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Shovel – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022


Having a garden implies having a shovel in our garage or storage room. A versatile and effective tool, with which to do a little of everything, although there are also specific models that make the most common tasks easier. Among them we have simple options, such as the Silverline 839280 folding shovel. A compact product of 58 centimeters in length and suitable for light work. If you prefer something conventional, the Bellota 5501-3 MA shovel has a size of 103 centimeters and a conventional pointed design, suitable for all kinds of larger jobs. 

Opinions on the best rackets on the market


The shovel is a very versatile tool in our garden. We can use it to dig, to make room for new plants or to collect and remove soil, among other tasks. That is why it is important to have the best shovel we can find to work with. However, knowing which racket to buy is not so easy, since the variety of options is considerable. So with our list of the best shovels of 2022 it will be easier for you to find the perfect shovel for your garden or for the work you are going to do.

folding shovel

Silverline 839280

The Silverline 839280 folding shovel is an interesting model for those looking for the best value for money shovel. For these users, this product offers us a blade made of 1.5-millimeter forged steel and a double finish. Thus, in the area of ​​the tip we have a rounded finish, while on the side we have a serrated edge, ideal for small garden tasks. 

It is finished off with a handle, totaling a length of 58 centimeters, which remain at only 23.5 centimeters, once folded. This allows us to store it without taking up space or take it to the garden or wherever we want, without many worries. As few as those generated by the simplicity of its assembly. 

It is also accompanied by a zippered bag, to keep it clean and safe when it is not necessary to use it.

Let’s know more about this interesting shovel, located among the cheapest options on the market.


Materials : The shovel is made of forged steel, of high quality and resistance.

Edges : It has a rounded edge and serrated edge, to give you greater versatility.

Handle : The handle has a suitable feel and size for various jobs.

Foldable : Since we are talking about a folding paddle, it is much easier to store it when you are not using it.

Bag : It is accompanied by a transport bag, where to protect your shovel from the elements.


Dimensions: The total size is 58 centimeters, perhaps scarce for larger projects.

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Dohiker 15442491

Although the Dohiker 15442491 folding shovel is designed for the world of camping and adventure, the truth is that it is a particularly versatile product for our garden. The proof is that this shovel allows us to work with it, but it also includes other interesting functions such as those of a chop saw, pick or hammer, which are also very useful in these tasks. It is enough to remove or place elements to access these functions. 

In addition, since the shovel has three different lengths, we can also use it as a hand shovel or a conventional shovel, depending on the tasks we are going to carry out. All this in a product that, once folded, has an adjusted size, so that we can move it comfortably and store it without taking up too much space in our storage room or closet.

Although it is not among the cheap models, this multifunction shovel is a proposal that is worth evaluating.


Multifunction: In addition to the shovel, we have other functions such as the saw, the pick or the hammer.

Light : It is a light padel racket that we can adjust to three different lengths and is fully foldable.

Cover : A cover is included, where you can store the different elements when you are not using them.


Use: Some users comment that the product is suitable for occasional use, but not so much for intensive use.

Assembly : The process of assembly and disassembly of the elements can be a bit heavy when turning the tubes.

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Acorn Shovel

Acorn 5501-3 MA  

The Bellota 5501-3 MA model is a great answer for those looking for the best racket of the moment. This Bellota shovel has a traditional design, measuring 103 centimeters long and with a pointed finish, which facilitates better penetration into the ground when digging. 

Something that the included handle also helps with, with which we better manage the force when working. This handle and the handle have a very pleasant touch, in case you want to use it with gloves, while adequately supporting the deformations of the work without breaking. 

Something to which details such as the length of the shovel’s joining area or the included rivets contribute, which give the product even more resistance and stability.

We leave you the analysis of this model, from what is the best brand of blades currently on the market.


Materials: The high-quality materials of the racket give it greater durability.

Dimensions : It has a length of 103 centimeters and a well-balanced design, for all types of work.

Handle : The handle makes it much easier to work on any terrain.

Rivets : Additional rivets on the blade give it greater strength and stability.


Weight : The weight of the shovel is somewhat higher than that indicated, although it is not a problem either.

