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Safety glasses – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

If you are engaged in industrial work, chemical or pharmacological work, construction, factories, carpentry or do DIY activities at home, you need to wear safety glasses, because they can protect your eyes from certain objects or splashes of dangerous substances, which could cause irreparable damage to your vision. If you are buying this tool for the first time or want to replace the ones you already have, we recommend the VoltX Grafter. These glasses are made of polycarbonate, with anti-fog properties and ultraviolet protection, being suitable for the industrial environment or for sports such as cycling. On the other hand, we have the Bollé TRACPSF Tracker, glasses with a modern design of very comfortable temples, appropriate to protect your vision from mechanical or chemical risks and with a fastening strap that adapts to the shape of your face.

Opinions on the best safety glasses on the market


It is important to be careful in our work area, especially in the industrial environment, since the eyes are the most unprotected area of ​​the body. But not only in the work environment, since at home we also do different tasks, so we must resort to safety glasses as a prevention mechanism to protect our vision. Next, we have prepared a list with some models that have good user ratings and that have been classified as the best safety glasses of 2022.

prescription safety glasses 

voltX Grafter 

If you are looking for prescription safety glasses, we recommend this voltX model. Bifocal glasses made with polycarbonate lenses molded in one piece, designed for industrial work, but that can also be used in the sports world, mainly in cycling, because they are quite light. 

If you dare to acquire this model, you would take one of the best value for money safety glasses on the market, where in addition to its reasonable price, they have an anti-fog coating, which prevents the lenses from fogging, as well as UV400 protection, providing high effectiveness against damage caused by UV sun rays.

With these glasses, you have the option of choosing the diopter between +1.0 and +3.5, although you can also opt for ones without a diopter. In addition, they are available in three different versions, yellow, transparent and smoked mirror. 

This model competes to be one of the best safety glasses of the moment, thanks to its different properties, for example, its bifocal quality and its low cost. Here are its pros and cons.


Graduated: This model has a suitable prescription for people with visual problems, which can be selected between +1.5 and +3.5 diopter.

Polycarbonate: The material used to manufacture these glasses is polycarbonate, which is highly resistant to scratches and durable.

Anti-fog: These glasses have a highly effective anti-fog coating against fogging.

Ultraviolet: It also has ultraviolet protection against the sun’s rays, so you can use these glasses outdoors.


Angle: If you’re not used to bifocals, it can be difficult to set the precise angle for reading, but after you learn how to use them you should be fine.

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Eagle Half Moon 

The Eagle Half Moon model is another interesting alternative as far as prescription safety glasses are concerned and that you can easily find in the protective equipment market, since they have been specially designed to be used in different work environments, appropriate for eyestrain and with a highly effective mechanical strength, being able to withstand an impact speed of up to 45 m/s.

To hold these glasses, bi-material temples with a fastening cord have been incorporated. In addition, to prevent scratches and scratches, this model includes a microfiber cover for storage.

On the other hand, these protective glasses come with different optical diopters that range between +1 and +2.5, so they are very useful for increasing vision and making difficult details during your work, earning a place as the best prescription glasses. safety of this selection.

If you want to know which safety glasses to buy, we recommend this model made of high-quality, abrasion-resistant polycarbonate. Learn about its most important features.


Use: This model is suitable for carrying out different jobs, since they are very versatile, so they can cover you from dust, splashes or flying objects.  

Ergonomics: These glasses have an ergonomic design that efficiently adapts to the contour of the eyes, being accompanied by adjustable temples and a cord so that they do not get lost.

Protection: This model of glasses offers adequate protection against UVA rays, being suitable for working outdoors, thanks to the fact that it has UV400 filters of optical quality 1.


Care: You must be careful when storing your glasses in the case, since the temples often rub against the lenses when bending them and can damage the bifocals. 

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Bolle safety glasses

Bollé TRACPSF Tracker 

The Bollé brand is an important firm in the safety glasses market, offering a wide range of models, one of them being the TRACPSF Tracker, recommended by many users as one of the best safety glasses of 2022, thanks to its efficient properties. and modern streamlined design.

It should also be noted that these Bollé safety glasses are made of polycarbonate, a material resistant to abrasion and highly durable. For its part, the lenses are framed in a nylon frame with a fairly robust appearance, as well as a striking combination of gray and black colors.

Additionally, these glasses are special for continuous work, as they have been classified with an optical quality of 1BT, so they are highly safe against medium and low energy impact risks, as well as being suitable for protecting your vision from high temperatures. extreme or elements that fly at high speed.

