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Leaf Blower – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When cleaning our garden and the spaces of our house, a leaf blower becomes a very useful tool. Hence, if you want to buy one, it is advisable to choose it by looking at the power of the device, if it has a blowing or vacuum function, a two- or four-stroke engine, if it works with electricity or gasoline and if it is light. The Makita BHX2501 model is a gasoline model with a power capable of generating up to 891 cubic meters of air per minute, in a light format and with little maintenance. Similarly, it includes different accessories to adapt it to your cleaning needs. For its part, the Black+Decker GW3030-QS modelIt has a power of 3000 W and offers variable speed to adapt it to the needs of the moment. In addition, it brings a bag with 50 liters of capacity for greater autonomy.

Buying Guide – What is the best leaf blower on the market?

When autumn arrives, the leaves end up inexorably on the ground. A rain of leaves that should be eliminated, among other things, because they can end up becoming a danger if they get wet and fall on paths or sidewalks. To clean the leaves with the best efficiency, you just have to follow the advice of our guide to buying the best leaf blower on the market, in which we give you some clues to know what to look for.

operating power

When we decide to buy a leaf blower, as with any product of this type, we find different models in which power makes the difference. A difference that affects how much the product costs, but also aspects such as the comfort of work that it will offer us or the type of work area that we can cover.

In terms of power, it is convenient to distinguish between electric, gasoline and battery models. In the former, the power is measured conventionally, in watts, while in the battery the reference to consider is the system volts. Regarding the gasoline ones, it is the horsepower of the engine that marks the power. In any case, the higher the power, the more force the air will have.

And this surely leads us to this aspect which is the output power and pressure. This is the element that is going to move the air when expelling or sucking, depending on the type of product, so verifying the exit speed of that air is a good reference. In any case, most of the products on the market indicate the applications for which they are used, even the economically priced models, so that finding the most suitable product is easier.

Only blower or vacuum

When looking at the characteristics of a leaf blower, it is common to find models that, in addition to blowing, can also vacuum. This last aspect can be interesting, because through the blow function we accumulate the leaves and through the vacuum function we collect them.

Actually, the function itself is simple, since it is based on an inverter system that makes the system turn in reverse, sucking in air instead of blowing it out. However, in these models, in addition to increasing the power compared to the conventional model, it is also advisable to check the rest of the functions included in the product, such as the option to shred said leaves, to accumulate them and reduce their volume to take them to the trash can.

In any case, as you will see in any comparison of leaf blowers, the models with a vacuum cleaner are recognized for including an additional bag, in which we are going to store the leaves. A bag whose volume we must adjust to our needs and the size of the garden, so that we do not have to empty it too often if we finally opt for a blower model.

Blower comfort and mobility

As with all hand tools, the blower must offer good mobility and comfort of use that is worth the investment in the equipment. An efficient investment that starts by choosing a lightweight model, so that the less it weighs, the easier it will be to take it where it is needed and carry it for long periods of time.

This comfort and mobility are also related to the shape and size of the product’s support elements. The handles must be large, ergonomically shaped and help us move the blower comfortably. This is especially so in both the gasoline models and the blown and aspirated models, precisely because they are the ones that tend to have the heaviest and, therefore, require better mobility. Some blowers even incorporate accessories to hang them around the neck or waist and work more comfortably.

Finally, we cannot forget the shape of the air outlet. This exit must be made with a tube of sufficient size so that we can direct it as it suits us. Some models include a more closed nozzle, such as in vacuum cleaners, which allows the air to be concentrated to work in difficult or complex areas, which can be a good option if you need it.

The 5 Best Leaf Blowers – Opinions 2022

No matter what season it is, dirt will always find its way onto your porch and garden and what better way to get rid of it than with a leaf blower. These great machines use the powers of blowing and suction to help you clean surfaces quickly and easily.

Within this list you will find the best leaf blower options so you can choose the model that best suits your requirements:

1. Makita BHX2501 Tool, 810W

Main advantage:

This gasoline tool offers you a power of 810 equivalent watts, with which to generate an air volume of 891 cubic meters per minute. Enough to perform all kinds of jobs with solvency.

Main disadvantage:

The product can also work in suction mode, although for this it is necessary to buy the corresponding accessories separately for this purpose, implying an extra investment.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A high-capacity machine from a top-level brand, with which to save you problems when doing any task.

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operating power

When it comes to grouping leaves and other plant remains, it is always convenient to have ample power in the machine that we use for this purpose. Something that this model exceeds with a note, since its motor generates an equivalent power of 810 watts. The result is an air flow that reaches 891 cubic meters per minute, with which to move the heaviest debris.

