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Scarifier – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

It is important to have a scarifier that allows you to clean and aerate the land properly, since felt and weeds can harm the health of the lawn, blocking the access of water, air and the nutrients necessary for its growth. In this sense, the current market offers a great variety of models, among which the Greenkey Garden and Home Ltd 700 stands out, which has a 30 cm cutting width and 30 spikes of 45 mm length, indicated to facilitate the movement of the land. On the other hand, there is the Matrix 310400065, an electric scarifier with a fan, which has 4 height levels and includes a 35-litre bag.

Opinions on the best scarifiers on the market

To efficiently keep your lawn in good condition, you must be clear about the type of scarifier that is best for you, whether it is just to aerate the soil or remove accumulated felt. Therefore, to help you make a good investment, we present a list of the best scarifiers of 2022.

manual scarifier

Greenkey Garden and Home 700

This practical roller-shaped manual scarifier is a great help when it comes to caring for your lawn, since it rotates as it goes, so it requires little effort. In addition, it has a cutting width of 30 cm, which will allow you to work quickly and efficiently in small or medium gardens.

It is particularly effective on soft or wet ground, because it has 30 spikes or sharp spikes of 45 mm in length that facilitate the penetration of the ground, in the same way, it allows you to move easily on the surface to effectively remove the layer of felt. accumulated. For this reason, it could be considered by many to be the best manual scarifier.

It is made with high quality materials, which guarantee its strength and resistance to hard work. It is simple to assemble and its spare parts are easy to find, in addition, it allows to regulate the depth of the tines according to the work terrain.

If you are a gardening fan and are looking for the best scarifier of the moment for small and medium-sized gardens, then you should consider the pros and cons of this model:


Reach: It has a cutting width of 30 cm, suitable for a small or medium garden.

Spikes: It has 30 spikes of 45 mm each to facilitate aeration of the ground.

Weight: It weighs just 2.8 kg, which makes it easy to move and move.

Assembly: It is simple to assemble and includes locking nuts made of nylon for greater security.


Use: This equipment could be less efficient when the ground is dry and hard, so it is recommended to moisten the area before aerating.

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Acorn 3080

It is a manual scarifier head, indicated for working orchards and leaving them like new. In this sense, the manufacturer recommends using it especially in spring, since it is capable of cleaning, covering and equalizing the planting. Also, it can remove moss and in autumn it can be used to prepare the ground.

It has a robust and long design, with 51 cm in length and 18 cm in width, in addition, it weighs 1.65 kg to offer precision in the field while being light for long use. On the other hand, it is made of highly resistant polypropylene, capable of providing rigidity in the most difficult terrain, and it does not rust thanks to its special paint coating against humidity.

It has a wheel at each of its ends, which allow you to slide it easily and smoothly. In addition, it is one of the cheapest scarifiers and can be adapted to different types of wooden handles.

If you are looking for a scarifier at an affordable price and resistant to hard work, you should know that this model has a fair price and is also made with good quality materials, so you should review its pros and cons in detail:


Materials: It is composed of a head made of polypropylene, in addition, it has paint and antioxidant coating to extend its useful life.

Design: It incorporates 11 tips to aerate the ground and eliminate moss. Also, it includes two wheels that facilitate its use.

Dimensions: Its measurements are 51 x 18 x 14, which allows you to efficiently cover small and medium-sized areas of land.


Handle: It does not incorporate a support handle or telescopic bar of any kind. However, it is compatible with various types of handle depending on your preference.

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lawn scarifier

Matrix 310400065

It is a dual function tool that includes two interchangeable rollers, a scarifier and an aerator. In this sense, it is suitable for gardening enthusiasts who want to keep their garden healthy and clean with a minimum investment of money, since according to some users it is the best value for money scarifier.

This electric motor lawn scarifier works with 230 volts and offers 1400W of power. In addition, it is capable of reaching a speed of up to 3200 rpm and has a cutting width of 32 cm, thus providing greater efficiency in both small and medium gardens.

It has 4 work levels that allow the height to be adjusted in intervals of 5 mm each. It also has a 35 liter basket to collect waste that could remain on the ground when working. Also, you should consider that it is a 4-wheel model, which facilitates movement in the work area and subsequent storage.

Finding a good quality scarifier, but one that is also one of the cheapest, can be a complex task, so we present the pros and cons of this model, so that you can take them into account before making the purchase:


Motor: It has an electric motor of 230 V and 1400 W of power.

Depth: It incorporates a button to adjust the height of the blades in 4 work positions.

