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Pruning Shears – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To make your house look attractive and welcoming, nothing better than a beautiful garden that decorates the entrance, full of carefully cared for plants that arouse the admiration of whoever passes by and observes them. However, to achieve this neat appearance in our garden, it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment that facilitates the tasks of pruning and caring for the plants. One of these essential pieces of equipment is pruning shears. But not just any pruning shears. But one of advanced design that allows optimal results to be achieved, with minimal damage to plants. Among the most modern types of scissors, there are the anvil ones, which exert a cut by crushing, ideal for dry branches and small shoots. We also have the more traditional bypass ones, ideal for more precise cuts.Fiskars 111260, for its firm and effective blade system, its light weight and ergonomic design. We also recommend the Fiskars 112290 shears, which effectively cut even the wood of your small trees in the garden, so you can cut quite accurately.

Buying guide – What is the best pruning shears on the market?

Pruning shears are the most suitable tool for cutting branches and other simple plant debris. A product that we must adapt to our specific needs, for which the market offers us a good number of options.

In any case, the tips in our guide to buying the best pruning shears will save us time and hassle when carrying out these small or large gardening jobs, as needed.

types of scissors

When we decide to look for pruning shears, we are surely overwhelmed by the large number of existing models. A variety that is not accidental, but that supposes, in each of these models, a specific application of the product to the jobs or tasks that we are going to carry out at the time of pruning.

However, to begin with, we are going to put aside a model that, although it appears in almost any comparison of pruning shears, is really quite different.

We are talking about electric pruning shears, which have the advantage of doing the hard work for us, saving us time and inconvenience when working. Products with a wide range of work, so you won’t have to worry about adjusting it to specific measurements.

However, this does not happen with manual models. In this case, we have scissors that range from hand scissors, designed for pruning rose bushes and other small materials, to larger models, with which to cut branches of a certain size and entity.

In this case, we must select the most suitable model according to our specific needs, the type of plants we plan to prune and the hardness of these materials. The good news is that you won’t have a problem finding the right scissor for that use.

Materials and resistance

Continuing with our choice of quality pruning shears, we have to talk about the different materials and their resistance. An element that influences the price, the quality of the product and its durability.

Within the pruning shears on the market, we can find products based on stainless steel, both for its strength and durability. This material also maintains the edge better, with different additional treatments that, duly applied by the manufacturers, further improve the cutting capacity, reducing the need to sharpen the scissors and giving the product greater comfort and resistance.

As for the rest of the elements of the product, it is convenient that the support arms are also made of this material, to maintain the adequate resistance of the product. Above all, because an integral design also has greater durability during use.

As for the handles, there are models with plastic or rubber elements and others made of metal, although duly treated. The latter are more resistant than plastics, although for comfort purposes, the former tend to stand out. We will analyze them below.

comfort of use

To finish our advice, it is time to talk about the comfort of use of the scissors. An aspect that, in part, you will have already covered in a remarkable way if you have done your homework in the previous points, but that we are going to optimize to the maximum. In this case, we are going to refer only to the manual scissors, since the electric models, per se, have a remarkable comfort, although with the difference in how much it costs, which is also considerable.

For the pruning shears to be comfortable, it is necessary that they have an effective activation system, depending on their nature. Therefore, the sliding of the screws and other areas of rotation must be fluid, not adding more resistance to the cut than the branch or plant material that we are cutting will offer us.

We must also see the design of the grips, which also helps us to make this effort properly. Many models have an ergonomic design, which makes it easier to apply force to the cut, while avoiding problems with corns or calluses that may come out in the event of prolonged use.

Check, therefore, this aspect and, if it is fulfilled, surely you are facing good and economical pruning shears with which you will not suffer more than necessary when working.

The 5 Best Pruning Shears – Opinions 2022

Are you looking to buy a good budget scissor? In this article you will find the description of the best pruning shears of 2022 according to users, so that you can review different models, their characteristics, quality-price and choose which is the best electric, manual or pneumatic pruning shears that are most suitable for you. conveniently fit your needs.