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Acorn 5502A

Compared to the conventional gardening shovel, with a round tip, the Bellota 5502A shovel offers us a different design with a square tip. Something that has various applications in the garden, such as when it comes to collecting soil or debris, but also when it comes to comfortably opening holes in the ground. 

For this, the product has been manufactured with high-quality heat-treated sheet metal, with considerable resistance to wear or deformation. Something that is also present in the handle area, where we have a handle with a wood core and the usual riveted construction of this type of product for greater comfort. 

All this in a model that is 103 centimeters long and 2.12 kilos in weight, which makes it easier to handle.

If you don’t know which is the best shovel for your garden, perhaps this Bellota model is the answer.


Format: The square format gives new functions, which round blades do not have.

Riveting : The riveting of the different elements of the blade gives greater resistance to the product.

Materials : It has high quality materials and an epoxy finish that is very resistant to the elements.


Looseness : Some users comment on a certain looseness in the finish, although it does not affect its quality.

Price : The cost of the racket is somewhat higher than other models, although its quality is well worth it.

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Snow shovel

Laser 5702

The Laser 5702 Snow Shovel is all you need to clear your yard of snow when needed. To do this, this product has a total length of 82 centimeters, which makes it easier to work on the ground without having to bend down too much. 

This is also helped by having the usual shape of this type of blades, as well as an attack zone with which it is easy to penetrate the snow and remove it comfortably. Thanks to its measurements, this snow shovel can be conveniently stored anywhere, although we can also take it in the car. 

Something for which the product is also accompanied by a transport bag, with which it is even easier to keep the shovel clean and dry when we are not using it. In any case, the product has the necessary finish to last longer.

Clearing your yard of snow is easy with quality tools like this shovel, which we discuss below.


Measurements: Its 82 centimeters in length make the work process easy, without having to bend down too much.

Attack zone: The attack zone makes it easier to penetrate the snow and remove it with greater comfort.

Bag: It is accompanied by a bag, with which to store and transport the shovel comfortably.


Resistance: Although it supports use without problems, being aluminum, it is advisable to be careful with the blows and the load that we give it.

Adjustment : The assembly process uses adjustable rivets, which must be treated with care so that they do not deteriorate.

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mini shovel

Draper 57569

For those who do not want a conventional sized shovel, the Draper 57569 mini shovel is our proposal. We are talking about a product made with high-quality materials, such as its rounded steel tip or its fiberglass handle, which reduces weight and adds greater flexibility to the product. 

These materials have good finishes, so it will not be a problem that they adequately resist time or the effect of humidity and rubbing with the ground. Despite its small size, approximately 75 centimeters long, we are talking about a product where there is room for a good-sized handle, with which to better penetrate the soil and have better control during the process of using it. 

Something that is in line with its weight of 821 grams, similar to that of other mini rackets that we can find on the market.

We leave you the data of our analysis regarding this model, compact but efficient in various tasks.


Handle : The carbon fiber handle gives the product greater strength and flexibility.

Weight : The shovel only weighs 821 grams, which simplifies the process of use and reduces the force required for it.

Handle : Despite its size, the product includes a wide riveted handle, which gives you more support during use.


Resistance: The blade can bend a little during pressure, although it later recovers its shape.

Draft : The draft is adjusted, so for work at greater depths, a larger model will suit you.

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digging shovel

Silverline 633710

The Silverline 633710 digging shovel is everything you need when digging holes in your garden, as well as sowing or planting different plants or shrubs. In these uses, the blade offers us a sharp and specially shaped contact surface to penetrate the ground with maximum comfort, having this area with a width of 17.5 centimeters. 

The shovel also has a handle, which combined with the shovel adds a length of 100 centimeters, which facilitates the handling of the piece, as well as being able to deepen what is necessary when working. Its control is also simple, since it has a D-shaped handle, with which to better handle the product at any stage of its use. 

It is finished off with a very nice polished finish, as well as a polypropylene lining for the handle area, which gives greater comfort.

Complete your garden equipment with this digging shovel, whose characteristics we analyze below.


Blade : The sharp blade, 17.5 centimeters wide, is ideal for comfortably digging into the ground.