Bollé is for many the best brand of safety glasses, because it is a firm that cares about providing quality models and unique details in its glasses. Learn more about this brand through its Tracker TRACPSF model.


Temples: This model incorporates comfortable side temples that adapt ergonomically to your ears.

Strap: These glasses also include a practical, easily removable adjustable strap, made with elastic material for greater comfort.

Protection: Thanks to their polycarbonate construction, these glasses offer highly effective protection against possible chemical and mechanical risks.

Washable: The frame and lenses can be washed with soap and water to keep them in good condition.


Diopters: This model is not offered with different degrees of diopters, so if you need this type of glasses, you would have to choose another alternative. 

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These Bollé safety glasses stand out for their sporty design with a combination of red and black colors, as well as for their high effectiveness against ultraviolet solar radiation, since it offers up to 99% protection, so you can forget about annoying reflections. and you can comfortably carry out your outdoor activities, being one of the best quality-price safety glasses, as they are the cheapest in this selection.

Its structure has an exclusive platinum coating to protect the lenses against scratches and an optimal anti-fog treatment for greater safety, delaying its appearance as much as possible.

On the other hand, it has a non-slip nose bridge that can adapt to the nose while maintaining the position of the frame on the face. In addition to this, the side temples have double injection and according to the manufacturer they are ultra-flexible.

With this Bollé model, you are not only buying cheap and quality glasses, they are also highly resistant to low-speed impacts and mechanical risk.


Design: These glasses have a modern sports design, with flexible temples and double injection, providing a plus of comfort to the user.

Anti-scratch: It has a platinum coating that provides great resistance to scratches, as well as chemical products, delaying the appearance of fogging.

Radiation: Additionally, this model has maximum protection against ultraviolet solar radiation, so they are appropriate for working outdoors.


Bridge: The bridge of the nose has a rubber coating that is somewhat brittle, so you must be careful when putting on the glasses to prevent it from breaking.

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3M safety glasses 

3M Virtua AP

Another of the best quality-price safety glasses in this selection is this 3M model. These are eye protectors with a universal frame, which have a modern and elegant design with enveloping lines, to fit properly to the face, being appropriate for men and women without distinction. 

These 3M safety glasses have a very efficient optical quality, with an optimal anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, being certified under the European standard EN166:2001, earning the CE marking to provide greater security to its users in terms of the guarantee offered by this product.

Regarding the protection offered by these glasses, we can mention that both the lenses and the frame offer adequate protection, since they are capable of withstanding any impact. In addition, the anti-scratch coating that is incorporated into this model increases durability. Meanwhile, the transparent lenses provide optimal visibility to the user to carry out their tasks effectively.

If you are looking for the cheapest models on the market, but backed by a brand that gives its users confidence in terms of quality and safety, we recommend you review the characteristics of these 3M glasses.


Design: This model has a unisex design with enveloping lines for both men and women, providing an attractive image to the user.

Anti-scratch: These glasses include an anti-scratch coating that provides greater hardness and durability to the lenses.

Solar filter: The lenses have a gray tint that acts as sun filters, protecting the user against UV rays and glare.


Screws: It is likely that with frequent use, the screws on the temples will loosen, and it is advisable to adjust them periodically.

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3M 2890 

The 3M brand is recognized worldwide in the world of industrial safety, because it is a company that has been characterized by offering the market tools and accessories for worker protection in any work environment. 

3M Safety Glasses 2980 feature a sleek, modern design that combines style, performance, and comfort. In addition, it adds qualities that make it a model specially designed to be used in the field of construction. So, if you’re wondering what the best safety glasses are for work, the most convenient alternative might be these 3M safety glasses.

In addition to the above, you should know that they offer an optimal field of vision to the user, together with indirect ventilation that favors air circulation and reduces the appearance of mist, both in humid and warm environments. In addition, they are glasses that are highly resistant to use, thanks to their polycarbonate construction and their efficient coating that protects them from scratches.

3M is considered by many users to be the best brand of safety glasses on the market. So we invite you to know the benefits offered in one of its models.  


Optical clarity: This model offers efficient optical clarity, so you will be able to see objects without distortion and clearly for as long as you wear the glasses.

Ventilation: Thanks to the indirect ventilation design of this model, air circulation reduces the appearance of fogging and improves the comfort of the glasses.

Resistance: These glasses made of good quality polycarbonate, provide great resistance to scratches.


Adjustment: It is necessary to ensure that the glasses have the correct adjustment on the strap to avoid the appearance of marks after using the glasses for a long time. 