1. Fiskars 111260 Pruning Shears Bypass Blade

Main advantage:

It has extraordinary power to cut leaves and branches, thanks to its strong blades, but at the same time it is very manageable and allows delicate pruning tasks. They are made of a metal alloy that makes these scissors very light but at the same time very powerful, with a grip handle that allows you to hold it firmly, and a safety latch to prevent it from being opened accidentally.

Main disadvantage:

According to some comments from users on the web, the shape and design of the grip or grip handle can be improved, since as they indicate, after prolonged use, it tends to tire the hand, so it is advisable to use some support or padding extra to the handle to avoid this type of inconvenience.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A powerful pruning shears, with a suitable design, quite compact and ergonomic, and high performance, all at a fairly affordable price, making it one of the models with the best value for money on the current market, considered very satisfactory. by the vast majority of buyers.

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cutting blade

The cutting blade of these scissors is made of PTFE-coated metal, a high-resistance material that reduces friction and provides a clean cut suitable for thick pieces. The construction of the blade and the handle is designed to provide a fairly high cutting force and optimum sharpness. It is capable of cutting branches up to 20 mm, as well as trimming bushes and even delicate shoots, without damaging the plant and without causing disastrous splintering or cuts. It is an ideal equipment for cutting soft wood and small and medium branches.


Despite their power, these are very light and pleasant to the touch scissors. It weighs just 160 grams, so you can use it without problems for as long as you want in your garden care tasks. In addition, it has compact dimensions, having a total length of only 20 centimeters, so as not to give you problems when using it between the branches of trees and bushes. Its handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, and it can be used with both hands equally.


It incorporates a quite effective fastening system to prevent it from being opened accidentally or to prevent use by children. It has a hole with a latch that keeps the scissors well secured. Likewise, its design allows safe use, thanks to its grip handle that allows firmness and a high level of control, and an ergonomic and suitable blade layout for a clean and safe cut. It is also quite resistant, so you can carry out your daily tasks with a device that will last a long time.

Value for money

It is also one of the cheapest pruning shears models on the market today. This, together with its quality and magnificent cutting power, give it an excellent value for money, earning the acceptance and satisfaction of the vast majority of buyers.

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2. Fiskars Pole 1000582 Bypass Blade for Wood

The Fiskars brand model 112290 is of high quality. With a traditional two-handed design, it comes in black and orange and will be able to cut branches up to 35 and 50mm in diameter, ideal for caring for large plants without much effort. According to users it is very effective, with this tool there will be no trunk or hard branch that will survive its power.

It is very light in weight, just 540 g, which makes it a very manageable accessory and guarantees that you will be able to hold it in your hands long enough to finish your task before you start to feel the discomfort of its weight.

Its blade system and anvil-shaped blade grip provide an infallible method when cutting the branch, and its Fiskars-patented force multiplier system makes it a great investment with high value for money.

According to the recommendations of the users, the best pruning shears of the moment is the Fiskars 112290, for this reason we summarize its pros and cons and present them to you below.


Size: Thanks to its length of 57 cm, you will be able to work while maintaining comfort and safety when using these scissors, and you will also have a greater level of reach for the most distant branches.

Diameter: They allow you to make cuts in a diameter of up to 35 mm, so you have a good range for different types of stems and branches.

Ergonomics: The tool is designed to be handled with both hands, having a good level of ergonomics at each end, so you can use them easily.

Design: It is structured with hemispherical scissors in the form of a clasp, which are covered to provide a better cutting effect and at the same time facilitate the holding of the branch once cut.

Lightweight: Since it weighs 540 grams, it is quite easy to handle, so you won’t get tired of holding it for a long time.

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3. Felco 12 Pruning and Fruit Shears

Even though these scissors are not that cheap, they are one of the best Felco brand pruning shears, specialized in this type of instrument.

