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Pole – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Poles are functional tools of great use in the home, which, depending on the built-in head, will help us maintain the good condition of our garden by facilitating pruning and harvesting of fruits. Likewise, there are designs with nets for pool maintenance or with cleaning brushes to remove spider webs and dust. A highly recommended model for cleaning the ceiling and windows of our home is the Leifheit 41523L, which has a pole that extends to four meters and a set with eight interchangeable heads. For its part, the Spear & Jackson 4930FZ/09 model is a pole equipped with scissors and a saw with a powerful edge.

The 9 Best Poles – Opinions 2022

To select a pole capable of offering a long service life and with a functional design, you will have to carefully review several options and contrast them with your needs of use. For this reason, we have decided to present you nine poles considered among the best of this year.

telescopic pole

1. Leifheit 41523L Telescopic Pole Steel

A pole considered among the cheapest in this selection is this model from the Leifheit house, whose multifunctional design will allow you to access any space in your home to remove dust, spider webs and the most entrenched dirt.

This telescopic pole has an extension of up to 400 centimeters and has been made of high-end stainless steel, which is a highly resistant, stable and non-deformable material. 

In addition, the stick is light enough to be handled with one hand without causing discomfort to your arm, while the ergonomic grip area prevents unexpected slippage. Also, it is easy to store as it can be hung on any wall, from the hole at the top.

On the other hand, the head is quick-adjust, which will allow you to easily exchange the eight useful cleaning accessories incorporated with the purchase. These include some brushes, window cleaners, sponges and mops.

This is quite a functional pole, which will help you with dust removal, spider webs and window cleaning. Get to know its positive and negative aspects below.


Accessories: Eight cleaning accessories are incorporated that will improve your user experience.

Manufacturing: Its stainless steel structure provides strength and stability at all times.

Storage: You can easily hang the stick thanks to the hole at the top.

Grip: You will not have problems handling the stick, since it incorporates a non-slip grip.


Compatibility: Even though you buy accessories from the same brand, you should keep in mind that not all of them are compatible with your head.

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2. Pamex extendable aluminum telescopic handle pole

Pamex is a manufacturer that enjoys great prestige in the market, since its products are made with high-end materials and the designs try, as much as possible, to satisfy the different needs of users. For this reason, every day there are more people who bet on the acquisition of their tools, since they know that they are carrying with them a durable and well-performing item.

This Pamex quality-sealed telescopic pole is constructed of robust aluminum with some rigid polymer details for adjustment areas. Both materials provide resistance, stability and lightness to the structure. 

In this way, you will be able to manipulate the equipment with total comfort without getting tired. Its maximum length is five meters and it has an adjustment area for placing cleaning accessories such as dusters, brushes or pool nets.

This pole has a fairly simple and ergonomic telescopic design, whose main characteristics are detailed below.


Structure: For the manufacture of the structure, robust aluminum was used, which provides resistance to corrosion, to achieve a longer useful life.

Use: You can use the pole in various cleaning tasks, since it incorporates different heads.

Adjustment: You will find in the structure some adjustment areas in polymer, for the rapid extension of the stick. 

Lightness: This stick is characterized by being light, which is quite convenient when handling it.


Flimsy: You should avoid using very heavy accessories, because this could make the structure lose stability.

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pruning pole

3. Spear & Jackson 4930FZ/09 Telescopic Tree Pruner

Spear & Jackson has been in the market since the 1960’s, designing and marketing a wide range of garden tools with the aim of giving their fans a better experience when it comes to caring for the garden.

This pruning pole with a telescopic pole allows quick access to the treetops, as it has a maximum reach of 234 centimeters to which you must add your height. 

In addition, it incorporates a saw with a 33-centimeter format and scissors with sharp blades. Both accessories are made of carbon steel, which is an alloy of remarkable resistance and flexibility composed of iron and carbon.

For all these reasons, there are those who recommend this model as the best pole, due to its ergonomic grip and effective operation when cutting branches up to three centimeters thick.

This model has been valued by many as the best pole of the moment. Here, some of its main details.


Saw: Thanks to its 33 centimeters long saw you can cut the thickest branches.

Scissors: It is possible to make cuts to dry branches with great precision and without effort, thanks to their very sharp blades.

Grip: Its rubber-coated handle offers a comfortable and secure grip.

Handle: It has an extendable handle to facilitate handling and reach when making cuts.


Cutting parts: The carbon steel used provides an excellent edge, but its corrosion resistance may not be as high compared to other alloys.

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4. Deuba Mon zana 2 in 1 Saw and Pruning Shears

This model is a pruning pole manufactured by Deuba, a brand with a good reputation in the market, so, by purchasing this design, you will be taking home a quality product.

