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With one or several solar lamps at home you could create your own eco-sustainable energy system so you don’t have to pay high electricity bills. If you need some advice to be able to acquire the best option, we recommend you first evaluate the Kilponen 108 LED, a set of 2 lamps that offer various lighting modes, a motion sensor for automatic activation and also a long-lasting battery. Secondly, you could consider the KK.BOL S-1200, a lamp that is easy to use, rechargeable and quite practical thanks to its design that makes it practically portable.

The 9 Best Solar Lamps – Opinions 2022


Having solar lamps installed in your home or business can help you save a lot of money on electricity, as well as allowing you to enjoy light without the need to connect to the network, being safer to use. If you are interested in buying one or more, we advise you to evaluate the following options in solar lamps:

outdoor solar lamp


1. Kilponen Outdoor Solar Light 108 LED with Sensor


From the Kilponen brand we present an outdoor solar lamp that will serve to illuminate entrances, corridors, gardens and any other environment outside your home. This model includes not one, but two solar lamps with 108 LEDs each to offer illumination of 1,000 lumens, more than enough for night use.

On the other hand, the lamps have a simple and easy-to-handle design with a casing made of ABS plastics and IP65 waterproof certification so you don’t have to worry about sun, rain, snow, wind, etc.

As for its use, the lamps have an integrated motion sensor that can activate the bulbs in three different modes according to your needs, either by varying the intensity of the light or the time it lasts on. Thanks to this, it could be a good alternative if you do not know which is the best solar lamp.

Since this Kilponen set could be a good option if you are looking for the best solar lamp of the moment, here are its pros and cons:


Set: Kilponen has a pack for you that consists of two solar lamps with their respective integrated panel to avoid the use of cables.

Brightness: They have a brightness of 1,000 lumens, as well as a lighting angle of 270 ° for better performance.

Modes: Offers three lighting modes depending on sensor activation: high and low, medium and intense.

Battery: Its battery has a 2,200 mAh, with which they can achieve several hours of continuous operation without problems.


Power: The lighting power is not very high, since the lamps are not intended to be the main source of light.

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indoor solar lamp


2. KK.BOL Rechargeable LED Portable Solar Lamp


The product of the KK.BOL brand is considered to be, possibly, the best value for money solar lamp, since it is a practically portable model that you can take wherever you need artificial lighting.

It is an LED lamp connected to a solar panel that charges an 800 mAh battery, with which you can enjoy up to 5 hours of light.

It has a metal hook that will facilitate the location of the lamp once loaded, in addition to its respective on and off switch. It has dimensions of 6.5 x 6.5 x 11 centimeters and is quite light, so you can handle it without problems.

Also, this KK.BOL brand indoor solar lamp can be used disconnected from the panel when the battery has been charged, avoiding having to keep cables linked to other components in order to use it.

If you want to buy one of the cheapest solar lamps, we invite you to consider this product from KK.BOL:


Design: The solar lamp has a design similar to that of a common light bulb, so it is compact and convenient to use.

Battery: Its battery has a capacity of 800 mAh, with which you can keep the lamp on for approximately 5 hours.

Power: Buyers comment that its power is sufficient for home use or camping.

Installation: As it does not have to be connected to the panel, the lamp can be placed anywhere it is required.


Scope: As it is a single lamp, the lighting range is less compared to other models.

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solar light lamp


3. Yacikos Outdoor Solar Light 118 LED


When looking for a good solar light lamp, you could well evaluate one of the models offered by the Yacikos brand. In this sense, YA-SLSINGLE-7 is the reference for a model made up of two solar lamps with 118 LEDs each and with their respective solar charging panel incorporated in the housing, so that you only have to make sure to install them in a point where can absorb enough light.

They have motion sensors with a detection angle of 180° and a lighting angle of 270°, enough to install them in the garden, the entrance, the garage door, etc. In addition, its battery has a capacity of 2,200 mAh each, for continuous operation that can reach 12 hours of autonomy depending on the mode activated.

Which leads us to mention that these lamps can be used in three different modes: constant on, dimmer and motion sensor. Each one is designed for its particular use, so autonomy varies.

Yacikos could become the best brand of solar lamps, so it would be convenient to thoroughly evaluate your product:


Set: With the purchase of this model you will get two lamps to place on both sides of your entrance, for example.

Materials: Both are made of ABS plastics and have the necessary certifications that guarantee their resistance to climatic elements.

Modes: The constant on mode, as its name suggests, keeps the lamp active. The regulator manages the lighting intensity based on the proximity of the person and the motion sensor activates and deactivates depending on its detection.

Autonomy: The maximum autonomy is 12 hours if used in motion sensor mode.


Design: The design of the Yacikos set lamps is not the most attractive to decorate an entrance, since they are a bit crude for the taste of some.

