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Picos – Buying Guide and Comparison of 2022

IF you are preparing to tidy up your home garden and you need a tool that allows you to work the land efficiently and comfortably, helping you to chop rocks and other materials, it is one of the essential tools that every gardening lover or professional should have. your toolbox. The current market offers a wide variety of models, among which the FITOOL 746240 stands out, a one-piece forged pick, which gives it greater resistance and integrates a practical handle with a rubber lining, which provides a better grip and a better grip. better ergonomics. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that can be used as a pick or as a shovel thanks to its practical and versatile design, with quality manufacturing made of high-strength steel, we recommend the pickTruper Picachón.

Opinions on the best spikes

If you are looking to acquire the best pickaxe, it is very important to get to know the characteristics that must be taken into account prior to purchase, so that you can choose a model that will help you with your work in the garden. To find out which is the best peak, we recommend you read the following comparison between the best-selling models today.

FITOOL 746240

If you are looking for a good tool, that can help you in your work in the garden or camping and is considered a very resistant and highly durable model thanks to its excellent manufacturing material, its pick and shovel being forged in one piece, the which provides high quality cutting, beveling and professional edges.

This model has a handle made of very strong fiberglass with rubber coating for greater comfort. It has a simple assembly and disassembly, so that you can start your work immediately or make pick and shovel replacements without problems.

Thanks to its high level of ergonomics and durability, this versatile pick is ideal for work in the garden and on the terrace. It features a 4cm cutting edge and weighs approximately 640 grams. The length of the handle is about 38 cm and that of the head is 24.5 cm.

Choosing the best peak of the moment requires a prior analysis of the options offered by the market, so it is very important to know how we will use the product. This model is recommended for gardening work, whether you are a professional or an amateur.


Manufacturing: This model incorporates a pick and shovel made of a single piece that is heat treated and hardened, providing great resistance.

Handle : Includes a handle made of fiberglass that provides great durability and resistance.

Ergonomic : This model has an ergonomic rubber coating that facilitates grip and maneuverability.

Versatility : Thanks to the dimensions of the tool and the double end, pick and shovel, you will be able to carry out gardening work, on the terrace or camping.


Installation: If you don’t mount the pick head to the handle, this tool may be loose, so it can’t be used.

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Truper Itchy

This Truper brand model is considered one of the best pickaxes of 2022, since it is the favorite of many users for being made of highly durable steel, which guarantees a long useful life and great resistance to hard work. It has great versatility thanks to its double peak and shovel tip.

The shovel that it presents at the opposite end of the beak has a width of 11 cm, which allows ideal earthworks for planting. This model has a weight of up to 2,250 grams, so it is considered a tool for professional use.

You will be able to successfully carry out construction, agriculture and gardening work with this model, since it has a 91.4 cm long handle, made with double fiberglass injection.

If you want to know the best brand of picks on the market, we recommend you take into account this model from the renowned Truper brand, since it can help you make the decision of which pick to buy.


Versatility: This pick has great versatility, so it is indicated for agricultural work, construction and gardening, among others.

Handle : It incorporates a practical 91.4 cm long handle that facilitates gripping and handling.

Materials : This multifunctional pick is made of high durability and resistance steel, being ideal for heavy work.

Width : The width of the shovel is approximately 11 cm, which allows you to dig large areas comfortably.


Price: This model has a higher price than other similar models, so if you are looking for an economical alternative, this model is not suitable for you.  

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Ega-Master 69766

If you have a small budget and are looking for the best value for money, we recommend you look at this practical robust model. You can use this model to carry out various activities in the workshop or garden thanks to its high quality and resistance.

The spout of this model is made in a single piece with a stainless material and provides extreme quality thanks to the UNE-ISO-9000 procedures. This robust pickaxe weighs approximately 2 kg, making it suitable for professional work.

This practical pick incorporates a resistant fiberglass handle, which provides excellent grip and resistance when working on any type of terrain.

Many times, our portfolio is what determines which product to buy. If you have a small budget and are looking for one of the cheapest models on this list, we recommend this practical pickaxe, as it offers great quality and an incomparable price.


Materials : It has high-quality manufacturing materials, since it complies with the UNE-ISO-9000 procedures.

Handle : It incorporates a practical handle made of high-resistance fiberglass, which provides great grip comfort.

Versatility : With this pick, you will be able to do everything from gardening to work in the workshop thanks to its great versatility.

Stainless: You will not have to worry about the resistance of this model, since it is made of stainless materials.


Weight : This model has a great weight, so if you are looking for a lighter model, we recommend other models.

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Toolsmarket Croix KA

If you are looking for one of the cheapest and highest quality alternatives in terms of shovels, you cannot overlook this practical model, since it will allow you to carry out jobs that require great strength in a comfortable way thanks to its excellent balance provided by the handle. approximately 90.5 cm in length.

This tool has a 50 cm long hoe and a 5 cm wide shovel, made of a single piece of iron, which guarantees greater durability and resistance to forced labor.

The large handle is made of quality wood that allows you to hold the pick perfectly. The pick of this tool has a weight of 2.5 kg and the complete tool is approximately 3.2 kg. This model is ideal for use in the garden of your home or work.

It is very important to know the quality of the materials with which the pick is made, so that you can guarantee that you will be able to perform your work optimally. This robust model has a high quality and resistance manufacturing, which guarantee its versatility.


Handle : This model has a 90.5 cm handle, ideal for jobs that require great strength.

Pickaxe : The pickaxe is 50 cm long and is made of high-quality, durable iron.

Shovel : The end with the shovel has a width of up to 5 cm, which allows the land to be plowed easily.


Separate : This product comes separately, so you must be prepared to assemble the tool yourself.

Weight : The high weight of this tool makes it suitable for people accustomed to its use.

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Kungfu Mall xj94

If you are looking for a pick that you can use without risk of rust, prolonging the useful life of the tool, which allows you to carry out small gardening tasks at home efficiently thanks to its compact size, we recommend this practical model from the Kungfu brand.

The handle of this product is made of solid wood with great resistance, ideal for light work, which provides the user with excellent maneuverability and ergonomics, which produces great comfort when using it.

The pick is made of steel and is 24 cm long, double ended with a point on one side and a shovel on the other. The handle has a length of approximately 38 cm and its weight is around 460 grams.

Finally, it is important to take into account the size of the pick before choosing, since, depending on the difficulty of the job, a different size pick will be required. This compact and practical model is specially designed for work in small gardens.


Pick: The pick and shovel of this model is made of stainless steel, which gives it great durability and a long useful life.

Length : The length of the entire piece of steel is approximately 24 cm from the end with the pick to the other with the blade.

Handle : It incorporates a 38 cm long solid wood handle that provides a very comfortable grip.

Weight : This lightweight pick is an ideal tool for delicate work in the garden thanks to its maneuverability and low weight.


Finishes: The finishes of this product leave much to be desired, since it has a rustic and homemade appearance.

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