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Irrigation Sprinklers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In times like the present, when drought is always a pressing problem, taking advantage of every drop of water is essential. In this task you can count on the help of modern irrigation sprinklers that, in addition to keeping your plants at the right humidity level, help you save water and, therefore, money on your bill. As the best sprinkler of the moment we find the Gardena 8135-20 product, which has a firm support base that allows it to achieve an optimal range on any type of terrain, also avoiding having to puncture it thanks to the rounded format of this base. That is why it is the sprinkler best valued by users. If you want a model that allows you to achieve better settings, you can choose the Gardena ZoomMaxx 8127-20 sprinkler. This model allows you to adjust parameters such as the flow of water, the degree of spraying and also the direction of irrigation, so that you can control it to its ultimate consequences.

Buying guide – What is the best irrigation sprinkler on the market?

A garden with a wide variety of greens, leafy and full of color gives houses a cozy look, that’s why those of us who have enough space at home for a garden, whether small or large, take care to keep it in optimal conditions.

But not all of us manage to have a garden worthy of a magazine cover, why is this? Although the reasons can be multiple, above all it has to do with the care and maintenance of the green areas of our house. Normally we see a dream garden, that is, we see the result, but we do not pay attention to the previous process necessary for that garden to look so good.

If we were to do an analysis to see the differences between the care we give to our garden and the maintenance that our neighbor does periodically, we would probably come to the conclusion that we need to spend a little more time on our garden. But let’s try to be objective, if the neighbor has three or four tools that we do not have, it is normal that he has a great advantage.

One of the most important activities in the care of the green areas of the house, whether it is a garden or a small orchard, is of course the irrigation system. Watering plants, however, has its science, it must be a fair hydration, we cannot overdo it because the remedy could be worse than the disease. That is why we wanted to dedicate this article to help you choose irrigation sprinklers that allow us to keep our garden in the best conditions.

The irrigation sprinkler is a fundamental part of a circuit, because it is the device that regulates how the water comes out, how much it comes out, in what direction and how far it covers. That is why there are sprinklers of all kinds of materials, which are indicated for different types of garden.

For example, if you only want to water your lawn and tiny ground-level plants, simple plastic sprinkler heads with rotating nozzles are ideal, as they sit above ground and have various spray patterns. They are very easy to install, but their scope is usually limited, the good thing is that they can be connected in series to cover large spaces.

But if you have small shrubs, flowers and other plants of various sizes, you will need pop-up sprinklers, that is, underground circuits that provide a light rain. These also work in series, and have their advantages, because the installation cannot be seen when it is buried and you will only have the stems that emerge from the ground, reaching plants of medium height.

There are underground irrigation systems that are automatic, with these you can use a practical timer and keep the plants always hydrated, they turn on and off on their own if you have previously programmed them. In this guide to buying the best irrigation sprinkler, we invite you to know some important features before making the purchase. We want you to have at least the basic knowledge so that you can make a good comparison of irrigation sprinklers and finally select one that is economical but at the same time fulfills its function.

Other important features

Choosing the best sprinkler is not a matter of how much it costs, but of the irrigation needs we have and the features they can offer us. Each sprinkler has a different structure and is indicated for different green areas.


This characteristic is important, because it refers to the distance that the flow of water that comes out of the sprinkler can reach. Depending on the dimensions of the garden, we must decide how many sprinklers we need and this depends on the distance they cover. A more or less standard measurement is 5 meters, so the sprinkler must be installed in a place where it will not water other parts of the garden such as walls or structures made of materials susceptible to water.

If you are going to install in series in a large garden, it is important that you calculate the number of sprinklers you need without exceeding it, since if two water flows intersect they can cause very negative effects on the vegetation.


If you choose pop-up sprinklers from the ground you should consider the length of the stem. This depends on the size of the plants you have, the higher the stem, the higher the water will reach. Remember that these types of sprinklers are indicated for watering bushes and other tall plants and they usually create “rain” areas by throwing the water upwards and letting it fall in small drops.

The 5 Best Irrigation Sprinklers – Opinions 2022

There is nothing that makes a house more attractive than a lush green lawn, but this requires feeding the soil, seeding, trimming and of course watering. But nowadays there are so many models and brands of irrigation sprinklers available on the market that selecting one becomes a complex task. That is why we hope that this selection that we have made will be very helpful with the aim that you can buy, in addition to the best irrigation sprinkler, the cheapest one.

