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Watering the lawn and garden plants is crucial for them to grow properly and stay healthy, however, not everyone has time to dedicate to caring for their garden, especially if they are spacious. In these cases, irrigation sprinklers can be very useful and we recommend the Hunter SRM-04-A first. This model offers an adjustable range of several meters, as well as an irrigation angle that you can adjust to your liking. Second, you can consider the Suinga Inscape-C1. Here we are before a set of 5 sprinklers that you can install for the care of large gardens, since they have a wide range and can work with medium and low pressures.

The 9 Best Sprinklers – Opinions 2022

In garden care, sprinklers are one of the most useful tools, since they allow you to control the amount of water more easily, as well as delimit the irrigation area. In case you are looking for a sprinkler for your home, we invite you to review the most popular models on the market.

Hunter Sprinkler


1. Hunter SRM-04-A Irrigation Sprinkler

Hunter is a well-known brand in this category, so it’s no wonder they have a product that could be among the best sprinklers of 2022: the SRM-04-A.

It is a 10-centimeter Hunter sprinkler with a pop-up head that you can easily install in your garden, so you can forget about watering the plants or the lawn. It connects with a ½” female thread and comes with a complete set of nozzles, which you can replace according to your taste and the space you plan to water.

It offers an adjustable irrigation angle that goes from 40° to 360°, as well as a range of 4 to 9.4 meters, as well as being able to work with variable water pressures between 1.7 bar and 7 bar. Finally, it should be noted that the Hunter sprinkler is one of the cheapest you will find in this list.

Because this equipment is cataloged by some as the best sprinkler of the moment, now we invite you to review its pros and cons:


Design: This 10-centimeter sprinkler is cataloged as a classic model with standard connectors, to facilitate its installation.

Manufacturing: It has good finishes and a pop-up mechanism that will allow you to keep it hidden.

Water outlet: Its set of nozzles will be very useful in case you need to customize the irrigation.

Settings: Provides access with which you can change both the angle and the scope of irrigation.



Instructions: The equipment does not have instructions to learn how to install or regulate it, but its use is quite intuitive.

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2. Hunter PGJ-04 Pop-up Grass Sprinkler

A product that could be considered the best value for money sprinkler is the Hunter PGJ-04.

This model corresponds to a pop-up sprinkler with which you can take care of the lawn in your garden. It has a total length of 18 centimeters, while the stem reaches 10 centimeters. This size provides the necessary height to water the space efficiently.

In addition, this Hunter sprinkler allows the exchange of nozzles, with which you can increase or decrease the irrigation range in a range between 4.3 to 11.6 meters. Likewise, this also applies to the radius, since it can be between 40° to 360°, for a complete irrigation.

On the other hand, its design and finishes stand out, since it is durable and even has a protective cover that will keep it cared for longer.

Hunter is for some the best brand of sprinklers on the market and here we have the advantages and disadvantages of this model:


Discreet: It has an emerging head, being an attractive alternative for any garden.

Protection: It has a rubber cover in charge of protecting the body of the sprinkler, to extend its useful life.

Range: The exchange of nozzles allows the range to be altered up to a maximum of 11.6 meters.

Angle: Offers access to adjust the irrigation radius, allowing it to be adapted to the space in the garden.


Wrench: In order to adjust the arc of rotation on this sprinkler, you will need the Hunter wrench, since other brand tools do not fit.

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Rain Bird Sprinkler


3. Suinga Rain Bird Sprinkler 5004-PC

If you are wondering which is the best sprinkler, we invite you to take into account this Rain Bird brand model, since it is made up of several irrigation pieces that you can install in your garden.

Specifically, the set contains 5 3/4” sprinklers with which an irrigation area of ​​between 7.6 and 15.2 meters can be covered; more than enough for home gardens and pathways.

They are designed to work with a variable water flow which also applies to pressure, as the sprinklers can easily work with levels between 1.7 to 4.5 bar. Similarly, the watering angle of each Rain Bird sprinkler can be adjusted in a range from 40° to 360° and, when emerging, the head will reach 10 centimeters.

A good way to decide which sprinkler to buy is by taking a look at the positive and negative aspects of each model:


Pack: This option is made up of 5 irrigation units that you can use for lawn care.

Installation: You can combine the sprinklers to create a complete irrigation system in your garden.

Adjustable: They can be configured to adapt the water output to the space to be watered.

Handling: It should be noted that they are easy to use, since they have a screw that you can turn to change the scope.



Fixed: Before buying this set, keep in mind that they cannot change their irrigation orientation during the process, since they have a fixed nozzle.

