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Walking Tractor – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to maximizing the production of agricultural work, it is of great importance to incorporate the appropriate tools and machinery that help reduce effort and shorten work time. In this sense, power tillers are the ideal machines for this purpose and one of the best models on the market could be the WilTec 62419, an electric tool with a 1500W motor and a plowing depth of 22 cm. Another recommended tiller is the T-Mech Mini Cane, a gasoline-powered machine that is very useful for working in orchards and gardens.

The 8 Best Walking Tractors – Opinions 2022

We have prepared a selection with 8 of the best power tillers available on the market, so that you can evaluate the model that best suits your agricultural needs. The idea is to facilitate your purchase decision and that you can get a machine that meets all your expectations.

electric tiller

1. WilTec Electric Garden Tiller 1500W 200rpm Rotavator Tiller

If you love gardening, this electric tiller could be the tool you need to work the land in a more comfortable way. It is a machine that stands out as one of the best power tillers of 2022 for its high power, efficiency and ease of use.

It is a model that has 24 steel blades of 20.5 cm in diameter, which facilitates the task of plowing the soil; achieving a working depth of up to 22 cm for optimum sowing or fertilization work. In addition to this, it offers you an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip; which favors working with a minimum of effort and without feeling fatigue.

On the other hand, it has two wheels that allow easy maneuvering and high effectiveness on difficult terrain. In addition, it is one of the cheapest models on the market.

This model could be considered the best tiller of the moment, thanks to its high quality. We invite you to learn a little more about this tool .



Power: It is a machine that has a 1500W motor, which makes it efficient and powerful.

Wheels: Thanks to its robust wheels, you can move it more easily

Depth: It is capable of tilling the land with a depth of up to 22 cm, which favors the planting of various crops.



Autonomy: As it is a motorized tractor with an electric motor, its time of use is limited; so it is recommended for small plots.

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small walking tractor

2. T-Mech Mini Tiller Motor Cultivator 52cc Gasoline Garden Rotovator

This model could be your best option if you are looking for a machine for landscaping your garden or for cultivating in a home garden. It is a small and efficient tiller manufactured by T-Mench to save you time and effort when working the land.

It is a tool equipped with a powerful gasoline engine that offers great performance during the day; which is why it can reach up to 9000 revolutions per minute. In addition, it can work at a depth of up to 15 cm.

It has a solid structure and its dimensions are 98 cm high x 54 cm wide x 90 cm deep. However, it is a simple piece of equipment and easy to handle, since it has two wheels that facilitate movement on any type of floor.

If you are a lover of DIY and gardening, this model could be the one for your job. Here is a summary of its highlights.


Kit: You will receive with the purchase a tool kit, a funnel, a bottle, protection for the ears, the legs and safety glasses.

Efficiency: It is an efficient power tiller with blades that reach a speed of 9000 rpm, which reduces work time.

Autonomy: Thanks to its gasoline engine and its 1.2-liter capacity tank, it is a machine with great autonomy.


User manual: It is missing that the user manual comes in Spanish.

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Anova Walking Tractor

3. Anova Walking Tractor 7HP 212cc 3+2 Gears MC720

When it comes to optimizing time and improving production when cultivating, this Anova tiller could be the machine you are looking for. It is an easy-to-use tool that provides high performance, since it is equipped with a new generation engine with a displacement of 212cc.

It is a motocultor capable of reaching a speed of 990 rpm and an adjustable working depth that can range from 18 to 25 cm; which allows you to plant a wide variety of plants, fruits and vegetables.

Likewise, in order to improve the user experience, the manufacturer has incorporated 5 gears or speeds; three of them are forward and two are backward. In addition, it has a mechanical transmission system and a working width that can be adjusted from 70 to 105 cm.

We invite you to analyze below a summary of the main characteristics of this high-quality walking tractor.


Handlebar: It is a machine that has an adjustable and ergonomic handlebar that facilitates its handling.

Gears: Thanks to its six built-in gears, you can move the machine forward and backward with ease.

Auto stop: To provide a plus of safety when working, this model has an auto stop mechanism.


Weight: The weight of the machine is 126 kilos, so you will need help to move it if you want to take it in your van from one place to another.