Materials : It has a stainless steel construction with a highly resistant polished finish.

Handle : It has a D-shaped handle, with a closed design and covered in polypropylene.


Weight : We are not talking about a light product, since the racket weighs 1.82 kilos in total.

Length : If you prefer a somewhat longer blade, keep in mind that it is one meter long.

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square shovel

Maurer 2360342

Although not a well-known type of shovel, the square shovel can also be a great help in the garden. We are talking about models such as the Maurer 2360342, which has this format with which it is easier to collect dirt and other debris from the ground without them being scattered, as happens with the conventional shovel. 

This shovel has a resistant construction, with a wooden handle and a tempered steel tip, duly protected to withstand abrasion and other aggressions typical of use. It also has a D-shaped handle, with a wooden center, which makes it easier to use the racket and control it. 

And since its measurements are 102 centimeters long by 25.5 wide, you will have a large surface and the right dimensions to work comfortably.

If you are not sure what this square shovel offers you, we leave you some more details about its characteristics.


Format: Its format is ideal for removing soil and pouring it into the wheelbarrow without it falling.

Handle : The D-shaped handle gives us extra comfort when using the shovel.

Materials : We are talking about a product made with high quality and resistant materials.


Weight : The total weight of the shovel is 1.92 kilos, so you have to have some strength to handle it.

Excavation : Due to its characteristics, it is not the best option to make holes or dig the ground.

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How to choose the best shovels?

If there is a well-known couple when it comes to working in our garden, it is the pick and the shovel. Two basic tools that allow us to do all kinds of tasks. Focusing on shovels, we have a wide variety of options on the market to find that good and cheap shovel with which to perform different tasks or even do a little of everything. But to find a quality product, you may need the advice of our guide to buying the best padel racket, where we reveal the keys to a quality purchase.

Shopping guide

blade type

Although it seems that they are all the same, if we take a look at any comparison of shovels that falls into our hands, we will see how there is a considerable variety of products, with different applications in our garden.

Starting with the usual shovel, this is a product with a round tip and can be used to dig or scoop up dirt. It has a handle with a handle or round and measures around one meter. Shorter are usually the mini shovels and folding shovels. The first model has a more compact size, about 75 centimeters, while the second is a short shovel, ideal for jobs such as shallow planting.

On the other hand, we have the square tip shovels, which are the most suitable for collecting dirt, debris or even removing snow. Again, these blades come in different materials and sizes, depending on what we need. However, as far as gardening is concerned, the most interesting thing is the shovel or flat shovel. This square format shovel is ideal for outlining the ground or making planting holes a little deeper.

Manufacturing materials

Another aspect that makes the difference, both in terms of the racket’s cost and its durability and characteristics, is the manufacturing material that has been used for the different parts of the racket. An issue that we should not fail to assess, unless we want the shovel to leave us lying halfway through work or to last us just a couple of uses until it rusts…

In the part of the blade itself, the usual thing is that we find materials such as steel, duly tempered and reinforced. Thus it is possible to obtain better performance when working, while the blade lasts longer. Other models use aluminum, especially in snow blades, while iron blades are almost non-existent on the market.

Regarding the handles, wood is still the most common option. These wooden handles are profiled, in order to give you adequate performance when holding the shovel and avoid the presence of splinters. The other option is synthetic handles, mainly fiberglass, which reduce the weight of the set and add a slight extra flexibility to the product when working.

comfort of use

As a final aspect, we talk about the comfort of use that the product offers us. Something for which it is essential to take a shovel that fits what we have to do, although there are also other aspects to consider so that our work is a little more comfortable.

One of them is the shape of the handle. We have already talked about the material, but its shape is another aspect of interest. In general, the handle has three grip modes. One is the conventional handle, with a rounded finish. It is the least efficient currently. As an alternative, we have the T-shaped design, which gives a little more comfort. However, the preferred grip of users is the one with a D shape, which gives us greater comfort of use and better control.

The weight of the product also influences this comfort of use. In general, the lighter the blade, the more comfortable it will be to work with. In any case, the difference in weight is not usually very high, around 1.2 kilos for conventional blades and 800 grams for mini ones. What it is convenient to verify is that the shovel has a good balance, since this is key for its proper functioning. A badly balanced shovel is a real headache.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: What is the iron tipped shovel for?

