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Potassium soap – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are a gardening enthusiast, you will know very well that a potassium soap cannot be missing from your selection of household items. This product stands out for being a powerful insecticide, so it will help you keep the most common pests in a garden easily and without much effort. If you are looking for one, we recommend you take a look at the Cultivers Contact model, an ecological and biodegradable potassium soap that comes in a 5-liter container. It is effective against aphids, whiteflies or mealybugs. For its part, the Closter Set Spray 2×500 ml model brings two products in one; a potassium soap and a neem oil for greater insecticidal power.

The 9 Best Potassium Soaps – Opinions 2022

To keep the plants in your garden free from insects and pests, what you need is a potassium soap, a product that stands out for not being toxic, unlike many insecticides on the market. Here are some of the best potassium soaps of 20229.

Potassium soap for aphids

1. Cultivers Potassium soap 5 L

Aphids represent one of the most common garden pests. Hence, if you are fighting against them, you need a specific product. This potassium soap for aphids comes in a 5-litre container, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long season.

100% organic in nature, it is not only effective against aphids, but also against other insects such as mealybugs, red spiders or whiteflies. One of its most outstanding qualities is that it is a zero residue insecticide. It also does not present phytotoxicity.

Similarly, it stands as the best potassium soap not only to remove stains from plants, but also to disinfect work tools. According to the manufacturer, 10 ml of product should be dissolved in 1 liter of water. It is recommended to apply avoiding the strongest sunlight hours.

If you are looking for a potassium soap that lasts longer, it is best to bet on a container of several liters, like this model.


Quantity: The most interesting thing about this product is that it is available in a 5-liter container, so its durability is greater.

Effective: It is an effective insecticide to combat aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies or red spiders, among others.

Certificate: It is endorsed by the Ecological Production certification entity (CAAE).

Zero waste: It is a product classified as zero waste, so it is environmentally friendly.


Precautions: Although it is an ecological insecticide, certain precautions must be taken during its use.

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2. Closter Set Potassium Soap and Neem Oil

It is a potassium soap for aphids, but it is also used to combat lice, mealybugs, bed bugs, among other species of parasites and insects, so it is a multifunctional product. It is important to mention that this presentation comes with two containers, one of neem oil to repel insects and another of potassium soap to degrease and clean the plants.

As for the quantity, both the oil and the soap offer 250 ml each, enough to use in small and medium-sized gardens. In this sense, it is only necessary to dilute with water before use, which favors practicality.

Also, you should know that it is a vegan and 100% organic soap, so it is safer for the ecosystem. Therefore, it is not harmful to pets, so you can apply it in the garden without fearing that your animals will suffer any adverse reaction.

Due to the number of options, it is normal to wonder which is the best potassium soap. To help you select the most appropriate product, we invite you to learn more about this model.


Kit: Includes a container of potassium soap and neem oil, which increases its effectiveness.

Use: It can be used to repel a wide variety of insects and parasites, such as mosquitoes, lice, aphids, bedbugs, among others.

Safety: It is a non-toxic product for pets and humans, which increases safety. In addition, it is respectful with the environment.


Instructions: The instructions may not be very clear regarding the use of the product.

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Insecticidal potassium soap

3. Closter Set Potassium Soap and Insecticide Neem Oil

It is a set with 500 ml of potassium soap and 500 ml of neem oil, which comes in two bottles with a spray dispenser. These products are indicated for ornamental, aromatic and fruit plants that you have in gardens, terraces and balconies. In this case, they are two insecticides of natural origin that used together increase the action against insects and parasites. 

Both products have a standard concentration, so they can be used with any plant, especially for maintenance and prevention against red spiders, aphids, lice, mealybugs, mosquitoes, bed bugs, among others. 

The soap is responsible for degreasing the plant and dissolving the cuticle of insects, while neem oil complements the action of soap, the result is the death of small harmful animals. In addition, it is very easy to use, it is only necessary to spray every 5 or 7 days at sunset.

If you want to keep the garden healthy and with a pleasant appearance, it is important to use a good insecticide, as is the case with this potassium soap.


Set: One of the advantages of this product is that it includes 500 ml of potassium soap and 500 ml of neem oil.