This model, although more expensive than the previous one, is made of better quality materials, its blades are made of tempered steel and it has a very ergonomic, plastic-coated forged aluminum rotary handle, which optimizes the use of force and allows you to work comfortably, avoiding the appearance of blisters on your hands and protecting your hand and wrist; It prevents tendon inflammation and is great for those times when you have to do extensive pruning.

This tool guarantees a clean and precise cut and also, with its light weight of 265 g, you will not even notice the passage of time.

This equipment is highly recommended for carrying out prolonged tasks. It is important to note that this model is designed for users with small hands.

If you meet these requirements, these shears represent a great option for those who spend much of their time caring for their garden and need a reliable and durable tool.

Regardless of whether you are looking for cheaper pruning shears or you do not care about their price, it is essential that you carefully evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. Here are those corresponding to the Felco 12 model.


Light: You will be able to use them in a long day of pruning, since their weight does not exceed 300 grams, so you will not have problems handling them.

Ergonomics: The control area is covered with a thick layer of plastic, so that they offer a good level of ergonomics and a comfortable grip.

Resistance: The blades have an aluminum coating that makes them more resistant to continuous use, so they do not have to be replaced quickly.

Easy handling: It is quite simple to use, and can even be handled with one hand, so the pruning process will not be exhausting at all when using this tool.


Diameter: Some buyers say that the cutting diameter is not enough in some cases, so it should be remembered that it is designed to make cuts on small branches.

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4. Mannesmann Werkzeuge M63202 Pruning Shears Set

Users and sales rate it as the best pruning shears available. This model of one-handed pruning shears works manually and includes 2 pieces: a pruning shear and another for cutting flowers, each one corresponding to a different type of branch thickness.

Its price is lower than other similar models on the market, but some users claim that they tend to rust very quickly, so if you plan to buy them, it is recommended that you give them good use and protect them from a hostile environment to prolong their life. Useful.

Functionally speaking, they are very effective despite being a basic model, ideal for pruning flowers and not-so-thick branches in your garden and have an ergonomic anti-slip grip complemented by a safety cord that hooks onto the hand to prevent injuries in the event from falling.

They are a great option for maintaining a small home garden, even taking into account their disadvantages, given their low price.

In case your budget is already stipulated, you should read the pros and cons of this model, considered the best pruning shears for 10 euros according to users.


Set: It is a set of two scissors with capacity for two different thicknesses, so if you have different flowers and stems in your garden, it is a quite ideal tool.

Resistance: They offer a good level of resistance because they are made of stainless steel, so you will not have to replace it in the short or medium term.

Handle: They have their respective rubber handle, which is non-slip and will give you greater balance and stability when handling the scissors.

Closure: They have a modest system with safety closures that significantly improve the handling of the scissors and achieve an adequate cutting experience.


Oxidation: Several users point out that these scissors rust after a certain time of use, but this may be because they do not receive enough care after use, such as thoroughly drying the liquid that remains on the blades.

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5. Grüntek Specht Pruning Shears 215 mm

If you are still not sure which pruning shears to buy, you are interested in knowing the Gruntek Specht model. This gardening tool bases its operation on a bypass cutting system. This is executed by means of a 55-millimeter upper blade, which falls on the lower base and thus performs the cut.

This operation is of the anvil type, so that the effort when squeezing falls directly on the rest of the vegetable to be cut. A process where comfort is not lacking, thanks to the ergonomic PVC-coated aluminum handles.

Thanks to its approach, we are talking about an effective product that will remain in good condition for a long time. And if we add an adjusted price to all this, we would be facing the best pruning shears for its quality price of those that we have chosen for you.

Carrying out your pruning tasks will be much easier if you use quality scissors like these.


Cut: The cut is made using a ByPass anvil system, which is more comfortable to use.

Blade : The blade is made of high-quality SK5 steel and is 55 millimeters long.

