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Oscillating Sprinkler – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to watering our garden, oscillating sprinklers are high-tech tools that allow us to save water, time and effort in the process. Equipment that, with good irrigation technology and design, allows us to adjust the scope just to what we need, so that we save water during the irrigation process and give the garden the necessary amount in each zone. If you have a great need for irrigation, the Gardena M234070 model is a very interesting product. This sprinkler has a capacity to irrigate from 9 to 216 square meters of land with a versatile design and suitable for irrigation of round or circular areas. If you prefer something to water square or rectangular areas, the Gardena 220 modelis your alternative. This model has ranges from 90 to 220 meters, with a rotating rod system and a quality motor to reach every last corner you need to soak.

Buying Guide – What is the best oscillating sprinkler on the market?

More and more users are betting on oscillating sprinklers as an alternative to traditional models, which give more work when assembling the equipment. In this case, the oscillating model allows customizing the operation, configuring it in a simple way and irrigating with a lower cost of water and less inconvenience. If you want to know more about these products, follow the advice in our guide to buy the best oscillating sprinkler, depending on what you need.

Scope of the product and type of irrigation

As with traditional sprinklers, the comparison of oscillating sprinklers has in the scope the first aspect that we have to consider. Since watering a small garden of ten square meters is not the same as watering a large, large area, it is a good idea to choose products that are precisely tailored to this size.

In any case, the advantage of modern oscillating sprinklers is that we can adjust their behavior so that they reach the surface we need at any time, even if we change the configuration. In this case, the models can cover from spaces of a couple of square meters to 320 square meters in larger products.

Another option to consider in this section is the fact of having variable designs, which help us water both square and round areas. This is important, since a circular garden may not require water in the rest of the areas and therefore a rectangular type sprinkler would not be the most appropriate. Also keep this in mind when making your purchase.

Installation and adjustment of irrigation

Another aspect that we must evaluate within the oscillating sprinklers, beyond how much the product costs, has to do with the installation and the adjustment of the irrigation that the product performs. Issues that, based on what we have discussed regarding the scope and type of irrigation generated, allow fine-tuning the assembly of the product and adjusting the irrigation according to what is necessary.

Thus, when it comes to watering, in addition to having good water pressure, it is necessary to establish the parameters of the area to be watered. In some models we can establish the length of the irrigation, being possible to go as far as the product allows. The tab system that many products include also allows you to adjust the zones, so that we can water one half, both or partial parts as needed.

This simplicity is also present in the installation of the sprinkler, which can be placed either underground, as a conventional sprinkler with the hose or underground outlet, or on top with a normal hose. The latter are more versatile, since they can be placed where necessary by simply removing them from their position. Fixed models do not have this problem, although they complicate the assembly process a little more.

Materials and manufacturing quality

To find a good and cheap oscillating sprinkler, it is certainly necessary to take into account the materials with which the product is made. Some materials that, if they do not have the proper resistance, will surely end up disappointing you and turning an economical product into something that really does not serve much.

Among the most common materials we find plastic products, both PVC or ABS, which generally offer good resistance; better in the case of ABS, which better withstands shocks and inclement weather to avoid problems with the sun or humidity. In any case, this material has a certain fragility, so if you want something more resistant, it is necessary to switch to other materials.

In this case, it is convenient to make the leap to metals, which improve the general resistance of the product. Among these metals we find aluminum or brass, which have high resistance, withstand changes in temperature and in the case of aluminum, they also resist the effects of lime or salinity in coastal areas. In this case, the amount increases, but it is really worth it due to its greater resistance, as we have mentioned.

The 5 Best Oscillating Sprinklers – Opinions 2022

When it comes to watering your garden, oscillating sprinklers are tools that provide the system with great irrigation versatility, managing to reach more space with less inconvenience, covering more garden. A task in which having a good product is more efficient, so finding the best oscillating sprinkler on the market can be complex.

As always, you will find help in our selection of the best oscillating sprinklers of 2022, with products suitable for almost any terrain and surface.

1. Gardena 8127-20 Orange Sprinkler

Main advantage:

It allows you to regulate the amount of water it releases and adapt it to the irrigation area, this contributes to greater precision and prevents you from wasting the vital liquid.