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4. Rain Bird 5004 PC 3.0 Sprinkler

Several netizens agree that a Rain Bird sprinkler can deliver performance that lives up to expectations when it comes to home garden irrigation.

On this occasion, we are faced with the 5004 PC 3.0 model; which offers 3 garden sprinklers that have two configurations. One offers a range of a minimum of 7.6 meters and up to 15.2 meters. When lowering, it can reach 5.7 meters. At the same time, you can regulate the irrigation angle between 25° and 10°, making them useful for small spaces.

They have good build finishes, as well as an intuitive design that helps you figure out how to install them, so you can have them up and running in no time. Besides, the flow of water ejected can be configured, in case you do not want to waste resources.

Before you make the decision about which sprinkler model to take home, we invite you to review the important aspects of this option:


Set: This offer is made up of 3 sprinklers with which you can create an irrigation system.

Range: By combining the sprinklers it is possible to cover a wide area in the garden.

Versatility: Although it has specific requirements, it can be adapted to varying flow rates, as well as different pressures.

Installation: You can easily mount them on the water intake, to put them to work immediately.



Instructions: Keep in mind that the sprinklers do not include instructions for their assembly, but this is simple and you can do it without much effort.

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bull sprinkler


5. Toro 53878 Small Area PRN Multistream Sprinkler

Toro teams can easily enter the competition for the position of the best sprinkler, as their model 53878 demonstrates.

This garden sprinkler offers an irrigation radius of between 4.3 to 7.9 meters and we say radius, due to the fact that the equipment can expel water at 360°, offering care to the entire space around it.

It has a ½” female connector and the pop-up head, when it comes out of the ground, is 10 centimeters long, which allows it to reach the right height for spreading water.

Regarding its design, the Toro sprinkler stands out for having comparison tables and instructions printed directly on the label that covers the product, so that it is possible for you to know how to prepare everything without much trouble.

In case you have doubts when choosing the sprinkler that suits you, perhaps reviewing the pros and cons will help:


Pressure: You can use this sprinkler model with a variable water pressure without problems.

Manufacturing: It has good finishes that make it robust and also durable.

Patron: It is capable of expelling water at 360 °, being able to water everything around it.

Adjustable: You can modify the circular radius and increase or decrease the range of the water.


Scope: One aspect that could be improved according to what other users have commented is the irrigation radius of the sprinkler. But you have to consider that it has been designed for small spaces.

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6. Toro Irrigation Sprinkler T5P RS Rapid Set

If you are interested in acquiring a good Toro sprinkler for your home, let us recommend the T5P-RS model, since it offers advantages that other options do not.

Here we are before a turbine sprinkler with which the water outlet range can be increased, so that it is even suitable for public spaces or large gardens. This is achieved thanks to the internal turbine that rotates when it comes into contact with the water, to accelerate its exit.

It also stands out that it offers simple adjustment mechanisms that you can handle without the need for keys or even tools, making it ergonomic and easy to customize, according to your requirements and those of the garden itself.

In addition, the equipment allows the exchange of nozzles with which the irrigation pattern and also the water flow can be altered.

This model from Toro is one of the cheapest options, so here are its pros and cons, to help you decide if it’s worth it or not:


Type: The equipment is a turbine, so the reach of water is greater compared to others.

Irrigation: The pattern to expel the water is oscillating, allowing to cover several areas at the same time.

Installation: You will not need tools to install the sprinkler in your garden, being easy to use.

Management: You can change its operating parameters through the turn of a simple screw.



Instructions: Before choosing this sprinkler, keep in mind that you should look for information for its installation on the internet, since it does not have instructions for use.

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impact sprinkler

7. Orbit Impact Sprinkler 1/2″ Plastic 55025

If you need an impact sprinkler that stays unobtrusive in your yard, we recommend checking out the Orbit 55025; since it can be classified as dual.

This is because the sprinkler head can be hidden in the garden soil. Similarly, it offers an impact irrigation method. This way you can have everything installed discreetly, so as not to affect the decoration or cause an accident.

It is capable of working at low and high pressure, depending on the flow of your faucet and its coverage ranges from 7.6 meters to 13.7 meters, so you can configure it according to the space where it will work.

In terms of angle regulation, this sprinkler offers an adjustable pattern from 0° to 360°, allowing everything that surrounds the equipment to be watered. At the same time, it is striking to know that it has a built-in casing that is resistant to both wear and tear.

So that you can know if this model is the one you need or not, you may have to consider its good and bad aspects:


Dual: It stands out for being both impactful and emergent, offering practicality and discretion.

Elevation: Its head rises a couple of centimeters less than the standard ones, so it draws less attention.

