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Planter – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

If you like plants as decorative elements at home, you know that they need a pot to grow healthy. In the market you can find a huge variety of planters, made with different materials and of different sizes. According to the recommendations of many users, the best model is the Giovara 10 Pieces, an interesting set of 10 small flowerpots with different and bright colors, and that have a practical removable support to be hung on the balcony or on the wall. We can also mention that the Catral 31090008 model is a good option for outdoor spaces, because it is a large square format planter, made with pine wood in the best country style.

Opinions on the best planters on the market

If you want to give life to your home with beautiful ornamental and floral plants, it is best to buy planters to make your own garden. We know that there are many options on the market, so we present our selection of the best planters for 2022, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

hanging planter 

Giovara 10 Pieces

A good decoration alternative for a balcony or terrace is a hanging planter, because with this model you can place your plants on the bars or walls, so that they stand out with their interesting colors and aromas. With the 10-piece set from the Giovara brand, it will be easy for you to hang your favorite plants on the balcony, because it has a practical removable hook that makes work easier, so if you are looking for cheap planters, this lot will most likely meet your expectations.

These pots are made from quality brass and are painted in bright fun colours, so you don’t have to do any extra work to use them as they are ready to put in your substrate and grow your plant.

When in doubt about which planter to buy, we present this model that will probably serve to dissipate them and with which you can decorate your garden. Next, we summarize its most outstanding characteristics.


Hanging: These planters offer hanging hooks that facilitate the process of placing plants on the balcony efficiently.

Material: Its structure is made entirely of metal, making it resistant and durable, so that it could last for many years. 

Dimensions: Each of these planters has dimensions of 10 cm wide at the top and 8 cm for the lower area, with a height of 10 cm. 

Colors: The set comes in a variety of attractive colors for a very cheerful decoration.


Drainage: The holes for water drainage are very small, so you must be careful when watering your plants, so that they do not wither from excess liquid.

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wooden planter 

Catral 31090008

The square format pine planter offered by the Catral brand is suitable for decorating outdoor spaces with a country and rustic style, thanks to its natural wood texture. In addition, due to its large dimensions of 40 x 40 centimeters, this model is suitable for large plants, so it needs enough space in the room where you plan to place it, being recommended as the best planter, according to customer opinions. satisfied.

This wooden planter has a treatment to protect the pine from inclement weather, so that it can be durable and resist the sun’s rays or the effects of rain.

Catral is a company dedicated to gardening products since 1928, which is why many consider that it has won the market as the best brand of planters. So let’s see the positive and negative aspects of this planter made by Catral.


Design: This model is designed in a square planter format that adapts to outdoor spaces.

Wood: It is made of good quality pine wood, with a protective treatment against mold and the effects of weather.

Functionality: Being a large planter, it is very useful for organizing the garden and decorating with large plants.

Dimensions: It has large dimensions of 40 x 40 cm, so it could be the appropriate option for large plants.


Touch-up: Being a wooden planter, it requires continuous touch-ups of some protective treatment so that it does not deteriorate.

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large planter 

Keter Taper

It is a large planter that has been made of plastic resistant to atmospheric conditions, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, it is useful for planting medium-sized plants in entrances, terraces, balconies, gardens, among other areas of the house. 

For ease of use, it comes with 14 markings on the base that allow you to drill holes for drainage. In this sense, you can decide how many holes to make depending on the need. In addition, it has four legs that keep all the water outlets separated from the ground.

In terms of appearance, it has a conical cube-shaped design, where the base is smaller than the top. In this case, it measures 40 cm high, 31 cm at the base and 38 cm at the top. It also offers an attractive textured finish that mimics wood.

If you want to grow a medium-sized plant, then you need a large enough pot, as is the case with the Keter Taper.


Capacity: It has a maximum capacity of 44 liters, which represents an advantage over other planters.

Drainage: Bring 14 marks to drill with a drill or simply with a knife. In this way, it is possible to create a drainage adapted to the type of plant.

Design: It is a dark gray conical cube and has a finish that resembles the texture of wood.