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solar garden lamp


4. CLY Outdoor Solar LED Solar Spotlight 6500K


In case you need a solar garden lamp for your home, the CLY model could be of interest to you thanks to its easy installation.

The lighting set comes with a focus of 60 LED bulbs and a brightness of 6,500K with which you can light both indoors and outdoors. In addition to this, the solar energy collection system has its respective photovoltaic plate that stands out for having a base attached to a stake.

The stake of the solar panel will help you to install it directly on the ground of your garden, orienting it towards direct sunlight so that it can receive as much as possible in order to transform it into the energy that will light your LED lamp.

As for the autonomy of its battery, it offers a storage capacity of 4,000 mAh with an average life of 500 full charge cycles, so you can use it for a long time.

If you have doubts and still don’t know which solar lamp to buy, we recommend you take a look at what this option offers you:


Solar panel: The panel in this set can be easily placed in the garden using a stake to receive sunlight.

Cable: The length of the cable that connects the panel with the lamp is 5 meters, offering space to accommodate the equipment.

Waterproof: The lamp has an IP66 certified waterproof housing that will keep it safe from water.

Accessories: With your purchase, in addition to an extra stake for the lamp, you will also get screws and plugs to fit it.


Button: The power button is located on the solar panel itself, so it should be within easy reach.

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LED solar lamp


5. Sezac 42 LED 3 Modes Solar Lights


Sezac has for you another model that could become the best solar lamp, since you will not get one, but six units with which you will be able to complete entire corridors, various entrances or paths in the garden. They are modern in design, yet unobtrusive and weather resistant for safe outdoor installation.

On the other hand, each of the lamps has a total of 42 LED lights with a lighting field of 150° thanks to the positioning of the base so that you can take better advantage of the light. They also have their respective solar panel to charge their battery and a motion sensor for remote activation.

Also, you should know that a single LED solar lamp from this set will require at least 8 to 10 hours of charging for its 1,200 mAh battery, so you should take their orientation into account when installing them together.

If you have not been able to find a good option in solar lamps, the advantages of this set will probably catch your attention:


Set: With the purchase of this Sezac product you will find six LED lamps to carry out complete installations.

Sensors: They all have motion sensors to activate when passing by and thus save energy.

Waterproof: They have waterproof casings with IP65 certificates that makes them resistant to being outdoors.

Illumination field: The orientation angle of the LED lights gives each lamp an illumination field of 150°.


Answer: The sensor takes a little longer to respond compared to other lamps.

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Solar lamp with motion sensor


6. Kilponen Outdoor Solar Light 100 LED


A good solar lamp with motion sensor is the one offered by the Kilponen brand with its set of 100 LEDs.

If you purchase this product you will be able to install two LED lamps with 100 bulbs each, so that you can place them outside your home, thanks to the fact that they have their own photovoltaic panel integrated into the casing. In this way they can work individually and consume their own energy.

On the other hand, this set could be among the best solar lamps of 2022 thanks to the fact that they have a wide-angle bulb arrangement with which they can illuminate a space of 270 °, more than enough for outdoor use. Which leads us to mention that they have the IP65 certificate to guarantee resistance to water and sun.

In addition, they also have integrated motion sensors that can activate them in various lighting modes according to your needs.

Kilponen can be a good option in solar lamps, so we invite you to consider the pros and cons of this set:


Lighting: Thanks to the angular design, the lighting field is larger compared to other lamps.

Autonomy: Each one has a 1,800 mAh battery with which they can give light during the entire night.

Modes: You can choose low light mode to keep them on, body detection for a quick start and light detection for daytime use.

Installation: By having their own panel, these lamps can be installed far from each other.


Sensor: The detection range of the sensor is short if a comparison is made with other similar models.

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solar lamp for camping


7. Tomshoo Camping Lamp Power By Solar Panel


Enjoying some time away from the city camping can be quite liberating and a very good option to get out of the routine. However, many people find it difficult to leave their comfort zone and therefore having a solar camping lamp could make your trip much more pleasant.

Tomshoo’s ADFS00126 model is, in this sense, one of the cheapest, so you will also save money by choosing it. It is a device with 200 lumens and 12 LED bulbs, which you can adjust according to the lighting intensity you need in high, medium and low.

Its design is suitable for outdoors, since it has dimensions of 5.5 x 11.5 centimeters with a weight of just 163 grams, to be more comfortable to transport. In addition, it has a particular design with a top hook with which you can easily hang it from anywhere.

With this solar lamp for camping you can have artificial light during those nights in nature, in addition to other benefits:


Charging: This model can charge its battery through solar panels or a USB port, being more practical than other lamps.

