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Exterior benches are structures that, due to their attractive designs, give spaces a distinctive and special touch that could hardly go unnoticed. There are many existing designs in wood, polymer or metal, manufactured in various formats and, on occasion, the extra function of storing objects, as is the case with trunk-type benches. In this sense, we have the Total Wood 2012 model, which has a simple format, has a nice rustic style and is easy to assemble. It offers a good space, with a board 1 meter long by 38.5 centimeters deep. For its part, the VidaXL 42169 is an outdoor bench with a metal structure and a synthetic surface, which will give your garden an elegant touch.

The 8 Best Foreign Banks – Opinions 2022

Outdoor benches are very popular products because they embellish spaces and provide us with a comfortable support to sit down to rest or share with family and friends. The models are usually varied, so the purchase decision can sometimes be complicated. Below, we present eight foreign banks recommended among the best of this year.

outdoor wooden bench

1. Total Wood 2012 Wooden Garden Bench

If you need an outdoor wooden bench, the Total Wood 2012 is a good proposal. This model is made of high quality wood, with a simple design and a vintage cut finish. So as well as offering comfort, it will also add a touch of elegance to wherever you place it.

Its measurements are 1 meter long by 38.5 deep and 50 centimeters high, offering space to accommodate two people. Something for which it supports a fair amount of weight. An approach that places the product close to being the best foreign bank at the moment.

The piece of furniture is finished off with a simple assembly system, which will not take you too long to execute. Nor will you have to worry about maintenance, beyond tightening it from time to time and renewing the outer protection when appropriate.

To make it easier for you to find the best outdoor bench, we have listed the highlights of this model.


Material : Thanks to the quality of its materials, the bench adequately supports use and offers good resistance.

Finish : The classic cut finish is very interesting to give a special touch to your garden.

Assembly : The assembly process is simple and it will not take you long to get the bench ready.

Use : Although we are talking about a garden bench, it is also possible to use it indoors.


Backrest: This model does not have a backrest, so it should be placed next to a wall, to support the back.

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2. Palets Talavera SL Sofa Sanded and Brushed Interior Exterior

This outdoor wooden bench considered among the cheap offers a spacious design with a seat of 120 x 80 centimeters, corresponding to the length – width, which is a suitable format for two people. For its part, the ergonomic 70-centimeter backrest allows the back to rest, while the 25-centimetre-high bases provide a correct position for the feet.

The structure has been made of pine wood, which is a highly resistant raw material, non-deformable and specially treated to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. In addition, said material has been pre-sanded so that you can customize the bench, applying the pigment you want or leaving it natural.

Although this model requires assembly, it is also true that all the screw material required to carry out this task has been incorporated, so you will not have to make an extra investment acquiring these elements.

Learn about the pros and cons of an outdoor bench with a trunk and a highly attractive design.


Pre- sanded: Thanks to the fact that the bench has been pre-sanded, you can customize it by painting it with the technique and color you want.

Assembly: With the purchase the necessary screws are incorporated to fix the pieces.

Resistance: This bench will accompany you for many years, since the pine wood used is highly resistant.

Format: The spacious format of the seat is suitable for seating up to two people.



Cushion: The absence of a cushion for the seat area is missing, but you can buy it in the brand’s catalog.

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outdoor bench for garden

3. vidaXL Garden Bench with PVC Steel Backrest

Among the best outdoor benches of 2022 is this model with the vidaXL quality seal, whose structure has been made of stainless steel, which offers resistance to weathering and stability with respect to the weight of the load. 

In addition, polyvinyl chloride is incorporated into the backrest, creating a highly visually attractive fabric that allows air to pass through, while the seat is made up of horizontal pieces placed in parallel. The structure materials are robust, with a pleasant soft touch, resistant to water and quick to clean. In this sense, you will only need to rub a damp sponge or cloth.

It is also worth mentioning that this outdoor garden bench has a pair of long armrests for greater ergonomics, as well as a spacious format of 118 x 50 x 75 centimeters, which is suitable for two adults or between three and four children to sit.

VidaXL could be the best outdoor bench brand. Next, he knows the good and the bad of one of his models.


Seats: You can sit next to another person, since the seat is spacious.

Structure: Due to its stainless steel construction, the bench offers a high level of stability.

Backrest: The backrest has a mesh design that is quite breathable when sitting on it.

Colour: The black tone of the bench combines with the external areas where it is located.



Interior: This model is not so recommended for internal areas, since its base could scratch the floor.