Comfort : The handle is covered in PVC and has an ergonomic design, very comfortable to the touch.


Latch : The safety latch tends to move more than is desirable, so sometimes you have to stop cutting to put it in place.

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How to use a pruning shears

With these precision tools, you will ensure that your plants and flowers always look much better than those of all your neighbors, standing out as the most beautiful and rosy ones that will provoke admiration. Even so, for its proper use, you must take into account some factors. 

Do not skimp actions in your protection and those of your pruning shears

To be able to use your pruning shears and get the most out of them, this garden implement must be kept in the best possible conditions of cleanliness and conservation, without underestimating the quality of the edge. In addition to taking care of your pruning shears, you also have to be careful while using them and, for this, nothing less than providing yourself with gloves, protective glasses for your eyes, as well as a cap with a visor that protects you from overexposure to light. solar.

Tips when pruning

Veteran gardeners agree that the most convenient technique for trimming shrubs, for example, is to work your way up and down, pointing out that this gives the pruning user a better perspective of the pruning process.

You must maintain an upright posture while working, avoiding bending your back to avoid possible discomfort, such as injuries and contractures: quite by the way, it will always be preferable to bend over than bend your waist when dealing with low stems or plants at ground level.

While pruning standing up, spread both legs equidistantly, so that you properly distribute all your weight and balance your center of gravity. In order to reach the highest branches, try to use a portable ladder that offers you stability, since what you have in your hands is a sharp tool that requires precautions in its use.

Good grip handles

To the extent of your budget possibilities, acquire pruning shears whose handles offer a good grip to your hands and whose blades are made of stainless steel, that material so resistant that it facilitates cleaning, from sap or moisture residues, and avoids the corrosion.

Diversity of models for different functions

A very important feature of this range of gardening products is that you will need not one, but several pruning shears: the one suitable for trimming bushes is not the same one for trimming the contours of the lawn and so on. Similarly, scissors with longer handles (telescopic ones, for example) require different handling – effort and precision – than those with short handles in their maneuvering.

How to make the most of your time: plan

In this regard, one way to organize yourself is to geometrically divide the area you intend to work on, starting with the area that requires the most effort and leaving the lightest for last.

Taking frequent breaks and taking a step back from what you are undertaking gives you a fairly objective perspective of the pruning process, allowing you to rethink goals and strategies that translate into greater productivity.

The most popular brands

If you are interested in the best tool to prune your garden, pruning shears are the right choice. For this reason, we have reviewed the characteristics of some models and compared them with the opinions of users on the Internet. In this opportunity we want to mention the most important brands, among which we have FISKARS, MANNESMANN and BELLOTA.

The demand for the manufacture of cast and wrought iron products in Fiskars, Finland, in 1649 causes a number of blacksmith shops to be founded under Peter Thorwöste. For 1822 Johan Jacob Julin acquires the ironworks which actively developed in the processing of iron. By 1883, his daughter Emil Lindsay von Julin founded the Fiskars limited company.

The improvement and processing of steel, as well as the renovation of the rolling mills, made FISKARS increase its productivity in 1918, in addition to expanding its production. By 1967, this company designed and produced the first scissors with orange ergonomic plastic handles.

FISKARS founded the scissors factory in the United States in 1977, an issue that allowed it to market its products and grow in international markets. Currently, this company specializes in the production of garden tools, kitchen and household items.

FISKARS produces lightweight scissors with an aluminum body and certified steel blade with TruEdge technology to make more precise and clean cuts, which allow cuts in green wood and dry wood. Similarly, it has introduced a novel extension pole to reach places that are difficult to access from the ground.

Headquartered in Remscheid, Germany, BRÜDER MANNESMANN AG is a company dedicated to the production of tools and accessories. This company was founded by the brothers Alfred and Carl Mannesmann in 1931 with the casting and forging of clamps for pipes that carried water and gas.