Sprayer: Bring two cans with their respective spray dispensers, in order to better distribute the insecticide.

Biodegradable: Both the soap and the oil are biodegradable, so they do not produce ecological waste.


Hours of use: It must be used towards sunset, when the sun is low, otherwise it is possible that the leaves of the plants suffer burns.

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4. Batlle 730061 UNIT Triple Action Spray

The ease of use is what most attracts the attention of this product, also highlighted as one of the cheapest potassium soaps. Not in vain, it lands in a spray container that allows it to be used immediately, since it is not necessary to dilute it in water.

This potassium soap offers a triple protective action, as it prevents pests of insects, fungi and bacteria in your plants. You just have to spray on its leaves and they will be properly protected and with their natural defenses reinforced.

Its composition based on seaweed extract, potassium oleate, cinnamon extract and potassium silicate makes it an ideal item for domestic use. The spray contains 400 ml of insecticidal potassium soap. For its application, the manufacturer recalls the need to shake first and then spray at a distance of between 30 and 40 cm from the plant.

The best potassium soap of the moment is one that not only eliminates pests and bacteria from plants, but also prevents them.


Triple action: This is a product that stands out for offering a triple action, that is, it prevents and attacks insect, bacterial and fungal pests of plants.

Spray: It comes in a 400 ml container in spray format. You don’t need to dilute with water, but you can spray towards the plants directly.

Formula: In its formula we find components such as seaweed extract and cinnamon, as well as potassium oleate.


Closing: Try to close the container well before and after each use, so that unwanted losses are avoided.

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Potassium soap for plants

5. Vitaterra Potassium Soap 250 ml

In a 250 ml container, this potassium soap for plants is indicated to correct those inconveniences that could prevent their correct growth. It acts by improving the quality of the fruits, but not only that, since it is also responsible for cleaning the leaves of possible pests that may appear, mainly aphids, whiteflies or thrips. It also prevents the proliferation of fungi.

To understand the effectiveness of this product, you have to focus on its formula, which includes soluble potassium oxide. Hence, it is an insecticide dedicated to counteracting potassium deficiencies in plants.

Regarding its use, it is vital to follow the instructions offered by the manufacturer. This involves diluting two caps of product in 15 liters of water and then spraying the leaves. Thanks to the practical red cap of the container, there will be no error in the measurements.

In the event that you have not decided which potassium soap to buy, we encourage you to take a look at the characteristics of this model.


Action: This product focuses its action on eliminating possible insect pests, but also fungi.

Cap: It incorporates a practical red cap that you can use to measure the proportion of potassium soap to be diluted in the water.

Packaging: This insecticide lands in a very compact 250 ml bottle, so its handling is quite comfortable.


Price: For the amount of product it contains, it could be considered somewhat expensive. However, for 15 liters of water you only need 2 caps of this potassium soap.

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6. Bioky Ecological Potassium Soap for Plants 100% Natural

This potassium soap for plants from Bioky is a natural solution of biological origin, with which it is possible to keep the main pests of plants at bay naturally. Thanks to its richness in potassium, the use of this product corrects deficiencies of this mineral in crops with solvency.

The result is that your plants will be free of pests without the need to use pesticides and without adding elements that are harmful to people or animals. In addition, thanks to its high concentration, it is enough to dilute it to 1% or 2% to obtain good results. An aspect typical of the best value for money potassium soap you can find and that will save you money.

To complete the analysis of this product, it is worth knowing that it is obtained directly through the saponification of potassium hydroxide, so it can be used without problems in organic farming. It comes in a 1-litre bottle, although it is also sold in a batch of two units.

We leave you below the highlights of the analysis we have carried out on this product.


Efficient: Thanks to its composition, this soap is ideal for fighting pests, without resorting to classic pesticides.

Origin : Its origin is biological and controlled, which guarantees the quality of the product and its safety for people and animals.

Other uses: In addition to its use as an insecticide, it is also suitable for use as a degreaser or for cleaning molasses and resins.


Application: It is key that the application is carried out outside the hours of greatest sun exposure, so as not to deteriorate its efficiency.

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Castalia potassium soap

7. Castalia Organic Potassium Soap 

Among the cheap potassium soaps on the market, we immediately identify this item that, despite its price, does not neglect quality. With a concentration of 40%, it is characterized by being an ecological fertilizer treatment, so you can be sure that your plants are in good hands.