In addition, since the included engine is gasoline, this equipment has the advantage that it can be used anywhere. You don’t have to worry about having a plug nearby or charging with spare batteries. An extra that compensates for the small inconveniences related to heat and the generation of smoke typical of this type of engine, which the technology of this model also reduces.

comfort of use

As in any manual tool, ease of use is another important aspect to obtain quality results. Something that Makita has also taken into account when developing the product and that is reflected in details such as the shape of the handle. This allows you to comfortably direct the air flow where it is needed and does not cause discomfort such as calluses or chafing, thanks to the quality of the material used.

In addition, the equipment can also be used with a fastening strap, being the most recommended option for when it is used intensively. And it is that, although its weight of 4.4 kilos is not very high, it is true that in these prolonged uses an extra comfort is always better. All this without forgetting the included anti-vibration system, which improves efficiency and reduces discomfort during use.

equipment maintenance

As the last aspect to deal with in our analysis, we have chosen the maintenance of the blower. An issue in which, again, we have advantages over other similar models. The main one is that the product’s operating system eliminates the need to mix oil and gasoline, as happens with other equipment.

This change is accompanied by a reduction in fuel consumption, so smoke-related nuisances and other inconveniences typical of gasoline engines are also reduced. Other common procedures, such as cleaning the machine or changing the spark plugs, are also simplified, so you can spend your time on what really matters.

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2. Black+Decker GW3030 QS Leaf Shredder and Blower Vacuum

This could be the best leaf blower if we take into account the opinions of many users. One of the most outstanding features of the product is its power, since it has 3000 W, so it is capable of blowing at a maximum speed of 418 km/h. For this reason, it allows you to remove dry leaves easily and in less time.

For added versatility, this product not only blows, but is also capable of vacuuming up leaves and other yard debris. According to the manufacturer’s information, this device exceeds the previous model of the same brand by 30% in terms of suction capacity.

As if that were not enough, it includes high-impact blades, which can crush the leaves, considerably reducing their volume, which facilitates the elimination and decomposition of organic material.

If you want to keep the garden in good condition without putting too much effort, then you should take a closer look at the features of this leaf blower.


Performance: Thanks to the 3000 W power, it can reach up to 418 km/h, so it can get the job done in no time.

Bag: It has a bag with a capacity of 50 liters, so it can suck up a large amount of leaves and debris.

Fan: It has a fan made of metal, which increases airflow while reducing noise.


Jams: Some jams may occur if the sheets are too wet.

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3. Skil 0796AA Blower, Vac and Leaf Shredder 

The Skil 0796AA model is a versatile tool with which to remove any waste from your garden. Among its strengths, we find a motor with no less than 3,000 watts of power, capable of moving debris in the most complex environments, such as lawns or in the case of plant debris of a certain weight. 

This same power is applied to the suction function of the product, which in this case does not need anything else. In fact, the waste storage bag is even included, so you don’t have to buy anything else to have a complete machine. That is why the support strap is also included, designed to give you extra comfort when working for long hours. 

And when you finish working, all you have to do is use its Easy Storage function to leave the blower comfortably stored, without taking up space and without the risk of it deteriorating.

To make cleaning your garden much more comfortable, nothing better than resorting to all the interesting features of this Skil model.


Power: Its 3,000-watt motor is capable of generating an air flow of up to 270 kilometers per hour, which you can also comfortably regulate from the machine.

Dual mode: The product allows you to blow the debris but also gives you the possibility of collecting it, since the equipment includes the vacuum function.

Easy Storage: This solution solves the storage of the machine, so that it hangs well on the wall.


Blades: The blades of the shredder are not made of metal but of plastic, so its durability and resistance can be improved.

Cable: The cable is ridiculously small at just 30 centimeters long. So it is mandatory to pull extension cords even at a low working height.

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4. Einhell Expert GE-CL 18 Li E Leaf Blower

This model is among the best leaf blowers today as it works wirelessly, thanks to the 18V 2.5Ah battery included in the package. Plus, it comes with a fast charger so you don’t have to spend extra money. In this sense, it can be a good kit if you are starting out in gardening.

It incorporates an electronic speed control, to regulate the blowing power precisely depending on the need. This makes it possible to spend only the necessary energy and increase the operating time. In addition, it is possible to easily know the state of charge of the battery thanks to the LED indicator lights.

It is worth mentioning that this model is part of the Power X-Change line of the Einhell brand, so you can use the battery of another device with these characteristics.