Plate: This model does not have a plate to capture the irrigation water, which implies an additional expense.

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tall planter 

Unbekannt Urbi

If what you need is a tall planter that allows you to access the plant comfortably and offers a nice design, then you should consider this model. It has a height of 50 cm and is made of resistant plastic, so you can use it indoors and outdoors.

It is made up of two pieces. First of all, a small pot that goes inside the big one and measures 26 x 24 x 20 cm. In this one goes the earth and the plant, so it has handles and is removable for greater practicality. It is worth mentioning that it has an anthracite gray color.

On the other hand, there is the decorative outdoor planter, which is shaped like a conical cube, where the base measures 20 cm and the upper part is 26 cm long. The latter is available in anthracite and white, so you can choose the most convenient according to the decoration of the place.

To improve the appearance of a specific area of ​​the house, a good idea is to acquire a tall planter, since it can add elegance to the environment.


Size: It has a height of 50 cm, so the plant is quite high off the ground, giving an appearance of lightness and freshness.

Capacity: It has a maximum capacity of 26.6 liters, so you can plant plants of different sizes.

Design: It offers an elegant tapered cube design that is available in anthracite and white.


Container: The inner container where the soil and the plant go is much smaller compared to the general dimensions of the pot.

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wicker planter 

Social 150827A3

If you like wicker baskets, this Sodial model may be for you. It is a planter made in the shape of a basket with seaweed, an authentic, quality and durable material. In addition, it is one of the cheap models that we have in this selection.

This wicker planter has multiple functionalities, because thanks to its flexibility it can be used as a laundry basket, to store quilts, toys or also as a planter in the decoration of your home. On the other hand, this model has a rounded design, with dimensions of 22 cm high x 20 cm wide and has two practical handles, so you can transport it comfortably.

We are talking about one of the cheapest models in this selection, but with a good quality in its manufacture and that can be used in different household tasks. Here are its pros and cons.


Multifunctional: This model stands out because it can be used in different ways, so it is multifunctional, since it can be a flowerpot, a laundry basket or to store toys.

Seaweed: Quality seaweed was used for its artisanal production, being a product that respects the environment.

Color: It is a product made without any coloring or chemical additives, so it comes in a natural color, which can turn yellow over time.

Price: Its low cost allows you to buy several and make it useful in your garden, designing a beautiful and very natural style.


Flexible: Because it is a flexible material, it could happen that the basket suffers some deformations, but it is normal because it is a handmade product.

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upright planter 

Gardena NatureUp 13150-20

A vertical planter could be an interesting solution to place plants in small spaces in the home and that you can enjoy the vegetation. In this sense, the Gardena vertical basic set is a product that offers a pack of 3 planters made of solid and resistant plastic, with their respective covers and fastening clips, as well as a structure that serves as a base for the planters.

This planter is ideal for gardens, terraces or balconies and allows you to plant 9 different plants. Its total dimensions are 30.10 x 21.7 x 66.3 cm, so it adapts to any small space available at home, being considered by many users as the best planter, according to their opinions.

It should be noted that this is a German-made product and the plastic used in its manufacture is resistant to sun, rain and other weather conditions to protect your investment.

If you want to give an elegant touch to any corner of your home with vegetation, check out the main features of this Gardena model, which stands out for its design and functionality.


Accessories: The model includes 3 vertical planters, the base where they are supported, the installation clips and the covers.

Space: This planter offers the possibility of saving space, its use being recommended for small balconies.

Material: A top quality plastic material was used for its elaboration, which provides resistance and durability to the product.


Assembly: This model requires assembly to fix the planters to the base and to the wall, but the process is simple and the brand includes everything that is needed for installation.

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white flower pot 

White Rock Crafts

This Roca Crafts model is a planter designed for outdoor spaces, made from stone with special fibers, making it highly weather resistant. Its rectangular format allows you to grow various types of plants and it has a fairly affordable price, which is why some consider it to be the best value for money planter this season.