This 1 liter Castalia potassium soap offers absolute efficiency, since it manages to eradicate most common pests from crops, such as mealybugs and aphids, whiteflies, red spiders or thrips. It is suitable both for outdoors and for use in a greenhouse.

This potassium solution helps to clean the molasses from your plants, as well as the stains. But that’s not all because it also acts as a disinfectant for work tools. It leaves no residue and is completely safe for both people and animals. The proportion is 10 to 15 ml of insecticide per liter of water.

Castalia is very probably the best brand of potassium soaps on the market. For this reason, trusting her is a wise decision.


Ecological: It is an ecological potassium soap whose concentration is 40%.

Disinfectant: Not only does it eliminate pests from your plants, but it also acts as a tool cleaner and disinfectant.

Safe: It is an innocuous product, that is, totally safe for both humans and animals.


Meter: The container does not incorporate any meter to mix with water, so an external one will have to be used.

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Potassium soap for red spider

8. Alfe Potash Soap Solution

Made from plant substances, this potassium soap is biodegradable and is responsible for eradicating plant parasites. For this reason, it is a product that significantly improves your metabolism, as well as your natural defenses.

The properties of this potassium soap for spider mites allow you to remove all kinds of impurities and stains, favoring photosynthesis. It is available in a 250 ml container. Like most of the solutions on this list, it should be mixed with water in a proportion of 4 to 8 ml per liter of water. The manufacturer recommends applying immediately or, in any case, not waiting more than 24 hours to take full advantage of the benefits of this product.

As it does not have repellent characteristics, it does admit the approach of other beneficial insects to the plants. It is advisable to store this potassium soap in a cool, dry place.

The red spider is one of the most damaging insects for plants. Hence, having an insecticide solution that ends it is recommended.


Biodegradable: Being made from vegetable substances, it is a biodegradable potassium soap and, therefore, non-polluting.

Efficacy: This insecticide radically kills parasites such as the red spider.

Strengthener: One of its most outstanding characteristics is that it improves the natural defenses of the plant and, therefore, favors photosynthesis.


Precautions: Certain precautions for use must be taken into account, such as the time of application or the place of conservation.

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Potassium soap for whiteflies

9. Finca Casarejo Potassium soap 1 liter Natural Solution

This solution of natural origin has been made with organic ingredients, so it is safe for the health of people and animals. In this sense, it is necessary to mention that it does not contain poison or other biocides, however, it has a good capacity to combat red spiders, lice, aphids, among others.

This soap is indicated to protect all kinds of small plants, trees and crops, both indoors and outdoors. One of its functions is to increase resistance to possible diseases, thanks to the fact that it increases the consistency of the plant bark and the amount of potassium. It also helps to enhance the flavor and color of the fruits.

Regarding the ecosystem, it must be said that unlike other insecticides, this product is respectful of pollinators, such as ladybugs, bees and butterflies. In addition, it contains 1 liter for greater durability.

To take care of plants from the most common insects, it is important to choose a good potassium soap, so it is important to learn more about the characteristics of this model.


Safety: It is a 100% organic potassium soap, so it is free of harmful agents.

Uses: It is indicated for indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, but also for trees and crops.

Respectful: It is not aggressive with pollinators such as butterflies and bees, so it is respectful of the ecosystem.


Dispenser: This model does not include a dispenser, so it must be purchased separately.

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Shopping guide

If you dedicate yourself to organic farming, there is no better option than potassium soap. This product does not affect the environment or human beings and, in addition, protects and prevents your plants from pests. Take a look at this guide to buy the best potassium soap and pay attention to all the aspects to assess.


Potassium soaps are insecticides whose main characteristic is that they are ecological solutions. Due to this quality, many users prefer them to those chemical treatments. This means that they are 100% harmless products, so their use is safe for both people and animals. Its scope of action focuses, in fact, only on parasites, since it is responsible for eradicating them, but not with other insects that could be beneficial for the development of plants. This is explained because they do not contain repellents but potassium salts from vegetable oils.