The equipment is made up of a telescopic tube that reaches a maximum length of four meters, which is quite convenient when trimming the different trees in our garden. In addition, it incorporates a 2.60 meter nylon line, which promotes better traction when handling the tool.

Among other specifications of interest, we have the dual operation of this pole, especially aimed at fulfilling the different gardening tasks in trees, shrubs and other plants, since it incorporates scissors with sharp and non-stick blades, for branches with a thickness of up to three centimeters. It also includes a saw with a 35-centimeter format, with which you can cut more robust branches.

Find out below the pros and cons of this model from the Deuba house, aimed at pruning and caring for your garden. 


Handle: You will enjoy a comfortable and secure grip due to the rubber-coated handle.

Scissors: Its sharp scissors allow you to make cuts up to three centimeters thick without difficulty.

Saw: You will be able to cut thicker branches due to the incorporation of a 35 centimeter long saw.

Use: With this pole your gardening tasks will be facilitated by removing dry branches and collecting fruits.


Flimsy: It is possible that the cutting blade tilts a little when sawing, but this is a variable aspect and does not limit its performance.

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telescopic pruning pole

5. Bellota 3612 Long telescopic pruning shears for gardening

This model from the Bellota house is for many the answer to which is the best pole, because thanks to its ergonomic design, you will be able to carry out the maintenance of trees, shrubs, rose crops and any other plant with less difficulty. is in your garden.

Among the main attributes of this telescopic pruning pole is the incorporation of a detachable cutting head equipped with very sharp blades, which will be useful for making precise cuts in branches up to two centimeters thick. In addition, said area has been provided with a convenient collection mechanism for branches and fruits.

Regarding the stick, it can be easily extended to a maximum of 1.5 meters, while, through the handle, you will get a secure grip and adaptable to both left and right-handed people. Likewise, you will have the possibility of controlling the opening of the cutting blades from it.

When asked what pole to buy, the invitation is to review the positive and negative aspects of a highly positioned model like this one.


Weight: Its weight of 0.82 grams offers practical handling as it is light.

Cut: You will get quite precise cuts due to the good sharpness of the blades.

Handle: You will enjoy a secure grip thanks to its adjustable handle for left or right handed people.

Collection piece: You will be able to avoid the fall of branches and fruits thanks to the collection piece.


Use: Its cutting level is suitable for branches up to two centimeters in diameter, so it is recommended only for domestic use.

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6. Gardena Loppers up to 6.5 meters with steel gears

Gardena is a German brand known worldwide thanks to its extensive catalog of tools with high manufacturing standards and efficient operation, which aims to improve the user experience in their gardening tasks.

This is the case of its telescopic pruning pole, which will allow you to remove dry branches from the tallest trees in your garden without exerting much effort, since the pole can extend up to 6.5 meters. In addition, thanks to its steel construction, it will offer greater stability and durability.

On the other hand, the head consists of a resistant stainless steel gear for a powerful and precise cut in branches no larger than 3.2 centimeters in diameter. Similarly, the product has been provided with a convenient hook for collecting the branches, once you have cut them. Thus, you will prevent them from falling unexpectedly from the top of the tree.

With this pole it will be much more comfortable and easy to access the highest branches and eliminate them with precision. Here are the main features of this model.


Cut: You can adjust the cutting angle up to 200 ° for greater precision.

Handle: Its ergonomic handle enhances a practical one-handed grip.

Collection hook: You will not have to worry about the cut branches falling from the cup, since a collection hook is attached.

Head: The tool has a compact cutting head, which prevents it from getting entangled in branches when handling it.


Weight: Although the stick is quite light, the cutting head adds considerable weight to the structure.

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Other products

7. Leifheit 56673 Telescopic Steel Pole 

The manufacturing quality of the Leifheit house is once again present in this list of recommended products, which is why many mention its model among the best poles of 2022. 

It is a telescopic pole designed in stainless steel, which is an alloy of iron and carbon capable of offering a highly resistant body both to deformation and to deterioration caused by humidity. 

In addition, a rigid and soft polymer area is attached from which you can make use of the practical Easy Click closure mechanism. Thus, you can release it to extend the pole to a maximum of 135 centimeters and adjust it securely, to prevent the structure from folding unexpectedly while handling it.

Also, it is important to mention that this product is compatible with a series of interchangeable accessories such as window cleaners, mops, brushes, among others. In this way, you will easily remove dirt from the roof and windows.

Leifheit is for many the best brand of poles, which makes functional designs adaptable to your needs available to users. Read the most positive and not so favorable aspects of this model.


Storage: You can store the pole without taking up much space due to its compact body of 75 centimeters.

Manufacturing: Thanks to its steel construction, deformation and corrosion are avoided.

Compatibility: An adjustment head is incorporated for quick attachment of various cleaning accessories.