If you want to buy a product that is useful but does not cost a lot of money, you should know that this is one of the cheapest leaf blowers at the moment. Let’s review its pros and cons.


Wireless: It works with a 2.5 Ah and 18 V battery, so it does not need cables, thus providing greater capacity for movement.

Set: It is a good kit to start gardening, since it comes with the charger and a battery.

Practicality: It is a compact and light equipment, which has an ergonomic soft-grip handle for easy use.


Autonomy: It has a limited autonomy depending on the power level used.

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5. Greencut EBV260BN Leaf Blower Vacuum

If you are looking for a multi-function leaf blower, it is good that you consider this model from Greencut, since it is also a vacuum. As if that were not enough, it uses gasoline and oil as fuel, so it provides greater autonomy and power than electric or wireless models.

In this sense, you should know that its motor provides a power of 8,500 kW, that is, 1.2 hp, making it a suitable tool to use professionally, in demanding areas and forced labor. Similarly, the speed of the blow it produces is 350 km/h, appropriate for blowing large amounts of leaves and branches.

On the other hand, it incorporates a 60-liter collection bag for its vacuum cleaner mode, likewise, the gasoline tank has 50 liters, which avoids interruptions during its operation. As if that were not enough, it includes several nozzles to adapt them according to the job.

This model is one of the most powerful on the list, so it is worth reviewing some of its most important positive and negative characteristics before making the purchase:


Fuel: It works with the use of gasoline and two-stroke oil, in this way it is capable of providing good performance and autonomy.

Power: It offers a power of 1.2 hp, enough to use it in industrial and professional areas.

Multifunction: Includes different types of blower tubes and has two operating modes, such as blower or vacuum, which provides greater versatility.


Weight: It has a weight of 5 kg, so it could cause exhaustion, in this sense, it is recommended to use it for short periods of time.

Silent: Its operation is not silent, so it may be at a disadvantage compared to other models on the list.

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How to use a leaf blower

Cleaning your patio or garden sometimes requires the use of a very suitable tool such as a leaf blower. In autumn, it is very necessary to use a device like this, because this is the time when the leaves fall the most. If you have just bought a leaf blower and you do not dare to use it because you are inexperienced, do not worry and read on.

Check the user manual for your leaf blower.

Before using your leaf blower, it is very important that you read the instruction manual so that you can identify each of its parts, familiarize yourself with its operation and be aware of how it is powered, because some models work with gasoline and others with electrical energy.

Wear the necessary protective equipment

When using any garden work tool, it is necessary to have basic protective equipment. This is made up of safety glasses to protect your eyes from possible jumps of particles or stones while you clean. Also, you should have earmuffs so you can reduce a little the noise produced by the use of a leaf blower. Of course, you should not miss the use of gloves, overalls, preferably jeans, cotton flannels for your comfort and the use of dust masks.

Check the power supply

Make sure your leaf blower has enough gas to run, or if it’s an electric leaf blower, the power cord is long enough for the area you’re cleaning.

Verify that the area to be cleaned is free of people around

You have to be aware that a leaf blower raises a lot of dust and generates some noise that can be annoying to your neighbors. Therefore, it is recommended that you use your leaf blower when you are sure that there are no people around you, to avoid unnecessary disturbances.

Make sure the area to be cleaned is free of moisture

It is recommended that the patio or garden to be cleaned be very dry, since if the leaves are wet, it will be difficult to lift them and your cleaning would be a failure. Therefore, it is best to carry out this type of cleaning when the weather and environmental conditions are favorable.

Start at one end of your patio or garden

Turn on your leaf blower and start at one end of the yard, piling leaves toward the center of the area preferably. Then, go around the patio, gathering the leaves little by little. If you notice the leaves getting a bit stuck and won’t come up, feel free to use a rake to lift them up.

Proceed to collect the leaves in a garbage bag

Once all the leaves in your patio have been lifted and when they are accumulated in the center, with the help of a rake, begin to place the leaves in a large garbage bag, until they are all collected. Then turn off the leaf blower and collect the power cord. Store your blower in a safe place in your home or tool shed.

The most popular brands

If what you want is to make the work of keeping a clean garden easier, what you need is a portable leaf blower. Currently on the market there is a wide variety of leaf blowers, however, we have analyzed different models and consulted the comments of Internet users, and we consider that among the main brands are: Black and Decker, Bosch and Skil.

Black & Decker is a company located in Towson, Maryland, USA. It is the largest power tool company in the world. Its home appliance products are the best sellers in the United States, and one of the most recognized brands in the global small appliance industry.