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polarized safety glasses 

Pegasus 990.99.5305 

If you are looking for the best safety glasses on the market, it is convenient that you review the characteristics of this Pegaso model. These are polarized safety glasses with 3.1 solar filter for greater effectiveness in road driving. 

These glasses are efficient against impacts, thanks to an inner foam protector that also provides protection against blizzards and possible shocks. Also, it should be noted that this model incorporates Spartan technology to the crystals, in order to protect them against scratches, making them highly resistant. Their design is robust, but at the same time they are very attractive and you can combine them with your outfit. 

In addition to this, the polarized lenses are responsible for neutralizing uncomfortable reflections, coming from wet roads, snow or water, thus guaranteeing optimal vision while driving, offering great comfort. In addition to road driving, you can use these goggles at work and in water or snow sports.

Do you want to know what safety glasses to buy? Know the pros and cons of this Pegaso model, because it is resistant, polarized and appropriate for different outdoor activities.


Frame: These glasses have a frame with anti-shock and anti-blizzard foam coating, to provide more efficient protection.

Polarized: These lenses are polarized offering quality vision in different environments, optimally neutralizing reflections.

Protection: In addition to complying with the EN166 standard, this model offers UV400 sun protection, impact resistance and is suitable for daily use.


Fit: The model is only offered in size L, so if you are looking for a smaller size, you may not get the right fit.

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ToolFreak Spoggles 

These polarized safety glasses have earned a place as the best safety glasses of 2022 in our selection, because they offer efficient protection features, combining the attractiveness of designer glasses, with the improved and stable protection of safety glasses..

The structure of these glasses gives you great versatility, as they include interchangeable elements so you can use them as safety glasses, as they include a frame, removable temples, padded foam lining, also removable, and an adjustable strap for the head, so that you can use it both industrially, as well as for sports and outdoor activities.

Like the other models that we have analyzed previously, these glasses have a coating that is resistant to scratches and fogging, as well as protection against ultraviolet rays, complying with the manufacturing standards required by the EN 166 regulation.

This alternative is not one of the cheapest, but it is one of the best safety glasses of the moment, so it is worth analyzing them in detail.


Versatility: These glasses can be used in different ways, since they incorporate interchangeable elements to transform them into casual glasses or safety glasses.

Adaptable: The included strap allows the possibility of adapting the glasses to the size of your head to improve comfort in use .

Material: They are made of premium quality polycarbonate, highly resistant to impacts for greater safety.


Mask: It is not recommended to use these glasses with masks or progressive lenses, because they are very tight and do not allow the use of another additional element.

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How to choose the best safety glasses?

As you may have noticed, safety glasses play a very important role in protecting our eyes against certain elements that could damage them, risks that we not only have in the work environment, but also at home when we carry out any DIY activity, for example. what this instrument is within the main security measures of companies and industries, to protect their workers. Next, we have prepared a guide to buy the best safety glasses, thinking about different aspects that we must take into account to choose the most suitable ones. 

Shopping guide


Manufacturing materials

The manufacturing material used in safety glasses will notably affect how much they cost, this being one of the main aspects that we must analyze. Reviewing between the different models, we have noticed that the main materials used in the manufacture of safety glasses lenses are glass, polycarbonate, glass or plastic. However, each of these materials has different properties and depending on the type of work you carry out, some will be more recommended than others. 

Glasses designed with glass offer high resistance to scratches and scratches, as well as chemical substances. In addition, these glasses or those made of glass offer an important advantage, because they provide great optical clarity to work, so you could see objects more clearly and without distortion, although they are usually brittle and you have to be very careful when using them. 

Another interesting alternative is glasses made of plastic. This material is lighter than glass and good, inexpensive alternatives to this security device can be created with it. They are also highly scratch resistant and will last a long time if taken care of. In addition to this, with this material it is possible to include a treatment against solar rays, offering UV protection. For its part, polycarbonate is a lightweight material, with efficient optical quality and much more resistant than the previous ones. 

Type of job

It is also necessary to look for protective glasses thinking about the type of work that we are going to carry out, since depending on the risk to which you are exposed, daily or occasionally, you have to make sure that the ones chosen are the most suitable for the protection that our children need. eyes. This is important, because it can happen that you buy glasses that were designed with appropriate features for a specific activity and are not suitable for another.

If your work involves carpentry or another activity where it is possible for solid particles to fly into your eyes, you should look for glasses that are tough enough to withstand such impacts. Now, if you are exposed to chemical substances or those that involve a biological risk in your work, you need to buy glasses that cover your eyes completely, both at the top and on the sides.

