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Solar Focus – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A solar spotlight is a good way to illuminate a garden or an outdoor area, since it is a type of lamp that does not need electricity to work, which allows you to save on electricity bills and generate energy in an environmentally friendly way. environment. In this article we will compare some solar lights such as the CLY 60 with a powerful 4000 mAh battery or the Leds-Solar with remote control, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The 9 Best Solar Spotlights – Opinions 2022

If you need to illuminate a garden or an outdoor area, solar lights are a great option, since they are cheap and very easy to install. These lights, in addition, as they work with solar energy, are considered clean and ecological.

LED solar spotlight

1. CLY 60 LED Solar Light Outdoor Solar Lamp

For those users who are looking for a solar LED spotlight, the CLY offers very bright lighting, with 60 LEDs that provide a total of 300 lumens, enough for any outdoor area. The light is 6500 K, which means that it has a very powerful light white tone.

It could be one of the best solar lights of 2022, especially for those users who are looking for a lamp that works with solar energy. Solar panels charge the 4,000 mAh battery during the day, so the spotlight can run all night. Also, just by covering the panels, the lamps will also work during the day.

It is IP66 certified, so it is resistant to water, dust and corrosion, making it a good option for a garden, an orchard or a path. Similarly, it can be installed on the floor or mounted on the wall.


Assembly: It is a simple assembly lamp, which is installed on the ground or on the walls, thanks to its accessories such as supports or stakes.

Battery: The 4000 mAh solar-charged battery has a lifespan of up to 500 charge cycles.

Protection: The lamp is made of top quality materials and has IP66 protection against dust and rainwater.


Motion sensor: The spotlight does not have a motion sensor, something that other lamps with these characteristics do have.

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2. Ousfot outdoor solar light 56 ​​LED solar spotlight

The Ousfot LED solar spotlight has a base that allows it to rotate 360 ​​degrees, this, together with a very wide opening angle, allows it to illuminate fairly large areas, such as the outside of a house or a garden. It has 56 LEDs and an independent double head design, which allows you to cover more space or configure lighting zones.

If you are looking for the best solar light with motion sensor, this could be it, since it has a built-in PIR sensor to detect movement and lighting dimming after 30 seconds. In addition, it has a 2200 mAh solar battery that is capable of offering a charge for up to 10 hours in a row.

The spotlight is made of highly resistant ABS plastic and with a waterproof design, designed for outdoor use, with an IP65 waterproof coefficient. In addition, it is one of the cheap products on the list and will allow you to save electricity.


Price: It is a very economical spotlight with great features, which makes it a good investment.

Double head: The lighting zone has an independent double head design, which allows you to focus the light on two different zones.

Battery: The battery, once charged, is capable of lighting up to 10 hours, more than enough for the night.


Constant on: The spotlight does not have a fixed mode, it only turns on using the PIR sensor.

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outdoor solar spotlight

3. Leds-solar outdoor solar light remote control 100W

The Leds-Solar outdoor solar spotlight has a power of 100 W and 180 LED lights, which offer a very powerful lighting of 5000 LM, with a white light of 4000 K. These qualities allow it to be considered the best spotlight to illuminate areas spacious exterior, since it can be installed on any surface easily and without cables. On the other hand, although it does not have a PIR sensor, it can be used as a deterrent security light.

Another interesting quality is its included remote control, with which you can regulate the power of the lamp, turn it on or off from a distance, and even program an automatic switch-on between 2, 4 and 6 hours after the sun stops shining. In addition, the 12000 mAh lithium battery is capable of lighting at full power for 8 hours and more than 15 hours at 50% (light standby).

On the other hand, it has a solid and waterproof design, with an IP66 waterproofing certificate, so it is protected against water and corrosion.


Remote control: The remote control is one of its main features, since from this accessory you can configure and manage the focus.

Without cables: Installation is simple, you just have to place the focus in the desired place, place the solar panel and make it work.

Lighting: With 100 W of power and 5000 lumens, it is one of the most powerful spotlights you will find.


PIR: The spotlight does not have a motion sensor, something very desirable in this type of light.

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4. Bawoo Solar Lights Garden LED Pack 12

The Bawoo outdoor solar spotlight is the solution for all those users who are looking for which solar spotlight to buy to install on a path or as a decoration for the garden. It is a pack with 12 lamps, high power LED lights and cold white light, with a built-in solar panel.

Thanks to the fixing system, by means of a steel stake, they could be the most suitable for designing a path for the entrance of cars or for creating an environment in a garden or patio, since to install them it is enough to light them and nail them to the ground. In addition, the self-recharging solar panel offers up to 8 hours of lighting for every 6 hours of charging.

As for their use, these lights are designed for outdoors, with drainage holes, steel feet and a resistant ABS plastic body, with IP65 protection against water, dust and corrosion.


