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Outdoor Wardrobe – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

An outdoor cabinet is the right complement to organize garden tools, car or cleaning utensils. However, on the Internet there are many options that vary in sizes, materials and prices. Therefore, here we present the most outstanding models such as the Plastiken 9204 BOS, a beige cabinet with 2 doors, the first with shelves and the second is special for storing brooms and dustpans. Another interesting proposal is the GH91 201717, with a low design and very suitable for storing your cleaning products or small garden objects safely.

The 9 Best Outdoor Closets – Opinions 2022

This time we will show you some of the best outdoor cabinets of 2022. Pay attention to each model and, above all, its main features, since they could help you make the best purchase decision.


Outdoor broom closet

1. Plastiken Wardrobe 2 Doors Broom BG

This outdoor broom closet has 2 doors, one side for brooms or dustpans and another for shelves where you can store cleaning supplies. In addition, it is made with high quality resin so that you can use it outdoors without any inconvenience.

And, if we talk about security, don’t worry, because it has a special design to place up to two padlocks on the doors. Thanks to this, it may be the best outdoor cabinet to store disinfectants, bleach or detergents that your younger children should not take.

Also, it should be noted that the shelves can be adjusted according to the size you want or need at the moment. This makes it very practical, because you can store small or large detergent and disinfectant containers.

Also, we mentioned that it generally measures 44 x 70 x 176 cm, so it won’t take up much space in your home. Even its design is elegant beige with brown lines, so it combines with many decorations or spaces in your home.

If you are looking for the best outdoor wardrobe of the moment, do not hesitate to review options like this one, since it is a high-quality product for indoor and outdoor use.


Material: It is made of resistant and durable resin, so it will withstand the climate of your city without any problem.

Size: It is a 44 x 70 x 176 cm cabinet, so you can install it in various spaces in the home.

Compartments: It has shelves on the left and a free space on the right to store brooms, mops, buckets, etc.


Waterproof: It is not completely waterproof, so you should mount it in places where the rain does not fall directly on it.

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2. Keter Wardrobe Gulliver Broom

The Keter Gulliver outdoor broom cabinet is the most recommended solution when it comes to storing all your cleaning items, both indoors and outdoors. For this, the cabinet has measures of 1 meter high, 80 centimeters wide and 44 deep.

Its interior is easy to organize to your liking, for which it has eight height-adjustable shelves that are easy to place. Each of them supports up to 30 kilos of weight on its surface, so the load you place on each of them is not a problem. 

Neither is the general resistance of the product, made of quality resin and at the level of the best brand of outdoor cabinets you can find. As an extra, in addition to the 4 classic legs, a fifth is included in the central area, to give more support to the wardrobe floor.

We tell you more details about this model, which will help you decide which is the best outdoor wardrobe for you.


No leaks: It is one of the few outdoor cabinets that have a system designed to prevent water from entering the interior.

Versatile : Thanks to its 8 adjustable shelves, it is easy to organize the interior in the way that suits you best.

Weight : The weight of the cabinet is just 16 kilos, so it is very easy to handle.


Assembly: It is key that the assembly is done carefully, since it is complex and, if it is done wrong, something can break.

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resin outdoor cabinet

3. GH91 Low Resin Cabinet for Exterior or Interior

We now enter the cheapest outdoor cabinets on the market with the GH91 201717. A perfect model to take advantage of any space, both inside and outside your home.

For this, the product offers you a resin construction with good resistance and capable of supporting up to 30 kilos, 10 on its lower shelf and 20 on the upper one. Its measurements are 92 centimeters wide by 68 high and 39 deep, generating adequate space to store all kinds of small objects. Its total capacity is 243 litres, almost all of which can be used.

The assembly of this exterior resin cabinet is very simple and you will not need tools to execute it, also having a weight of just 5.5 kilos. The last highlight of what is the best value for money outdoor wardrobe that we have chosen for you.

If what you are looking for are cheap outdoor cabinets, you are interested in knowing what this model puts at your fingertips.


Compact : Thanks to its measurements, it is an ideal solution to turn any area into a practical storage space.

Assembly : The assembly is very simple to execute and you do not need tools for it.

Versatile : The cabinet is ideal for storing cleaning products, shoes and other small objects comfortably.

Use : The quality of its resin makes it easy to use the cabinet both indoors and outdoors.


Weight: It is key not to exceed the recommended weight for each shelf, especially the lower one.

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4. Plastiken HLKRQ Titanium Cabinets

This PP resin outdoor cabinet comes in an elegant beige design with brown accents. In addition, it has very nice handles with the possibility of installing padlocks. This means that not only will you be able to organize your cleaning supplies, but it will also be possible to isolate them from the children.