Main disadvantage :

Some buyers point out that it can be a bit tricky to adjust the sprinkler settings, but once you get used to using it, you’ll probably find it easier to do this process.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Apart from being considered by users as one of the best sprinklers of the moment, it has been produced by a company with more than 45 years of experience in the manufacture of irrigation systems.

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One of the main qualities that this model offers you is the possibility of making a variety of adjustments. By regulating its different functions, you will ensure that the sprinkler executes the irrigation process in a more efficient way and in accordance with the needs of each environment where you install it.

This model accurately and continuously adjusts both the level of reach and the width of the spray, for this reason, you can use it on land of different dimensions.

The liquid sprinkling width can vary between 3 and 18 m, the modifications of this range are made by means of the adjustment ring of the equipment.

Likewise, with regard to the control of the release of water, through its disk you will be able to select the diffusion width. It can vary between a minimum of 3 m and a maximum of 12 m.


This product has a robust foot incorporated into its design, it has the ability to hold firmly to different types of surfaces, even if they have a 15% incline. Thanks to this quality you will have the possibility of placing it just in the position that you consider necessary.

Its design allows you to use it on land of different types and dimensions, whether long, narrow, wide or small, as it manages to meet multiple irrigation requirements, due to its flexible operation.

The manufacturer points out that when sprinkling the Gardena M234070 offers a minimum coverage of 9 m², while the maximum level it can cover is 216 m².

In addition, it should be noted that it can be connected in a row to several sprinklers, thus expanding the range it maintains when watering, to achieve this, you will only have to use the threaded connector.


It is a compact unit, with a round base and has a total of 16 water outlets. Due to its design, it was awarded in 2013 with the Reddot Design Award. This is delivered after reviewing that it meets certain criteria, in addition, it is one of the most important distinctions currently awarded to this type of product.

It has a fine mesh filter, which is arranged between the base of the sprinkler head and the sprinkler area. The main function of this is to protect the device from the sand and dirt that is usually present in gardens, since both factors could cause damage to its internal part.

This mesh can be easily cleaned, you just have to remove it from the sprinkler and proceed to remove the particles that have accumulated inside.

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2. Gardena Classic Pole Oscillating Sprinkler Adjustable Reach

The 220 model is another Gardena oscillating sprinkler with which you can irrigate a large area.

This product has a traditional turning system with several long-range jets, capable of offering an irrigation surface that ranges from 90 to 220 square meters of surface, just by connecting the hose.

A product that we can easily adjust depending on the characteristics of our garden, covering large areas without having to do too much assembly or installation work.

A model that offers a well-distributed outlet with a pleasant twist to avoid flooding the land or leaving areas without watering properly.

Perhaps for many this is the best oscillating sprinkler for 10 euros, we invite you to review its pros and cons in detail so that you can get to know them better.


Versatility : Due to its mechanism it is possible to irrigate an area of ​​up to 220 m 2, but it is also very functional for smaller gardens.

Lightweight : Weighing just 308g, it’s very convenient to carry around for watering multiple locations.

Size : It has dimensions of 39.5 x 11.6 x 8 cm, so it does not take up too much space when watering or when it has to be stored.

Durability : By having quality materials and good finishes, it is a sprinkler resistant to the passage of time and frequent use.


Hose : It is recommended to use this sprinkler coupled with flexible hoses to facilitate the orientation of the irrigation.

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3. Gardena OS 140 Sprinkler

This sprinkler, which for its price could well be the best oscillating sprinkler on the market for value for money, is a versatile product designed to irrigate square or rectangular areas, with a large capacity.

Specifically, the model has a variable and adjustable range that goes from 2 to 140 square meters, having a simple installation system for assembly.

In addition, thanks to its special connector you will not have to have the hose through the garden if you want, as happens with other models on the market. An efficient and quality product to water everything you need with high efficiency and water savings.

Due to the quality and variety of irrigation products offered by the Gardena company, it is possible to qualify it as the best brand of oscillating sprinklers, we recommend you analyze the outstanding features of its 8220-29 model so that you can decide if it is the best model to irrigate your garden.


Versatility : Due to its ability to cover rectangular and square areas, it is very practical, especially for use in corners.

Irrigation area : Depending on the water input pressure supplied, it is capable of irrigating an area of ​​up to 140 m 2 without difficulty.

Robust : Thanks to the fact that it is made of quality materials, it can tolerate the weather without deteriorating too much.