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Bertolini walking tractor

4. Bertolini Motor cultivator BT 400

If you are looking for the best power tiller to deal with land and crops that require regular maintenance, even in difficult conditions, this tool could be the most appropriate option. It is designed to maximize the work of plowing the land, since you will not only be saving time and effort, but you will also have better agricultural production.

This Bertolini walking tractor offers you high control when handling it and is comfortable to use, since it can greatly reduce the vibration levels that this type of machine usually transmits when they are working.

On the other hand, the manufacturer has arranged in this model a gearbox with two different gears, one forward and one backwards; which facilitates maneuverability. In addition, you can easily adjust your drill in depth; which favors work in different fields.

Due to its efficiency, user-friendly design and plowing capacity, this model could be a wise bet. Know its advantages and possible disadvantages.


Cutter: It has a 50 cm cutter, adjustable in depth and with counter-rotating mechanism; which facilitates plowing in difficult soils.

Wheels: Thanks to its two resistant, robust and large wheels, you will be able to move the equipment with a minimum of effort.

Vibrations: This model provides a reduction in vibrations, which favors the ergonomics of the user.


Trailer: If you plan to install a trailer to this tiller, you must incorporate a fastening system for its hitch.

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Gasoline walking tractor

5. Samger Gasoline Motor Tiller 52cc  

It is a gasoline power tiller that has a large fuel tank of 1200 ml. Therefore, at its maximum capacity it can offer a working time of up to 8 hours, which allows you to use the equipment on long work days.

For greater performance, it incorporates a 2-stroke engine with a displacement of 52 cc. In this sense, it can provide a power of 1.65 kW, making it an appropriate motorized cultivator for cultivating in small and medium-sized orchards.

In terms of design, it incorporates a wide handle similar to that of bicycles, so you can hold the equipment firmly to control it with ease. On the other hand, it is good to know that it measures 98 cm high, 25.5 cm wide and 47 cm deep.

The best tiller must provide power and efficiency at the same time, as it does with this model. Find out its positive and negative characteristics before making a decision.


Functionality: It offers a working depth of 5 to 10 cm and provides a tilling width of 28 cm.

Performance: It has a 1.65 kW engine with 52 cc, so it offers optimal performance for use in gardening.

Autonomy: It can provide an autonomy of 8 hours of continuous work, since it has a 1200 ml fuel tank.


Resistance: The clutch control is made of plastic, so it does not withstand strong blows.

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Other products

6. Sakawa Motocultor Motoazada 7CV 

It is a motorized tractor that allows land to be prepared for subsequent planting, making it a useful and functional piece of equipment. In this sense, it is designed to work extensions of land between 200 and 1500 m, which increases its versatility.

Regarding its operation, it offers a variable working width between 50 and 85 cm, which allows you to finish your sowing tasks in the shortest possible time. Similarly, it is capable of drilling the earth to a depth of 17 to 35 cm, enough to carry out excavation and cultivation work.

On the other hand, it offers 2 speeds and incorporates a 208 cc 4-stroke engine, which favors optimal performance. For added strength, the blades are made from steel and have been individually bolted for increased durability.

Many think that the best brand of tillers is Sakawa, so if you are looking for a high quality and easy to use model, then it is recommended that you consider this equipment, since it is one of the most outstanding of this company.


Filter: It has an oil bath filter that keeps the gears lubricated.

Width: It offers a working width of 50 to 85 cm, which allows you to complete the task in less time.

Engine: It has a 208 cc 4T engine, enough to provide a real power of up to 7 CV.


Wheel: The front wheel may wobble more than expected, so the machine needs to be transported with due care.

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7. Ikra 70300910 Fem 1500 electric tiller motor cultivator

This motorized tractor model is designed to improve the growing experience in small home gardens, as it allows you to loosen the soil and prepare it properly for growing various types of seeds. For this, it is a machine with which you can plow the soil in three different depths: from 17, 30 and up to 45 cm; depending on the species to be planted.

It also has an electric motor that provides 1500 W of power, which is why it will not be necessary for you to make an extra effort for cultivation tasks. Additionally, in order to offer comfort when working, it has a handlebar with a Soft Grip handle for a soft and comfortable grip.

For all these qualities and for having an affordable cost, compared to other similar equipment, this model could be considered the best value for money tiller.