Since 1977 MANNESMANN founded the subsidiary Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeuge GmbH and began to market tools as well as the line of imported products do it yourself (Do it yourself). Later this brand adds technical items and power tools.

Today MANNESMANN has diversified and has several lines of powerful professional power tools, hand tools, tool supplies, household items. This company exports and imports products to partners all over the world.

Among his hand tools are scissors for garden work. Made of stainless steel, with a blade that has a non-stick coating, ergonomic handles, they vary in sizes and functionalities. They are equipped with the ratchet system that saves energy and reduces effort when making cuts.

They also have springs that improve opening control, as well as a locking closure for greater security. With the use of these tools, MANNESMANN offers a professional experience.

The “Corporación Patricio Echeverría” is a company started by Patricio Echeverría in 1908 in Legazpi, Spain, with the foundation of his own blacksmith workshop. Carrying out some steel works for the city council and other clients allowed us to grow and innovate in the development of technologies for agricultural tools.

Thanks to its permanent technological renewal, the BELLOTA brand manages to transcend tools, becoming a benchmark in the automotive industry in Spain and Europe. With more than 100 years in the market, it produces and markets a wide range of hand tools for industry, construction, carpentry, agriculture and gardening, security, among others.

With the Bellota Agrisolutions division, BELLOTA produces hand tools, components and spare parts for agricultural machinery. In that sense, this company offers a series of one-handed, two-handed pruning shears and hedge trimmers. Manufactured with non-stick coated steel blades, they allow a larger contact surface to be covered to obtain clean and effortless cuts.

Likewise, they have ergonomic grip handles that guarantee a better adaptation of the hand, facilitating ambidextrous use, as well as an adjustable opening system to adapt to the needs of the user.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Bosch Ciso

Esta tijera de podar de una mano, eléctrica de la marca Bosch es la herramienta perfecta para cortar ramas de menor diámetro que el modelo anterior, hasta un máximo de 14 mm. Es recomendable para uso doméstico, de flores y plantas sencillas, está muy alejada de ser perfecta para el uso profesional sin embargo es una gran opción para los amantes de DIY de la jardinería casera.

Al ser eléctrica, necesita cargarse por un período de 5 horas, un tiempo algo extenso pero que se ve recuperado por el hecho de que su batería de litio puede proveer hasta 500 cortes, aunque para algunas ramas necesite 2 o hasta 3 cortes para poder despegarla efectivamente, sin embargo, si cabe entre sus cuchillas es seguro que podrá retirar esa rama.

Su peso ligero de 590 g la convierte en la aliada perfecta para terminar esas tareas sin tanto esfuerzo. Su practicidad es digna de las mejores tijeras de podar eléctricas, y sin duda sería un excelente regalo para un adulto mayor aficionado a la jardinería cuya fuerza se ha visto mermada por el paso del tiempo.

Considerada como exponente de la mejor marca de tijeras de podar encontramos a este modelo de Bosch, que tiene alta reputación entre los usuarios. Conoce sus puntos a favor y en contra, a continuación.


Agarre: Cuenta con un robusto agarre que facilita el control y manipulación de estas tijeras, si lo deseas puedes prescindir del uso de guantes gracias al recubrimiento de goma que hace que sea más ergonómico este utensilio.

Ligera: Con su peso de 590 g, podrás manejarla sin problemas durante una larga jornada de poda, tomando en cuenta que puedes controlarla con una sola mano, así que tendrás una buena experiencia de uso.

Diámetro: Está diseñada para realizar cortes de ramas con diversos tipos de diámetros, ideal para uso doméstico, así que podrás podar tallos con un diámetro entre 9 y 14 mm, dependiendo del tipo de madera o tallo.

Uso sencillo: Si no has utilizado una tijera de este tipo no deberás preocuparte, porque tiene un mecanismo de funcionamiento bastante sencillo, y no te resultará difícil manipular este utensilio.

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