Closure: With the Easy Click closure mechanism, you won’t have to worry about the stick folding unexpectedly.



Compatibility: It is recommended to verify compatibility with other accessories, even if they are of the same brand.

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8. Fiskars 115360 Universal Pole

Fiskars is a brand that has managed to position itself in the market due to the quality offered by each of its products. Proof of this is this universal pole belonging to its catalog of gardening tools, made of lightweight aluminium.

The piece has a central handle with channels that improve grip and a telescopic mechanism for easy extension. Thus, you can enjoy a maximum approximate range of up to 3.50 meters, enough for cuts at considerable distances.

In the area of ​​the head you will find an adjustable cutting guide with very sharp stainless steel blades, which will allow you to get rid of a wide variety of branches with a thickness of no more than three centimeters. 

In addition, you have the possibility of adjusting a saw and a fruit collecting basket in said section, so it is considered a fairly functional piece of equipment when it comes to garden tasks.

With this Fiskars pole you will have no excuses to keep your garden in good condition. Learn about its pros and cons below.


Handle: You will get a safe and ergonomic grip thanks to its central handle with a channel format.

Head: Its head can be easily adjusted for greater practicality of use.

Use: It is a very functional tool that you can use to collect fruits and cut both high and low branches.

Storage: You will not have problems to store the pole, since, once folded, it only measures 1.58 centimeters.


Steel: The main cutting blade is not made of steel, so this may influence its resistance level.

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9. iWork pole with telescopic handle

This product from the iWork house has been widely commented on by users and recommended as the best value for money pole, since it has an ergonomic, light and quite functional design.

Its structure has been made of aluminium, which is a material with adequate resistance, capable of offering stability while remaining light, so that it will not represent an annoying weight when handling it. For its part, the soft-touch polymer handle has a series of channels, which allow a secure grip at all times.

This pole can be extended to a maximum length of 4.8 meters and its diameter is just 3 cm. In addition, the body of the equipment has been provided with a series of standard size holes, so that you can fit various accessories such as cleaning nets. Therefore, it is a suitable tool for cleaning any type of pool. 

Among the cheapest options, you will find this easy-to-handle telescopic model, which will be of great help to carry out a series of tasks.


Handle: Its ribbed handle offers a secure grip when handling the tool.

Holes: You will find a series of standard format holes for the adjustment of work accessories.

Use: You can use the pole to clean pools, as it incorporates adjustment holes for various types of nets.

Manufacturing: It is a light pole because aluminum was used for its manufacture. For this reason, you can manipulate it without exhausting yourself too much.


Instruction manual: Although it is a piece of equipment that is intuitive to use, information on its use has been limited.

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Shopping guide

With the help of a pole you can carry out a wide variety of cleaning tasks in your home with greater comfort and safety. Likewise, you will have quick access to the highest areas of the trees in the garden to prune them or cut the fruits. Due to its great utility, this type of product is in high demand in the market, so it is not surprising to find a variety of models. Here is a guide to buying the best pole.

Manufacture of cutting pieces

In any comparison of poles, it is important to evaluate the manufacturing materials used for the cutting pieces because, depending on their level of quality, it will be the durability and effectiveness offered in each of the incisions made on the branches. For this reason, it is important to confirm that both the saw and the scissor blades have been made of stainless steel or carbon steel, which are highly resistant and stable metals. However, this last alloy requires greater care, since, although its edge has greater durability, it is usually prone to corrosion.

Similarly, some brands use robust, non-stick treated aluminum, which, although slightly less resistant compared to steel, still provides precise cuts on thin branches.

Design and extension

When reviewing the purchase catalogs of the different manufacturers of poles, you will find a wide variety of models with distinctive characteristics. These particularities could significantly influence how much the product costs. However, the recommendation is not to skimp on the purchase and establish a budget that allows you to bring a quality product that meets your needs for use.

Among the lower cost poles are those composed only of a telescopic tube with a series of holes, where you can place the heads that you have at home or purchase separately.

There are also more elaborate designs, which incorporate a blade and cutting scissors at their upper end, which you can control from the handle or disassemble it to use it separately on smaller bushes.

Regarding the reach of the telescopic tube, you will also have several extension measures, which can vary from 1.5 meters to an average of 5 meters. In this sense, it is advisable to opt for an intermediate length, since, although the tube is light, the weight of the cutting piece could generate instability when handling the tool.

Fastening and security

When selecting a pole, the general objective of users is that said tool is good and economical. This means that the equipment must have a series of positive attributes that enhance its proper functioning, as well as having a competitive acquisition price with respect to the products offered by the competition.

Among the characteristics that the pole must have, an ergonomic grip area and safe handling stand out, allowing us to use the pole with total confidence.