1. Gardena 08135-20 Orange Sprinkler

Main advantage:

What we are looking for in an irrigation sprinkler is that it remains firm while doing its job, keeping our gardens and crops hydrated. The Gardena 8135-20 irrigation sprinkler is designed with a plastic sled with three metal inserts that fix it stable on the ground, this being its greatest advantage.

Main disadvantage:

This product only sectorally irrigates your garden at a distance of 75 to 490 square meters, so if you have a very large garden you may need more than one sprinkler to cover the entire surface.

Verdict: 9.6/10

The Gardena 8135-20 model is recommended as a good sector irrigation sprinkler, with which you can effectively water a medium-sized garden, but it stands out among the best irrigation sprinklers for the possibility of connecting it to other Gardena sprinklers, thus forming a circuit of irrigation.

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Design and manufacturing

The Gardena 8135-20 irrigation sprinkler is a very attractive model in the irrigation sprinkler market, but what is most attractive about this product is its competitive price, as it is made of resistant black, gray and orange plastic and metal inserts.. The base of this sprinkler is circular with a triangular structure, where at each vertex there is an anchor to fix it firmly to the ground while watering.


For those medium-sized gardens, this sprinkler has the possibility of connecting and working simultaneously with other Gardena irrigation devices through the outlet connection thread, the diameter of the thread is 21 mm. All Gardena sensory impact sprinkler bases have an entry and exit point that allow other hoses to be connected to continue with the irrigation circuit and thus be able to cover larger surfaces in the case of large gardens.

Angle and Reach

The irrigation of this sprinkler works counterclockwise and is used exclusively for certain areas that do not exceed 490 square meters. Its scope is magnified if several sprinklers are assembled through the same water connection, being an excellent irrigation system for very large gardens.

The sprinkler also has a rotary button that determines the range of the jet in spray mode, reducing it to 10 and 25 meters. The Gardena 8135-20 model, through its adjustment ring, will be able to precisely determine the angle of irrigation that directly determines the reach of the water, it will be able to adjust it between 25° to 320°.

Water filter

Gardena water sprinklers work perfectly with recycled water, whether from rain or pond, the problem is that it is not always so clean, so it can contain leaves, sticks or any type of garbage that clogs the hoses or sprinkler nozzles. To solve this problem, Gardena sprinklers are equipped with fine mesh filters located in the sprinkler nozzle just where it connects to the base to prevent it from becoming clogged by sand or dirt and can easily be changed and removed for cleaning..

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2. Gardena 8127-20 Orange Sprinkler

If you are interested in automating the care of your garden, you should consider purchasing an irrigation sprinkler since these devices are responsible for keeping your plants and grasses well hydrated to guarantee the best growth.

The Gardena ZoomMaxx 8127-20 irrigation sprinkler is a very good alternative since it is ideal for monopolizing spaces between 9 and 216 square meters, more than enough for a standard-size garden. It is oscillating so that you can adjust the size of the surface to be watered and in this way avoid wetting other parts of your house by accident.

As for the water sprayer of the ZoomMaxx 8127 – 20, it is noteworthy to mention that it can be easily adjusted by means of a slider on the structure that will allow you to choose between 3 meters and 12 meters as well as being able to vary the spray range of the water. between 3 meters to 18 meters with its adjustment ring.

Inside you will find a Metabo Marathon motor which has a patented technology that gives it special protection against dust, dirt and other dirt to guarantee a fairly long and full lifespan.


Settings: this model of irrigation sprinkler allows adjustments of both water flow and direction and also spraying so that you can activate the one you like best to enjoy a much more attractive and green garden.

Installation: its installation is quite simple since it is only required to connect the adapter to the standard type hose connector, so you should not have problems to make it work.

Flow: its buyers indicate that the water flow it offers is quite good and can be easily adapted to gardens of any size.

Adaptation: you can install this equipment on any type of surface if you do not want to place it directly on the grass.


Wind – One of the recommendations given by its buyers through the product reviews section is to avoid installing in places where there is too much wind as it can complicate the adjustment of the flow rate and spray.

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3. Silverline 718693 Sprinkler with 9 Watering Patterns

Silverline is a brand with more than 30 years in the market that has earned the trust of thousands of users in the United Kingdom and Europe. He has designed more than 5,000 tools for the home, workshop and garden. All their products are manufactured under the highest quality standards and best of all, their prices are very competitive.