If you are exposed to radiation, your alternative will be to buy glasses that include protective filters against UV or IR radiation, for a better defense of your vision. In addition to what we have mentioned, it would not hurt if the safety glasses you choose incorporate an anti-fog coating in their structure, which can prevent the lenses from fogging up.

safety glasses design

The design of these safety glasses has more to do with the integral frame and the structure that supports the lenses. So, in the comparison of safety glasses that you make, also think about the design, because your choice will depend on it according to your tastes and adaptation needs for your face. In this sense, you will find glasses that have additional protection on the side or those that completely enclose the eye area, the latter being appropriate to protect vision from flying particles or dust.

Another aspect that is linked to the design is the fastening on the temples of the glasses, which can be traditional or with an elastic band that serves as a support for a proper fit. There are many brands on the market that play with the colors and designs of their glasses in terms of the temples or the fastening straps to add a better aesthetic.

medical graduation

For those people who have vision problems, it is also possible to choose prescription safety glasses that allow them to protect their eyes in dangerous situations at work, thus avoiding using two types of glasses at the same time. But finally, you can choose the option that is most comfortable for you.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use safety glasses?

Its use is very simple, just like conventional glasses, although if you have never worn safety glasses it is advisable to go to an optometrist beforehand so that they can tell you what the ideal diopter is for your eyesight and that you have the correct fit in your glasses. Keep in mind that when placing the safety glasses on your face, it is necessary to check if the adjustment of the bridge with the nose and the rods is adequate at the level of the ears, since these glasses must fit well on the face and not they should slide down the nose.


Q2: When the helmet does not have a visor, is it convenient to put on safety glasses? 

If it is convenient, because the helmet without a visor leaves the eyes unprotected, safety glasses being the almost essential element that will be in charge of reducing the danger of foreign objects or particles impacting our eyes and causing an eye injury.


Q3: When to use safety glasses?

To answer this question, it is necessary to place ourselves in the work environment in which we operate, for example, if we work in chemical or metallurgical industries, it could happen that solid particles or foreign agents, even splashes of chemical substances, get into the eyes and put at risk our vision, being in these cases mandatory the use of safety glasses. So, basically depending on the work we do, the use of safety glasses will be necessary.

Q4: How do you clean safety glasses?

Before using the safety glasses, it is recommended to wash them with cold water in order to clean the dust particles adhered to the glass of the glasses. In this way, the risk of contracting eye infections is reduced. After using the glasses, you could use a soft microfiber to clean them, although a cleaning spray or damp towels are also useful. On the other hand, keep in mind that hot water alters the anti-fog and anti-reflection treatments that the glass surface could bring, so avoid washing the glasses with hot water.

Q5: How are safety glasses made?

Safety glasses are made of different materials, with plastic being the most common element, as it is the cheapest. In addition to this, it is a light and highly impact resistant material and glasses made of this material are ideal for protecting the eyes from welding splashes. They are also made with glass, being designed to protect the vision from chemicals and offer high resistance to scratches, although they are more expensive, but nowadays they are more difficult to find. Currently, protective glasses made of polycarbonate, a light, impact-resistant material that does not fog up easily, are more common.

Q6: What are industrial safety glasses used for?

Industrial safety glasses are very useful to protect the eyes from the risks and dangers that can occur during working hours with different tools or chemical products. This equipment protects the eyes from the front and from the sides, preventing flying particles or chemical substances from entering the eyes and causing injuries or damage to vision. These protective glasses are mandatory as a safety measure at work, since with them the worker can carry out his work, protected from the risks to which he may be exposed, thus taking care of his visual health and avoiding accidents, which in their majority they are irreparable, because the person may be left with limited or total loss of vision.

Q7: How to prevent safety glasses from fogging up?

The most appropriate thing would be for you to buy safety glasses with an anti-fog effect, because they are specially designed to prevent fogging. But, if the glasses you have do not comply with this property and they fog up, you can wash them with shampoo or dishwashing detergent, rinse with plenty of water and remove the remains of the soap with a soft cloth. There are those who apply beeswax to the inside of the lenses, polishing the crystals well until they are clear and works as an anti-fog layer. You can also choose to buy an anti-fog solution, such as Rainex for example, because they are very effective in preventing fogging.

Q8: What are the advantages of polarized safety glasses?

Polarized safety glasses provide many advantages, especially in protection against UV rays, which are highly harmful to our vision, so they are highly recommended for people who must work in the sun, such as drivers or operators. With these glasses, workers will not have annoying reflections and can see objects with greater sharpness and contrast, which prevents the eyes from getting tired over the hours. They can even be used by anyone regardless of their age.

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