It is a multinational noted for the manufacture of high-quality products for both domestic and industrial use with businesses in approximately 100 countries, being a leader in the market with its different product ranges. It is one of the most acclaimed and distinguished brands in the United States, collaborating with space programs to develop technologies for NASA astronauts in the 1960s and 1970s.

Its catalog has a wide variety of products, including leaf blowers and air compressors. The GW3030 Blower Vacuum model has a metal fan that provides a blowing speed of 418 Km/h, and has a lightweight design of 1.6 Kg for better maneuverability and control.

Robert Bosch is a German company, founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch (1861 – 1942). It currently has 264 production centers, 250 sales offices and 261,300 employees around the world. Its products are marketed in the areas of automotive technology, consumer goods, construction technology, packaging technology, and safety engineering.

In 2010, Bosch achieved sales of over 47.5 billion euros, being the best year of work in its 125-year history. Their innovative strength and pace of innovation have enabled them to position themselves among the leading global brands in the manufacture of industrial tools.

It should be noted that Bosch electrical equipment has set new limits in the market for tool holders such as leaf blowers, these lithium battery-based equipment with a duration of approximately 30 hours in continuous operation allow you to remove litter anywhere in your house..

Its history begins in 1921 under the name Michel Electric Handsaw Company, when its inventor Edmond Michel developed the world’s first electric handsaw. In the mid-1950s the company changed its name, becoming Skil Corporation.

Its lucrative international sales began in Canada (1994), locating the distribution and service center in Toronto, the brand reaches Europe with an expansion of its activities with numerous sales offices throughout the continent. In 1996, the rights to Skil were acquired by the company Robert Bosch GmbH, and since then it has been part of the famous German multinational.

With more than 130 million tools sold worldwide, they are considered the smartest, most affordable and easiest to use electrical gadgets. Skil has a catalog of power tools that vary from sanders, saws, drills, trimmers, compressors, among others.

Among its most requested products is the Skil Leaf Blower, its different models mostly have a triple function; the first is the blower function, this function allows you to eliminate leaf litter and other garden waste due to its variable air flow between 150-270 km/h, the second is the suction function to collect waste with a measure of 13 cubic meters per minute and the third is the Skil’s built-in shredder that reduces the volume of waste to a tenth for easy disposal.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Bosch ALB 36 LI

Ventaja principal:

Su peso ligero, de apenas 2,8 kilos, combinado con el asa de gran tamaño y diseño ergonómico te permiten trabajar de forma más cómoda y ser más productivo en la limpieza.

Desventaja principal:

La batería tiene una autonomía aproximada de unos 30 minutos, suficiente para jardines de tamaño medio y pequeño, pero que puede ser poco para jardines de gran tamaño. Aun así el cambio de batería es muy sencillo y rápido, si lo precisas.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Gracias a su potencia y comodidad de uso, el soplador de hojas Bosch ALB 36 LI te facilita la tarea de limpiar tu jardín, siendo capaz de reunión todos los residuos que tengas de forma fácil y sencilla.  Su batería eléctrica de alta capacidad reduce el peso del conjunto al tiempo que garantiza un funcionamiento estable y eficiente.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Potencia de funcionamiento

Como herramienta polivalente, este modelo tiene diversos modos de uso que puedes utilizar en función del trabajo a realizar. Por una parte cuenta con un sistema dual que permite aspirar o expeler el aire según lo precises en cada momento.

Este aire puede también regularse en su flujo de salida mediante el interruptor correspondiente, ofreciendo caudales de aire que van desde los 100 a los 150 metros cúbicos de aire procesado por hora.

Un aire cuya velocidad también puedes modificar a fin de mover restos de mayor tamaño o en mayor cantidad, contando con niveles de velocidad que van desde los 170 a los 250 kilómetros por hora. Todos estos elementos son fácilmente controlables, de manera que puedas ajustar el uso a lo que precisas en cada momento, alargando así la vida útil y la autonomía de su batería recargable.

Sistema de alimentación

La tecnología de alimentación eléctrica que incorpora este producto ofrece notables ventajas frente a los modelos de gasolina más tradicionales. Por una parte reduce el peso del conjunto, al incluir una alimentación más sencilla, evitando igualmente los problemas relacionados con los humos y los olores que son tan habituales en estos modelos.

A cambio este producto cuenta con una batería de 36 vatios, que te ofrece una autonomía aproximada de unos 35 minutos, suficiente para jardines de pequeño y mediano tamaño.

Lo mejor es que esta batería es totalmente compatible con el sistema de baterías Bosch de manera que podrás cambiarla de forma sencilla, si lo precisas, disponiendo igualmente de recambios y un sistema de carga externo compatible con otras herramientas de la marca.  