This is the case of the Silverline 718693 irrigation sprinkler, considered by many users to be one of the best irrigation sprinklers of 2022 due to its functionality, quality of materials and practically unbeatable price.

It features 8 spray patterns and 360-degree swivel dial capability, allowing for even watering of all types of gardens.

This is a compact irrigation sprinkler, but don’t be fooled by its size. It is made with resistant materials that make it very robust, which means that it can last you a lifetime. In addition, it includes a ½-inch quick connector. It is not by chance that it appears first on this list, its value for money surprises even the most expert bargain hunters.

Nothing better to keep your garden cared for without worries than having the best irrigation sprinkler of the moment. We consider this model worthy of a position in this list due to its advantages and the fact that it is considered the best irrigation sprinkler for 10 euros in addition to the cheapest:


Design – One of the things that buyers who decide to purchase the Silverline 718693 irrigation sprinkler appreciate most is the fact that it has an admirable track record with great market acceptance. Its design is quite compact and comfortable so as not to take up too much space so that you can place it without causing inconvenience.

Patterns: In addition to being quite practical, the Silverline 718693 irrigation sprinkler was designed in such a way that it is capable of producing up to eight different irrigation patterns so that you can bring your garden to life, it also gives it a quite striking appearance at the time to water

Rotation: thanks to the shape and mechanisms within this irrigation sprinkler model, it is capable of working with complete 360° rotations, so the equipment covers considerable distances that can be supplied with standard-size gardens.

Quantity: It also has a quick coupling nozzle for the most popular hose diameter (2.1 inches) to be able to spread without problems a considerable amount of water, which, we could verify, pleasantly surprises the people who enjoy their service.

Finishes: it was also confirmed that buyers consider that the equipment has quite resistant finishes that promise to last for a long time in addition to withstanding basic inclement weather, so you can leave it outdoors without worrying too much.

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4. Gardena 8136-20 Sprinkler Silver

This could be the second best irrigation sprinkler for value for money. The Gardena 8136-20 has a circular and sectoral impact function, it is easy to install as it is compatible with any pipe.

It is made of a combination of strong metal and plastic, which increases its lifespan. The sprinkler head is very stable, so it will stay in place to irrigate the ground space you want.

The selector adjustment rings allow it to be positioned from 25° to 360°, to irrigate a specific area. The selected sector is easily recognized by these adjustment rings, so it is very precise in its work.

One of the fundamental characteristics of these Gardena sprinklers is that they can work in series, that is, several can be connected to each other and cover large irrigation areas at the same time. As if that were not enough, it includes the Gardena System Connector set and the lid.

Gardena is considered by some users to be the best brand of irrigation sprinklers, therefore, we wanted to show you its advantages and disadvantages a little more in depth so that you can form your own opinion:


Design: the first thing to note about the Gardena 8136-20 irrigation sprinkler is its design. This one focuses on modern colors and a quite distinguished structure. Placing it in your garden would look simply amazing in addition to taking up very little space.

Connectivity: one of its most appreciated features is that thanks to Gardena’s Toque 901 connector you can intercommunicate several sprinklers at the same time so that when you install several, they can all work based on the same water intake.

Resistance: its clients indicate that it has a quite admirable appearance and finishes and that the materials used in its manufacture make it quite resistant. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy your sprinkler for many years.

Settings: In addition, the internal mechanism of Gardena 8136-20 will allow you to adjust the type of irrigation, amount of water, movement of the sprinkler and many other things so that its performance adjusts to your requirements.


Reach – We should mention that this sprinkler is compact in size, therefore its irrigation range is a bit small. However, it is more than enough if you interconnect several at the same time.

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5. Gardena 01566-29 Pop-up Sprinkler S 

We could not finish this comparative list without mentioning this pop-up irrigation sprinkler. Although we have left it for last, the Gardena 1566-29 S80/300 closes this list with a flourish because it is considered by many users as one of the best irrigation sprinklers of 2022.

It is ideal for irrigation of a small lawn (approximately 80 square meters) but it is also compatible with other Gardena brand sprinklers so that it can be installed as part of a large irrigation system.

The Gardena 1566-29 S80/300 is very suitable for distance cultivation, and used correctly it works very well, simulating gentle rain on delicate plants.