The iron-tipped shovel is a specific type of shovel that has some advantages, such as being able to go deeper into the ground better with a certain shape, depending on the width of the shovel. Something that is quite interesting when planting trees, pots or hedges. This model also has the advantage of being able to extract enough soil to comfortably fill a pot. It can even be used to break up somewhat harder soils when working in our garden.


Q2: How to fix the shovel to the handle?

Attaching a shovel to its handle is done by hammering the handle. This process requires hammering the joint area of ​​the wooden handle, in order to compress it just enough to mount the shovel. Once the handle is mounted in place, the wood will swell, to give the product stability. If necessary, some element can be added that gives more stability to the assembly, such as tapes or the like. It is also useful to wet the handle if necessary, to achieve a better fixation when the wood swells once assembled.


Q3: How to catch the shovel? 

Since the shovel works like a lever when working, it is convenient to take it from the farthest part of the loading area in order to optimize the force. In the case of blades that have a handle, we will place one of the hands on it, while the other is slightly further forward than where that area of ​​the handle begins. If this is not the case, one of the hands is placed on the outer edge, while the other is placed the same. Over time you will naturally take that correct position.

Q4: How to sharpen a blade?

To sharpen a shovel, we have several options. One of them is to use a sharpening stone or sandpaper, which we will go through the outer edge of the blade. In this process we must always follow the direction of the original edge of the blade, in order to recover the edge that it originally had. The other option is to use tools like a grinder. The process is similar, always working from the inside out, although taking care not to overheat the metal during the process, since this would affect its later resistance.

Q5: How is a shovel made?

Currently, the process of manufacturing a racket has little to do with the entirely manual system of yesteryear. Nowadays, a system is used by which preforms of metal sheets are created, by means of a machine that exerts pressure on the plate. These preforms are heated and then passed to a mould, where another pressure machine is responsible for giving it the final shape by pushing it against that mould. Subsequently, the blade is subjected to heating and cooling cycles, finishing with the necessary painting and varnishing to protect the metal against the elements.

How to use a shovel


The process of using a shovel may seem like a simple thing. Just take it, stick it in the ground and do what we have to do. But the truth is that if we learn to use the shovel correctly, not only will we be more efficient in our gardening tasks, but we will also avoid problems such as blisters, poor posture and other discomforts that may arise from use. unsuitable for this product. Best of all, the process is very simple, as we will see below.

Each process has its shovel

The first thing we have to know is that each process has its shovel. A traditional shovel, with which to open holes in general or load soil in the wheelbarrow, is not the same as an iron-tipped shovel with which to dig holes to plant what is necessary. So, if we can afford it, theirs is that we have a shovel for the main tasks that we have to execute.

Holding the paddle correctly

Another common problem has to do with the way we hold the shovel. This position is one of the main causes of all the physical problems that we develop during garden work, so a proper grip is key. 

To begin with, we must take the shovel with one hand practically in the area where the handle ends. Since the paddle works like a lever, the farther back your hand is, the easier it is to apply force. The other hand should also be placed behind, perhaps a foot or foot and a half ahead of the other. This will be the hand that allows us to maintain control, while the rearmost one is the one that gives strength. 

In case the shovel has a handle, everything will be much easier, since the reference of the strong hand is even clearer. By the way, the use of gloves during this entire process is highly recommended.

using the edge

All shovels have a cutting edge, which is very useful for digging and making holes. So using it will always be of great help. For this, it is key that the edge always remains very sharp, which facilitates the process of penetrating the earth. It is also useful to use the feet to access the ground, placing the shovel vertically and pressing hard on the edge to force the penetration of the shovel into the ground. Even so, for this it is key to keep that edge in good condition.

the fair charge

As a last aspect, it is important to maintain the correct load of the shovel. It makes no sense to overload it with more soil than it can carry, because half of it will surely fall out along the way. In addition, this overexertion will be unnecessary, since we will have to shovel more shovels to collect what we throw away. So it is much better to load the shovel with the necessary soil and carry it carefully, so that it does not spill.

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