct cleaning. In addition, you extend the useful life of the device, since you prevent the parts from being damaged during use.

Starting the engine

Once the previous steps have been carried out, it is time to start the pressure washer. In this sense, before activating the ignition switch, you must connect it to the network if it has an electric motor and, if it has a gasoline engine, it is recommended that you make sure that it has enough fuel and oil to work.

The next step has to do with regulating the water outlet pressure according to the type of work you are going to do. This procedure is important, since if you apply too much pressure on a surface that is not very resistant, you could cause damage to it.

Now, it only remains to bring the nozzle closer to the surface and remove the adhering dirt. However, you should also consider the flow of the water while it is in use, since some models can expel more water than others, which can have consequences when the water bill arrives. In addition, it is not very respectful with the environment. For this reason, it is important that you control the amount of water you consume while using a pressure washer.

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