This white flowerpot combines perfectly with any decoration, because this color is neutral and adapts to different rooms, giving it an elegant and original touch. Its dimensions are 60 cm long x 19 cm high, this being the smallest size, but the manufacturer offers other models with higher measurements.

On the other hand, users do not stop commenting on how beautiful and functional this planter is, in addition to having a considerable weight due to its materials, which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on where you place it.

This model has numerous aspects to highlight, so be sure to review the most outstanding features that we have summarized about this rock planter. 


Shape: It has a rectangular shape, which allows a better development of plants, as long as you provide the necessary care to these living beings.

Size: It is a large pot 60 cm long, therefore, it is used for different kinds of plants.

Colour: Its white color adapts to any decoration in the room, giving the space an elegant and original touch.  


Robust: Despite its small size, this planter, being made with a combination of stone and other materials, has a robust appearance, so it can be described as stable and compact.

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Planter with foot

Ounona Golden

If after the models that we have seen you still have doubts about which is the best pot, then we invite you to review the characteristics of this ceramic pot that Ounona offers. It is a set of 3 vase-style pieces with a rounded format, which has a metal support that keeps the container suspended, being ideal for decorating tables, windows or to place on the balcony.

Each planter with foot has a drainage hole in the bottom of the container, so that the water leaves in a controlled way and keeps the plant substrate moist. 

As for the materials, the support is made of high-quality metal and the pots were made of medium-temperature ceramic, elements that provide resistance and durability to both pieces to guarantee a long useful life.

Due to the beautiful design of these vases, the quality of their materials and their practicality, many users prefer this model, because it gives a decorative and elegant touch to any room.


Ceramic: Each piece in this set is delicately designed in a European style and has been made from top-quality ceramic, making it a beautiful decorative element in any room.

Foot: The support that serves as a foot for these planters is made of a highly resistant metallic material, which has been painted with a beautiful gold color to make it look more elegant.

Size: All the pots are 8 cm in diameter, with only their height varying between 12.5 cm, 14.5 cm and 16.5 cm, so they are suitable for plants that adapt to those sizes. 


Plate: This set does not include plates that prevent water spills, which is missing because their purchase represents an additional expense.  

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flower pot with legs

Zanvic Rato Jh 600

If you are looking for a planter with legs, specifically of the planter type and that is suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces, Zanvic has the Rato Jh 600 model that has these same characteristics. 

It is a pot that has as its main advantage the incorporation of a new self-watering system, so that you do not have to worry about watering your plants for several days, so we are probably talking about the best pot of the moment, according to the opinions of many users. satisfied with the purchase of this product.

This planter has been manufactured with a premium quality injected plastic material, with an external finish similar to rattan in a chocolate color and a rectangular format, which gives the pot an elegant style. In addition, it has an extension of 60 cm long, 46 cm high including its legs and a width of 25 cm at the top, with an approximate capacity of 30 litres.

Although it is not one of the cheapest models you can find, this Zanvic planter with its self-watering system effectively fulfills the function for which it has been created.


Design: It is an elegant pot with built-in planter-type legs, made of plastic and with a chocolate hue, with a texture similar to rattan.

Uses: It can be used both indoors and outdoors, it can even be used to have an urban garden in your home.

Self- watering: It has a self-watering system so you don’t have to worry about keeping your plant hydrated for several days, which is an advantage if you go on vacation.

Assembly: Several users state that the assembly of this planter is very simple and does not require special tools or skills.


Plastic: The soil is supplied directly on the plastic, so some users miss some internal container for the substrate.

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How to choose the best pots?

According to the models of flower pots available on the market, their main function is to serve as a home for plants and decorate the place where we place them. And for their choice, it is not enough just to be the most beautiful, because we must look at other characteristics that adapt to the needs of the plants we want to grow. Therefore, it is necessary that you follow the advice of our guide to buy the best planter, which will prove to be very useful when evaluating your preferences and market offers.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

A very important aspect that must be considered when making a comparison of planters is the quality of their manufacturing materials, because it will depend on them whether the planter is economical or not. The materials used in the manufacture of these containers are usually very varied and will affect the care of the plants, as well as have an effect in terms of the decorative function for which they are intended in the home.