Inputs: It has two nozzles to connect the hose; one on the side and one on the bottom.

Regulation: It is possible to change the operating angle of the sprinkler, so that the water reaches the appropriate areas.



Nozzles: The product should include interchangeable nozzles in case you want to change the output of water for irrigation.

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pop up sprinkler 

8. Aqua Control C1603 Pop-up sprinkler for buried irrigation

From the Aqua Control brand we present you a semi-professional capacity pop-up sprinkler in case you need equipment to cover large spaces.

It can expel up to 900 liters of water per hour and works with a ½” female connector located at the bottom of the sprinkler, so you can install it in a vertical position without problems.

Physically, the Aqua Control equipment has dimensions of 9.5 x 9.5 x 17 centimeters and weighs 330 grams, making it easy to handle. In addition, the pop-up head allows the scope radius to be adjusted up to 360°, so that you can direct the water outlet, according to the space in the garden. Its irrigation range is also variable and ranges from approximately 7 to 15 meters.

Since this sprinkler could be a successful purchase option, now we present its most notable features:


Semi professional: This model has a large capacity, since it has a considerable consumption of water.

Type: It is of the emerging and circular type, being discreet to be installed in the garden.

Adjustable: You can adjust the scope of irrigation by simply turning a screw, being more practical than other sprinklers.

Angle: Another parameter that can be changed is the irrigation radius through the modification of the angle.



PSI: Keep in mind that the sprinkler requires a high pressure level in the water flow, in order to produce a good spray.

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Gardena sprinkler


9. Gardena 8141-20 Sprinkler

For the almost autonomous care and irrigation of the garden, a Gardena sprinkler can be a good option and now we recommend you check out the 8141-20 model.

It is an impact model with a plastic stake, so it can be easily buried in the ground and installed in a few minutes. Also, it is compatible to work in conjunction with other sprinklers to create a large irrigation system.

The irrigation range, on the other hand, goes from 5 to 12.5 meters, while the angle adjustment offers a range from 25° to 360°, depending on your needs. Thanks to this, it will be easy for you to configure the sprinkler based on the space to be watered in the garden only.

Besides, it stands out that it uses a standard ½” female connection format, which will avoid setbacks when you want to connect it to the hose.

Now that you know a little about what the Gardena team can offer you, here are several relevant aspects:


Scope: With this sprinkler you will obtain an irrigation range of 12.5 meters, for the care of your garden, allowing you to irrigate large spaces.

Intuitive: Being an impact model, it has a spike or stake, to easily install it in the ground.

Extension: You will be able to create an irrigation system with several units of this sprinkler, since it can be interconnected with others.

Settings: Allows you to change the irrigation sector, so that the water falls in certain areas.



Clogging: You must be careful to check the water pressure before using this sprinkler, as a low level may not activate the spin function.

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Sprinkler Accessories


sprinkler nozzle


Rain Bird HE-Van 8 Static Sprinkler Nozzle

A sprinkler nozzle can help you make better use of the water flow or direct its output, to improve the performance of the sprinkler and on this occasion we recommend the Rain Bird model.

This set is made up of a total of 5 static sprinkler nozzles, which provide an irrigation range of between 1.5 to 2.4 meters each. They can work with a water pressure that is at a maximum of 2.1 bars and are designed to save the vital liquid, so that resources are not wasted.

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Shopping guide

If you have been interested in automating or speeding up the irrigation of your garden, you are probably looking for sprinklers. Luckily, here you will find a guide to buying the best sprinkler with relevant information that will help you find a good model.

sprinkler type

One of the factors that determine how much a sprinkler costs is its type. This detail is relevant in multiple aspects, which can range from the aesthetic section, to operation, and even with the care that must be taken to extend its useful life.

In summary, we can classify domestic sprinklers into 3 types: impact, pop-up and turbine. Impact sprinklers take advantage of the force of the water to move their head, which collides with plastic fins that provide the effect of irrigation in the water.

Pop-up models, on the other hand, can be buried in the ground and, as their name suggests, they can emerge from the ground when the system and water are activated. They have the advantage of being discreet and looking elegant on the outside.

Finally, turbine sprinklers stand out for having an internal piece that takes advantage of the revolutions generated by the flow of the liquid, in order to increase the range of water output, being very practical to save and personalize irrigation.

irrigation capacity

In any comparison of sprinklers, it is common to find evaluations regarding the irrigation capacity of the available models. This is relevant when choosing which one to buy, since you must choose a suitable sprinkler for the size of your garden and also for the type of irrigation you need.