The jet distance can be adjusted from 2.50 m to 5 m depending on the needs of the garden surface to be sprayed. While the selected circular sector can vary from 5° to 360° and the water flow can be continuous when stationary irrigation is necessary.

And finally, we have the positive and negative characteristics of the model presented by Gardena so that you can discern if it will be useful for you to acquire it or not:


Pop -up: the most admirable thing about the 1566 – 29 S80/300 irrigation sprinkler is the fact that it is pop-up, that is, it is stored inside the installed tube and then raised when it is going to be irrigated.

Irrigation: the type of irrigation of this sprinkler is soft, ideal to be placed in the middle of the flowers or garden since it does not have enough pressure to harm them.

Dimensions: it has dimensions of 47.6 x 11.4 x 4.4 centimeters and a weight of just 204 grams and although it is tall, more than half of the body can be installed underground so it will not bother when walking.


Type: the 1566 – 29 S80/300 sprinkler nozzle only allows one type of irrigation, so you will not get much variety in terms of water output.

Design: In addition, its design consists of a simple metal tube with the mechanism inside, so it may not be too attractive for the garden.

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How to use an irrigation sprinkler

As you are a person who feels comfortable taking care of the garden, you have decided to install your own irrigation system, using a new sprinkler. In this sense, you can clarify your doubts regarding how you should use it correctly and get the most out of your product for the proper care of your garden.

Check the user manual of your irrigation sprinkler

Not all sprinkler models work in the same way, therefore, it is recommended to review the instruction manual to determine the type of water source connection to use, how to adjust the flow rate and direction of irrigation, among others. features to know.

Determine the need for irrigation of your garden

This consists of carrying out an analysis of your garden, to establish where and how you want the water to spread over the entire surface of said garden, or through a section of it. To do this, you must see if your garden has only grass, if it includes plants and trees, the direction where you want the water to go, among other irrigation needs that will be determined according to the characteristics of your garden.

In case the characteristics and range capacity of the sprinkler do not cover the entire garden surface, you can connect several sprinklers in series if you wish, by placing hoses and screw connectors. Now, if you want to have programmed irrigation sprinklers, you should plan to do a professional job, installing a programmer with solenoid valves, to automatically control the irrigation of the sprinklers.

Assemble the sprinkler     

Guide yourself through the user manual for the assembly of your sprinkler. Some models include a base with a heavy material such as lead, so that it does not rise while performing the irrigation function; Connect said base to the sprinkler nozzle, gently screwed until it is fixed.

Connect the water source to the sprinkler

In order to obtain water in a simple way, proceed to connect a hose of the same thickness as the sprinkler. Place the hose connector on the inlet connection of the sprinkler and screw until it is firm. Place the sprinkler to the ground of your garden, calculating the distance and area to cover.

Make adjustments to the sprinkler

Most irrigation sprinklers include propellers or threads to adjust how you want the sprinkler to water your garden. These threads allow you to adjust the flow rate or the power with which the water is going to irrigate the grass or the plants. You can also adjust the direction, which determines the opening of the water flow in degrees of incline.

Some models include this customizable function at 90, 180, 360 degrees or to your preference. Another very interesting setting is the range, which determines the maximum distance of the water flow. You can configure this according to the area you want to cover for irrigation. Other models of sprinklers can be configured as a fixed or oscillating water flow.

That said, you can guide yourself with the user manual of your sprinkler to make the necessary adjustments, depending on the functions covered by the device.

Open the water faucet that feeds the sprinkler

Once the sprinkler is connected and the necessary water flow adjustments have been made, proceed to open the key to start the sprinkler. In this way, your garden will obtain a uniform irrigation and you will not have to cover the entire surface, saving you time and using the water in a more optimized way for your garden.

You can let the sprinkler work for as long as you need. When finished, proceed to close the water source.

The most popular brands

Keeping your garden in good condition, with the necessary amount of water, is something possible today thanks to modern irrigation sprinklers. Products that, in addition to saving water, help you to adjust the amount and form of irrigation so that your plants neither dry out nor get waterlogged. In this article you will learn about three leading brands in the sector with which to have quality products so that your garden always has the best.