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Storage bench for outdoor

4. Keter Eden Garden Bench Outdoor Storage Bench 

With so many brands and models, it is normal for you to be a little disoriented regarding your purchase, asking yourself which is the best foreign bank. In this sense, you could clarify all your doubts by reviewing this model developed and marketed by Keter.

It is an outdoor storage bench with a design of great visual appeal, which resembles a series of wooden slats, but, in reality, each panel is made of polypropylene, a polymer with a robust and highly resistant body, pleasant soft touch and a composition free of toxic agents that can cause an allergic reaction on the skin or serious impact on the environment.

This is a functional garden furniture, which puts at your disposal a wide seat with an ergonomic backrest, as well as a spacious lower trunk with a capacity of 265 liters, so you can store any type of small object.

When in doubt about which foreign bank to buy, you should review the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Maintenance: This bench does not require rigorous maintenance, it is only necessary to rub a cloth over the structure.

Security: Its trunk incorporates a locking mechanism so that the little ones cannot access the interior.

Seat: The spacious seat is suitable for two people or three children. 

Use: Thanks to its synthetic construction, the bench can be used outdoors without fear of deterioration caused by rain or sun.



Assembly: There are those who describe the assembly of the bench as messy, but you can clarify your doubts in the instruction manual.

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Bench with exterior trunk

5. Koopman Black Bench for Garden or Terrace with Storage

This bench with an exterior trunk, offered by the well-known Koopman house, is a model that has achieved a large number of positive comments on the different purchase portals. This is due to its stylized design line, which offers a robust structure with great finishes in each of the pieces and joints.

For its construction, polypropylene was used, which is a synthetic material highly resistant to weathering, with a soft touch and free of toxic agents, which could generate an allergic reaction due to direct contact with our skin. In addition, this is a polymer that can be washed with water and detergent without fear of deterioration. Of course, you must dry it properly to avoid the generation of mold.

We must also mention that the product incorporates a compartment under the seat in which you can store several medium and small objects, since it has a capacity of 280 liters.

If you want to make a successful purchase, you will be interested in knowing the positive and negative aspects that this model has for you.


Trunk: You will have extra space to store some objects, thanks to the built-in lower trunk.

Cleaning: You will only need a damp cloth to clean the bench, so you will not have to invest in special products.

Seat: Its spacious seat is suitable for seating up to three people.

Armrests: The curved and robust design of the armrests allows you to position your arms comfortably.



Instruction manual: The instruction manual is vague regarding the assembly process, which could be improved.

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Ikea outdoor bench

6. OnlineDiscountStore Durable Äpplarö Ikea Bench with exterior backrest

This is an Ikea outdoor bench with a modern and resistant design. Its body has been made with a series of solid wood slats, joined horizontally and vertically using metal screws.

In this way, it forms a spacious seat with space for up to two people and an ergonomic backrest, which mimics the natural curvature of the back, for greater comfort when sitting down.

In addition, the structure has been provided with four long bases that, in turn, incorporate a pair of internal reinforcements. Thus, it provides greater stability with respect to the weight generated by the load. For its part, the pair of armrests are robust and wide, which allows you to position your arm correctly, without sacrificing posture.

We should also mention that this bench is easy to clean with the help of a dry or damp cloth, but you will need to stain the wood after a while to maintain its color and provide protection.

Next, you will be able to know the good and the bad of acquiring this outdoor wooden bench.


Reinforcements: Two reinforcements are incorporated in the bases to improve the stability of the structure.

Cleaning: You can clean the wood with a dry or damp cloth without having to use chemical products.

Screws: Metallic screws are incorporated in the joints to avoid detachments with constant use.

Wood: Solid wood slats are robust and highly resistant to support the load without deteriorating.



Dyeing: It is necessary to dye the wood after a while, to preserve the natural color of the wood, but this is a simple process to carry out.

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outdoor storage bench

7. Festnight Storage Bench Chest Outdoor Garden Bench

Festnight has quickly managed to capture the attention of its followers with this outdoor storage bench, made of solid acacia wood, which is a raw material characterized by its resistance to wear, a pleasant soft touch and a highly attractive natural brown tone. 

In addition, it is an easy-to-clean material, so you only need to take a soft cloth and rub it all over the structure to remove traces of dust, food crumbs or any type of dirt from its exposure to the elements.

The bench has a backrest and a seat made up of a series of slats that allow air to pass through for greater breathability when sitting down. The armrests are long and a spacious trunk is attached to the bottom of the structure. This storage area has a pair of folding doors with wooden knobs. In this way, you can enjoy a quick, simple and safe opening.