In general, the most used material in making flowerpots is mud or clay, which offers a pleasant environment for plants to develop efficiently. In addition, being available in different formats and designs, they resist the effects of both sun and rain, so they can be used indoors and outdoors without much problem.

Metal is also used to make planters, which are given a special treatment to make it suitable for outdoor use. Another element used is glass, but it serves more as a decorative element, given the fragility of this material. Likewise, we have the models made of plastic that, although this element is not usually as resistant as the previous ones, it provides a good environment for the plants, being preferable to be used in flowerpots destined for interior spaces. 

You can see other models made with cement or stones, which are more resistant than clay pots, more resistant to falls and could last for years in the house, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget, since the elements used and the accessories incorporated also affect how much the planter costs.


Regarding the style of the pot, we can see that there are pots that are suitable for any type of plant, while there are other more specific models that have been designed for a certain species, such as orchids that need a transparent container that allows them to receive light in its roots, or bonsai, which require a pot with certain shapes and heights to develop properly.

You should also pay attention to the dimensions and measurements of the pot, because it must be adjusted to what we want from the plant, if we want it to grow or if we prefer it to keep its size, because if the plant is very large you have to use a pot that is at equal to its magnitude. Similarly, there are pots that are designed to hang from the wall or ceiling, as well as from balconies or terraces, since they incorporate some mechanism that allows this action.

Accessories and assembly

It is also important to check if the planter you plan to buy has a modern device that allows better maintenance of the plant, such as an effective irrigation system, because with modern advances even smart planters have been designed that offer automated irrigation. for plants, which is suitable if you are a person who travels constantly. Likewise, there are other models that are responsible for dosing the nutrients that plants need for more effective care.

Another aspect that you should consider is that, if you buy flower pots that need some assembly, you have to check if they have the essential accessories for it and if their assembly implies some degree of difficulty, as for example it happens in flower pots with foot.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a flower pot?

Planters are useful containers used to give a touch of green to the spaces around us, they allow us to maintain contact with nature and provide a pleasant decorative effect to our eyes. Its main function is to keep the cultivated plant in good condition, so we must select the pot that best suits it and allows it to grow efficiently. The planters can be used on the terrace, on the balcony, hanging on the wall, on a shelf or table, according to our decoration needs. 

Q2: How to make a large cement flower pot? 

Planters made of cement are much more resistant than those made of clay or plastic, they better withstand inclement weather and will last you for years. They are very easy to make and do not require many materials. For the elaboration you need cement, water, a container and a spoon to make the mixture, two molds, a large one that serves as an external guide, as well as another smaller mold that will be the internal part of the pot, which can be square. round or rectangular according to your preferences.

After preparing the mixture according to the product’s instructions, you must moisten the surface of the mold and begin to place the cement as if you were flouring a container for baking cakes, all over the mold including the base that will be the bottom of the pot. Now, place the smaller mold and pour the cement little by little to fill all the sides. Let it dry for approximately 24 hours and when it is completely dry you can carefully unmold it. Remember to make a hole in the bottom to serve as drainage, for this you can use a drill or a thick nail.   

Q3: How to paint a clay pot?

To paint a clay pot you need an object that serves as a support for the container, exterior enamel of the color of your choice, material to cover the table where you will work or for the floor, so that you can protect them from paint stains, brush and some sealer for finishing. If you are going to paint it with several colors, you should wait for each one to dry separately before applying the other. You can decorate them with the figures you want, but keep in mind that since they are clay pots, you must place them in the sun for the drying process and wait a considerable time, which depending on the size of the container could take hours or days. 

Q4: How to decorate a flower pot?

The planter can be decorated in many ways, from figures of animals, stripes, flowers, circles or combinations of colors and geometric shapes. With a pencil you can make the desired drawing, tracing the image on paper and you can play with the lines in different directions, taking advantage of the texture of the pot. For example, if the container is made of clay, you could decorate it all in gold as a base and make some triangular lines with white for contrast, it will look elegant in any corner of the balcony or terrace.