It is a fairly complete plastic cabinet, because it has 4 shelves, which divide its interior into 5 spacious compartments. Due to the layout, you can store whatever items you want in them, including artichokes for garden flowers, DIY tools, detergents, window polishing cloths and many more.

We are talking about a large cabinet with 70 x 44 x 176 cm, so perhaps there are no items or tools left out. Also, thanks to its size, you may be able to mount it in the garden, garage, storage room, kitchen or in the laundry area.

If you still don’t know which outdoor wardrobe to buy, take a good look at this model, as it offers various aspects that could satisfy your requirements.


Functionality: Because it measures 70 x 44 x 176 cm you will have no problem mounting it in garages, gardens, kitchens or other areas of the home.

Compartments: With 4 shelves, it is capable of offering up to 5 large compartments to organize your cleaning products.

Assembly: It is easy to assemble and you can secure it on the wall if you want to leave it fixed in a certain place in the house.


Padlock: It would be nice if the package included the padlock, however, you can find it on Amazon at a cheap price.

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wooden outdoor cabinet

5. Outsunny Wooden Shed Cabinet Gardening Tools

In this outdoor wooden cabinet you can store your accessories and gardening tools, as it has two large compartments. In addition, it is lacquered with waterproof ecological paint, thus contributing to the care of the environment.

For its part, the roof is made of asphalt, a material that is highly resistant to water. Likewise, it has ergonomic hinges so that you can lift it and insert or remove various garden tools with ease. Even this exterior wooden cabinet has two doors with metal handles, to open them easily.

In another order of ideas, we mention that it has a compact design suitable for gardens of various sizes. Also, do not worry about its assembly, since it will only take a few minutes, since it comes with a well-explained instruction manual.

To keep the garden tools or cleaning supplies organized, it is necessary to have an outdoor cabinet that is waterproof. For that reason, we recommend this model from the Outsunny brand.


Ergonomics: In addition to bringing two doors to store or remove objects, it also allows the roof to be opened, which makes this task more comfortable.

Shelves: It comes with two large shelves to store both cleaning accessories and gardening tools.

Materials: This cabinet has been made of resistant and durable lacquered wood.


Screws: The hinge screws could be more robust, so you have to put others if you want more durability.

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6. Gardiun KNH1099 Candy Garden Cabinet

This outdoor wooden cabinet is designed to protect and store useful garden tools, as well as pet food and other utensils. In addition, it is worth noting that this model has been made with weather-resistant materials.

The upper part is made up of a gabled roof, which facilitates the evacuation of water and prevents the wood from accumulating humidity, favoring a longer useful life. For added security, its hinged door has a metal latch to prevent its contents from spilling out or pets from getting inside, providing added protection.

As for its design, it has 4 shelves and an open area to store long objects. In this way, you can easily organize the elements inside it, which increases its functionality.

An outdoor wardrobe must be versatile and practical, as is the case with this model. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider its pros and cons before making a decision.


Distribution: Provides multiple shelves and a long area to store objects of different sizes.

Assembly: It has the necessary materials for its assembly and comes with an instruction manual, which allows a quick and easy installation.

Roof: It offers a gabled roof that prevents the accumulation of humidity in the upper part.


Thickness: The wood that makes up its structure is not very thick, which makes it less resistant to shocks.

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Plastic outer cabinet

7. Terry outer plastic cabinet

If you are looking for a plastic outdoor cabinet, this could be the one, since it has dimensions of 35 x 43.8 x 181.8 cm. In other words, it will not take up much space on terraces, garages or storage rooms, especially because of its small width.  

In addition to this, it has 4 shelves that you can adjust in height according to the needs of the moment. In addition, after mounting the shelves you will have 5 compartments in total. Another aspect that we can highlight about this wardrobe is its door, which you can comfortably open up to 180 degrees. It even has an ergonomic closure system.

On the other hand, we mentioned that it will be useful to store toys, clothes, cleaning supplies, tools, etc., for a better organization in the house. Likewise, its white and gray design and good finishes make it a good option to decorate your home.    

This is one of the smaller outdoor cabinets, so if you’re looking for a model that won’t take up too much space in your home, check out its pros and cons below.


Size: With dimensions of 35 x 43.8 x 181.8 cm you can install it in almost any corner of the home.

Door: The door has comfortable hinges that allow it to open up to 180 degrees, which gives you more comfort in its use.