Quantity: For an affordable price, it has 12 lamps that you can install in the garden as decoration or to mark a path.

Solar panel: The solar panel is protected against water and saves electricity, as it offers up to 8 hours of lighting per charge.

Drainage: It has drainage holes, so even if water gets inside, they will continue to work.


Size: They are small lamps, with a short lighting range, so they must be placed very close together for them to work.

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Outdoor Solar LED Spotlight

5. Meikee outdoor solar spotlight 300 LM

The Meikee Solar LED Outdoor Spotlight offers a very elegant solution for those users looking to illuminate an outdoor area, be it a garden, a terrace or the entrance of the house. The LED spotlight has two lighting modes, the “standby mode”, with a low brightness of 300 LM and the full power mode, with a duration of 6 hours and a brightness of 600 LM.

This could be the best solar spotlight of the moment, since it offers many facilities for its installation, with a stake to drive into the ground and support for walls. The solar panel has a higher conversion rate than cheaper lamps, and a capacity of 4000 mAh, which offers up to 12 hours of light, with a full charge.

On the other hand, the lamp has a very elegant design, with an aluminum alloy housing, waterproof connectors and IP66 protection against water, dust and corrosion.


Lighting modes: The two lighting modes allow you to balance battery consumption with lighting, for longer duration.

Protection: The IP66 certification guarantees that the spotlight will withstand outdoor conditions, even in the harshest climates.

LED: The spotlight has 60 high-power LED chips, with very sharp and clear lighting.


Angle: The opening angle of the lighting is somewhat smaller than that of other spotlights with similar characteristics and price.

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6. Aigostar Solar LED floodlight with remote control

It is an outdoor solar LED spotlight that can work with the use of a monocrystalline silicon panel, which offers an energy conversion rate of 25%, making it more efficient than other similar equipment.

As for its operation, it has 25 LEDs that generate 400 lumens, so that it can illuminate large places, such as the entrance of the house, swimming pools, gardens, garages, among others. For added functionality, the battery automatically turns on when it starts to get dark and can stay on for 10-12 hours. In this way, you can work throughout the night.

Also, you should know that it includes a practical remote control to adjust the brightness, activate the timer, among other functions. On the other hand, it offers IP65 protection, so it is waterproof. It also resists heat and dust.

If you are looking for a high-tech solar spotlight, you should carefully review this kit before selecting a product. In this sense, we mention its most relevant pros and cons.


Lighting: It offers 25 LED lights with a color temperature of 6500 K.

Remote control: The remote control allows you to turn the spotlight on and off, as well as adjust the brightness level and activate the timer, which increases practicality.

Resistance: It has IP65 protection, so it supports contact with rain and weather.


Cable: The connection cable could be shorter than expected, so it is necessary to install the panel near the reflector.

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solar pool light

7. Intex Solar Charging Floating LED Pool Light

The Intex Solar Pool Light offers an ingenious solution for all users looking to illuminate their pools. It is a lamp designed for above-ground pools of the brand, and it measures 16.8 x 16.8 x 10.8 cm, so it is quite discreet and, with its circular design, it offers a good appearance.

The LED bulb offers 270 LM and has two lighting functions, one with white light with a fixed position and the other with lights of various colors (red, white, blue, violet and green), which change and create fun games of light in Water. The lighting appears at the edge and at the top of the lamp.

On the other hand, it has a solar charging cell in the upper part, so it does not require you to charge it, just leave it in the water during the day and it will turn on automatically at night.


Price: It is a very affordable pool lamp, so it will be very attractive to users.

Lighting modes: The changing lights mode is a great addition, as it creates light effects, ideal for livening up a pool party.

Battery: The batteries offer up to 5 hours of illumination for the variable lighting mode and 2 for the fixed lighting mode.


Brightness: With only 270 lumens of power, it offers less brightness than other bulbs of a similar price.

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Solar spotlight with motion sensor

8. Litogo Outdoor Solar Light 140 LED 

It is a set of solar spotlight with motion sensor that has 4 lamps, which allows you to install them in different spaces for greater functionality. In addition, the lamps offer 35 LED lights each, so they can provide optimal lighting.

Also, they have 3 modes of use, medium brightness with automatic activation at night, motion sensor with dim light and maximum brightness when detecting movement. In this way, they allow you to adapt the operation according to your needs.

For added efficiency, they can provide 270° wide-angle illumination, allowing optimal light projection. As if that were not enough, they are made with ABS material to withstand the elements and have IP65 protection, making them waterproof and resistant to dust, heat and difficult weather conditions.

The best price-quality solar spotlight must offer practicality and an affordable cost, as is the case with this kit. For this reason, it is recommended that you take into account its pros and cons.