Due to their composition based on substances of plant origin, they are biodegradable items. This means that, when degraded, they will become fertilizer for plants. However, it does not hurt to make sure of the formula of the product in question. In general, they do not incorporate sulfates or parabens. As always, you should make sure by taking a look at the label.


Another factor to mention in this comparison of potassium soaps has to do with the packaging. First of all, we should refer to the content of it. In the market, it is not difficult to identify proposals from 250 ml to 5 liters of capacity. Another of the most common sizes is the 1 liter. At this point, you should consider how often you are going to use the potassium soap or what you are going to use it for.

It is clear that you will not need the same amount to sanitize the ornamental plants of your home as for a greenhouse or a field of cultivation. Of course, if you are wondering how much potassium soap costs, you should know that its price will depend a lot on the content of the container.

At this point, it is worth referring to the format of the product. This can be concentrated or diluted. In the first case, you must mix the potassium soap with water in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer, although this is usually 10 to 20 ml per liter of water. Again, check the directions on the package. In the second case, the usual thing is that the insecticide is presented as a spray. A diluted potassium soap means that it is already mixed with water and therefore ready to use.


When buying cheap potassium soap, you cannot ignore its mode of application. In this sense, it should be differentiated if what you are looking for is to offer a preventive treatment to the plants or a cure. Again, you will need to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Not in vain, each one has different usage guidelines to follow in order to obtain the best results.

Preventive actions, for example, could require a dose every week or 10 days, while if the work is curative, it would be essential to renew the dose more frequently, for example, twice a week. Also pay attention to how to spray on plants. Generally, it will be necessary to do it at a distance of about 40 cm until each leaf is soaked.

Potassium soaps usually have a “but”, and this is that they cannot be applied at any time of the day. It is recommended that the treatment be carried out outside the hours of maximum sun.


Finally, it may be interesting that we also value that potassium solutions are accompanied by their proper certificate. In this way, it is one more proof of its guarantee and effectiveness and, therefore, of its innocuous nature.

In this context, we can only refer to one of the most prestigious organizations operating in this sector. We are talking about the Certification Service for Ecological Products (CAAE). It is an entity that has a long history, since it has been in force since the early 1990s. It is, in fact, an outstanding body in Europe, since it has currently certified more than one million hectares.

For this reason, betting on a product that has been certified by CAAE will ensure that your garden or crop is in good hands. Do not forget that safety is one of the criteria that should most influence your purchase, especially if you have pets or small children. It will depend on the quality of the potash soap that your plants look shiny and healthy for longer.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to make potassium soap?

Potassium soap is a natural insecticide, so you can also make it yourself at home. For this, you will need potassium hydroxide (20 grams), vegetable oil (120 grams) and water (20 grams). Remember that, during the process, you should protect your hands with rubber gloves and, if possible, your face with glasses. Mix the water and potassium hydroxide in a container. In another bowl, add the vegetable oil previously heated in a water bath. When it has cooled down, mix them together and whisk for a few minutes. Let stand and beat again until you get an appropriate texture.

Q2. How to use potassium soap for red spider?

Potassium soap is one of the most effective remedies to combat red spider mite. This is responsible for softening these parasites until, finally, they end up dying. Be vigilant in the presence of these insects. You have to be very consistent in the treatment and put it into practice as often as indicated by the manufacturer of the potassium soap. It is much more effective if you combine it with neem oil. In prevention tasks, you can space out the doses more, for example, one application every 10 days. However, if you are in the healing phase, it may be necessary to increase the treatment to a dose every five days.

Q3. How to dilute potassium soap?

If you have purchased a concentrated potassium soap, you should dilute it with water before spraying it onto your plants. In this sense, examine the manufacturer’s instructions, as each model may vary. In general, you will need 20 to 30 ml of potassium soap for every liter of water. Pour the mixture into a bowl and then transfer it to a spray bottle.

Q4. How to dose potassium soap?

The dosage of potassium soap can be different from one manufacturer to another. For this reason, it is best to consult the instructions of the product you have purchased. Most of the time, the container cap itself can serve as a meter, so you know exactly how many caps to mix per liter of water. In this way, there will be no error worth.

Q5. How to mix potassium soap and neem oil?