Functions: It offers double function, scarifier and aerator to obtain better results on the lawn.

Bag: Includes a practical bag to collect waste as it is produced.


Cable: The cable that comes with the machine could be shorter than expected for this type of tool, so in some cases an extension will be necessary.

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Bosch AVR1100

This is a well-performing lawn scarifier, which includes a 50-litre debris storage box, so you won’t have to constantly stop work to empty it. In addition, it can measure only 40 cm for storage, since the box and the handles are collapsible.

On the other hand, it offers the innovative Jet-Collect, made up of a drum with 14 blades made of BOR steel for greater durability. It is a technology that favors the entry of the air flow on the surface, almost completely eliminating the trace of moss, plants and weeds from the lawn that make up the felt. For this reason, it may be the right answer if you are wondering which is the best scarifier.

Also, you should consider that its motor has a power of 1100 W and can make cuts with a width of 32 cm, which provides greater performance and allows you to finish the work in the shortest possible time.

To get the best scarifier brand, you must take into account some fundamental characteristics that guarantee its quality and performance. Such is the case of the pros and cons of this model manufactured by Bosch:


Blades: It offers 14 blades made of highly resistant BOR steel.

Motor: Its motor provides 1100 W of power to support hard work and increase the level of efficiency.

Deposit: The box to collect waste has a capacity of 50 liters and can be folded for later storage.


Materials: the motor box is made of plastic, which can cast doubt on its durability. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid strong impacts during use.

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gasoline scarifier

AL-KO Combi Care 38 P Comfort

It is a gasoline-powered scarifier that has a 1300W power motor. In this sense, it is suitable for working on large areas of lawn, since it can cover between 800 and 1,200 m2. In addition, it includes 2 rollers to offer the possibility of working as a scarifier or aerator.

It has a 5-level working depth adjustment system, which will allow you to adapt it to the needs of your garden and not cause damage to its roots. Likewise, it incorporates a waste receiving tank with a capacity of 55 litres.

Its ergonomically designed double handlebar allows it to be used during long working hours, as it does not cause fatigue. Likewise, it is an easy unit to drive and store, thanks to the fact that it has 4 wheels and has dimensions of 106 x 109.3 x 55.2 cm.

If you are just starting out in the world of gardening and you don’t know which scarifier to buy, this model could interest you, so it is important that you evaluate its pros and cons:


Engine: It has a robust gasoline engine with a power of 1300 W.

Dual: This dual-use equipment incorporates an aerator and a scarifier to provide greater efficiency in its performance.

Depth: Allows you to quickly adjust the working depth up to 5 levels.

Deposit: It has a waste collection tank with a capacity of 55 liters.


Heating: You may need to turn it off every so often to prevent the motor from overheating.

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Garland S390H

It is a gasoline scarifier that works efficiently in industrial areas and professional jobs. It has a powerful Honda GP 160 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 163 cc, providing high performance even on large areas of terrain. Likewise, the power offered is 3.6 KW.

It has a cutting width of 38 cm and an adjustable depth that goes from 0 mm to 10 mm, in this way it is able to eliminate moss and felt from the ground, while aerating the soil to guarantee a healthy surface. for planting and gardening.

On the other hand, its design is large and robust for durability, yet includes a comfortable grip handle. The casing is made of steel as well as its curved blades, which extends its useful life. In addition, it includes a 40-liter bag for soil waste.

To aerate the soil, oxygenate the root and eliminate moss, it is necessary to have a quality scarifier, so it might be appropriate to know the pros and cons of this gasoline-powered model before making a decision:


Engine: It incorporates a powerful 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 163 cc, which produces a working power of 3.6 KW.

Materials: It is made of steel and has a robust appearance, for this reason, it can provide a long service life.

Blades: The design of its blades is curved, which increases its capacity for extracting felt and drilling the ground.


Weight: Its weight is 30 kg, therefore, it can be exhausting in a long day of work.

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electric scarifier

Einhell GC-SA 1231/1

This powerful electric scarifier has a series motor, which receives a constant voltage of 230 V, which gives it a power of 1200 W to work in medium and large gardens. In addition, it includes a 3-level working depth adjustment system with parking position.

Also, it offers double work function, so you can scarify and aerate the garden with the same equipment. In this sense, it has 2 rollers, one of which is made up of 8 double blades with ball bearings and the other is made up of 42 sharp claws to aerate the garden quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, it has an ergonomic and foldable handlebar that facilitates its use, as well as allowing easier storage. It also has wide wheels made of plastic to protect the lawn.