This is a model that has an excellent reputation on the web thanks to its high quality and features. For more details, we present its pros and cons.


Adjustable depth: Depending on the seeds you want to plant, you can adjust the depth of the plow in three different measurements.

Portability: It is a portable equipment, since it only weighs 10 kilos and has a rear wheel for movement.

User manual: You will receive a practical multilingual user manual with the necessary instructions for its use.



Joystick: It would be appreciated if the joystick was located in a place that does not affect the grip.

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8. PowerPlus POWXG7201 Walking Tractor 1200w

Today it is a trend to grow our own food, whether it is fruit or vegetables that you want to plant in a small garden or a medium-sized orchard; the important thing is to do it without having to make great efforts. For this, it is important to have a power tiller like this PowerPlus model.

It is a portable tool with a light structure, since it weighs only 13.9 kg. It also has a Bike Handle that allows you a comfortable grip when working. Likewise, it has a Brushed electric motor capable of providing 1200 W of power.

On the other hand, it is a model that has 6 blades that work at a depth of 20 cm; which is appropriate for sowing seeds. In addition, taking it from one place to another will not be a problem, since it has a simple folding mechanism.

If, faced with so many options, you don’t know which tiller to buy, you could consider this model for its quality and for being one of the cheapest. For more information, keep reading its relevant aspects.


Efficiency: It is an efficient machine that has 6 sharp blades for plowing and a 1200 W electric motor.

Folding: Thanks to its simple folding mechanism, you can take the equipment to any place where it is required.

Cable: The power cable has a length of 4 meters, which favors easy recharging.



Noise level: With a noise level of 79 dB, it is necessary that you use ear protection.

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Tractor accessories

tractor trailer


The Sakawa TR 125 motorized tractor trailer is the ideal complement for any of these pieces of machinery. The model has a large axle and a practical construction, in which there is no lack of an operator’s seat, thus being ideal for moving around any space without having to walk.

In its rear part, we have a good space to store agricultural products, fertilizers, tools or whatever we need. Thanks to the two good-sized wheels, the trailer supports a good amount of weight. However, it’s also lightweight, so moving or mounting it won’t be a problem.

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Shopping guide

A tiller is a very useful tool when it comes to preparing the land for cultivation. This machine allows you to carry out these tasks with little effort and in less time than it would take manually. For this reason, for your purchase to be successful, it is important to know the parameters that you must consider before choosing a model. In this sense, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best tiller.

Uses and advantages

Compared to large tractors, the motocultor is more economical, lighter and more manageable; especially for work on plots with reduced dimensions in which the use of expensive and large equipment is not necessary.

Thanks to its practicality, the motocultor can be used as a complement to the tractor; in particular, in the cases of crops that require light machinery, to work between trees or to build water passages.

Likewise, power tillers are recommended in domestic projects of fruit growing and horticulture. It is one of the essential tools for gardening work; since it is a versatile product that you can adapt to different tasks.

In this sense, with the right accessory you can use the tiller as a snowplow, mower, brushcutter, lawnmower, leaf sweeper and more. In addition, in most cases, it can be easily transported to the place where it is required.


It is important that in your comparison of power tillers you evaluate the types offered by the market and thus be able to determine the machine that is best for you to acquire. According to the type of fuel, there are gasoline or diesel and electric power tillers.

Gasoline models are the best known and most effective. They can be classified as two-stroke or four-stroke engines; the latter being the ones that offer lower fuel consumption and less expense in repairs. They are easy to start and quieter than their diesel counterparts. However, they could generate polluting gases to the environment.

Diesel tillers, on the other hand, are more expensive than gasoline ones. However, they turn out to be a good investment, since diesel is a cheaper fuel. Also, their engines are more durable and can offer a manual start or electric start.

On the other hand, electric tillers are silent, easy to handle and do not require expensive maintenance. Their disadvantage is that they may not be suitable for large plots, due to their autonomy.


Power is one of the aspects that you should consider beyond how much the model in question costs and is related to the use that you are going to give the machine.

If you need it to work intensively on extensive land, it is necessary for the tiller to have a high-power engine, since this favors saving time and effort. For this purpose, you could choose a model with a power greater than 10 CV.