Here you can read more details about this outdoor bench with a spacious format and made of good quality wood.


Cushions: You will not have to invest in acquiring cushions separately, since they are included with the purchase.

Trunk: You will have a spacious trunk for storing cushions, covers or any other accessory.

Design: Its spacious and robust body with a wooden slatted structure offers a timeless design.

Cleaning: You will only need to rub a dry cloth over the wood to remove the dust accumulated on a daily basis.



Assembly: The assembly process could be time consuming, but it consists of a series of intuitive steps.

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Mobile outdoor bench

8. Lifetime 80305 Heavy Duty Folding Bench 1,000 lbs.

Lifetime presents what could be the best value for money outdoor bench, made with a polyethylene board and a stainless steel structure.

Both are high-quality, robust, resistant materials that, together, offer a maximum load level corresponding to 454 kilograms, which means that it is suitable to be used safely by four children or two adults.

This mobile outdoor bench incorporates a convenient folding mechanism, which allows you to fold the structure in half and reduce its size to a format of 93.5 x 29 x 9 centimeters, which is easy to handle. In addition, said piece will take up little space when transported in the car or stored in the closet.

It is important to mention that this product has been treated with ultraviolet protection, that is, the solar radiation to which it will be constantly exposed will not deteriorate it.

This outdoor bench model is considered among the cheapest. Read its pros and cons below.


Folding: You can take this bench with you when you go for a walk without taking up much space, since it is foldable.

Cleaning: The polyethylene board is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and without using chemical products.

Load: You will enjoy a load level of up to 454 kilograms due to its stainless steel structure.

Protection: It is possible to use the bench outdoors thanks to the fact that it incorporates protection against ultraviolet radiation.



Surface:  The surface could be susceptible to scratches, so be careful when handling the bench.

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Outdoor Bench Accessories

Outdoor bench cushion

Meerweh 90625 Seat and back cushions

Among the accessories for outdoor benches with the highest positioning, this cushion from the Meerweh house stands out, whose preparation has been made of blue cotton fabric with horizontal and vertical white lines.

This pattern is very attractive, because they are cold tones that adapt to different spaces.

For its part, the interior is made up of small pieces of foam, which result in eight centimeter padding for maximum comfort.

In addition, this outdoor bench cushion has a long-width format of 100 x 98 centimeters, which is spacious to be placed both on the backrest and on the seat of the structure.

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Shopping guide

An outdoor bench is a structure that is of great help in our garden or terrace, since it gives us the necessary support to sit down and rest on summer afternoons, share a drink with family or friends, and even store some small items. For this reason, it is important to know how to select the one that best suits our needs of use, so it will be convenient for you to review this guide to buy the best foreign bank.


The design of the product to be acquired is an aspect that must be evaluated in the comparison of outdoor benches, since the use that we will give to the structure in our garden, terrace or backyard will depend on it.

When reviewing the models of outdoor benches on the market, we find that some of them have a fairly minimalist and light cut line in which a rectangular seat on four bases stands out. On the other hand, there are the most elaborate designs, which add a pair of armrests and backrest to said basic frame.

Likewise, others annex upholstered areas. In this way, you will not only enjoy greater ergonomics when sitting down to rest, but they are also more aesthetically attractive.

Likewise, there are the trunk-type outdoor benches, which are a completely functional product by incorporating a spacious compartment under the seat, so that you can place objects such as gardening tools, cushions or any element that you consider pertinent.

Manufacturing materials

When reviewing the outdoor benches offered by the different brands, we find that the main manufacturing materials are wood, metal and plastic, all of them with different thicknesses and quality levels, which are characteristics that determine the durability of the product and how much.

If you are thinking of bringing home a wooden bench, you should check that said raw material is robust and with a pleasant touch. This is the case of acacia, pine and bamboo wood, which also have a highly attractive natural color.

On the other hand, those who bet on synthetic products should choose a bench made of polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. It is a polymer highly resistant to abrasion, washable and will not deteriorate with the unpredictable environmental changes that usually occur, so it can be outdoors without any inconvenience.

Finally, the metal outdoor benches marketed are usually made of stainless steel, since it is a non-deformable, resistant alloy capable of withstanding a greater load.


The cleaning method is another aspect to review when purchasing an outdoor bench, since it is a structure that will be exposed to the elements and, therefore, to dust particles. Similarly, there is the dirt caused by unexpected spills or food crumbs that may fall on the bench while we are sitting on it. For all these reasons, it is important that the product offers a quick and intuitive cleaning, which you can carry out frequently without taking too much time.