Enjoying a lush green garden is possible when you have a functional scarifier that allows you to work quickly and efficiently, so it is convenient to analyze the main characteristics of this model before deciding:


Dual: It incorporates two rollers to offer the possibility of scarifying or aerating the ground.

Depth: Offers 3 levels of depth adjustment for greater effectiveness.

Transportable: It has a set of wide wheels that take care of the lawn and facilitate its transfer.

Handlebar: It has a folding handlebar that facilitates its use and storage.


Deposit: The capacity of the waste deposit could be insufficient for a large garden.

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Gardena EVC 1000

It is an electric scarifier with a powerful PowerPlus motor, which you can easily turn on, making work in professional areas easier, since it offers 1000 W of power to work without interruptions on land extensions of up to 600 m2. Similarly, it has a cutting width of 30 cm for greater functionality.

Its blades are made of galvanized steel, which was specially reinforced to guarantee its durability, they also resist wear and tear and are suitable for removing moss and straw without damaging the lawn. In addition, it has an adjustment lever to set the depth of cut according to your preferences.

It has rolling wheels and an adjustable ergonomic handle, which allow you to push it comfortably. On the other hand, it is an easy storage model, since it has an easy folding transport position, which makes it a compact design lawn aerator.

If you are looking for a scarifier that you can use comfortably at home but that gives you professional finishes, it is likely that this Gardena model is the right one, so you should know its pros and cons in detail before making the purchase:


Scope: It is indicated to be used in an extension of land of 600 m2, such as gardens and small parks.

Motor: Its motor is PowerPlus and offers a power of 1000 W.

Blades: The blades of this model are made of galvanized and reinforced steel. Plus, they can get jobs done quickly thanks to the 30 cm cutting width.


Tank: This model does not have a tank to store waste from the floor, so you would have to clean it manually later.

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How to choose the best scarifiers?

Choosing a scarifier can be a difficult task when you don’t have adequate information about its functions and features to look out for. In this sense, to facilitate your search, we have prepared a guide to buy the best scarifier, with the necessary keys to select one that you can adapt to the needs of your garden.

Shopping guide


When starting a comparison of scarifiers, it is necessary to know the different types that exist on the market, which generally depend on their power source. In this sense, among the most popular you will find the manual, electric and gasoline ones, but in addition, some models may include a double function of scarifying and aerating.

A manual scarifier must be powered by the user, since it does not have the force of an engine, which is why many gardeners develop their own techniques of use that allow them to obtain the desired results. Also, it is important to consider that this type of equipment is designed above all for small gardens, since using it in larger gardens would imply a greater investment of time and effort.

The electric scarifier is generally used by those users who have medium-sized gardens, so it has a higher performance than the manual type scarifiers. In this sense, its operation depends on a motor that must be connected to a power source, however, if the terrain is very wide, it may be necessary to use an extension cable to reach the most remote places.

On the other hand, the scarifier with a gasoline engine offers 2 great advantages for its users. One of them is its strength and resistance to hard work on the ground, while the second is its autonomy of movement, since it is capable of reaching the most remote places on the ground, because it does not have the restrictions generated by a power cable..


Power is one of the main points in the performance of this type of tool because it can facilitate the task and reduce work time. In this sense, electric scarifiers are usually quite efficient tools, reaching a power that can vary between 1000 and 1400 W to generate a speed of approximately 3200 rpm. However, gasoline scarifiers have 2- or 4-stroke engines, which allow them to quickly and efficiently scarify gardens of 800 to 1,200 m2.

To guarantee the proper functioning of the device, you must also know the types of cuts and perforations that it can make, since the blades of each model are usually different. Consequently, some incorporate claws, teeth or tines that are usually made of stainless or tempered steel, to offer greater resistance and a longer useful life. In addition, it is important to take into account the quantity of each one to carry out a more efficient job and in the shortest possible time, in this way, some models can include 8 double blades, 14 blades, 30 spikes or up to 42 claws.

The working depth is another important point that directly influences the good health of the lawn. In this sense, most of the current models have a depth regulator to avoid starting more than the root. In this way, you will be able to regulate the depth between 2.5 and 5 cm, for which they have an adjustment lever that can offer 3, 4 or 5 positions, some with 3 mm and others with 5 mm of difference.

The width of cut is decisive depending on the dimensions of the lawn, since a wider scarifier will be more efficient on large lands because it will allow the job to be finished quickly. Therefore, you can select rollers with a minimum width of 30 cm and a maximum of 32 cm approximately.