In the event that you have to use the equipment sporadically, either in small plots or in domestic crops, a motorized tractor with a power of 5 to 8 CV could be sufficient; regardless of whether it works with gasoline or diesel.

speeds and differential

The speeds offered by the machine is another parameter that you must take into account, since it is a feature that can greatly facilitate agricultural tasks.

There are single gears without differential, which could complicate their mobility a bit. There are also other more advanced models, those with a differential and various speeds; in order to be able to drive them back and forth.

In the event that the tiller does not incorporate a differential, its two wheels will always rotate with the same speed. While the teams that have this mechanism are more recommended by experts; as they can have different spin speeds.

wheels and brakes

There are two types of wheels for power tillers: those with a smaller diameter, which are used in models that work with strawberries, and larger wheels, which are used in power tillers that use a trailer. These wheels favor the displacement of the equipment with little effort.

Also, some power tillers incorporate brakes in their design. The need for this mechanism is determined by the type, use and applications of the equipment. For this reason, the brakes are precise when the tiller is large, when the work is carried out on sloping terrain or, in cases where continuous turns are made.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a moldboard for walking tractor?

If you have already purchased a power tiller and need a moldboard, it is advisable not to make this accessory at home or use other brands than your model, as this could damage the equipment. Your best option is to buy a moldboard from a recognized manufacturer that is compatible, this way you will not only avoid breakdowns, but you will prolong its useful life.

Q2: How to make a homemade tiller plow?

If you want to make a homemade plow for your power tiller, you could visit the website and follow the steps of the experts in the different video tutorials specially made for this purpose. To do this, you need to know the tools and materials you are going to use; as well as knowledge in blacksmithing.

It is essential that you put a hitch system on your tiller, in case you do not have one. Then build the plow into the shape you need and make sure he can plow the land efficiently.

Q3: How to electric start a tiller?

To change the manual start for an electric start to your motocultor, it is best that you consult with mechanical experts on the subject. However, it is important that you know that not all power tillers can make this type of change. For this reason, the first thing the machine must have is a battery and an alternator that provides energy for this type of mechanism.

Q4: How to make a brush cutter for walking tractor?

Making a brushcutter for your power tiller can be a complicated task, since you need mechanical knowledge to build it. First of all, it is advisable that you start by creating the plans of the machine, making sure to place the connections you need with the tiller. Then you can proceed to its construction. Take care to choose durable materials so that the brushcutter works efficiently. If you have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to consult with specialists.

Q5: How to plant potatoes with walking tractor?

To sow potatoes with the motorized cultivator, you must first proceed to pre-germinate them. A few weeks before sowing them, you should extend them in a dark and temperate place; later, a day before, they are cut into two or three pieces. Make sure each piece is a good size so it can be planted.

Prepare the soil for planting and spread the potatoes 30cm apart, with furrows spaced 70-90cm apart. Use your tiller to bury the potatoes passing with it between the rows; then, with a rake, you can finish touching up. Remember to use fertilizer and a pest controller if you need it, also, sulfate the soil and herbs for greater care.

Q6: How to make a trailer for walking tractor?

Making a homemade trailer for your tiller is not a difficult task if you have the right materials and tools. To do this, you could use wheelbarrows or parts of old tractors and with a little creativity do this work. The first thing you should do is attach a trailer hitch to your tiller, so you can ask a blacksmith for help.

After you build your trailer, fit it with sturdy wheels and a sturdy base, and make sure it’s the size you want. For this section you can use wood or steel. Lastly, build the trailer hitch and make sure it fits the tiller perfectly.

Q7: How to make a cultivator for walking tractor?

To manufacture a motorized cultivator you need to make or look for plans that serve as a reference. Remember to take into account the type of engine your team has to guide you in its construction. Add as many arms as you think are necessary and don’t forget the spike bar; in addition to the hitch system. Finally, build the cultivator, for which we advise you to ask for the advice of an expert.

Q8: What oil is used in the transmission of a tiller?

It is recommended that engines using transmission oil use SAE 75W-80, SAE 75W-85, or SAE 75W-90 oils; products specially designed to prolong the useful life of transmissions. To choose between them, remember to consult the user manual of your machine and thus obtain more information on maintenance.

The same engine oil should not be used for the transmission; This is because the additives they contain are different and can affect the performance and condition of the tiller.

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