Sometimes, it may happen that you need to reinforce the action of the potassium soap, either because you cannot eliminate certain parasites or for any other reason. In this case, neem oil is presented as the best possible ally. To mix them, again you must know the exact concentration of potassium soap in your product so as not to overdo it. However, broadly speaking, the proportion of this mixture is usually 3 to 5 ml of potassium soap per liter of water. Next, add the same amount of neem oil as potassium soap.

Q6. Is it safe to use potassium soap?

Potassium soap is an ecological insecticide and, therefore, totally safe. As it is made from vegetable oils and does not contain parabens, sulfates and other toxic substances, there is nothing to worry about. It is not only safe for humans, but also for pets and even other beneficial insects, since it does not act as a repellent. Ultimately, it is an environmentally friendly product.

Q7. What is potassium soap made of?

Potash soap is mainly made up of oils of vegetable origin. In addition to these elements, its formula contains others such as potassium carbonate, water and caustic potash. The concentration of each ingredient will depend on each product, but it is common to identify models on the market with 40% vegetable oils. It should be noted that these are products that do not contain toxic agents and chemicals that are harmful to human health, such as parabens or sulfates.

Q8. How to store potassium soap?

One of the most frequent questions about potassium soap is how to store it. Its storage cannot be done randomly and, in fact, if you want it to remain in optimal conditions for longer, you must follow certain conservation guidelines.

If you look closely, in most models you can read that they need a cool and dry place so that their properties are not altered. This means that under no circumstances is it advisable to expose them for a long time to sunlight or to heat sources. Ideally, they should be at a stable temperature between 0 and 30ºC. Although they are harmless items, they should not be within the reach of children or pets.

» Review information from previous years

Trabe Jabón Potásico Concentrado 1 L

Los insecticidas ecológicos son tan populares no solo porque cumplen con su misión al 100 %, sino porque, al mismo tiempo, cuidan del medio ambiente. Por este motivo, este jabón potásico insecticida se encuentra entre los primeros puestos de nuestro ranking, gracias a su fórmula a base de sales potásicas de origen vegetal en un 42 %.

En un envase de 1 litro, se trata de un producto especialmente formulado para acabar con las plagas más comunes, como las de pulgones, arañas rojas, cochinillas, trips y moscas blancas. Una característica que merece la pena mencionar es que no crea resistencia, algo que los usuarios valorarán enormemente. Al no ser tóxico, es apto para horticultura ecológica.

Para su aplicación, el fabricante aconseja disolver 10 ml en 1 litro de agua. Posteriormente, pulveriza hacia la planta hasta que esta quede completamente empapada.

¿Qué te parecería encontrar un jabón potásico que acabase con las plagas más comunes de las plantas? Parece que este producto sí cumple con lo que promete.


Envase: Este producto se presenta en un envase cuyo contenido es de un litro. Para su aplicación, se debe disolver 10 ml de insecticida por 1 litro de agua.

Ecológico: Se trata de un modelo ecológico y, por ende, respetuoso con el medio ambiente. Está formulado con sales potásicas de origen vegetal.

Eficaz: Es un eficaz remedio para luchar contra plagas de pulgones, moscas blancas, arañas rojas o cochinillas.


Aplicación: Para una aplicación más efectiva, es imprescindible evitar las horas del día con mayor incidencia de sol.

Asocoa Limpiador Jabón Potásico Concentrado 1L

En el área de jabones potásicos ecológicos, no podemos olvidarnos de este modelo que aterriza en un envase muy cómodo de manejar cuyo contenido es de 1 litro. Estamos frente a un jabón potásico para mosca blanca, aunque también está indicado para erradicar otros parásitos como la araña roja, los pulgones, las cochinillas o los trips.

De este modo, en un mismo producto tendrás la solución a todas las plagas que pudieran afectar a tus plantas. A pesar de que existe su versión diluida, en este caso, es un insecticida concentrado, por lo que deberás mezclarlo con agua para beneficiarte de sus propiedades. La proporción es de 24 ml por cada litro de agua, de acuerdo con el fabricante.

No es dañino ni para las personas ni para las propias aves y demás vida silvestre. Es apropiado para toda clase de cultivos, por lo que puedes utilizarlo tanto en jardines como en plantas ornamentales.

De origen vegetal, este jabón potásico tiene todas las

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