Estas baterías garantizan una descarga fluida para mantener una potencia adecuada durante todo el funcionamiento de la herramienta, ofreciendo un sistema de carga rápido que permite disponer de la herramienta a pleno rendimiento en poco tiempo.

Comodidad de uso

Trabajar con herramientas manuales puede ser algo incómodo si no dispones de modelos pensados especialmente para tu comodidad. Estos elementos han sido considerados adecuadamente en este modelo, de modo que ofrece mejoras frente a otros sopladores de hojas, como el tener un peso mucho más reducido.

Gracias a la sencillez de su sistema de alimentación eléctrica mediante baterías, el soplador Bosch ALB 36 LI cuenta con un peso nominal en servicio de solo 2,8 kilos, de manera que resulta mucho más cómodo poder trabajar con el y desplazarlo por el jardín.

Algo que también facilita su mango ergonómico de gran tamaño, fabricado en material plástico antideslizante, con el que resulta más sencillo poder realizar cualquier trabajo, incluso en las zonas más complicadas del jardín.

Goxawee Soplador Electrico 600W

Ventaja principal:

Este soplador tiene una potencia de 600 W, por lo que produce entre 6.000 rpm y 16.000 rpm, además, el flujo de aire es de 2,8 m3/min. Por consiguiente, es un modelo multifunción que puedes utilizar para soplar el polvo, hojas o secar el coche.

Desventaja principal:

Su estructura está elaborada en plástico, lo que puede hacer dudar de su durabilidad, sin embargo, el material el robusto, por lo que ofrece gran resistencia al uso constante.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Es un soplador de hojas de precio accesible, además, incluye múltiples accesorios para ayudarte a mantener la casa y el jardín en buen estado.



Se trata de un soplador de hojas indicado para usar de forma doméstica en jardines de tamaño reducido, sin embargo, brinda hasta 600 W de potencia y 2,8 m3/min de flujo de aire para esta tarea, lo que ofrece un alto rendimiento y eficacia.

No obstante, su motor ofrece 6 diferentes niveles de velocidad a través de un interruptor multiuso, muy conveniente para adaptarlo según tus necesidades y proyectos en cualquier lugar. Por consiguiente, puede realizar entre 6.000 rpm y 16.000 rpm, lo que puede satisfacer tus necesidades en diferentes tareas de soplado.

Por otro lado, utiliza un voltaje de 220-240 V, lo que debes tomar en consideración al conectarlo a la corriente. De igual forma, su frecuencia es de 50 y 60 Hz, que es una medida estándar en aparatos de este tipo.


Debes tomar en cuenta que su peso es de 1,6 kg, por lo que es posible usarlo por un tiempo prolongado sin causar agotamiento. De igual forma, ofrece un mango ergonómico, apropiado para sujetar con mayor firmeza el aparato, además, incorpora un gatillo para accionarlo y el interruptor para seleccionar las velocidades.

Por otro lado, sus medidas son de 40 cm de longitud, 18 cm de alto y 18 cm de ancho, por esta razón, puede ser almacenado cómodamente en cualquier espacio de la casa, ya sea que lo coloques en una esquina o en el interior de un armario.

Su cable mide 2,5 m de longitud, por lo que no es demasiado largo ni demasiado corto, apropiado para trabajar cómodamente en espacios de aproximadamente 5 metros cuadrados. Sin embargo, puede ser guardado cómodamente evitando los enredos.


Dependiendo del ensamblaje del aparato, es importante tomar en cuenta que además de soplar sirve para aspirar. Por consiguiente, al colocar la boquilla en una de las puntas sopla aire, mientras que si la colocas en el otro extremo, entonces puede aspirar. No obstante, la aspiración es únicamente para tierra y polvo, ya que las hojas podrían atascar el conducto.

En este sentido, incorpora 4 diferentes accesorios que complementarán su utilidad, como una bolsa para el polvo, que está indicada para colocarla cuando decidas usar su modo aspirador. Además, tiene una boquilla de goma de menor tamaño para limpiar condensadores de aire acondicionado, mosquiteros, muebles, entre otros.

También, incluye dos brochas de carbón que sirven como repuestos para establecer la conexión entre el motor y el sistema rotatorio. Por si fuera poco, viene con un cepillo de cerdas suaves y resistentes, indicado para remover el polvo y la suciedad de algunas superficies. Es bueno saber que en caso de problemas de ensamblado puedes consultar el manual de instrucciones.

VonHaus Soplador de Hojas a Batería 20 V

Se trata de un soplado

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