Filter : By having an internal filtering system, the efficiency of the sprinkler is maintained for longer.


Mobility : As it is a permanently installed sprinkler, it is necessary to subtract a small garden space for its placement.

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4. Kärcher Square watering device OS 5.320S

If you have great irrigation needs, the Kärcher 2.645 -135.0 model is one of the most interesting products. Specifically, this model, adjustable as always, offers us an irrigation capacity that reaches 320 square meters of surface, with a scope and spray system adjustable to what you need.

The best thing is that the product allows, through this adjustment system, to create different irrigation patterns depending on what your garden needs. A product that also incorporates an anchoring system that allows them to be fixed to the ground, being very interesting for irregular or inclined terrain.

A product of high quality and resistance, so that as long as it maintains the appropriate pressure, it will be able to achieve the range you need.

It is possible that after studying in depth the advantages and disadvantages of the model that the Kärcher brand offers you on this occasion, you can decide which oscillating sprinkler to buy.


Compact : Due to its dimensions of 98 x 17 x 16.7 cm, it will take up little space in the garden and when it is stored.

Adjustable : Its water flow is easily adjustable to choose the most suitable irrigation pattern in each case.

Resistant : It is made of materials resistant to solar radiation and with quality gears to offer efficient use for a long time.


Maintenance : It is advisable to descale the holes regularly so that they do not become clogged.

Pressure : The effectiveness of this sprinkler like others depends largely on the water pressure that is provided.

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5. Quantum Garden White Line Compact Oscillating Sprinkler

Among the oscillating sprinklers it is also possible to find cheap but quality products, such as the Quantum Garden model.

This oscillating sprinkler has a good reach, but you can adjust as needed to water only one side, the other or even partially one side, just by adjusting the turning rotor.

The model incorporates 16 high resistance nozzles, also having a flexible connector for the hose that supports the passage of water without dislodging the product from its location.

A model with a coverage of up to 312 square meters that, as we have said, you can control the way you like best or depending on what your garden needs.

Among the cheapest oscillating sprinklers we can find the Quantum brand model, if you are looking for an affordable option then you may be interested in knowing the advantages and possible disadvantages that we have analyzed.


Simple : Due to its use through a central rotor you can adapt the flow to the place where you need it most.

Stable : Its design provides a base that can be easily positioned and keeps the sprinkler in place.

Nozzles : Because it has 16 water outlets, it adequately distributes the irrigation on the surface on which it is placed.


Fixed : The watering remains static unless the location is changed.

Linear : Due to the fact that the water is distributed in a single line, it can generate puddles in the area that is irrigated if it is not changed frequently.

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Gardena 8127-20 Orange Sprinkler

The Gardena M234070 oscillating sprinkler is a product of high quality and capacity, capable of working in areas ranging from 9 to 216 square meters of surface area, considerably facilitating irrigation.

With characteristics of a product worthy of being the best oscillating sprinkler of the moment, the product is adjustable, with a discharge width that goes from 3 to 18 meters, also having a sliding range of 3 to 12 meters, in order to obtain ample space for irrigation.

An automated product with a Metabo engine that is properly protected against moisture and dirt, so you don’t have to worry about its resistance.

Due to its robust nature, it is possible that this model is qualified as the best oscillating sprinkler of the moment. Analyzing its advantages and disadvantages you will have more elements to decide if it is the right one for you.


Irrigation area : Due to its capacity it is possible to cover up to 216 m 2 of surface with this sprinkler, for this reason it can be used in large gardens.

Flow : Since it has a ring to choose the level of spraying the water, it will not damage the flowers and plants; something that usually happens when watering with too much pressure.

Floor stand : Because its base incorporates a large diameter, it is stable and easy to set up.

Durability : By having a protection against dust, the holes will not be easily covered, as is often the case with some common sprinklers.

Inclination : It is possible to adapt the operation of the device even on inclines of up to 15%.


Adjustments : It is possible that the first few times the sprinkler is used, it may be a bit difficult to adjust the pressure and flow rate to find the most suitable one.

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How to use oscillating sprinkler

To maintain the green areas of our gardens with the best humidity conditions, it is necessary to have oscillating sprinklers, since these innovative products are designed to acquire the right irrigation, save time and effort when it comes to keeping our gardens in perfect condition. These are the reasons why we will offer you a series of recommendations below in this article that will allow you to use your oscillating sprinkler.