Material: It is made of resistant plastic, so you will enjoy it for a long time.


Practicality: Since it is only 35 cm wide, you may not be able to store some gardening tools or cleaning supplies in it.

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External cabinet for boiler

8. Anzapack 814805H Cabinet

This outside boiler cabinet has a small window to view the status of your heater without having to open the door. Also, you are made to fit after the boiler installation is completely done. You simply mount it and adjust it to the wall, so that it is fixed and protects the device from moisture, dust or other harmful agents.

In the same way, the assembly of this cabinet may not seem complicated to you, since the package includes an instruction manual. Likewise, we mention that it has a pleasant design at first glance, since it is made of metal and is painted in white, a neutral tone that combines with almost any type of decoration in your home.

On the other hand, its general dimensions are 100 x 55 x 44 cm, so it is suitable for most domestic boilers.

This is perhaps the most suitable cabinet to protect your boiler from the elements, so we present its most important aspects below.


Assembly: It can be assembled even if you already have the boiler installed, so it is very practical.

Material: It was made of resistant metal, so it will protect your boiler very well, even if it is outdoors.

Exit: This cabinet offers smoke outlet, for greater security. It also has a small window to see the status of the boiler.


Key: It is missing that the key of the door is metallic, since it comes from plastic, so it must be used with great care for greater durability.

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outside storage cabinet

9. Keter Moby Low cabinet

This exterior storage cabinet comes with 2 doors that you can easily open, since they have metal hinges. Also, the doors can be secured with a padlock, providing greater protection to the things you keep inside.

In the same way, the cabinet has been made of good quality resin, so you can use it for a long time. And, if you want to organize your DIY tools, with this cabinet you will be able to do it, thanks to the fact that its 3 internal compartments support up to 30 Kg.

Also, it has five height-adjustable legs, thus giving the cabinet greater stability.

As if that were not enough, its material is very easy to clean; you will only need to wipe it with a soft cloth to remove the dust. Even because it is black, it does not stain easily.  

Next, read the pros and cons of this outdoor storage cabinet, it may be the product you need to organize your cleaning products.


Legs: It comes with 4 main legs and 1 additional one, so it is quite sturdy and stable.

Material: It is made of resistant and durable resin, in addition to the fact that the door hinges are metal, for greater durability.

Shelves: It has 2 shelves that make, in turn, 3 spacious compartments inside, so you can store various objects.


Assembly: If you are not used to assembling resin cabinets, it may seem difficult to install. However, with a little effort you can do it.

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Shopping guide

The best thing is that you know the characteristics that a good wardrobe should have before making the purchase. For that reason, here we offer you a guide to buying the best outdoor wardrobe. Our goal is for you to acquire a wardrobe that fully adapts to the needs of your home.


When making a comparison of outdoor cabinets you cannot forget to check this feature. These are the materials with which the cabinet was built.

There are resin cabinets, which are resistant to weather changes. Its structure is not affected by receiving direct sunlight or rain. However, they do not support much weight, although this will depend on the brand and model, as well as the thickness of the plastic.

On the other hand, if you want wooden cabinets, you should know that they need a special coat of paint that helps them last longer. That is, check that there is information about said layer in the product description. Manufacturers sometimes add varnish, which seals the pores of the wood and protects it from sun and moisture.

Another good material for exterior cabinets is metal. If you are going to buy one of them, make sure that it supports corrosion, more specifically that it does not rust when it is outdoors. These types of cabinets are used to store heavy objects or that require greater care, for example, boilers. The bad thing is that they weigh more than the resin ones, so you will have to place them fixed in a certain place.


As you have seen, these cabinets are for outdoor use and thieves can more easily access these spaces in the home. The good news is that many brands have thought about security, so many models come with the option of being closed with a padlock. Of course, the padlock does not necessarily come for free, but you will have to purchase it separately. However, you may be able to find a cheap one online.

Keep in mind that with a lock, your toddlers are less likely to pick up cleaning supplies or gardening tools to play with when you’re not around.


The cabinets come in multiple sizes, so the dimensions you choose will depend on what you plan to use it for, the space you have in your home or the price you want to pay.

If you want to store large tools, you have no other option but to get a large cabinet. On the other hand, for small objects, you do not need such a large cabinet. One fact that you should also keep in mind is that the smaller the size of the cabinet, the cheaper its price. However, this is not always the case, due to the high demand for cabinets in the market.

A piece of wise advice that we give you is that before choosing your wardrobe, check the measurements of the place where you want to place it, to make sure that it fits correctly.