Battery: The battery is lithium ion, so it has a long lifespan with hundreds of complete charge cycles.

Autonomy: The autonomy offered is between 8 and 10 hours to be used throughout the night if necessary.

Carabiner: The carabiner or hook will allow you to hang the lamp comfortably even outdoors.


Materials: Keep in mind that the plastic used in the manufacture of the lamp is not very robust.

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solar table lamp


8. Soft Solar Mosaic RGB Waterproof Lamp


If you are interested in acquiring a solar lamp that can also become the center of attention on your garden table, we recommend you evaluate this option offered by the Suaver brand.

This tabletop lamp stands out for having a mosaic design with an RGB lighting system, that is, it allows you to choose the color of the LED to turn on, thus changing the tonality of the light. However, in case you prefer the classic white light, you can also choose it without problems.

Evaluating its design, the lamp has a size of 12.9 x 10.4 centimeters with a weight of just 390 grams, becoming a comfortable alternative to handle to place in the garden to charge its battery and then on the table to illuminate. Although it stands out that it is made with materials resistant to weather elements to be able to keep it outside without suffering consequences.

If in addition to saving on electricity you also want a decorative model, we invite you to learn more about this Suaver option:


Design: The most striking thing about this solar lamp is its design, since it escapes the standard models and offers a different alternative with its mosaic style.

Modes: You can choose between two lighting modes, either RGB or white light to turn on your lamp.

Autonomy: A full charge of its battery is enough to offer approximately 8 hours of autonomy.

Management: You can both turn it on and off and switch between its lighting modes through a single button.


Practicality: Due to its design, this lamp can only be placed on a flat and horizontal surface.

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Solar anti-mosquito lamp


9. LED Momo Outdoor Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp


If you want to invest in an anti-mosquito solar lamp, we present the Momo LED product, a piece of equipment specially designed to combat the presence of these annoying insects.

This equipment, unlike other solar lamps, uses an ultraviolet light bulb, which attracts mosquitoes to the equipment and electrifies them to get rid of them. However, you can also choose the normal lighting mode to activate a regular white light.

Another remarkable aspect of this lamp is its design, since it has a size of 19 x 19 x 52 centimeters with an approximate weight of 889 grams and a handle that will allow you to hang it easily so that it fulfills its function.

It is made of dark green ABS plastic, while the photovoltaic panel is made of black amorphous silicon, both of good quality and durability to extend the useful life of the UV solar lamp.

With its design and practical functions, this solar lamp can be much more useful than you think:


Practical: The bulb of this solar lamp can illuminate with white light or UV light depending on your needs.

Uses: If you choose UV mode, the lamp will be able to kill mosquitoes and other flying insects attracted to the light.

Waterproofing: It has an IPX4 waterproofing certificate that makes it resistant to splashes.

Design: Its design is practical and comfortable to handle so you can install it where you need it most.


Finishes: Keep in mind that it is made of plastic, so you must be careful not to damage it.

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Shopping guide


Sustainable energy can be a good way to save if you want to illuminate certain areas or even your entire home with batteries charged with energy and in this guide to buying the best solar lamp we will help you recognize the relevant aspects that will allow you to carry out an acquisition practical and successful.

solar lamp design

In any comparison of solar lamps, one of the essential characteristics to take into account is the design of the equipment itself. One of the advantages offered by the current market is that you can buy sets of several lamps that work with a single solar panel, being practical to use and taking up less space than others.

In addition to considering how many it comes with and what size they are, it would also be beneficial for you to consider the manufacturing materials with which both the lamps and the panel have been made. This becomes even more important if you are interested in acquiring an outdoor set, since the lamps must have a structure made of materials resistant to sun, water and snow to be able to work during the established time.

At the same time, you can evaluate the aesthetics of the lamp in case you want to maintain a certain style in your home or work, thanks to the wide variety of models from which you can choose, either based on its shape, size, capacity, materials., etc.


lighting capacity

The next relevant aspect goes hand in hand when you want to evaluate the performance quality of a solar lamp. As mentioned, these products can be purchased in different shapes and sizes, which also directly affects their power and lighting capacity.

Depending on the model, you should be aware of the number of LED bulbs integrated into the energy system of the lamp. This detail, in addition to providing information about how much it can illuminate, will also let you know the power in lumens of the lamp.

By carefully considering the lighting capacity of a certain model, it will be easier for you to choose the one that has the necessary power to offer light in the environment where you want to install it.

Installation requirements

How much it costs can be a detail that interests many users, since, depending on the model, a solar lamp can also be good and economical compared to a simple LED bulb. However, these offer a series of advantages that make them superior, but to acquire a good product of this type, you cannot fail to review its installation requirements.