Configure it according to your needs

Oscillating sprinklers are characterized by watering areas in gardens ranging from a few meters to large square meters. In this way, you can configure your sprinkler according to the characteristics or the square meters that you want to water in your garden.

easy to install

Another important aspect of oscillating sprinklers is that they are easy to install regardless of the model. So if you have a sprinkler in a buried format, on top with a hose or with a conventional sprinkler, you will have no problem installing it in the garden due to its simplicity. However, it is best to check the manufacturer’s instructions to make installation easier.

They are resistant

When you have a good quality oscillating sprinkler, rest assured that you will obtain its functions for many years, since these products are made of plastic and metal materials, selected under strict quality controls, so that they are resistant to knocks and scratches. worst climatic conditions, guaranteeing the durability of the product for a very long time.

where to put them

Before placing your sprinkler, it is advisable to take a few minutes and think about the right place for its placement, taking into account aspects such as walkways, location of plants that do not require much water, passage of people from one place to another, proximity to walls or others. objects that can be damaged by moisture.

The intention is that this oscillating sprinkler is helpful and beneficial to the user, without creating problems or inconveniences, which can be avoided by taking time to select its placement.

It must be well fixed to the ground

When using an oscillating sprinkler you must take into account that it is well fixed to the ground; this to prevent the sprinkler from moving, either by the force of the water or for some other reason.

In some cases the sprinklers include their fasteners or fasteners; however, if this is not your case, you can fix it with any material that you think can fulfill this function, the important thing is that it is well fixed to the ground.

enjoy your garden

By using your oscillating sprinkler, your lawn and plants will remain at their best. The hours spent gardening have paid off, so you can’t help but enjoy your garden.

Take some time to spend a few hours in your garden, be it playing with the children, reading, listening to music or simply observing the beauty of nature. If it is a hot day, stand in the shade of your plants and why not cool off by getting wet with your sprinkler.

The most popular brands

To maintain a garden in good condition, it is necessary to have tools that help you fulfill this task. Therefore, it is necessary to add a dose of water every so often, and for that a good oscillating sprinkler is necessary. However, in this guide you will find some brands that are specialized in offering quality tools so that you can take proper care of your garden.

Kärcher is one of the leading brands in the market in the manufacture and distribution of cleaning technology. Its beginnings date back to Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt in 1935 when it was founded by Alfred Kärcher. At that time, the patent that propelled him to fame was the creation of the salt bath furnace whose function was the annealing of steel and the hardening of light metals in industries.

In the year 1950 he had already achieved the fame and success that he so much wanted due to the development of the first European pressure cleaning machine with hot water, thus the product being so innovative that to this day it remains the fundamental basis for all burners..

For the year 2017 the company closed with a turnover of more than 2,500 million euros. It is worth mentioning that it has a workforce of 12,304 employees and more than 110 companies that distribute and sell Karcher products in more than 67 countries around the world.

Currently, if you access the website, you can check the range of irrigation systems that Kärcher can offer you, in addition to its featured products for all types of cleaning.

This brand currently has 60 years in the market in the distribution of DIY products. In its range of products you will find hand and power tools, garden machinery, storage, transport, safety and accessories. It was founded in 1958 by Vic Van Rompuy in Mortsel, Belgium.

Because it offers products made with materials of a high quality standard and to maintain the trust of users, Varo grants a 3-year guarantee on most of its products.

If you want more information regarding the manual tools for the care of your garden that Varo has, you can access its website where you can see the wide range of manual tools in which you can find sprinklers, tap and hose connectors, axes, saws, scissors guns, hose reels and many more.

It was founded in 1961 by Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner who began by importing French-made garden tools. On the official Gardena website you can find ranges of products for all kinds of occasions, from irrigation systems, lawn care, hedges and trees, soil, soil and its new “Smart System” technology.

In addition, it also has the “City Gardening” section to advise you if you are in the city and do not have enough space to have your own garden. They will help you, give you tips and tricks so that you can create your small garden on a roof terrace, terrace or balcony.

For the year 2016, due to the Gardena Smart System, the care and maintenance of your garden is now much easier and more comfortable, since, through an application that you can install on your Smartphone, you will be able to see the state of the garden and check through the screen if you need attention. You can also proceed to activate the irrigation system, among other functions.

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