Q5: How to make a hanging flower pot?

If you like crafts, you can make a pendant for flowerpots in a simple way and using different materials, since plants that hang in beautiful flowerpots look very attractive and are perfect for taking advantage of the air spaces in the garden or on the balcony. Macramé is an interesting alternative to hanging a planter and with this technique you could take advantage of a vi t-shirt. Just cut it into strips and start making braids with knots all over the fabric, so you will have a hanger ready for your planter.

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Larisa Jardinera 120 x 40 cm

Si necesitas un macetero grande para organizar las plantas en tu jardín, te recomendamos revisar las características particulares que ofrece esta jardinera de Larisa. Se trata de un amplio macetero rectangular que cuenta con 120 centímetros de largo, 40 cm de ancho y 30,5 cm de alto, así que tendrás espacio suficiente para sembrar plantas de diferentes tamaños y variedades.

Entre los mejores maceteros del 2022, destacamos que este modelo está elaborado con láminas de madera maciza que conforman la estructura y viene montado para evitar complicaciones, al cual se le pueden dar múltiples aplicaciones para decorar distintas estancias. 

En este sentido, podemos mencionar que su uso puede ser adecuado para terrazas, amplios jardines, instituciones, comunidades de vecinos, etc. 

Su diseño rectangular y su gran tamaño, así como su fabricación en madera de excelente calidad, nos permiten señalar que podríamos estar ante el mejor macetero del momento. Pero es bueno que verifiques sus pros y contras.


Material: La jardinera está fabricada en madera de buena calidad y su interior viene laminado para que puedas plantar directamente en ella.

Variedad: Además de este modelo, Larisa ofrece esta jardinera en otros tamaños para que puedas complementar tu elección.

Formato: Este modelo está diseñado con un formato rectangular para que puedas sembrar diferentes tipos de plantas.  

Dimensiones: Esta jardinera cuenta con 120 cm de largo y 40 cm de ancho, tamaño que permite su adaptación a diferentes tipos de jardines.


Precio: Se trata del modelo más caro de nuestra comparativa, por lo que es probable que no se ajuste al presupuesto de muchos.

Veca Génesis

¿Quieres saber cuál es el mejor macetero en esta selección? La respuesta podría ser el modelo Génesis de Veca, un macetero alto con un impecable diseño minimalista y acabados delicados, que puede ser utilizado tanto en espacios interiores como exteriores, aportando un toque de elegancia a cualquier estancia.

Su fabricación en resina permite que este modelo tipo jarrón combine resistencia y ligereza, pues el material utilizado es de calidad y no se decolora con la exposición al frío o calor. 

Asimismo, podemos destacar que este macetero tiene una altura de 85 centímetros en total y su ancho superior es de 38 centímetros. Mientras que la parte baja del jarrón tiene 34 cm de ancho.

¿Aún no decides qué macetero comprar? El modelo Génesis de Veca te brinda la posibilidad de que elijas entre tres colores diferentes, antracita, blanco y negro. Revisa aquí sus aspectos más importantes.


Dimensiones: Tiene una altura de 85 centímetros en total y su ancho superior es de 38 centímetros, mientras que la parte baja del jarrón tiene 34 cm de ancho, siendo ideal para esquinas en interiores o exteriores, dando una apariencia moderna.

Funcionalidad: Gracias a su elegante diseño y altura este macetero es adecuado para diversas variedades de plantas, tanto para espacios exteriores como interiores.

Cache-Pot: Este modelo dispone de “Cache-Pot”, un mecanismo que tiene el objetivo de sostener la planta sin necesidad de llenar todo el vaso de tierra.

Resina: Su fabricación en resina hace que este macetero sea bastante resistente y ligero. Además, no se decolora con los cambios climáticos.


Fondo: Un usuario señaló que este modelo tiene poco fondo, aunque podría solucionarse abriendo el interior con una broca.

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