When you are in front of the specifications of the sprinkler, write down how many meters the water outlet can reach, so that it is enough to cover the entire space in the garden. Also, keep in mind the recommended pressure, since, if you buy a sprinkler with a high requirement and your flow rate is not up to par, the performance will be affected.

Customization of operation

When you find yourself evaluating the different types of sprinklers, you cannot ignore the accesses and mechanisms that they have installed, for the customization of their functions. This is useful both to adapt it to your needs, and to make the most of its capacity.

When talking about this category, we refer to the options provided by the same sprinkler to vary the irrigation parameters, which can range from the reach of the water to its angle, which will also affect the consumption per minute.

Consequently, we recommend that you consider sprinklers that can be adapted to both your needs and the space where they are going to be installed, in order to cover all the land you want to take care of.

Sprinkler Installation

Another very important point that we recommend you review carefully when looking for a sprinkler is the complexity and installation requirements involved in mounting it in the garden, since this may vary depending on the irrigation method used and the sprinkler model itself.

For example, in the case of an impact sprinkler, its installation is easier and faster compared to a pop-up one. Besides, you will not need so much time, effort or tools, since it is enough to position it in the right place, bury the stake directly in the ground and connect it to the hose.

If you opt for a pop-up model, you must take into account that its installation is done underground and requires both tools and pipe installation, so it is more complicated and you will need more time. However, the understated finish is well worth it for many users.

Care and maintenance

Because the sprinklers work with water from the network and are kept outdoors, it is very important to check how complicated it would be to provide them with their respective maintenance. Knowing this detail can save you a lot of inconvenience and inconvenience in the future, even if it is a cheap sprinkler or for specific uses.

In this sense and taking into account the types of sprinklers, you should know that a large part of the emerging models need a screwdriver to be able to remove them from the casing and thus have access to the nozzle, the nozzle and the filter. Besides, depending on your brand, you may also require a special key.

Otherwise, you would only have to pull it up, to remove the cover with the nozzle and clean it, being a process almost as simple as that required by an impact sprinkler. In this case, care is a little easier, since you would only have to remove the sprinkler cover that is visible to the naked eye, to directly clean the nozzles and the filter.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to fix a sprinkler head that won’t rotate?

A clogged sprinkler head is usually caused by low water pressure or lack of maintenance.

In the first case, as expected, you will have to verify that the flow is powerful enough to activate the sprinkler. You can do this by disconnecting the hose from the equipment or also checking from the same installation of the key.

In case it is due to lack of maintenance, you should remove the sprinkler from the ground, in order to clean it properly. Start by disassembling the mouthpiece by turning it counterclockwise and then, using tweezers, remove the filter. Wash it with plenty of water to remove dirt and if you notice the presence of lime, we advise you to let it rest in water with vinegar for one night, before reinstalling it and testing the sprinkler.

Q2: How to regulate a sprinkler?

Depending on the model of the sprinkler, you may need a special wrench. Otherwise, a flat tip screwdriver will suffice.

To regulate the irrigation radius of a sprinkler, you must locate the nozzle that limits the water pressure. This piece has a cover that, in turn, has a slot where you can fit the screwdriver. If you turn the cap clockwise, you will decrease the radius. If you do it counterclockwise, you will increase it.

The same can be applied when adjusting the sprinkler’s irrigation arc, since you must find the corresponding receptacle on the cover of the equipment, to proceed to fit the screwdriver and turn in the direction you prefer.

Q3: How to make a homemade sprinkler?

To make your own irrigation sprinkler, you will need a 2 liter plastic bottle, a screwdriver, electrical tape and a hose to connect to the garden tap.

Take the bottle and open holes in it with the help of the screwdriver. Make sure they are aligned so that it is easier for you to direct the irrigation flow. Next, connect the hose to the mouth of the bottle and secure it with electrical tape, taking care to also seal the edges, to prevent water from escaping.

When you have everything ready, you will simply have to install the bottle. You can put it directly on the ground or hang it from a tree branch, for example. Now open the faucet and the water will come out through the holes, generating the effect of irrigation.

Q4: How many liters of water does a sprinkler use per minute?

What is the average consumption of a sprinkler will depend exclusively on its size, model and specific capacity. These teams also work with nozzles that allow a certain passage of water, which also influences the total consumption of the sprinkler.

However, it is also necessary to consider the flow of water at the faucet. To calculate it, put a 20 liter bucket under it and open it to let the water out, while taking the time it takes to fill. If it takes, for example, 1 and a half minutes, this indicates that your faucet expels 13.3 liters (20 liters / 1.5 minutes = 13.3 liters per minute). With this information, you can assume an approximate cost of 2 to 3 l/m with a 5.8 meter nozzle, although this figure, as mentioned, may vary.

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