Shelves and compartments

It seems that we are talking about the same thing, but do not confuse shelves with compartments. Shelves are the boards that are installed horizontally inside the cabinets to create the compartments. There are cabinets with 1, 3 or more shelves, depending on the brand and model.

For that reason, a 4-shelf cabinet can provide 5 compartments for storing items. The fifth compartment would be the first space from the bottom up whose surface is not a shelf, but the base of the cabinet.

Shelves and compartments make it easy for you to organize your cleaning supplies, shoes, clothes and tools. These compartments can have different dimensions, depending on the height at which the shelves are mounted. Therefore, read in the description of the cabinet you like whether or not it allows height adjustment of the shelves.


In exterior cabinets, impermeability plays a very important role. This tends to keep the structure of the furniture in good condition despite the passage of time.

In addition to this, if the cabinet is waterproof, it could prevent annoying problems inside the cabinet, for example, fungi and small bacteria. Also, by withstanding water you will be able to protect your gardening tools, even if some of them are electric.

mounting accessories

Before worrying about how much a certain wardrobe costs, you should check that the model you like has all the necessary installation accessories, otherwise, you are obliged to buy them separately. The most common accessories are screws, nuts and plugs to place on the wall. Also, it is important that the furniture includes an instruction manual in your language.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make an exterior work cabinet?

The first step to make your outdoor wardrobe is to choose the material with which you want to make it. The second step is to have the correct measurements of the closet. To do this, search the Internet for a tutorial with the measurements. Then, follow the steps in the tutorial and, if you are going to use paint for the final finishes, let it dry completely before you start using your wardrobe.

Q2: What maintenance does an outdoor cabinet require?

If your cabinet is made of resin, the best way to maintain it is by using a damp cloth to remove all the dirt particles.

If the cabinet is made of wood, it is best to protect it with one or more coats of exterior paint. Also, you can use a wood oil, which will give your cabinet a nice shine and will reinforce its impermeability.

On the other hand, if the cabinet is made of metal, you should paint it or clean it from time to time with some antioxidant liquid, to prevent corrosion.

Q3: Which is better, metal or plastic outer cabinet?

Before making the decision, consider several elements such as the climate of your city and how it will affect the structure of the wardrobe. Also, take into account what objects you want to store, since some accessories or tools are very heavy and require metal cabinets.

Plastic cabinets are UV resistant and are easier to maintain than metal cabinets. Perhaps with this information you can make a good purchase decision.

Q4: How to organize an outside closet?

To be successful in organizing your closet, think about the products that you use most often and give them reach priority. For example, place heavy objects in the lower part of the cabinet, that is, on the base of it, in this way you do not run the risk of damaging the shelves.

Another suggestion to organize yourself is to store products that you really use, thus preventing your closet from accumulating useless objects. For example, it’s important to recycle empty bleach and detergent containers right away, so they don’t take up too much space in your outdoor closet.

Q5: How to assemble an outdoor cabinet?

First of all, check the instruction manual that came with the cabinet and make sure that the parts mentioned there are complete. This way you will avoid future headaches at the time of installation.

The next step is to place the base of the cabinet on a completely straight surface, in this way you will avoid the possibility of the furniture being unstable. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully and try not to apply too much force if you have to put screws or nuts, as you could damage an important part of the cabinet.

Q6: What can I store in an outdoor cabinet?

The cabinets allow you to store items such as tools, cleaning supplies or other things in an organized way. Therefore, if you plan to place the cabinet in your garage, this may be the ideal place to put those tools that you can never find a place for.

Another good option is to use a cabinet to store the tools for the maintenance of your garden. There you can place the lawnmower, the pruning shears, the rake and many more accessories.

Q7: Is it necessary to fix the outer cabinet to the wall?

The decision is in your hands, but for greater security what is advised is to fasten the supports of the exterior cabinet to the wall. This way, there is no chance of the cabinet falling forward due to the weight of your accessories or tools.

Also, keep in mind that by fixing it to the wall you are giving greater security to the things you have inside, that is, it is more difficult for a thief to steal from you.

On the other hand, if the wardrobe is built-in, you will necessarily have to fix it to the walls that are necessary. For example, to the side walls or the back, depending on the decoration of the place.

Q8: How to line an outdoor cabinet?

If you want to change the look of your cabinets and you don’t want to use paint, a great option is to line them. Before lining the wardrobe, make sure you have the measurements of each of the pieces you are going to cover.

You can use fabric or decorative paper, materials that need a special adhesive to be fixed correctly. In case you want something a little easier to use, you can buy decorative vinyl, as they already come with a layer of glue.


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