Set: The set includes 4 lamps with 35 LEDs each, so you can place them in different places to expand the lighting range.

Modes: Offers 3 modes with different operating options, thus increasing versatility.

Sensor: It has a motion sensor, which helps save energy and provides greater efficiency.


Fixation: These lamps only have a fixing hole in the upper part, so it may be necessary to reinforce it for greater security.

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solar spotlight for garden

9. Golumup Solar Outdoor Garden Lights

This solar garden spotlight set is made up of 2 lamps that can illuminate 1.5 m² each, since they are made up of 36 LED lights. In this way, they offer a light output of up to 860 lumens, allowing you to adapt them to your lighting needs.

For greater functionality, they have 2 brightness modes: high light for 8 hours and low light with an autonomy of 14 hours. On the other hand, it is important to note that these lamps offer IP67 protection, so they are waterproof and can withstand dirt, so they can be outdoors for a long time.

As for their installation, they have a robust and long structure in the form of a 34 cm long stake, which favors stability. Similarly, you can install them in the garden quickly and easily.

If you are looking for a pair of practical and efficient spotlights, it is appropriate that you carefully analyze some of the positive and negative aspects of this set before selecting a model.


Lumens: Each LED can offer 860 lumens, so these lamps can provide optimal lighting.

Installation: They allow you to change the projection angle of the head by 115°, to direct them according to your needs.

Resistance: They offer IP67 protection, so they are resistant to heat, cold temperatures and rain.


Use: They can only be turned on at night, which can reduce their versatility compared to other lamps.

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Shopping guide

Once our comparison of solar lights is finished, we will explain what are the main factors that you should look at before buying one of these products. In this guide to buying the best solar spotlight we will analyze aspects such as the type of light, the number of lights or the resistance, among others.

solar technology

We start the comparison to buy the best solar spotlight by talking about the type of photovoltaic technology they use. These spotlights have solar panels that, during the day, feed a battery, which will be in charge of offering energy at night.

Solar cells are responsible for storing sunlight and transforming it into electricity. The better these cells are, the more energy they will accumulate in less time and, therefore, the more efficient the recharge will be. Most of these cells have an efficiency of around 14%, however, the most modern ones, made of silicon derivatives, can improve efficiency up to 16 or 18%.

light type

Although it may not seem like it, not all lights are the same. Some are brighter, as they have a lighter color, while others are dimmer, as they are what are called warm lights. If you plan to use these spotlights outdoors, with very little light, it is best to choose a lamp with cold light, since it is brighter.

However, if what you are looking for is to create environments or decorate the garden, for example marking a path, it is best to choose a dim light, which guarantees a good step and uses less energy. The type of light does not affect how much the bulb costs, so you do not have to worry about the budget when choosing this factor.


When we talk about range, we are actually referring to the range of illumination offered by the spotlight. This factor is very important, since it will define if a single spotlight will suffice or you will have to buy more than one to illuminate the area you want. 

A cheap bulb will have a range of less than 90 degrees, so if you want to illuminate a large area you should think about spending a little more. The best spotlights generally offer 120-degree angles, which allow light to illuminate a wide area like a driveway or garage door.

number of leds

This factor is in line with the previous one, since, usually, the greater the number of LEDs, the greater the range of illumination and the brightness of a solar spotlight. The number of LEDs will also indicate the distance at which you can install the lamp, for example, floor lamps or those designed for the garden, usually have less than 50 LEDs, so they are not the most suitable for installing on the wall.. On the other hand, lamps for walls and exteriors usually have between 60 and 90 LEDs, which offers a much greater angle and range, as well as superior brightness.

In the market you will find lamps with 10 or 12 LEDs, these have a low range and brightness, but are very useful for small environments or for places where you do not need a lot of light. These lamps are also usually cheaper than the others.


In addition to the number of LEDs, it is also convenient to look at their power. The higher power lamps, designed to be installed on wall supports outside, usually have LEDs with powers of up to 7.5 watts, while the smaller ones have 0.5 watt LEDs. In the intermediate zone, where the garden spotlights are located, we can find powers of 5.5 watts.

The power also influences the price of the spotlights, so it is convenient to be very clear about where we are going to place the lamp before buying. If you plan to illuminate an outdoor area for security, the best is a powerful lamp, however, if what you want is to create an atmosphere or decorate your garden, the best are low-power lamps —between 2 and 1 watts—, which will be cheaper.


As these are spotlights designed for outdoor use, you must ensure that they are made of robust materials. Ideally, they should be made of some type of aluminum, as they will be more resistant. However, ABS-type plastics are also robust and cheaper.

Above all, you should make sure that they are waterproof and have an IP65 or higher certification, to ensure that they will not be damaged by rainwater, sun or dust.

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