This feature is extremely important if the solar lamp you want to buy has a built-in design, since you will have to modify a wall or column to be able to install it, in addition to needing tools and consumables such as drills, plugs, screws, templates, etc.

Visually, recessed solar lights look better, since they do not have bases to embed in the ground, but they have the disadvantage of requiring a specific location that allows the connection and correct orientation of the solar panel.

Battery autonomy

Virtually any modern solar lamp you find on the market for home use will be equipped with a battery. Systems of this type are responsible for receiving solar energy and transforming it into electrical energy that is stored in the aforementioned batteries and just as the capacity of a lamp varies, its autonomy can also vary.

To get rid of doubts before buying any solar lamp, we recommend you take a look at the capacity of its battery. This is shown in mAh and the higher the number, the more energy it can store and, therefore, its autonomy will increase. Although, in general, domestic models usually offer between 6 and 8 hours of sustainable lighting.

automatic functions

With the progress in the mechanisms of transformation of solar energy, as well as the automation of the operation in systems and batteries, today you can acquire solar lamps that have extra functions such as the automation of their ignition.

In some cases, you may find models that have built-in sensors, either to measure battery charge, ambient light, or even the time of day to know when to automatically activate the lamps. Others may have motion sensors that will turn on the bulb only when someone passes near the lamp, being very practical for lighting entrances, passages, gardens, etc.

With this type of system you can practically forget about the installation, since it will work on its own, as long as the weather and installation conditions are met.


Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a solar lamp?

A solar lamp works in conjunction with a panel capable of receiving solar energy and transforming it into electricity to store it in a rechargeable battery. When reaching the maximum charge, you can remove the panel from sunlight and use the bulb according to your needs.

You must make sure to install the panel in a place free of obstacles, so that it can receive direct sunlight and thus make the most of it, you could even take into account the time of day to know where to point the panel; so that the greatest amount of energy can be transformed.

Some models activate immediately after reaching full charge, while others can maintain the energy stored in the battery to turn on the bulb when required.


Q2: How to make a rechargeable solar lamp?

Making your own rechargeable solar lamp is a relatively complex project that requires knowledge in electronics and computers, since you will need some special accessories such as a rechargeable NiCd battery, an LED lamp, the solar panel, diodes, resistors and inductances.

All these elements must be chosen based on the type, power and requirements of the lamp, the battery and the panel, since they must work together to provide sustainable lighting.

When building the lamp circuit you must be careful to respect the circulation of energy and its respective storage in order to connect the appropriate points. At the same time, remember to send a ground wire to avoid inconvenience when using the lamp outdoors.

Q3: How to charge a solar garden light?

To charge the battery of your solar garden light, you must first properly install the charging panel facing the sun, without obstacles that could block the light. Connect the sensor in case your model uses it and wait for the battery to reach its maximum charge, which you can verify based on LED lights, automatic lighting of the lamp or any other indicator. After this and depending on the type of lamp, you can connect it to a light bulb or turn it on directly from its installation location.


Q4: How to install a solar garden light?

Installing a solar lamp in the garden requires taking into consideration several very important aspects, to guarantee a good performance from the first day. First of all, all the implements of the set, with the exception of the battery, are placed under sunlight for at least 12 hours.

After this time has elapsed, you can begin to prepare the ground or surface for the installation of the lamp. If you are going to place it directly in the ground, you will need to water the soil to soften the first layer and make it easier to insert the stake. In the case of a built-in installation, you must find the right place where the lamp can both illuminate the environment and receive the necessary sunlight to charge its battery.


Q5: Why doesn’t my solar lamp work?

If your solar lamp is not working as it should, there could be several factors that are affecting its performance. One of the most common is that the panel is not oriented correctly to be able to capture the greatest amount of sunlight, so the battery does not reach its full charge.

On the other hand, if it has suddenly stopped working, it is likely that some of its components have been damaged and require replacement, such as the battery or the lamp itself.

Q6: How to fix a solar lamp?

In general, when a solar lamp stops working, the problem is usually centered on the battery, so the first thing we advise you to check is that it is in good condition and is capable of storing energy. If you find a defective battery, you will have to replace it to continue enjoying your lamp.

In other cases, it is also common for LED bulbs to be damaged reaching the end of their useful life, so in this situation, depending on the type of lamp, it would be advisable to change the entire system or just the bulbs.


Q7: What autonomy does a solar lamp have?

The autonomy of a certain solar lamp is mainly influenced by the storage capacity of its battery. Although the solar panel receives light throughout the day, if the battery reaches its maximum capacity, no more energy can be stored and, consequently, the autonomy will decrease.

However, the options that can currently be purchased on the market designed for domestic use usually offer an autonomy of approximately 8 hours, being enough to light up at night, although there are also models that exceed 20 hours of autonomy.

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