The physical structure of a scarifier influences both its design and its price, so if you want to know how much one of its models costs, you should consider its manufacturing materials. Even if you are looking for an economical one, it is advisable to purchase those models with a casing made of steel, even more so if they are coated with anti-oxidant paints that extend their useful life.

Currently, manual and automatic scarifiers generally have a roller-shaped structure that rotates as you slide them over the ground to facilitate the work. However, in the case of the electric scarifier, its engine is heavier than that of a manual scarifier, but it is also lighter than one with a gasoline engine.

On the other hand, models with automatic motors usually include a waste collection bag, which avoids having to collect the waste generated after scarification. Therefore, the capacity of the bags can vary between 25 and 55 litres. Likewise, it is important that they have an adjustable handlebar at the user’s height, to offer greater comfort and avoid bad posture.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a scarifier?

Before using the scarifier, you must adjust the depth of the blades according to the type of grass and its height, and then start with the scarification. To start, you just have to slide it over the surface of the ground as many times as necessary, until it is very clean.

In addition, it is advisable to take into account that before scarifying any grass, you should cut it as low as possible, as well as make sure that it has the necessary moisture to guarantee the effectiveness of the tool. Also, it may be appropriate that at the end you put a fertilizer on the ground.

Q2: How to make a homemade scarifier?

To make a household scarifier you will need a rectangular hollow metal strip, 5 or 6 thin metal tubes about 20cm long, a long tube to serve as a handle, and a piece of hose for the handle area.

To assemble it, you can take the rectangular strip and make 5 or 6 holes with the diameter of the 20 cm tubes, leaving a reasonable distance between each one. Then, the tubes must be inserted and welded to offer greater strength. It is important to also weld the long tube that will work as a handle. Finally, add the piece of hose and it is ready to use.

Q3: How to regulate a scarifier?

Scarifiers, whether manual or automatic, generally allow the working depth to be adjusted to avoid damaging the roots, which is why some gardening experts recommend that the depth be between 4 and 5 cm maximum.

Consequently, the manual scarifiers can be adjusted using tweezers or pliers that allow the tines or blades to be moved to the desired position, while the automatic ones can be adjusted more easily, because they have a practical lever with 3, 4 or 5 preset positions to select the working depth.

Q4: When is the scarifier passed?

Gardening experts agree that the best time to scarify the lawn is during spring and autumn, since in those seasons it is easier for the lawn to recover from the possible damage caused to its roots by scarifying.

However, it is also recommended that the lawn has been planted for at least three years, because during this time the roots become strong and deep enough to withstand the scarification process.

Q5: Which is better, gasoline or electric scarifier?

Both the gasoline scarifier and the electric scarifier are functional and efficient tools, so the only way to know which is the best is to know the conditions and dimensions of the garden on which you are going to work.

In this sense, if the garden is between 100 and 250 m2, then an electric scarifier will suffice, but if the garden is more than 300 m2, the use of a gasoline scarifier is recommended, since it not only offers more power and precision, but it is also more resistant to long working hours.

Q6: Is it essential to use the scarifier?

If you want to have a good-looking garden, the regular use of the scarifier is essential. This is because its main function is to remove the remains of plants, roots, moss and other debris that accumulate over time on the ground, forming a layer known as felt.

In this sense, the scarifier eliminates the felt and favors the correct nutrition of the lawn, thanks to the fact that it allows the entry of air, water and sunlight, preventing the garden from having empty areas where the grass dries up.

Q7: Is a scarifier the same as a power tiller?

The scarifier and the motorized tiller have in common that they are tools for working the land, but they are not the same nor do they have the same uses. The scarifier has spikes that are used to remove moss and grass debris accumulated on the ground, but it also moves the soil superficially to allow water, air and sun to easily enter, which will strengthen it.

For its part, the motorized tiller removes the soil at a greater depth in order to prepare it to be cultivated, allowing you to dig, aerate, fertilize, sow and cultivate the land, however, due to its dimensions it is usually used in small or medium-sized gardens. extensions.

Q8: What is a tractor scarifier for?

A tractor scarifier basically has the same function as a manual, electric or gasoline-powered scarifier, with the difference that its use is appropriate for large-scale land and industrial work, mainly for large-scale planting.

In this sense, it is a piece of robust design designed for deep scarification, since it can break hard-sealed land at a depth of 40 to 50 cm, in this way, the land is ready for plowing. In the same way, it helps to extract stones and roots.

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