In the case of wooden and metal benches, it is necessary to clean with a dry cloth and then apply a product specially formulated for each of the materials. For example, car polishing wax or some protective spray, which prevents deterioration and corrosion, as the case may be.

For their part, outdoor plastic benches have the advantage that they can be washed with water and a non-abrasive soap solution. Of course, you should carefully dry the structure with a soft cloth, so that traces of moisture do not generate fungi, mold and bacteria.


If the outdoor bench you purchased does not have a simple and intuitive mounting method, then no matter how cheap it is, your purchase may not be the best option.

In this sense, the ideal is that the structure has been provided with an instruction manual with the detailed steps for the adjustment of the parts, as well as a set of tools such as screws and nuts. In this way, you will not have to make an extra investment when purchasing these elements separately.

In any case, most outdoor benches require the placement of the wooden slats, which make up the seat or backrest, while in others it is only necessary to fix the bases or hinges. The latter, in case it incorporates a trunk.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an outdoor bench?

You should start by removing the packing paper and checking that all the pieces are in good condition. Next, read the instruction manual to familiarize yourself with the product. Thus, you can start the adjustment process, fixing the pieces, placing the hinges and upholstery. In this way, you can start using the outdoor bench to sit with confidence and even store small objects inside, depending on the model.

Q2: How to fix an outdoor bench to the ground?

If you want to fix the outdoor bench to the ground, you will have to carry out a little construction work. To do this, you will need to make a concrete plate on the ground and place the bench on it. In this way, the bases will be fixed on the surface.

Q3: How to paint an exterior wooden bench?

To paint an exterior wooden bench, the first thing you should do is remove traces of paint and irregularities present in the wood, so you will have to sand the entire structure with abrasion paper. Of course, you will have to verify what type of wood it is and, in this way, select the thickness of the paper. Remember that you only want to smooth out the surface, not wear it down.

Then, remove all the residue generated with a dry brush, brush or cloth. Thus, you can proceed to apply a wood sealer and then the pigment of the selected color. Depending on the quality level of the paint, it may be necessary to apply one or more coats.

However, the important thing is to let the product dry well, respecting the resting time suggested by the manufacturer. You can also perform some aging technique, combining two pigments with a chalk effect or give it a higher shine using a satin paint.

Q4: How to make an outside bench?

There are many websites specialized in foreign banks, so you will not be short of options when selecting the desired model. Similarly, these portals put at your fingertips the cutting patterns of some of the models.

In this sense, you will only have to shape the molds on the sheets of wood previously acquired and proceed to attach them and fix them together. Then, sand the structure, varnish it and upholster the seat if you wish.

Q5: Which is better, a wooden or plastic outdoor bench?

Both wood and plastic are high quality raw materials for the manufacture of an outdoor bench, so to say that one material is better than the other would be unfair. However, there are some differences that could make you prefer plastic to wood or vice versa.

For example, plastic benches are lightweight so they can be easily handled. In addition, they perfectly resist humidity or sunlight. In this sense, you will not have to worry about the deterioration caused by weather changes. 

On the other hand, wooden designs are more durable due to their robust body, but they must be protected against the elements with a special product or pigment.

Q6: What maintenance does an exterior bank require?

If you have an outdoor bench in the garden or terrace, you will have to be very consistent with its cleaning to prevent the structure from deteriorating due to dust, humidity and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is important that you provide the bank with adequate maintenance.

In any case, you will have to take a dry cloth and slide it over the entire structure to remove dirt particles adhering to the wood, plastic or metal. Then, depending on its manufacturing material, you can proceed to perform a deep cleaning.

Thus, if it is polymer, you can rub a sponge with soapy solution and remove it with a damp cloth, while, for wooden or metal benches, you will need a product with a special formula that cleans and creates a protective film against moisture and radiation.

Q7: How to attach a cushion to an outdoor bench?

If you want to quilt your outdoor bench, you’ll be pleased to know that this is an easy task that you can do yourself. You will only need a cushion with a width-length format identical to that of the seat. This way, it will fit correctly.

Then, you must proceed to place said textile piece on the bench. To do this, you have several options, such as placing some Velcro straps on the seat and on the reverse area of ​​the cushion to join both parts. Likewise, you can add cords to each corner of the cushion and attach it to the frame using a discreet knot. Thus, you can withdraw it whenever you want. 

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