In this sense, the ideal is that you corroborate that the selected product incorporates specific points for grip, with a channel design or covered with rubber. This way, you won’t have to worry about unexpected slippage.

On the other hand, you should try as much as possible that the adjustment mechanism to fold and unfold the structure offers a method of both opening and clip-type locking, which is usually quite fast, intuitive and above all safe. Likewise, check the type of closure given at the upper end of the tube for the placement of the cutting or cleaning heads. This can be by thread or pressure.


The incorporation of some type of accessory in the purchased product is an aspect that buyers value positively, because it improves the user experience with the tool. In addition, it helps save time and money, since users do not have to go to a physical store to buy these complementary parts or go through a series of portals, to finally order them online.

In the case of cleaning poles, many manufacturers usually attach a set of interchangeable heads to increase the functionality of the equipment. In this group are the square, rectangular and round brushes, to clean the dust from the upper parts of the walls and ceiling, as well as window cleaners, mops, dusters, etc.

Similarly, other models of poles put at your disposal nets for cleaning the pool, while designs aimed at gardening are usually accompanied by baskets to collect fruit, hooks to prevent cut branches from falling untidily, scissors and hacksaws.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a pole?

To use a pole, the first thing you should do is place the cleaning or cutting accessory on the respective head. Then release the adjustment pieces to extend the bar to suit your needs. In this way, it only remains for you to firmly grab the pole from the clamping area and start working.

Q2: How to make a homemade pole?

To make a homemade pole you will need a fishing rod, from which you will have to remove the plug located in the rear area of ​​its structure, which will give you access to remove the thin section of the rod.

Depending on the use you want to give the tool, whether it is to prune or clean, you will have to place the cutting pliers, a net or a brush on the upper end. Whatever the case, you will have to fix the accessory carefully so as not to damage the rod and prevent it from coming off.

Q3: What is a telescopic pole?

A telescopic pole is a pole provided with an adjustment mechanism, which allows you to extend its length. In addition, it incorporates a special area for the placement of various heads, such as cleaning heads, which are made up of brushes, mops, sponges, window cleaners, among others. Similarly, some models incorporate nets to clean the pool, as well as others have been provided with a saw or cutting scissors to carry out gardening tasks.

Regardless of the accessory used, the objective of this type of tool is to allow you to comfortably reach areas of little accessibility such as the crown of trees, in order to remove dry branches or fruits. They also serve to reach the roof of our houses and windows to remove dust and spider webs.

Q4: How to unfold and fold a telescopic pole?

To unfold your pole you have to hold it firmly with your hands and identify the respective adjustment areas arranged along the structure, which will allow you to start releasing them one by one. In this way, you will be able to extend each section of the cane, but you must remember to lock this mechanism to prevent it from folding again, while we are working with the tool.

Similarly, it is recommended that you take the instruction manual and review the series of indications provided by the manufacturer. Thus, you will not run the risk of damaging some of the adjustment mechanisms when unfolding and folding the tubes.

Q5: How to sharpen a pruning pole?

If, after a while, your pruning pole begins to be less effective in the cuts made, it is probably because its blades have begun to lose their edge. This is a fairly common situation in this type of tool, so you do not have to be alarmed.

Restoring the sharpness to the blades is a simple task, for which you will need the help of a whetstone, which you can buy at any department store or hardware store. Then, it only remains to rub the stone in a circular and uniform way on the outer area of ​​the cut piece for a couple of minutes. Thus, you can proceed to test the scissors by cutting a branch. If you are still not satisfied with the acquired edge, you will have to repeat the process.

Q6: How to clean a pole?

Cleaning a pole is a fairly simple task, due to the linear shape of the structure. In this sense, you will only have to release the adjustment points to extend the stick and proceed to slide a damp cloth over it. In this way, you will remove the dirt accumulated on the surface. Then, go over the pole with another cloth, but this time dry, to remove traces of water. Failure to do so could slowly begin to corrode the metal of the telescopic pole.

On the other hand, the accessories must be washed individually when removing them from the head, taking into consideration the indications given by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.

Q7: When should the pole be changed?

A pole must be changed when its folding mechanism or the adjustment area for the heads have been damaged, since it would not be a very useful tool without its main function, which is to help us reach the high areas of the trees or our home. when cleaning.

In the same way, it is necessary that, if your pole is for cutting, you keep an eye on the level of wear of the blades, which, once their useful life has expired, need to be changed. The same applies to the accessories of the cleaning poles, because when they deteriorate, they need to be replaced.

Q8: How to prevent the pole from hurting the hands?

Generally, manufacturers incorporate quite ergonomic grip areas with a pleasant touch, which prevents your hands from being mistreated by the constant manipulation of the tool. However, it is best to use a pair of gardening or plastic gloves, depending on the type of task you are going to perform with the pole, whether it is cutting or cleaning.

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