The Gardena company, currently part of the Husqvarna group, was founded in 1961 with the aim of manufacturing all kinds of products for garden care: from the necessary tools to the irrigation and sprinkler systems in which the company would offer all kinds of news. The first of these great innovations was the click connection system, now used by the entire industry, which was created in 1968 and which made it easier to connect hoses, sprinklers and any other element.

The next novelty would be the irrigation pump system, aimed at improving the use and operation of these systems, giving it a new dimension in 1978. In 1985 the company would create the first automated irrigation systems, while in 2007 the company It would launch the first programmable sprinklers, which would create a new way of irrigating.

For this reason, the brand’s current irrigation sprinklers are a mixture of technology and high-quality tradition with which to have the peace of mind of a garden that is always well cared for and perfect.

In the case of the British company Silverline Tools we are not talking about a company directly dedicated to the world of gardening, which combines with the traditional hand tool and even the conventional power tool. However, it does have a wide line of gardening products that, since its foundation, some 30 years ago, has offered everything necessary to keep it in perfect condition.

Something possible thanks to the commitment to quality of this company, which has obtained the ISO 9001 quality certification in its manufacturing processes, which together with a powerful control team guarantees that the products of this company always have the quality that its consumers expect. deserve. Consumers that, thanks to the power of the company, are currently distributed throughout the world, with an offer of more than 5,000 products manufactured in Asia, Europe or even the United States.

An ever-present quality guarantee for which its tools, such as its irrigation sprinklers, will always offer you the safety and ease of use you need to obtain the best results.

The Rain Birds company is the oldest of the three that we analyze in this article. Its foundation dates back to 1933 and since its inception the company has dedicated its efforts to offering sprinkler and irrigation systems that go beyond the conventional, aimed at agricultural producers, golf courses, large companies and private clients. In its extensive history, the company has patented more than 450 innovations and ideas aimed at improving the irrigation systems used, with novelties such as the first vertical sprinkler system, patented in 1935, which revolutionized food production throughout the world.

 The company has continued to evolve its systems and as part of that history it has joined the commitment to the Responsible Use of Water, so that its products allow not only to irrigate properly, but also to be able to irrigate while saving water and taking better care of the planet. That is why their irrigation sprinklers, in addition to having excellent technology, offer saving systems with which to reduce your consumption and waste of water while maintaining the beauty and good health of your garden and your plants.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

C.K G7755BI

En una buena lista comparativa de aspersores de riego de impacto, el C.K G7755BI figura entre los primeros. Muchos usuarios lo consideran uno de los mejores aspersores de riego por su funcionalidad y precio competitivo.

Lo primero que debemos decir es que cubre 450 metros cuadrados de terreno a una presión mínima de 1,2 bar. La presión del chorro se puede ajustar dependiendo de las necesidades del jardín. Asimismo, su arco de riego es controlable para regar un círculo completo o un pequeño sector. Su cabezal se ubica a 33 cm del suelo, lo que le permite tener acceso a grandes extensiones de césped.

Todas las piezas del C.K G7755BI son resistentes a la corrosión y oxidación por lo cual podemos estimar una vida útil muy prolongada. Además cuenta con un mecanismo auto-lubricante, lo que evita que tengas que hacer mantenimiento y al mismo tiempo alarga todavía más  su durabilidad.

El esfuerzo puesto en estas guías se enfoca en ayudar a determinar cuál aspersor de riego comprar, por lo tanto, te ofrecemos análisis especializados en los focos de interés de la mayoría de los compradores. Conoce a continuación la información detallada de este modelo:


Alcance: lo más destacable de esta opción entre aspersores de riego es el que éste es capaz de cubrir una superficie de hasta 450 m² por lo que te resultará suficiente para regar todo tu jardín de forma automática.

Ajustes: podrás escoger su funcionamiento en base a si deseas que la expulsión de agua sea a chorros directos desde una sola abertura o a su círculo completo.

Presión: otro de sus aspectos más alabados es que es capaz de funcionar a su máximo potencial requiriendo una presión de agua de solo 1,2 bares por lo que podrás disfrutar de él sin demasiados problemas.


Aspecto: no cuenta con un diseño demasiado atractivo además de que debe ubicarse enterrado en el suelo lo que puede dañar tu césped.

Suelo: debido a que debe ubicarse a 33 centímetros del suelo, puede resultar un poco difícil de ver y alguien podría tropezarse accidentalmente.

Spreey Aspersor Riego de Jardín

Este mo

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